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So it's essentially my "finals week". Technically next week is when everyone gets juried, but I had my schedule way off and I'm done next Monday but I don't go home for TWO AND A HALF WEEKS. I'm just ready to be home at this point, plus it would be nice to get home a weekend early to get in a century before TOSRV potentially. (I am not about to hop out on my own and do a century here.)

So, I'm a little upset about having to be here for another week. I mean, I shouldn't be, it's Hawaii, and I can maybe get to the beach some and stuff, but AUUUUGGGHHH, I'm just ready to be done with this semester's shit.

And then I got shat on by something on my bike ride to school today. It was awful. I don't know if it was bird poop. It was orange, and it reeked more than anything ever. My literal first thought was "wtf a monkey just crapped on me", followed by "wait--monkey?! wtf". There are no wild monkeys here, I assure you. I DON'T KNOW WHAT IT WAS. WE DON'T HAVE SQUIRRELS. (We have mongooses but they don't climb trees I don't think.)


what the fuck
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After the note from the landlady went up and all the dirty dishes disappeared, the guy who's been living here the longest (and who thus most regularly talks to the landlady since they hang out some) got us all together to "figure things out". First of all, I hope he appreciated the irony of his facade since HE WAS THE ONE WHO DIDN'T WASH HIS DISHES. Although possibly Other Girl didn't either as she told us "I couldn't wash some of them without doing all of them" because that's the type of cleaner she is (which makes sense given previous incidents). So we then, with two weeks left before three of us left, determined that everyone should just do their dishes within the day, and proceeded to start hashing out shit that DOESN'T MATTER AT ALL. Like the fact that Other Girl has been buying all the paper towels. Okay, fair enough, the guys could probably pitch in, but in the girls-only shower I've been the only one supplying toilet paper all semester, so let's call that even, shall we? Then she told me our bathroom was "dirty". Wow, no? It's water stained, and it needs to be swept, but I clean the sink and bathtub and her definition of what is clean must be unreal. That or she can see magical mystery dust with her superpower eyes, idfk. Then we sat there for another half hour and bullshitted about shit that doesn't matter! I don't care! I'm not coming back! You guys have failed to mature despite your pretentions of grandeur! I'll only be pissed at this point if I don't get my security deposit back because you failed to wash your dishes for three weeks! Also, remember how we just agreed LAST NIGHT to do our dishes within 24 hours? YOURS FROM THREE DAYS AGO ARE SITTING IN THE SINK!

Also one of you assholes in the past six hours decided TO TAKE SOME OF MY FUCKING FOOD AGAIN!

Caaaan't wait to be the fuck out of this place.
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oh my god, I'm actually not posting on tumblr or twitter or facebook! Actually, yes, I lied, I already posted this on facebook. But facebook is a horrible blogging platform though it is great for communicating with people.

So, if you like science jokes, here is the double-slit garage experiment, it is a thing of beauty.

Now cackle maniacally like the mad engineer you are. Oh, just me then? Alright.
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I need to stop posting all the silly shit on tumblr and move it back over here.

Hahaha, I'm sorry. I tend to think of this as my "blog home" because it's actually a journal site and I've been posting here since god knows when and reading before that, too. (I was just nostalgia-ing over the old homestar runner LJ comm back when it was popular.) And tumblr you can't really make stuff private, etc. But it's so easy to just reblog stuff right there instead of manually linking to everything...

Yeah, I'm lazy. Haha.

But also, it's interesting how my "sharing things" method has changed as different media/social sites change... I post a lot of stupid picture links on people's facebook walls because I know they specifically would enjoy it (rather than "sharing" it with my whole feed). I tweet spur-of-the-moment stupid thoughts which I did through LJ back in that brief moment of time in 2008 right when Twitter was getting popular but people didn't know what it was and I could actually do that with my phone. (I kinda miss that phone. But that's completely unrelated.) I don't tend to post linkspams or articles much here anymore, I'm slowly reverting back to personal stuff. I guess because websites are so specific now? Fandomish stuff goes on tumblr. Real-life interaction (lol ironically) goes on facebook. Journaling goes on LJ. Portfolio stuff goes on my website (and probably not dA anymore). Fleeting commentary goes on twitter.

Idk... is that strange?

(Who knows, and maybe in another 5 years it will revert back again. I know I originally started posting personal stuff here and then it evolved into link spams and things. So, like earth's magnetic poles just about 2000x faster?)

