It's March.

Mar. 2nd, 2012 01:52 am
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I seem to have somehow done my amazing "crusing good, tank horribly" rollercoaster shit in the past 48-ish hours. Yesterday I just didn't care about anything. Not in a bad way, but in a "I feel like I'm letting go of things and maybe taking some steps forward" way. And today I'm just frustrated. I found out yesterday, after paying my rent and my credit card bill, that I am functionally broke. Whatever I had saved from working the past six-ish years is gone, so I basically have no wiggle room.

And no time to work. But we'll come back to that.

Thankfully, my parents are paying for rent and food... However, they failed to account for the fact that food is HELLA EXPENSIVE here in Hawaii where they import literally almost everything.

I'm not shitting you, even pineapples.

In Hawaii.

Where there is the Dole Plantation.


Anyway, before I left my mom had mentioned something about "well we'll see how it goes and maybe readjust after a little bit" but every time I bring it up she gets super judgmental, like I'm spending it on all on alcohol and fast food.

I can assure you, that is not the case. I haven't bought a single drink, the only eating out I've had is a couple days' lunch from the school center, and I learned yesterday after reevaluating my budget that I basically can't eat out at all! Or, you know, DO ANYTHING.

Need new shoes? Nope. Go see a movie? Nope.

For once, I don't need to buy books, because my mom keeps shipping me mine from home. Hopefully she doesn't send me too many more, I already have an entire shelf-full, and considering I'm functionally living out of two suitcases that's a bit much. The ironic part of this? I still have a Barnes and Noble gift card from Christmas.

Luckily I don't have to be spending money on a car, but at the same time, not having money on top of not having a car just exacerbates my problem of feeling trapped here. Not on the island, but by my situation.

I need a new bike seat. "Need" because the one that came with the bike is SO SHITTILY DESIGNED. It curves a ton, which is nice if you're dicking around the block like a five-year old, but god forbid you need to commute with a backpack on your back! I have the nose turned down a SHIT TON already, and the fact that the back of the seat is curved up even more pushes you forward into the dipped center-- why would you design that on a bike seat-- so now you are not sitting on your butt bones but more on your crotch area and just FUCK YOU, SEAT DESIGNERS.

But I didn't go to the bike store, you know why? Because it is five miles away, on the other side of Honolulu, and even though it's only five miles it is through the city which is just terrible on bike. It makes me feel like I'm driving through Chicago. (They really need better bike roads here.) And I don't have the money to spend on what I would like to spend it on, which is 1) a new bike seat, 2) a second water bottle cage and bottle, and 3) a Longboard Lager jersey which is DEFS not happening because they are $75. Oh and also 4) a waterproof stem mount bag so I can stick my phone in there and use it as an odometer. I'd kinda like to buy a pair of cleats and some clips for my pedals, but right now that is a far-off dream. And I didn't feel like it was worth riding a half hour through traffic on rides I don't know with terrible drivers to the nearly-industrial part of town so I can sit in a shop for an hour while they give me a check-up on my bike and I feel guilty for buying things I need or want.

Anyway. So not going anywhere just exacerbates my feeling trapped, but I don't have the money to go see anything and it's kinda hard to go anywhere around here without a car. And I don't exactly have any people to just hop on the bus with and go to Chinatown or anything, because last time we tried that... OH THAT'S RIGHT, EVERYONE CRAPPED OUT ON ME. (Okay, not technically the last time, last time only half the people crapped out on us. But statistically that is 75% failure rate.)

And on top of that! The whole time I was at home I was talking about working at the zoo (trying to get in contact with someone there, it is RIGHT DOWN THE HILL IT WOULD BE PERFECT) and such, and mom was saying "oh, you probably won't have time for a job, most grad students are expected to be working on classes like a full time job". Now here we are, I could dip into my savings but I'm trying not to because I need that to pay for school, I'm eating whatever's on sale and probably not getting enough fruits and veggies, and my mom asks me why I'm not working. AUGH. Maybe because I spend more time in the studio in the week than I likely ever spent on homework for a single engineering class for a year?! And I am exaggerating very little. In the past three weeks I spent two entire weekends in the studio.

You know what we've also found out more of this week? Using the plotter is a $5 print job per page. Using the laser cutter is $2+ $1 per minute. So on top of the fact that the school doesn't have any student software licenses, we have to buy all our own modeling materials, AND PAY FOR ALL THE PRINTERS AND SHOP TOOLS PER USE. I understand you don't want kids in there abusing the 3D printer or hogging the laser cutter. BUT FOR FUCK'S SAKE, WHAT AM I PAYING YOU $14000+ A SEMESTER FOR IF I AM ALSO BUYING ALL MY OWN MEDIA?!

