Jan. 14th, 2012

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I'm sitting here working up the drive to get on my bike and ride across town to the bike store. I have to go to the bike store (using some kinda dangerous streets) because I need some kind of basket for my bike, because my groceries aren't going to fit in my backpack, and riding the bus makes me just as nervous (plus, why take a 20 minute bus ride that goes out of the way when I can get there in five minutes on my bike?).

The whole thing just makes me nervous, because I'm always afraid I'm going to take the wrong bus if I take a bus, or get off at the wrong stop or miss my stop, or get hit in traffic because SO MANY people here ride on the sidewalks (which is dangerous because of pedestrians, cars pulling out, and many other things--besides being illegal!).

I'm sure driving a car I'd feel just as nervous until I got oriented with all the roads and everything, but I'd feel a hell of a lot more protected (and it's easy to load up a car with groceries--not so much a bike which you then have to ride uphill to get home).

I'm going to have to go today, because I'm out of food... harumph. (Not to mention, I have to go to the craft store for class supplies, too, and that place is the absolutely worst designed shopping center with regards to traffic that I have ever seen. It's in the middle of a massive main-streets/highway-entrance interchange, and of course, being Hawaii, there's not enough room for everyone to park on this little quarter-block, so cars just sit in the parking lot waiting for their people to come back out and meanwhile block all the traffic flow. It's atrocious. And they're the only place selling Girl Scout cookies today, goddamnit.)


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