It's March.

Mar. 2nd, 2012 01:52 am
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I seem to have somehow done my amazing "crusing good, tank horribly" rollercoaster shit in the past 48-ish hours. Yesterday I just didn't care about anything. Not in a bad way, but in a "I feel like I'm letting go of things and maybe taking some steps forward" way. And today I'm just frustrated. I found out yesterday, after paying my rent and my credit card bill, that I am functionally broke. Whatever I had saved from working the past six-ish years is gone, so I basically have no wiggle room.

And no time to work. But we'll come back to that.

Thankfully, my parents are paying for rent and food... However, they failed to account for the fact that food is HELLA EXPENSIVE here in Hawaii where they import literally almost everything.

I'm not shitting you, even pineapples.

In Hawaii.

Where there is the Dole Plantation.


Anyway, before I left my mom had mentioned something about "well we'll see how it goes and maybe readjust after a little bit" but every time I bring it up she gets super judgmental, like I'm spending it on all on alcohol and fast food.

I can assure you, that is not the case. I haven't bought a single drink, the only eating out I've had is a couple days' lunch from the school center, and I learned yesterday after reevaluating my budget that I basically can't eat out at all! Or, you know, DO ANYTHING.

Need new shoes? Nope. Go see a movie? Nope.

For once, I don't need to buy books, because my mom keeps shipping me mine from home. Hopefully she doesn't send me too many more, I already have an entire shelf-full, and considering I'm functionally living out of two suitcases that's a bit much. The ironic part of this? I still have a Barnes and Noble gift card from Christmas.

Luckily I don't have to be spending money on a car, but at the same time, not having money on top of not having a car just exacerbates my problem of feeling trapped here. Not on the island, but by my situation.

I need a new bike seat. "Need" because the one that came with the bike is SO SHITTILY DESIGNED. It curves a ton, which is nice if you're dicking around the block like a five-year old, but god forbid you need to commute with a backpack on your back! I have the nose turned down a SHIT TON already, and the fact that the back of the seat is curved up even more pushes you forward into the dipped center-- why would you design that on a bike seat-- so now you are not sitting on your butt bones but more on your crotch area and just FUCK YOU, SEAT DESIGNERS.

But I didn't go to the bike store, you know why? Because it is five miles away, on the other side of Honolulu, and even though it's only five miles it is through the city which is just terrible on bike. It makes me feel like I'm driving through Chicago. (They really need better bike roads here.) And I don't have the money to spend on what I would like to spend it on, which is 1) a new bike seat, 2) a second water bottle cage and bottle, and 3) a Longboard Lager jersey which is DEFS not happening because they are $75. Oh and also 4) a waterproof stem mount bag so I can stick my phone in there and use it as an odometer. I'd kinda like to buy a pair of cleats and some clips for my pedals, but right now that is a far-off dream. And I didn't feel like it was worth riding a half hour through traffic on rides I don't know with terrible drivers to the nearly-industrial part of town so I can sit in a shop for an hour while they give me a check-up on my bike and I feel guilty for buying things I need or want.

Anyway. So not going anywhere just exacerbates my feeling trapped, but I don't have the money to go see anything and it's kinda hard to go anywhere around here without a car. And I don't exactly have any people to just hop on the bus with and go to Chinatown or anything, because last time we tried that... OH THAT'S RIGHT, EVERYONE CRAPPED OUT ON ME. (Okay, not technically the last time, last time only half the people crapped out on us. But statistically that is 75% failure rate.)

And on top of that! The whole time I was at home I was talking about working at the zoo (trying to get in contact with someone there, it is RIGHT DOWN THE HILL IT WOULD BE PERFECT) and such, and mom was saying "oh, you probably won't have time for a job, most grad students are expected to be working on classes like a full time job". Now here we are, I could dip into my savings but I'm trying not to because I need that to pay for school, I'm eating whatever's on sale and probably not getting enough fruits and veggies, and my mom asks me why I'm not working. AUGH. Maybe because I spend more time in the studio in the week than I likely ever spent on homework for a single engineering class for a year?! And I am exaggerating very little. In the past three weeks I spent two entire weekends in the studio.