Speaking of which? I have to go to the bookstore tomorrow, and the craft store over the weekend, for guess what-- you guessed it-- MORE SUPPLIES! Meanwhile my checking account reads zero.

I think the part that's killing me the most that is on top of everything else, I would just like to go on a bike ride to train for TOSRV one weekend day, or ride down to the beach and swim and sit there for a few hours. Hasn't happened yet. Don't know how I'm going to train for TOSRV this way, all I can do right now is force myself to work as hard as I can to get up the hills on the way home.

Which, today, on the longest and steepest hill, I accidentally pulled out in front of a full-length fire truck thinking it was The Bus which would turn on the route rather than go up the hill. NOPE! So that was a little terrifying having them barrelling down on me while I tried to ride as quickly as I could...

So. My goals currently. See if I can find a part-time job that I can actually travel to. This is difficult because I don't really trust riding my bike or the bus at night, and I have to be working in the studio so many hours a day. Find a cheaper grocery store? I would love to find an Aldi-equivalent. I can't seem to find any coupons for any of the things I buy, and even though I'm a "club member" and I'm supposed to be saving, I really don't see much benefit currently. And I am trying, beyond all belief, to not just go to Walmart. One, it's downtown anyway so travel would be a hassle, but two, it's Walmart. Lastly, scholarships. Gotta find some. Found out today that architecture ones are unlikely considering that, apparently, white girls are the largest percentage of architecture students. But come on, there has to be an engineering/design one out there somewhere! Female engineers are one of the lower statistical groups! FUUUCCKKK

On the plus side of things, I shot off an email to the guy in the themed design group I'm in who sends out all the newsletters and things, asking him if there was anyone (around the offices) who could help me look for internships. Right away he asked what I did, and then I didn't hear back from him for a week. I asked if he had any ideas of people to contact, thinking there might be someone who was a membership person who could point me in the right direction. Turns out he sent out emails to different people and is trying to find someone who might take an intern/co-op. And then TWO I accidentally realized today he's like one of the top group member-people, and I'm a little embarrassed. I'm also a little uneasy because it's more out of my control-- I don't ask people about internships so I don't get any of the no's along with any possible leads, so I have no idea where the situation stands. I didn't know he was going to be doing the asking for me, so I should have told him more than just "engineering and architecture", but I figured he was busy and I should keep it as short as possible and that I could set up more of a sales pitch later on down the line when I emailed companies-- so hopefully I don't end up with a strictly-ride-engineering firm co-op, although that would still be fascinating I am sure. (Just not the kind of design I'd like to go into, I think.) ON THE OTHER HAND, when you have a big gun sending out emails to companies asking for internships and co-ops?! Hopefully that plays to my advantage, that he can catch the eye of someone really good who will give me a chance.

However now I am super-nervous because I don't know how long to wait to expect to hear back from anyone and I definitely don't want to bombard him with questions as he is very, very busy.

Regardless, I will be mailing him a thank-you note, because holy shit. I did not expect him to send out notes. I just expected, like, a "here's some potential companies that are members, shoot them a line" type email.

Ffffuuuucccckkkkkk my life right now augh
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I had a dream I had to miss a week's worth of class work, and then woke up and remembered I have to figure out what's going to happen with final projects

I got an email saying my scenic design class isn't going to happen :(

And my sister got harassed by a guy on the street last night and got her phone stolen. Thankfully nothing else happened to her, but note to everyone, if someone you don't know asks to borrow your smartphone, just say you don't have one I guess? This is why I carry pepper spray with me everywhere now, especially since I don't have a car.

I just have this sense of... general patheticness and malaise. I feel like I've been hitting highs and lows kind of rapidly lately, but that could just be me being more perceptive since I have less social interaction.

