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Hey, so you know Jason Segel's Muppets movie he's been working on? ([ profile] astrid087, you're going to want to see this) Jack Black, Paul Rudd, and Lady Gaga may be involved. I WILL BE THERE IN THREE SECONDS PLEASETHANKYOU

Science cheerleaders!

A good comic with a certain movie poster in the background.

Dick van Dyke saved by porpoises, although I have no idea of the date of said incident and I find that... strange.

New Winnie the Pooh movie next year! (Nothing says classic Winnie the Pooh like pop music.) Well I know what I'm doing next summer. Also, Craig Ferguson and John Cleese are in it! OHMYGOD.

Check out this crazy owl:

I find this comic both hilarious and depressing. And fascinating.

OH HEY INDY EXHIBITION. Here's an article on the exhibition. Official website. Post with the tour poster. Unsurprisingly, it's just a conceptual design copy of the classic Temple of Doom poster, however, I am really loving the detail of the walls-covered-in-hieroglyphics. (It reminds me of that damn Egyptian cat mystery puzzle I still haven't finished after... uh... ten years.) (can you tell I'm sick of ripoffs of the ToD poster? I'd honestly love to see the Indy franchise get some other colors besides BROWN TONES. Same problem as steampunk, goddamn. THE JUNGLE EXISTS YOU KNOW. IT'S VERY GREEN. I DO BELIEVE INDY HAS VISITED JUNGLES IN AT LEAST THREE OF THE MOVIES AND IN LC THERE'S STILL A CHASE THROUGH THE GERMAN FOREST-SIDE. [IDK, WHAT IS THE "COUNTRYSIDE" EQUIVALENT OF "FOREST"?]) CAPSRAGE IN CASE YOU COULDN'T TELL I'M A LITTLE BIT OBSESSED. (Also-also, the proportions on that poster are a those legs/hips look cartoonishly unrealistic. Or the pose does. Or something.)

ANYWAY who wants to road trip to Montreal?!

Prompts time! Initials of my crushes: don't really have any at the moment. But that is also a completely different discussion.

I do not wear glasses. But when my eyes are old enough to need them, I will rock some fashionable ones, that's for sure. Or maybe get LASIK, since I've heard they don't have to cut your cornea anymore. But, sadly, I will probably never be able to wear contacts. My eyes are just too sensitive for me to be putting things in them. I really wanted to get some all-black or all-white or cat/snake-eye contacts for my halloween costume this year, but instead I ended up drawing pupils on my eyelids, which worked okay, but I'm not totally satisfied with how my makeup ended up. It bled A LOT.

Scientists used high-speed video to determine how cats actually drink. I had always been taught (read?) that cats curled their tongues under, which someone had discovered way-back-when with a hi-speed camera. So apparently that was "not quite", though. Rather than curl their tongues under to scoop, they curl them under to "pull" a column of fluid towards their own mouth, which they then catch and swallow.

Science is fascinating!
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Title quote thanks to a piece of art in a catalog my mom had at home.

So that favorites meme everyone's been doing:

01. Answer each of the questions below the cut using the Flickr search engine.
02. Choose a photo from the first three pages.
03. Copy the URL of your favorite photos here.
04. Then share with the world.

flickr meme--favorites

1. SOME PASSIONS NEVER GROW OLD, 2. I'm Nacho Mama, 3. 1974 Xenia Tornado, 4. When Butterfly turned into Flower, 5. "hey, that's dick van dyke...", 6. Mountain Dew Kitty, 7. rapa nui sunset, 8. Brown Sugar Brownies (Recipe), 9. The Indiana Jones Queue, 10. Dream of Flyin, 11. This is your cat on drugs., 12. Pecado venial

keywords/faves here )

[EDIT] NOW WITH ADDED INSTRUCTIONS! (I'm good with memes, y/y?) ~hurr~
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Damnit... I have not studied enough this semester. Fuckcakes fuckcakes. I know, I've been under tons of stress OUTSIDE of school, which is why, but still! To me, that's not an excuse, and I feel shitty because I may have just got myself a C in calculus. Goddamnit. I'm pretty much screwed for the "honors" system then, but I'm going to figure that out tomorrow. (Seriously, why do professors test inconsistently? That would be the reason I BOMBED my exam today.)

Liz is going to move into my room... we each have our own little bothersome habits but it's better than someone I don't know, I think. Bleh. Whatever, it will be pretty good, as long as I get space. We get along but I know my biggest problem is going to be that she just has... lots of personality. No, I'm completely serious. She's happy and peppy generally and believe it or not I'm a fairly quiet person, so there will need to be some balance things worked out.

At any rate, I'm not going to worry about that now. I guess I'm going down to Southwind this weekend, due to connections, lol... although marching for Troopers would have been KICK ASS as well. Who knows what will happen, with all the stuff I've got to do. You never know.

Hmm, on a note I'd written, "sadly, as my life gets more interesting, it apparently also gets more dramatic." The problem I'm having right now is balancing things I LOVE (friends, music, art) with things I HAVE TO DO (engineering stuff, homework). Well, next semester the answer will be "homework," because I'm taking three technical courses (physics 2, calc 3, chem) along with the rest of a full schedule. *sigh* I've been so out of it this semester, but to me that is SUCH a lame goddamn excuse. I know it won't matter in ten years, but right now it does... if only for being an honors student. (And the SLIGHT justification I have is that Ivy Leagues are no longer holding up the spectacular standards they once did, that other colleges are catching up; that one day I'm going to kick everyone's ass as 'that really weird architect'; and that once these technical courses are over, it's onto the ones I LOOOOOOVE. Such as, random history, art, religion courses. =D Yeah, geek.)