You know what we've also found out more of this week? Using the plotter is a $5 print job per page. Using the laser cutter is $2+ $1 per minute. So on top of the fact that the school doesn't have any student software licenses, we have to buy all our own modeling materials, AND PAY FOR ALL THE PRINTERS AND SHOP TOOLS PER USE. I understand you don't want kids in there abusing the 3D printer or hogging the laser cutter. BUT FOR FUCK'S SAKE, WHAT AM I PAYING YOU $14000+ A SEMESTER FOR IF I AM ALSO BUYING ALL MY OWN MEDIA?!

Speaking of which? I have to go to the bookstore tomorrow, and the craft store over the weekend, for guess what-- you guessed it-- MORE SUPPLIES! Meanwhile my checking account reads zero.

I think the part that's killing me the most that is on top of everything else, I would just like to go on a bike ride to train for TOSRV one weekend day, or ride down to the beach and swim and sit there for a few hours. Hasn't happened yet. Don't know how I'm going to train for TOSRV this way, all I can do right now is force myself to work as hard as I can to get up the hills on the way home.

Which, today, on the longest and steepest hill, I accidentally pulled out in front of a full-length fire truck thinking it was The Bus which would turn on the route rather than go up the hill. NOPE! So that was a little terrifying having them barrelling down on me while I tried to ride as quickly as I could...

So. My goals currently. See if I can find a part-time job that I can actually travel to. This is difficult because I don't really trust riding my bike or the bus at night, and I have to be working in the studio so many hours a day. Find a cheaper grocery store? I would love to find an Aldi-equivalent. I can't seem to find any coupons for any of the things I buy, and even though I'm a "club member" and I'm supposed to be saving, I really don't see much benefit currently. And I am trying, beyond all belief, to not just go to Walmart. One, it's downtown anyway so travel would be a hassle, but two, it's Walmart. Lastly, scholarships. Gotta find some. Found out today that architecture ones are unlikely considering that, apparently, white girls are the largest percentage of architecture students. But come on, there has to be an engineering/design one out there somewhere! Female engineers are one of the lower statistical groups! FUUUCCKKK

On the plus side of things, I shot off an email to the guy in the themed design group I'm in who sends out all the newsletters and things, asking him if there was anyone (around the offices) who could help me look for internships. Right away he asked what I did, and then I didn't hear back from him for a week. I asked if he had any ideas of people to contact, thinking there might be someone who was a membership person who could point me in the right direction. Turns out he sent out emails to different people and is trying to find someone who might take an intern/co-op. And then TWO I accidentally realized today he's like one of the top group member-people, and I'm a little embarrassed. I'm also a little uneasy because it's more out of my control-- I don't ask people about internships so I don't get any of the no's along with any possible leads, so I have no idea where the situation stands. I didn't know he was going to be doing the asking for me, so I should have told him more than just "engineering and architecture", but I figured he was busy and I should keep it as short as possible and that I could set up more of a sales pitch later on down the line when I emailed companies-- so hopefully I don't end up with a strictly-ride-engineering firm co-op, although that would still be fascinating I am sure. (Just not the kind of design I'd like to go into, I think.) ON THE OTHER HAND, when you have a big gun sending out emails to companies asking for internships and co-ops?! Hopefully that plays to my advantage, that he can catch the eye of someone really good who will give me a chance.

However now I am super-nervous because I don't know how long to wait to expect to hear back from anyone and I definitely don't want to bombard him with questions as he is very, very busy.

Regardless, I will be mailing him a thank-you note, because holy shit. I did not expect him to send out notes. I just expected, like, a "here's some potential companies that are members, shoot them a line" type email.

Ffffuuuucccckkkkkk my life right now augh
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On the one hand, it's this ancient fictionalized culture that is constantly begging for reimagination.

On the other hand, its historicality is... essentially nothing. As far as I understand it, and I need to do more research, but-- it was basically understood to be this joke place that no one took seriously (until much later after the Greeks and Romans, I mean like the 1400s I think?). And as far as I can tell, I do think it was Minoan Crete or something close to there (Mycenae?).

And as fascinated as I am with Minoan culture because of its art and its related mythologies (the minotaur-- not a Minoan story but a later mythology likely based on its existence), it kind of kills my ideas about what Atlantis is.

I'm getting super judgmental about it, too. I have this idea that I can't pin down, and it's really frustrating me, especially in regards to the current project we're doing in studio. We have to build an ancient burial site, but the restrictions are MAJOR, which was frustrating enough. Then I'm trying to find a place for it in my head with an appropriate structural decoration-- no, too Mayan, no, too Angkor Wat, no, too Indian, no, too Dinotopia.