I wish I knew how to deal with this.
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Also my dad's cousin opened up her luggage and found a gecko/anole/something inside. So now we're going to buy crickets to feed it.
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I got one, maybe two hours of sleep

I punched myself in the nose because of a damn poorly-designed conditioner bottle, and now I have a scratch across my nose and upper lip

I haven't been spelling things right all day

My cousin Kyle doesn't understand thermodynamics and shattered a glass bowl with boiling simple syrup everywhere pushing back dinner two hours

Dinner was delicious, bee tee dubs

Nobody cried for missing gramps (that I saw) (I think we're all tired of grandma's bullshit let's be honest) (we're all going to lose it Saturday)

Our cousin Chris showed up (the family "drunk" as it were-- he parties hard with no shame) and we all ended up making a post-dinner trek to Kroger for beer and cider and cups and pong balls

Kroger locked us out because they were closing in five minutes, I went back to the car and my sister and cousins snuck in the exit and beat a fair number of people through the line

I forgot to mention that my cousin was playing the CDs his Hitting-On-Him-Gay-Boss made for him but they cranked them up until I was deaf and they are all terrible dancers

Kyle owes me a game of Beer Hunter for driving them

I missed the James Bond marathon on SyFy and it occurred to me I've never seen a Timothy Dalton or George Lazenby one

But we found out Cato (Pink Panther) was in Goldfinger and that the character is also apparently in Inspector Gadget What I Can't Even

So we played beer pong on the porch and I think they got a fair number of the adults involved, apparently my sister got my grandma to swear to play a game next summer

Meanwhile I passed out in the basement for at least two hours and I still don't know what

So that was today

(I think this is the third time this year I've punched myself in the face)
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I'm actually cleaning up my computer. So a lot of these are old posts I'm copying and pasting. At the moment I'm sort of out of touch mentally, I can tell I'm not functioning at full capacity, but I think it's because I stayed up until 5 last night and I don't think I slept very well, even though I don't remember dreaming or much. I don't feel particularly traumatized or anything though, I think at this point everyone is sad but relieved, because Gramps had been going downhill for so long and it was really putting a lot of stress on Grandma as well. Anyway. Old posts:

This video is totally unreal.

And in case anyone was doubting the awesomeness of the new My Little Ponies (although I can't say I like the music):

Do you know one thing I have wanted all my life? A way to record dreams. And we are on our way, OMG. SCIENCE. IT'S SO COOL.

A new development in solar power, which hopefully will lead to cheaper and stronger solar panels. (And maybe even clear glass solar panels?! That would be wicked.) Also, I didn't know ceramics could be transparent. Science is crazy! I love it so. <3

my reaction
to a few seasons of Doctor Who.

DeLorean is building electric cars, I hope they are building new bodies and not just retrofitting old DeLoreans? It seems like the guy reopened the company in 1995 and is custom building a few a year? So there are newer DeLoreans and they're going to keep building them? How awesome would it be if they sliiiiiightly updated the design? Okay, too many question marks in this paragraph. AND YET.

Interesting historical trivia, "who was the historical model for human evil before Hitler?" For anyone out there writing historical fiction/nonfiction.

A Portuguese article about Indiana Jones, I like this part:

"I think Harrison Ford Indiana Jones can live up to 90 years, although for this can only eat pureed." "Take the example of Clint Eastwood. Is 81 and makes fascinating films, "praised Spielberg, who believes that the success formula of Indiana Jones, created by him and George Lucas, is their affinity with the public. "People like this kind of fantasy that takes places and scenarios ever seen. It's a bit crabber a hero, a survivor who is hurt and suffering ... It looks more like a real person than a superhero, "said the filmmaker said to justify the public's identification with the archaeologist.

I actually read something somewhere that Indiana Jones isn't supposed to be just a guy out adventuring, Spielberg and Lucas and Ford tried to make it about taking the character somewhere new as well. I.E. developed the character more. Which I think is why I don't like the books or anything... they're, strangely, this sort of James Bond thing where it's sex-girls-get-treasure-fight-badguys. Not that I dislike James Bond, it's just... its own thing.

Also, I think sort of knowing this subconsciously (it's so nice when someone else articulates what I am thinking/feeling) is the reason I was able to accurately guess that Indy and Marion would get married in IV. Also, Marion is the best anyway.

Actual evidence that Indy 5 is hopefully in the works! Hurrahhhh <3

Again I say: Hawaii. Australia. More Polynesia/Micronesia/Melanesia (Pacifica!). Northern Europe. Spain. Southern Africa? LET'S GET SOME VARIETY UP IN THIS BITCH. And more travel, PREFERRABLY.

