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Apr. 1st, 2011 07:18 pm
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I would like to take a break from my homework hiatus to tell you of three amazing things I learned today:

1) Bruce Wayne likes polka and it's canon. (Weird Al and the Scooby gang were on Batman: the Brave and the Bold today. It was amazing.)

2) The new My Little Ponies show is indeed as awesome as I suspected it might be, so I might have to start watching it now. And there's a(n unofficial) pony called Derpy Hooves, who is a minor character that became a fan favorite, who I am going to pretend is only derpy for the sake of being silly. (I do that a lot.) Also, this MLP has a lot of guy fans, which I love, and the fact that so many of them are on /b/ is even more amazing. (I still don't like the original MLP though, the design work on this is just... favorable. And awesome.)


I WILL SEE THAT MOVIE (at midnight if possible) WITH NO SHAME.


Jan. 10th, 2010 01:30 pm
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I love Discovery's survival shows. I don't know if I mentioned this before but I read A TON of survival books (both fiction and non-) in gradeschool and I think that is the reason I am actually interested in zombie movies. Not because they are horror films, but because they are all about being prepared.

It probably helps that my dad is an Eagle Scout.

BUT, I digress. Bear Gryffin or whateverhisnameis (Grylls) is trying to survive on an island, and as a desperate last attempt to prevent himself from becoming dehydrated, since you can't drink seawater, he is giving himself an enema. I DID NOT KNOW THIS. And now I do.

And now you know that I mean business. =)

Also, Stan Lee is going to be on Big Bang Theory! EXCELLENT.

A good article on that ridiculous facebook color crap that was going on yesterday or Thursday or whenever. And another. I always find these things too late. I just blew it off because I felt it was pointless and attention-whorish (the message I recieved had nothing to do with awareness, it was ~just because~), and I'd have liked to know it was possibly even moreso misguided. I like staying informed of these things and doing my best to boost the signal. =/


Also, Craig Ferguson bashing a Twihard. Honestly, I wouldn't hate these so much if their fanbase weren't so ~rabid~ (PUN NOT INTENDED BUT STILL HILARIOUS)

In the weird world of... well, the world, it turns out one of my high school friends knows one of my drum corps friends because they go to the same school. Which, I suppose, is exactly like Marie being Mark DeBrosse's R.A. freshman year. This time, Seibert asked how Esteban knew me. What the fuck do you know, this world is a damned small place.

Which is amazing considering how fucking large it actually is, you know? =/

oh yes.

May. 17th, 2008 12:59 am
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Well I got home a little late so this is my five daaaaaaays! post. I met up with Johnny at BW3's at Fairfield Commons, and pretty much got seated (and figured out the stupid controller, which wasn't responding at first) just in time to play the triiiiivia gaaaaaaaame! It only lasted a half an hour, which I was kind of surprised. (It was only 15 questions!) They were pretty easy, too. (Yeah... I know... Don't give me that look) But I pwned. Basically, it's the BW3's game where they ask a question and give five answers, and if you answer right right away you get 1000 points per question. As time passes the number of points decreases and they give you three clues progressively. In the end I beat the second highest scorer by about 4000 points. =P

They mentioned Indygear though!!!! =D One of the questions asked what piece of equipment with him at all times (I was like... hat? gun? whip? bag? lol), and the answer was whip (the only other option I remember was nunchuck, which is about as weird as the other options). So after each question they explain the trivia a little more, and they went on to explain it then mentioned you can locate all of Indy's gear at! I was happy.

It was kind of cool, I was answering each question before they even posted the options. =P (It appears as though the first one was the most difficult for everyone else, too. It asked what challenges Indy occurrs in the beginning of Raiders and everybody forgot about the tarantulas. ;D Muahahaha) The only one I couldn't answer right away, they asked what movie other than Star Wars and Indiana Jones starred Ford working with Lucas, and I knew it had to be two of the five answers only because I hadn't heard of the other three. But I didn't know if it was American Graffiti or Apocalypse Now, so I just guessed and got it right. (I... think... I answered American Graffiti.)

But anyway I had tons of fun. And now I'm the second-highest top scorer for that game ever at BW3's Beavercreek, though the scores looked like they were mostly from the past year. =P So if you see Mercat... that's me. =) (Go figure, lol)

Johnny and I just hung out and chatted for a good hour and a half, too, which was good. =P Definitely better than the time we hung out at Wendy's, lol. Apparently they played Raiders music at the concert I missed on Wednesday! WHAAAAAAAAAT! I am so pissed. I HATE YOU, DIRECTOOOOOOOOORS. (Oh no, I wasn't allowed to play it, even though I'm the obsessive one. CURSE YOU ALL)

But yeah, we got some good venting in, too, lol. You know it's a good time when you can sit around and bitch about band drama ;D

Also, I love Craig Ferguson. His sense of humor is just so bizarre. It never ceases to crack me up. (Tonight's a good one, that's why I'm mentioning it.)

I am starting to get really excited for the movie... This is going to be daaaaangerooooous. E];D
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Does anybody else watch the Late Late Show? I'm watching it right now, and it's brought up a couple of funny things.

1) Someone get me updated on the Tour de France. I totally haven't been paying attention this year.

2) Kim Jong Il would SOOOOOO get the shit beat out of him if we just sent Sean Connery after him.

3) DUDE. DAVY JONES' ACCENT = LOVE. HAHAHAHAHA. And yes, I am such the geek. I think I already even posted on this, lol.

Craig Ferguson is so awesome. =^n.n^=


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