I'm not satisfied. All of these distinct styles and even though I love them, I feel constrained by them. It's the same problem I have with classical Greek (and Roman) styling-- it's overused and too heavily styled.

I think I'm struggling to find my own defined style. Which is proving to be a huge challenge, because I'm trying to remove it from any sense of cultural appropriation or historical basis, but when you can't picture in your mind a place on this planet to put a building... what do you do?! No site, no structure.

I feel like sometimes I'm just slamming my head into a brick wall repeatedly at my own hand and I don't know what to do about it. But it's the only way to move forward?

Addendum: I also can't determine a style to go with an Atlantis that I already have semi-conceived. I have a few ideas, but the whole thing is very nebulous, and it's very hard to define something when your only tools are "definitely not A, B, or C". And as much as, ah, Victorian neoclassical? (not sure what to call it-- think Shedd aquarium) fits into it, I hate some very distinct parts of it and even though Atlantis should be Mediterranean, I HATE GREEK AND ROMAN ARCHITECTURE.

With a burning fiery passion.

fuuuuuck everythiiiiing
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I'm too good at it.

...Where you win if you can research obscure things? That, or I'm way too fucking stubborn and I insist upon running my results dry time after time.

Other than tracking down sold-out items from over a year ago, I have successfully tracked down a lot of things recently. It has only made me wish that databases were more comprehensive, so instead of searching 50 sites I would only have to search one. This is especially a problem with online shopping, where a small store may have exactly what you want, but it doesn't show up on Google Shopping or Amazon and their site is basically unsearchable or undiscoverable unless someone else points you directly there. BUT I DIGRESS.

Earlier this week our professor challenged us to find a slightly meme-ish image of what looked like the Michael Jackson of zebras. His head was striped, his upper torso was white, his back was striped, and his back legs were white.

First of all, don't google "half white zebra" because you get nothing but pages of "ARE ZEBRAS HALF WHITE WITH BLACK STRIPES OR BLACK WITH WHITE STRIPES LOLOLOL".

Second, in under five minutes I found the image by trying "albino zebra" and then I believe "partially albino zebra" which led me to a page about zorses. And zonies. Which are half zebras, half horse/pony, and are generally bred in Africa (much like other places get donkeys, and they are most often sterile as well) because zebras have some natural biological defenses they can pass on.

Uh and then in class Thursday we were talking about what a temple is, thematically, and for a brief few moments the prof had an image of a buddha on the screen, of course with no source. HOWEVER I realized that under this seated buddha was a script that was too familiar... A script from the old online COSI: Adventure game that was linked from their site (to LiveScience?) a while back. I think the game is still up if you have a direct link.

ANYWAY, the online game was based slightly on the Adventure! exhibit, but without a lot of the originality, probably because of time/money constraints. (I'm not complaining, it was made for 8 year olds, approximately, I'm most likely the only person who ever cared.) However, given my extensive gradeschool examination of Egyptology, I recognized that one of the... uh... sacred items? that they used in the game was a slightly photoshopped version of an Egyptian alabaster papyrus-lotus vase.

Anyway, eventually you have to crack a code, and if there's one thing about me, I LOVE CODES. I was always upset though that you never got a good look at all 26 letters, because you never used them all, and the closest you would get is the "dictionary" you would get, but since it was a very low-quality shockwave file, you couldn't look at it too closely to get a good enough idea, either.

I always assumed they found some random font (which, tbh, they probably did) and just threw it on there. That, or they made it up, which was awesome. And since I never found anything about it, I just kept on assuming it was awesome and went on my merry way. I took the character that kind of looked like a "d" (I don't know what character they used it as) and I think I have it as my random icon on a few different sites-- Twitter I know to be one.


So I'm sitting there looking at this buddha, which I know absolutely jack shit about except that we're currently discussing stupas in terms of temple design and what they are, and under this buddha are TWO TO THREE LINES OF THIS TEXT WHERE SOME OF THE CHARACTERS LOOK EXACTLY LIKE THIS CODE


And then the prof decided to not post the presentation, from which I was hoping to steal the image so I could try to tineye it. False! Hahaha, just kidding.