Heeeeyyyy, more comments from Spielberg on Indy IV and V. I have to say, as someone who's always playing Devil's Advocate even though I dislike (but have come to terms with) certain aspects of Crystal Skull, I kinda feel bad for Lucas here. Pretty much everyone has hung him out to dry, and now, Spielberg included. Although, I guess he is owning up to the gopher and the fridge, WHICH, I can't say I thought the gopher was great but it wasn't awful. The fridge? I loved. And, sorry Spielberg, I don't think anyone actually says "nuke the fridge". One would sound like a tool if they did. It wasn't quite so over the top as... jumping the shark. As for five, I'll say what I said when I collected my thoughts after first seeing Crystal Skull... at least they can't do that again.


Hoo, boy.

Jun. 7th, 2011 11:49 pm
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Have I been busy. Moving things. Cleaning rooms. Trying to get rid of ant infestations.

Learned a new word: formication, which is the feeling you have ants crawling all over you.

Trying to get everything arranged for Outer Banks and Savannah. Trying to get everything arranged for Raiders 30th. Visiting Gramps in the hospital, hoping they will get him out. I hope he can get his heart a little stronger and last more than a few months. I keep thinking about him reading The Walrus and the Carpenter to my fourth grade class, and "faire to Midland", and I want him to get out of the hospital so I can show him my senior presentation. And I keep thinking about ragtime and Hitchhiker's Guide and Ernie Kovacs... Oh, Gramps. Get better, please.

Anyway. Awesomesauce on a stick:

Carrots are orange because of politics!

Like any Cracked article, six "insane coincidences". Sadly, #6 and #5 are the best, because they really are odd coincidences. #1, a little bit, but also data manipulating; there are 365 days each year (except for leap years), and TONS OF SHIT HAPPENS EVERY DAY. Not to mention since our country's founding there have been 234 4th's of July. (Not 4ths of July... they were still 24 hours long, har har) I been I could find you ~even more! strange and unusual~ coincidences out of those 234 days. Shit, son.

Um, and also. #3 bothers me a lot. Why, you may ask? Because it is NOT COINCIDENCE. IT IS CAUSATION. This is the first time I've had to paraphrase this phrase to say "correlation =/= coincidence". The Wright brothers... who lived and worked in Dayton... invented heavier-than-air, powered flight. And they kept doing research here. So when the Air Force got created in 1947, we eventually ended up with *le gasp* an Air Force Base in Dayton. Which encouraged more flight technology and research in the city and the state! And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you end up with a state that has produced SO MANY ASTRONAUTS. We fucking invented flight, now gtfo.

P.S. I do find that article fascinating, my engineer brain just jumped at this annoyance and also I've noticed my writer's voice, a.k.a. my blogging tone, a.k.a. my making comments on the internet voice, has gotten more and more hyperbolic as I have. I don't have a problem with that except where I still do it when talking serious business and since it's text, I'm afraid people will take me literally.

Here's the truth, I am pretty damn shy "IRL". I just enjoy being ridiculous and over the top (...sometimes).

HEY, DID YOU SEE WHERE THEY FUCKING FOUND TANIS?! A little on the technology behind that.

I made a lot of Raiders references the day that was all over. I don't think many people got it, BUT, perfect timing for the 30th, non?! I can't wait to see what happens with the digs. Although I'm sure it will be quiiiiite a while coming.

In case you are still having a terrible day (as I did), here is a MacGuyver intro a guy did of his cat, Steve McQueen. It's beyond awesome.

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Some fucking friends sometimes, I swear to god. There is more to life than alcohol.



(Note, that is not capsrage "yelling" but rather "comically over-loud voice".)

Now onto your regularly scheduled programming.

OH, HOW APPROPRIATE, yesterday's prompt was the last movie I saw in theatres. INCEPTION. WHEN I GOT BACK THIS SUMMER, AND I FUCKING HAD TO DRAG MY SISTER TO GO SEE IT WITH ME. And before that?! Iron Man 2! My moviegoing track this year is a shame! WHY DOES NO ONE WANT TO GO OUT TO MOVIES THIS YEAR?! Fucking idek.

Last book I read... Well, last book I finished was probably Lost City of Z which I read for fun over the summer and was amazing despite its ending. I mean, the ending is still amazing from a historical point of view but (without giving much away) the whole thing is this buildup and then--AUGH. You have to read it, if you are in the slightest a history or Indiana Jones or adventuring fan, oh boy.

