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Riding The Beast in the dark is one of the best things in a long time.

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Seriously... I am a huge dork. I've been geeking out in concrete lab because it's... concrete. Lol. It doesn't help that this amazing house went up for sale on ebay and I really want to own it. Seriously, just look at the pictures. I would totally turn it into my Dr. Evil/Tony Stark lair. DORK

Yeeaaaaaaaah. Concrete is awesome.

So this is cool, you can vote to name node 3 of the ISS, and you should totally vote for Serenity. It's winning by a landslide and I'm really not surprised. (Although I'm actually surprised some other huge space fandom hasn't picked up on it and tried to name it something else, although I could be wrong since they don't show the votes for the top suggestions.)

Okay so I didn't realize the Harry Potter themepark was not going to be a separate park. That's more understandable. Although the other article mentioned the other "island' themes, and they sounded a little more interesting. I think my grandma wants to take us down there, though, so maybe I can get a Disney+Universal trip out of her.

OMG CHECK THIS OUT I doubt it's actually Atlantis but it looks like it could be something. So cool.

Shia saves a snake. Appropriate, I daresay.

Things I learned from the Oscars this year: DUDE NO ONE TOLD ME ROY SCHNEIDER DIED. Jaws was so good! (And fie on those who have never seen it.) By the way, did anyone watch the Oscars? Damn they were good this year. Jackman is a great host, Tina Fey and Steve Martin were hilarious, I liked all the stage settings for the first half, and Ben Stiller as Joaquin Phoenix was ridiculous. ("You look like you work at a Hasidic meth lab.") So good, so good. Second half, kinda blah, though. Too much Slumdog stuff... Meh. The speech from the writer of Milk was AMAZING though, HOLY CRAP. Oh and Ledger, won, yay! :D

Oh, here's something else the screenwriter for Milk wrote about it. His message is so good... and so true.

Yep yep, so. Back later with more, I'm sure.


Feb. 15th, 2008 11:46 pm
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HOLY SHIT GUYS I'm going to have a heart attack when I see IJ4. Even though I saw the trailer like twenty times yesterday and was super excited and hyper all day and everything.

And then I finally convinced my roommates to go see a movie tonight, and I figured if we were late for Spiderwick it would be okay because I could go out and see it tomorrow because I would know where the theatre was then. But best of news! Over on [ profile] i_jones I found out a guy from Madison who saw it with Jumper and said that it came out with Spiderwick, Jumper, and Definitely, Maybe in Madison. Awesome because my roommates wanted to see Definitely, Maybe! =D We ended up seeing Jumper and let me tell you, this is my new favorite mall. THEY HAVE A TACO BELL AND A BARNES AND NOBLE. I could actually live in that mall.

So I was hoping I'd be excited even though I pretty much knew the trailer by memory, but OH MY GOD. I DID NOT EXPECT MY STOMACH TO LEAP INTO MY THROAT AND IT WAS AWESOME. There's no way I'm going to survive seeing the movie. Blaaaaw !!!! =D =^n.n^= I... really... find it hard to express how happy that made me. Blaw is my new feeling for it; like riding amusement park rides. Adrenaline and your heart in your throat but you're not sick you're excited. Like riding Drop Zone and Tomb Raider and Face Off and everything. BLAWWWW!

It was also the most comfortable theatre I've ever been in. Not too hot, not too cold, woohoo! Even the two huge groups of chatty teenagers who walked in at the beginning weren't making noise. And Jumper wasn't bad either, Hayden Christenson has learned a couple new emotions since Star Wars (I'm sure NOT having Lucas helped fo' shizzle).


96 days until Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull! Today's trivia: Lucas has wanted to make the fourth Indiana Jones about the crystal skulls for a long time. When he brought the Disneyland ride (Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye) to Tokyo, he changed it to make it mesoamerican because he like the crystal skull idea and it would be more adventurous and mysterious to the Japanese. (I believe both Disneyland and Disneyland Paris are of "Indian" origin.)

If you haven't seen the trailer yet, you can find it in HD on Yahoo Movies. DO IT
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Wow, I've been in a really weird mood lately. I watched "Pride and Prejudice" after Engineering Detention (aka study hall) Wednesday night, because (shocker) I wanted to. However, I must admit I laughed myself silly throughout, although it was entirely enjoyable. The end is the funniest.

I fail at being a girl, lol.

In oooother news... pirates! Yeah, so. Tia Dalma's shack... I read they'd purposely based it off of the Tom Sawyer thinger in the park, and I knew they'd closed down that ride a while ago. Or parts of it, or something. Anyway, I was wondering if this was going to happen )

Oh, MAN. Speaking of being in a weird mood, and speaking of old rides; last night I got major nostalgia depressiong over Americana Amusement Park. But more on that later, I'm trying to get out of this funk at the moment. =^n.n^=

So... I am addicted to wikis, now. (Thank you, [ profile] cleolinda) They are just so... informational. They follow how your brain works, constant links to everything. Open access. But at any rate, I'm slowly slowly working on my website, and now this, and I realized that a wiki layout in combination of some sorts with a traditional website would be exactly how I'd like to get the site set up. So once I have the $$$ for the domain name, and I have it all designed right, it will be up. Some day. For now I use free sites to store all my PRECIOUS PRECIOUS INFORMATION. (Oh dear lord. I am SUCH an information whore.)

As for the problems I've been having with Firefox? Fixed! (Thank you, UDit. Lifesavers, I tell ya.) First of all, I couldn't add bookmarks (THE HORROR. I can't imagine what Tangent users, who lack Office OneNote or Stickies, would have to do--as for me, I have a OneNote open with probably about 50 sites to add to my bookmarks. *information whooooore* And also, the toolbar would reset my configurations every time. It would get rid of my precious bookmarks and history buttons, and my spoofstick extension. Bah. But it turned out just to be some file was corrupt and needed to be reset, and I didn't even have to restart the computer. Grr. I closed all those programs for nothing. (Heh... mess to clean up later...) But at any rate, I also downloaded a whole bunch of Firefox ententions to aid. There's a tab tool that manages tabs in all these neat ways, there's a thing that keeps a text file of all the sites you've visited EVER (extremely useful for moi... as I sometimes feel the need to find that one site I saw three years ago with such-and-such on it. Like the rings? Yeah, saw these AWESOME handcrafted rings... no idea where I found them.), and a thing that (supposedly) saves all your tabs so you can close Firefox (or crash) and it will reopen exactly what you had. Let me tell you, this, folks, is love, right here. Or the internet is prostituting itself again, no surprise. Or it's using me. Or something. (Oh fuck it, I'm addicted.)

I STILL have that massive post sitting around waiting for updates. It's got to be over a month old now. Ha. At least the ideas. But it's kind of deep and I'd like to reserve it for a time when I actually have more time to study them. Like maybe tomorrow, heh.

Ohhhhhhhhhh and omg I found out that the Elvis Lion at Jungle Jim's was part of the Country Bear Jamboree that was custom-made at Americana. Rad. And *sigh.* And omfg so much ELVIS in my life wtf, lol.


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