So I googled combinations like "seated buddha sculpture ancient stone hand raised" for about thirty minutes, pretty much ever permutation of ideas ever and then decided to try a library image database. I tried to be a bit more general and tried things like "seated buddha" and "buddha sculpture" and eventually I stumbled upon one that was SIMILAR but not exactly the same sculpture (and was much plainer, had no text, etc.). So I took one of the title words from that, not knowing what it meant and tried Googling it, nothing. Took that back to the art database, found an even closer-looking image! Took a different word from the title/description, tried Googling that, SUCCESS! So then I tried googling/wikipedia-ing that, etc. to try to find more, plus "city name of sculpture + text" and FINALLY came across a wikipedia page that had some ancient script information.

It was very close, but not quite in the ballpark enough yet. So I clicked through to several different pages, and a few more from there, and I have a few pieces here, and a few pieces there, and at this point I think I'm pretty darn close and I need an expert or to sit down side-by-side with the "code" and pick out each one individually.

So... I have completion problems, I guess. Or research fascinates me too much, I don't know. Or I'm too stubborn. OR I'M TOO GOOD AT THE INTERNET.


On a completely unrelated note, I've noticed I've gotten more in shape this week. I call it "skinnyface" from tour but it's usually about three weeks into alldays for me when I realize that I'm exercising and eating well and I have lost weight. I don't know if I can chalk it up to bloating or something? Because it always seems to be something I notice overnight, one day and not any day before, which doesn't seem possible. But at any rate, I've also been very tired and physically worn out again this week, though not feeling sickly-tired like I did two weeks ago. So I don't know? Maybe this trying-to-eat-healthy thing is too much undereating? What I've found is that I am much better about controlling what I eat (that is, not eating too many junk foods) when I control the shopping. I'm still probably not working enough fruits and veggies into my daily diet as opposed to grains and dairy and delicious, delicious pizzas (I'm serious [Red Baron 4-Cheese]), but I'm trying to slowly edge myself into a healthful diet that I enjoy. I could eat a veggie diet that I bet would be supremely healthful but I would probably get sick of it very quickly. Not to mention hooooow fucking expeeensiiiive fruits and veggies are. Well, everything in Hawaii.

So anyway, that's what five-miles-a-day-bicycling-on-all-hills and dropping 75% of the junk food will do.

Last week I tried to make it my mission to, instead of buying lots of frozen things and eating them one day at a time, to buy some bulk food items and make enough for a long time (ignoring the fact that I still have pasta sauce in the fridge and my mom just mailed me two cans of skyline! AUGH OM NOM THE TEMPTATION). I bought shrimp and rice and all the supplies for garlic shrimp, it was STUPIDLY EXPENSIVE. Partly because I now have enough garlic shrimp-making flavorings for, uh, the rest of the year, but whatever. On day three I was already sick of garlic shrimp. What the fuck? I hate my food-moods. I've eaten almost nothing but pizza for about three weeks, this is some crap. I like pizza but I AM TRYING TO GET SOME HEALTHFUL VARIETY UP IN THIS BITCH MIX. I'm mostly pissed because it seems like a waste of money if I'm not going to eat it, WHICH I NEED TO BEFORE IT GOES BAD, and especially if I keep in this pizza-and-italian-food rut for the rest of the semester. Fuck.

So, uh... I'm kinda learning to cook? Not that I can't, given an adequate recipe, it just takes up SO MUCH FUCKING TIME and I HATE IT.

I think next up might be coco loco chicken!!!!!11! though, because ON NOM DELICIOUS but also omg chicken?! With lime curry sauce you bet your ass

It is delicious.

...Aaaaand I didn't do my pushups for this week (again), I am a failure. As much as I would like to be able to do and gain all the benefit from pushups, I JUST HATE IT and I've totally let it slip my mind this week.

Which I'll say is forgiveable since I now have to spend the entire fucking weekend in the stupid studio AGAIN. Free time on a weekend?! What the fuck is that?! I would like to fucking GET OUT ON A BIKE RIDE THANKYOUVERYMUCH

Luckily next weekend is a long weekend with no homework over it aaaaaand the student architecture club is having a sand castle building contest. FOR REALZ, Y'ALL
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We had this amazing architect come in to studio today and give a sort-of lecture, basically a talk session about his work. UHMAZING. I'm going to try to see if he has his work posted anywhere, because I am in serious house lust.

I also burned out on design stuff today, so there you go. I'm so brain fried right now.