...Not gonna lie though, despite being in a general good mood, handling school okay, work is going fine, working out, et cetera, I am a bit emotionally unstable at the moment. I can tell because the slightest little comments are making me upset enough to almost nearly ruin my evenings. I really can't handle people brushing me off much more to go to parties/drink but "oh I don't have enough money to go to a movie". Because alcohol comes out of the faucet for free, I see. Well alrightythen. I'm hoping Laura's not going to be bitchy tomorrow because I think I'm going to need to run away from the rest of the family with her, particularly since the cuzs (cuzns? cuzzes? idek. "cuzs" looks like it should be Polish.) are on the other side of the goddamned country.

...*sigh*. I miss my drum corps family =(

Things I also failed to bitch about earlier this week: The DJ on Saturday, who took requests up to a few days in advance because he couldn't/didn't do on-the-spot mixing (HA, mixing, if you could call it that--what with jumps and awfully apparent tempo changes), in the three hours we were at the dance, played TWO, count 'em, TWO songs that were 1) older than 2000, 2) not a dance/pop/hip-hop song. Seriously, the guy was awful. About 30 minutes in to the dance he played "Wannabe" (Spice Girls--ngl had to look up the title of that song) and with about 20 minutes left he played "You Shook Me All Night Long". The only other song he played that wasn't some currently-top-40-but-actually-shitty-dance-tune-excuse-to-party-hard song was Pokerface. So out of the songs I requested (Fuck You, anything by Gaga, anything by Queen, and anything by Billy Joel), I got one song. Needless to say, I was PISSED THE FUCK OFF. I spent probably half to two-thirds of the dance glaring at the DJ from my chair. I mean, this could be the fault of the coordinators who hired a friend-of-a-friend and maybe forgot to forward our requests, but what kind of shitty DJ plays pretty much ONE TYPE OF SONG all night?! And not even varying between dance tunes and slow songs? WE HAD NO SLOW SONGS ALL NIGHT.

Basically I'm pissed at everyone and everything right now and I'm about to snap. Not angry-snap but just break-down-snap and no one seems to really give a shit, because that's just how things go. Ugh. I'm kinda tired of this crap, really.

Also I do not recommend trying to follow a conversation about a boyfriend's roommate's cousin who is that person's ex and their crazy parents at a party after taking the GRE, because the actual GRE's paragraph and word problems turned out to be much more difficult and brain-power-consuming than I expected them to be and I was (and am) rather brain dead on the this-idea-requires-a-complex-sentence-of-at-least-four-phrases front.

But onto the linkspam:

So, uh, this happened.


A really interesting article about Florence Nightingale's influential graph and a common mathematical fallacy of graph creation/interpretation. Fascinating because I encounter a lot of misunderstood data on a fairly regular basis (thank you, journalism majors), and also because these are the type of subtleties you may have to discern between on the GRE. (I did pretty well on the quantitative section, but the reading/vocab was much more difficult than I anticipated and I nearly ran out of time, having to guess haphazardly at a few questions.) Anyway. Data is pretty, and presentation is valuable. I wish I knew more about the historical context of these charts because it might be an interesting topic for Ada Lovelace Day, although perhaps something that focuses on the graphical fallacy is not the best topic. (Nightingale was particularly observant in clinical matters though, wasn't she? Wasn't she the one who told people to wash their hands, basically, kill less people with infection? Or am I thinking of someone else entirely? FIFTH GRADE HISTORY IS FAILING ME.)

An interesting article about Native American culture, race, and steampunk, with significantly more win than all the shenanigans last year. Although I must admit, I don't think I ever heard the story of "the first Thanksgiving" in school. At least, not as a history lesson, but as more of a holiday folklore type thing, minus maybe the "learning how to plant corn" part. ALTHOUGH ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THAT we never approached it from the accuracy point-of-view either. So.

For the record I still don't like "ray guns" as a steampunk thing. I have never come into acceptance of them. Then again I've also become more standoffish about pop culture's reaction to steampunk as a whole anyhow, so, some part of me just also doesn't give a shit (that my entire POV on steampunk is decidedly different, because the generic running-with-steampunk scene is not my cup of tea).

DAMN I AM RANTY TONIGHT. Sorry about that folks. I'm a bit tweaky, it seems.

(I do like that EL wire on the gun, though, despite my active distaste for mods of that nerf gun... Hm. Considerations, considerations.)

Holy crap this test fried my brain a lot more than I expected it to. First I was moody, now I'm just too tired to parse any article with more than one sentence and a funny picture. Basically my brain is running like MemeGenerator at the moment.