So "Stranger Than Fiction"? Very good, highly recommend it. Saw it with Kyle and Alicia and Johnny. The very beginning felt VERY much like Hitchhiker's Guide, which I mean, British humor, really. That's like... that's just how it is. They're so damn practical, I love it. Anyone who's read Hitchhiker's know what I'm talking about, or have recommendations of similar stuff? Anyway, yeah. Plus the whole "Monty Python"'s Mr. Creosote scene, and the line about the mint... I know there were only like 12 people in the theatre, but I'm pretty sure I was still the only one laughing outrageously at that line. Subtlety, subtlety. =) But anyway, the story is very good, and Will Ferrel is very good (it's not a terribly funny movie, he just acted in it-- but he still did a very good job).

So the other night I was watching "The Twilight Zone" on YouTube (the oldschool ones) and I found one episode called "Danger at 20,000 feet," or something like that. It took me about two minutes, but once I realized who it was... OMG. Yeah. William Shatner. First I was cracking up, just because I'd been watching some classic Star Trek, and, hells yeah, Captain Kirk. Then I started thinking about Shatner stereotypes, you know, how he pauses a lot when he talks.

Which made me realize that that Ace Ventura line? Is Carrey mocking/referencing THIS EPISODE OF THE TWILIGHT ZONE. See, because, predictably, in this episode, he keeps seeing these CERATURES on the wings of the plane, tearing the plane apart, and everyone just thinks he's crazy.

The Ace Ventura line is, "There's....somethingonthewings...some...thing..." Shatner never says it directly, but OH MY GOD. SO MUCH HILARITY. I have newfound respect for Ace Ventura, and will now be the only one who DIES when that line comes on, next time I see it. (Too bad not in time for winter drumline trips.)

Ah, and the movie I watched last week with Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire was "Funny Face."



On Christmas, a movie is coming out called "Night at the Museum." Now, the whole thing looks pretty clever, with lots of good comedians and just silly random stuff happening.

BUT OH MY GOD. DICK VAN DYKE IS IN IT! He's not even the main character! WHO CARES! He kicks so much goddamn ass! Gaaaaah! Alicia and I both freaked out over this, lol. Seriously, though, dude.

DICK VAN DYKE. w00000000000000000000000000000000000t. There are not enough words to express how happy that makes me, lol.

So I was looking at my cellphone today. Does anyone else remember when cameraphones were the future? I remember an article in...7th? grade... about how a company in China had made a cell phone with a camera on it, and it was SO futuristic, because you could send photos to friends while shopping, or whatnot, like Dick Tracy's watch is what they were thinking. And how expensive it was going to be, and how long it would take for them to be implemented commonly... Yeah. And here we are! I mean, everyone says it's not the future until we have futuristic cars. But we're getting so close, it's scary. Seriously, a lot of technology scares me. Most of it for capitalistic reasons, like toddlers with cell phones and surfing the internet.

I can use a typewriter, and I don't just mean knowing how to keyboard.
I can use a ROATARY phone.

A lot of people my age can't do either of those things. And teaching Nana how to use a computer... (well, modern) and a cell phone (no dialtone, just put in the numbers)... it's weird. I remember using a black and white HUGE desktop mac with no games, and Laura and I entertained ourselves by drawing all these lame graphics and text files. I wish we still had them... but we've long lost the computers and the files never updated correctly.

In a way, if I ever have kids, I want them to have that. How to use a telephone. Life without the internet, maybe even computers. DEFINITELY no iPods and cell phones. One of those things that will wait until they're older. I mean, computers... you have to teach them, but... I dunno. I don't want that... capitalism point. The internet part, I guess. It can wait. (I think I was 11 when I got an email address, but I don't remember when the first time I used the internet was. But it wasn't when I was younger... Laura and I just made art files and played old games and got newer ones from the library. Can you say huge pixel art? Lol.)

Damn... I am just remembering how un-technological my childhood was... I'm afraid all the following generations are going to miss that. I mean, here I am on my laptop. When my cousins came over, we used to make "movies," aka we wrote and drew out these stories on sheets of paper, and then rested them on our LiteBrite box and told the story to our family. Or we reenacted movies (Star Wars and Tarzan, in case you were wondering.), though that came later. And riding bikes. And playing outside, and I loved making forts. And it didn't use to bother me to touch earthworms.

Sometimes I REALLY hate growing up. I'm going to see if I can track down any of my old stories (usually with a cat named Furry, who would get captured and had to escapeOMG I NEVER REALIZED I WAS EVEN AN ADVENTURE FREAK BACK THEN OMG, while my cousins and Laura tried to copy with these mice or armadillos or something. Being older had the benefits of better story-telling back then) or my old computer files (designed my own pogs, when those were popular back in second grade... made myself a paper gameboy with a moving "game" [you wish I were kidding]... designed fake food and characters and stuff... and lots of fake newspapers [omg yes I made a family "pokemon" magazine]... I wish I had all that, still).

Jesus Christ. I am one big chunk of WEIRD and I didn't even realize it.


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