He made some comment about going on vacation for three days and just working on a project and it made me realize something. Between the cats, my design ideas, and the things I accidentally think about strangers' children*, I think any emotional needs on that front are pretty much met. I think a big part of it is also the fact that I am pretty much a big kid-on-the-inside who just wants to design the next Disney World. In all truthfulness.

*I don't hate children, but sometimes I look at kiddos, and, when I'm feeling particularly upset with my generation, I think things like "you're going to grow up to be a total douchebag some day". This usually is exacerbated with spoiled whiny kids, like some of the ones I used to babysit back in the day. And up until now I've been in this weird, slightly bemused state of "well, I don't really hate kids, but I don't have a particular affinity for them"

ON THE OTHER HAND, we got critiques today from our studio professor to tell us where we stand. And, um... he didn't really critique me? He told me I was on the right path in transititioning from strictly engineering to architecture, and that I just needed to keep "injecting poetry" into my work. I was fully expecting him to make some comments on my model needing a little more attention, but... I guess not? Or he figures that will work itself out. He said something similar on Monday, that I got "most improved player" for the jump that my concept drawing made to my final model. (And I admit, my final model was drastically better, but mostly because my concept drawing was nothing special.)

Also he said our next project is Indiana Jones-ish. As in, literally mentioned Indiana Jones. ~yeeeees~ *Mr. Burns*
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1) the IU marching band in pregame

2) two Trooper alumni involved in pregame, I'm not sure in what capacity

3) the IU drumline as well as Avon, Center Grove, Franklin Central, and Fishers high schools drumlines in halftime as "Madonna's marching band"

4) a guy who marched SCV, worked in some capacity for Blast, and is currently a show designer (drill? choreography?) for Scouts

5) Cadets' drumline recorded the drum cadence for halftime.

So can we get a FUCK YEAH INDIANAPOLIS? I take back everything I said pre-gametime.

Now if we could just progress to a full-on corps show...


Feb. 5th, 2012 04:57 pm
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Serious lack of great commercials this year. A few great ones, but a lot of generic crap. Which is amazing considering how expensive those ad slots are? Jesus.

Christ, there's only 48 seconds left? This was a not-so-great superbowl. BESIDES CADETS "PLAYING" HALFTIME

...Well that was underwhelming.
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Pretty amazing KIA Optima ad. Well, not amazing, but entertaining. And rather clever. Considering how many other ads have been a letdown this year...








Yup. Pretty awesome ad. Please keep making awesome hardware, and my next phone will be yours.
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that that "Ferris Beuller's Day Off" sequel turned out to be just a parody Super Bowl commercial. Because the ad is actually clever and a sequel would have been a FUCKING HOT MESS DISASTER.

What I just posted to fb: "Wow, I wonder how much in licensing fees that MetLife commercial cost. I didn't see any Disney characters though, so probably not as much as all the Roger Rabbit sequels that never happened for that exact reason." I would really love to see another collaboration some day though, that was pretty awesome you have to admit.

Good on budlight for encouraging people to help rescue animals. It's good to see someone at least trying to put all those millions of dollars towards good things and not just pointless-ass commercials.

Says the girl watching it just for the commercials.

(And halftime) (the joys of commercialism)
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with LJ, Facebook, and tumblr posting right now.

I think that says a lot about how not-so-great the commercials are this year.

...Local ads have some seriously great production value though, I keep thinking they are national ads. Muuuuuch better than Dayton ads.

However, it has taken me three viewings of this cellphone-seafood-poke-allergy commercial for me to understand what was going on in it. Also, the one girl has an AWESOME dress that I VERY MUCH WANT. Like the other hand, I thought it was a national ad at first and was confused by the fact that 99% of the US probably doesn't have a clue what poke is.

Poke is what has been sitting out on the counter all week making me want to puke 1) because it's spoiling and 2) because it's poke anyway.

I went past the poke counter at Foodland today (it's a huge counter on its own, like the size of a normal meat or seafood counter, but ALL POKES) and wanted to retch. And I like seafood


Feb. 5th, 2012 03:50 pm
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Pretty badass looking Fiat. A little creeped out by the guy imagining it's a woman, though. I mean what's objectification, amirite?

...I'm pretty sure the only time I ever see Pepsi Max or Coke Zero commercials is every year during the Super Bowl.


Lol reinvented men/women couches. Yes please, it's just like drum corps.