Nov. 15th, 2010 01:43 am
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I missed a few days worth of prompts, sorry. I've been looking at grad school stuff... I'm kind of intimidated :( I'm starting to think I should have done mechanical or computer science engineering or something like that, but five years ago I didn't have quite the same aspirations.

Mean Girls: is a fantastic movie. Fun to watch, amazingly quotable, aptly quotable on an everyday basis, and hilarious. Also, it's probably a good icon for women in comedy. I don't know much about the comedy forefront but I do know that it's considered a job where men flourish and women fail. And the guys I always get to watch this movie agree that it is not a chick flick like they expected, but a fantastic (and wonderfully quotable) comedy. So. We should all just stab Caesar!

I have a sister. She and I get on much better now that we don't see eachother much, but we do tend to snip at eachother if we're both home for a few days in eachother's company. We're strangely opposites, and I think the way we have turned out isn't exactly how I would have predicted it ten years ago. Then I would have said that she would turn out to be the sorority-sister arts major, and here I am in an engineering sorority and not wanting to engineer a damn thing (well, sort of). And she used to talk about starting a fashion company, and now she's pre-med. And I'm a nerd who loves to read, but she is probably smarter than me. Or she's just really good and guessing and BSing, which is both accurate and enough. I am a little too honest and a little too paranoid to be a good BSer. Which is a shame, really, because being an introvert in a world of extroverts is exhausting.

Buuuuut enough about that.

My favorite junk food... is probably Mountain Dew. I try to treat it like a dessert; one, because it has a lot of empty calories, two, because too much caffiene headaches gives me mini-migraine-mock-caffiene-withdrawal headaches and they suck balls.


(and waiting for it to be Thanksgiving so I can get excited about Christmas except I listened to the Big Bad Voodoo Daddy cover of Mr. Heatmiser today and I DON'T CARE)
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Well, I've got about five pounds of links to post. Yeah, I'm sorry... I've had a month worth of craziness. Tests, then camp, then midterms, then more midterms and projects, and finally when it was supposed to settle down last week? Grandpa had a heart attack Monday. They had to induce a coma by lowering his body temp to minimize brain damage. So we were stressed out all week not knowing how he was doing, how much damage there was... Either brain-wise or system-wise since his muscles are already so weak from his broken back (years ago). Well, he's alert and doing better now, although he seems a bit disoriented sometimes. We're hoping it's just from being in the ICU all week, half under coma, sleeping on-and-off all day long, but who knows, there could be some brain damage. =/ Even more than that, we have to hope some physical therapy can bring back what little strength he had before in his arms and hands, which was practically nothing. He has his sense of humor, though, which is a good sign, but it's a little sad because Grandma, of course, never listens well enough to realize he's joking, and sometimes he's just confused, and it sounds funny to mom and dad and grandma, and it just seems so depressing to me. I don't know... The whole situation is depressing. Even though, at the moment, I'm just damn glad he's still with us.

Anyway, so nothing like that to say WELCOME TO SPRING BREAK, huh? Yeah, plus camp this weekend and I-don't-have-a-fucking-clue with steel and the test coming up and just fffffuuuuuucccckkk. Anyway. Damn.

A real-life American example of what happens when you cut all your taxes. THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER. Why? Because I've read a lot of articles about batshit insane tea-partiers and Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck in the past few weeks. And here is A CITABLE, SOLID EXAMPLE of why these anti-taxers can go fuck themselves. You know, after all that logical argument about roads and signs and parks and water and electricity and government and, you know, all that stuff you come across on a minute-by-minute basis.


I'm also watching Jon Stewart, at the moment, rip Glenn Beck a new one. So you may have heard, Fox came out with a panicked article last week saying DON'T SEND YOUR KIDS TO COLLEGE IT TURNS THEM INTO LIBRULS! And Beck and all those crazies have jumped on the Sarah-Palin-crazy-conservative-anti-intellectual bandwagon, and, no surprise to anyone here, Beck does not have a degree. Anyway, so Beck gave this speech apparently and said "you know where I learned all that [history]? the public library" and JUST OH MY GOD. ARE PEOPLE REALLY THIS DENSE APPARENTLY WHAT THE FUCK.

I really dislike arguing politics but I wouldn't even consider this politics. This is just straight up idiocy. And like other sentiments I've seen echoed, I hope this crazy scheme actually works. I hope they convince all the crazy people to vote for them to get Sarah Palin as Republican candidate for the presidency and everyone suddenly just goes WOAH. WOAHWOAHWOAHWOAHWOAH, WHAT THE FUCK. And then people start thinking. Because that is what is important.

