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Some sort of steampunk or adventurer or mummy-hunter or treasure-hunter or zombie hunter something.

I bought this bitchin' vest at T.J. Maxx (lol Members Only!) that sort of reminds me of River Song's white one, except brown. And OMG it is thick and fuzzy and fabulously comfortable. So I'll be channeling some sort of archaeologesque-pirate-dystopian-thing.

Probably just rummage my closet for whatever I like and be like FUCK IT IDEK WHAT THIS IS

Aaaaaand then hunt down someone who would want to do a photoshoot for my Medusa sometime. Some time when I'm FUCKING FREEZING I guess.

Speaking of which, holy shit we had some apocalypse clouds in Dayton today (and it feels like it should have been an ice storm, it was cold enough-- apparently it did hail somewhere). I was running errands and I walked outside and immediately noticed the clouds (funny how you notice the smallest things when they're "not right") and went HOOOOLLY SHIIIIIIII-- I think I just walked into the end of Ghostbusters.

You know, when the clouds are getting all swirly-artistic-terrifying? Yes.

And then I was about to get in my car and I heard the LOUDEST, SHARPEST thunder of my life. No lightning. No rolling, booming. Just one huge crack that sounded like a massive explosion. I am not the type of person to be afraid of storms, in fact, the very opposite (and most of the people I grew up in Xenia think I'm an asshole for all the jokes I've made). However, this crack was SO TERRIFYING that I ducked and very nearly would have hit the ground.

At least there is some solace (although solace is not the word I want to use there-- damn you, thesaurus) in the fact that I immediately ducked. Survival instincts = intact.
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I've been messing around looking for a new layout because the lack of width on the last one was killing me, and I also have such a headache right now that trying to read white text on a black background is killer.

I'm not totally satisfied with this layout (I will probably switch out the "shark week" header for my own header) but it works until I find something better.

Also, I need some help. I would like to start a separate blog that I'm planning to be a design-based blog, basically, redesigning life. Breaking stupid habits, making things simpler, younameit. However, I can't figure out which would be the best platform. I love Livejournal, but it's not taken very seriously, and I think "outsiders" tend not to comment on it partly because of that. Plus, I don't know how well lj posts show up in RSS readers and such? Anyway, Blogger is too simplistic for my tastes, and stuff like TypePad is not free. Wordpress gives 3GB of space for you to use and is probably the best platform if I weren't so loyal to livejournal.

Anyway, I just have been accumulating a lot of links and I'd like to have a place to put them that I guess is more tradtional and less personal, set up like "here's the interest photo, here's some text from the website, here's my discussion". And in terms of that, Livejournal tends to be more personal blogs and comms, I think... But if I choose Wordpress, I don't really have any idea of how to get readers. Not that I am trying to be a professional blogger or anything, I just don't really know how to go about this. D:

Also, so much for Earth Day. With all my depression about that article I read I have now deemed it Dystopia Day, especially in light of the fact that I have a new listen-to-it-nonstop Billy Joel song that is awesome, and (in particular) dystopian. (Which reminds me of We Will Rock You, and listening to that all the way to and from Spain, incidentally.)

Here, have some dystopia for your day:

Back with more later, I am sure.

Also, hey "little Hawaiiana Jones icon that matches perfectly"!


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