(Actual game break)

Interesting "Budweiser through the years" ad (more like relevant American events), although I think I missed some of them? Like the bar basement moshpit one? What?
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I'm going to start off by saying that at Finals last August the Mayor made sort-of a joke about having drum corps do the halftime, because they had invited him to come watch Finals and see how much work it took, how much athleticism.

I mean, I know he was probably locked into a show already? But you don't take a group of people who are looked down upon and say "you guys are awesome, maybe I would give you a chance" jokingly. It's rather dismissive. I'm not saying it was really realistic for the audience at Finals to expect anything would happen, but can you imagine if it had? Fuck. Woulda been awesome.

(Probably would have to be all age-outs since they would be the people who could afford it time-and-money-wise for rehearsal while having what it takes, I VOLUNTEER)

Aaaahahaha oh man, Hulubratory, Will Arnett is amazing.

...I really do not like LMFAO. I don't find them particularly clever or awesome, and their music gets gratingly annoying the more and more it gets overplayed.



Well, other than the extremely confusing mix of cultural imagery, let it not be said that Madonna doesn't fucking know how to do awesome entrances and costumery. She looks pretty damn good for her age, too!

Got some kinda interesting stunt dancers, too.




Lol Madonna shufflin', that is pretty awesome though.

Nicki Minaj! She's really growing on me, I like her.

CEEE LOOOOOOO <3 Also whose drumline is that?!

And that digital floor is pretty fucking awesome, a lot better than last year's which was Tron themed and FAILED FUCKING HORRIBLY.

Also my whole friends list is bitching about "what's the big deal about Madonna", but this halftime show is better than SO MANY OTHER ONES I'VE SEEN. Fucking shit.

"World Peace"... not sure why that got thrown in there. Seems horribly out of place in a huge AMERICA FUCK YEAH SWEATY GUYS BEATING EACHOTHER SENSELESS type celebration.

Okay, ad for The Voice is pretty awesome! Nice use of the Wilhelm scream. LOL BETTY WHITE TWIST, I LOVE IT.

Jesus christ Clint Eastwood, I fucking love you. I know this is a shitty car company ad, but for fuck's sake, the man is articulate as hell. And he knows America. In a good way.

...All in all, not a bad halftime.



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That threw me. They look professional enough to be US-wide. I was like "huh, Hawaii family with accent... that's new"

I wonder who had to do the 3d digital model of the stadium? Because the windows are wrong.



Feb. 5th, 2012 02:44 pm
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I can't imagine the bungee cord that was required to get that car to not crash.




...I would go watch the OT though.

(shitty game break)


omg the dog with the running shoes, ADORABLE.


That is my brand of ridiculous. <3

(Oooh, apparently all the commercials are going to be on YouTube. This is awesome.)

G.I. Joe what am I watching
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Awwww the Lorax looks kinda cute. Although the ad gives no reference to the original story, so.... I'm a bit confused.

Beetle ad... >>> cuter and cleverer than all the Chevy ads so far.







(Wait I didn't even see what the ad was for...?)

(shitty short game break again)

(shitty short ad break)

(this year sucks)


Feb. 5th, 2012 02:11 pm
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Troy Aikman, really? That's an oooold reference.

Also, Go Daddy, go fuck yourself. Your commercials aren't ~clever~ anymore (were they ever?) and we've already found out at least twice this year that you are a total scumbag of an existence.





I'm ready for some Battleshots though. The entire premise of Battleshots is better than every single idea that went into the Battleship movie. What. Even.

Apparently we are keeping up with this shitty ad scheme.

...Yeah, Budweiser, I'm pretty sure "the end of Prohibition" didn't bring forth bottle openers covered in dust.

I am liking this recent trend of classical music pieces in ads, though. It brings my entertainment level up a significant notch.

Disney, what the fuck is John Carter? That just looks like a whole pile of Avatar-ripoff fail. Which, if I may remind you, is a whole pile of appropriative, racist, ableist fail already.

aaaaaand I am already sick of reality show ads.

The quality of this year's superbowl is appallingly low.
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stop it with your shitty srs bzns commercials.



STILL NOT LIGHT BROWN, BUT THAT'S OKAY (I miss the blue light brown ones)

Ohhhh snap words-with-friends jab!

...Seriously, what is with this "two minutes of commercials, 30 seconds of game, two minutes of commercials, five minutes of game" crap? I hope they cut this shit out.

Ahahaha this apocalypse commercial. Pretty funny, actually. So many references, and the twinkies


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