Also, depressing, some kid on FML whose parents saw that Fox story and decided not to pay for his/her college. Poor kid, jesus shit. =/

Hand-carved wooden skateboards! I particularly like the stingray, though I feel like this is a skateboard you must be very, very careful with. However I would totally buy one if I owned a surf bar or something, hang that shit from the ceiling!

NOOOOOOOOOO first confirmed cases of White Nose Syndrome in Tennessee bats. :C I hope they figure this shit out, and fast, all the poor batties!

I love Beatonna, and this is completely true.

Blackbeard in Pirates 4! I can't wait for this shit, NO LIE. Everyone's freaking out because OMG WHY MORE JACK SPARROW WRRYYYYY and really? The answer is simple. Because he's a great character. And they somehow managed to rip a lot of the fun and adventure (and treasure) out of the first one and leave it in the dirt somewhere. And that's why I liked Pirates in the first place, dammit.

Not to mention I can't wait to see all the North Carolinians get their panties in a twist about something. Or even better, they won't, and it will be awesome, because North Carolina is pretty sweet, despite the fact that want to think they own the Wright Brothers. STEP OFF BITCHES, DAYTON FOREVER.


Tree Lobsters is amazing. I love their comic about the Mayan calendar, I want to reference it every time that gets brought up somewhere. (Almost lectured a bunch of my civil classmates about it, but I don't feel like coming off as bitchy to people I never really talk to because I'm way too damn introverted.)

And despite all the craziness and ugliness in the world, things like this happen, and people are pretty okay.

This is very true.

Learn to be lucky. I had a comment but I forgoted it.

Holy crap! Coconut water is a substitute for human plasma, that is, it can be used for intravenous hydration in emergency situations. SCIENCE IS CRAZY. BIOLOGY IS CRAZY. Also I think this could be a good survival skill.

This is so sad, and I think it is a good example of what's so wrong with our government right now. =(

Some part of me has always wanted a chameleon, but I would take this instead of a real one. (I know real chameleons require lots of work and like most amphibians and lizards can spread disease really easily. This little dude is just awesome.)

Chuck Lorre rips Glenn Beck a new one, and that atheist is an asshole, just saying. I know a cultural figure of speech when I see one, shit son.

I find this sort of thing very interesting and very encouraging. Why, you may ask? Well, because everyone I know wants to get the fuck out of Dayton, and I've never really understood it. I mean, yes, we are supposedly the fifth most dying city in the U.S., but we're not in the top 20 saddest and I don't think it's horrible. Maybe needs a little bit more diversity or things of interest, but it's kind of my new little dream (and I do mean new, this is an end-of-2009 maybe even just beginning-of-2010 thing) to give Dayton its own big to-do. Ideally it would be some sort of Disney World-esque thing but I don't think that's feasible with Dayton winters. So either a huge cooperative hackerspace-type thing, maybe a sort of open-source college? Which would be awesome, or something just straight up weird, like House on the Rock. Anyway. Dayton is home for me, and yes, even though I want to get out and see the world, I think it will always be what I consider Home home.

Also, I want to go to Cairo just for the sake of American Gods, heh. That book is so good.

This was a big deal last week or the week before, but you know what? Nothing new around here, our lovely local parking nazis (the school, not the local polics, mind you-- campus parking services) have ticketed their own vehicles in our use before. Hooookaaaaay.

Harrison Ford as James Bond:

Yeh, idk, I think Bond is a bit too smarmy-put-together for Ford to play him, maybe not smarmy, but, you know, smart-looking. As in, always in a suit, very British. Ford's more down-to-earth-American-cowboy, if you will.

...Not to mention there's the whole sort of inside joke where Bond is Indiana Jones' father, WHAT KIND OF TEMPORAL RECURSION WOULD WE GET OURSELVES INTO WITH THIS MESS?! The world would go mad, MAD I TELL YOU

In terms of thematic ipod cases, this page has a nice steampunkish one at the top, as well as, if you scroll down, a lovely aluminum one that I would have to use any time I felt like I needed to be onboard an Empire starship or the Enterprise. Fabulous, no? Quite.

An A-to-Z guide for recycling, though it's actually an article so not really searchable--not to mention, I'm sure it's missing lots of odd things as a result.

Alright. So I have always thought that Shakespeare is rather a king of insults, along with Mark Twain. As such I have decided I need to expand my vocabulary of demeaning words, as I am trying to stop using words such as "gay" and "retarded" as well. Needless to say, I will not stop cursing like a sailor and plan to keep on using "fuck" and "shit" as much as I damn well please. =) And I am a big fan of "pretentious ass". At any rate, I need to expand my vocabulary in order to be anywhere near as damning as The Shakesmeister or The Twainz. Today's vocabulary word: "pillock". Good old-timey sound, yes? Excellent.

Interestingly, another take on slurs and curses that I've thought about I took environmental philosophy wherein my professor pointed out that a majority demeaning terms today are feminine in nature
(bitch, slut, whore, cock-sucker, pussy, vag, etc.), so I try to take that into account. However, people use "dick" to mean, basically, the same thing as "asshole", which is gender-neutral, not to mention that for the longest time I didn't know what "douchebag" meant, so, in my brain, "douche" and "douchebag" are both masculine insults on par with "dick". That is, "stop being an ass". However, as much fun the imagery of "ass-hat" is, it is just not fun to say, at all. And most of the fun of cursing is in the saying, I will not lie. Since most of the time I don't mean it sincerely anyhow...

Oddly, my main complaint is not that they confuse cricket with baseball, but rather that they butcher the joke by using "who" once where "whom" should go.

Also I may mention that I slaughtered Uncle Steve the other night in grammatic structure and it was awesome. If there is one thing I am good at in this family, it is, surprisingly, that I could diagram any sentence to you whatsoever, and you will like it, dammit!


Well, I'll cut myself off for now, that's a good chunk of links. Not to mention I've probably managed to insult everyone at least once with all the crap I've had sitting around for weeks waiting to get posted, heh.
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Well my mom's cousin is getting put in hospice. =/ I feel really bad because she's taking it really hard and her aunt already lost her husband and one sister.

Anyway, I've been really tired and apathetic lately, and I really hate it. I don't know why... I just have no drive to do anything (not even read all my blogrolls or watch TV), including practice for camp. WHICH I JUST FOUND OUT I HAVE TO HAVE ALL MY MUSIC MEMORIZED FOR. Lovely...

Here's the curious thing. I think I am a natural optimist, always have been. It balances well with being rather practical and everything, but I've actually started wondering how much it is perhaps brain chemical related. Can't remember if I talked about this before. Anyway, what started me thinking about this is that when I drink, I don't get any positive/relaxed feelings out of it, I just get sleepy. And then if I drink enough, a little unbalanced (physically, you know, inner ear and vision and muscle control) and a migraine. I think you may (or may not) get more out of me if you get me jacked up on Mountain Dew. Well, for one thing, it definitely cements in my mind that drunkenness is mental, particularly for all the folks that can hold their alcohol well, but I do have to wonder if perhaps I--chemically--have a higher propensity towards being happy. Because my mom even asked me, when I told her how I've felt today, if I was depressed (...were depressed? fuck this tense), and... I don't think so. At least not how I think of depression. When I think of depression I think of feeling like life is not worth living, and although I have felt all weekend like everything is pointless, I DO NOT (and never have, and have always thought I never will) want to die. That's always how I've been. Seriously, all those mortality tales you read in high school when they talk about how no one wants to live forever? I would. You could do everything! Learn everything! It would be awesome. ANYWAY.

Also, talked about some stuff in psychology about basic personality traits (O.C.E.A.N.) and discovered I am probably some level of neurotic (meaning, easily emotional). ADDITIONALLY, the way the prof talked about it, I probably am some mild to medium form of paranoid? Which is interesting, because now I want to know what level is normal (if any... my extent of knowledge of that consists of one of Slartibartfast's lines from the new Hitchhiker's movie, so, you know, nothing much).


I did nothing this weekend. I beat Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings and did no homework and watched a bunch of movies, all because I had no drive to do anything and I completely forgot there were some things I should have done months ago and keep forgetting to do. THAT IS HAPPENING NEXT WEEK because I need to clear that off my schedule for fuck's sake. =/

game spoilers if you care )

Mmmm... yeah. Gotta get to that homework. Fuckkkkkkkk.

Oh, P.S., beware in the future there will probably be a HUGE up-and-coming self-psychology post... You know, all the things that have been brewing in my head forever and I finally need to put down or something, hahahaha. Good times.

Sometimes I really wonder if I should have been a psychologist... =/
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Family dinner tonight, that was interesting. Max called beforehand and told Laura and I to wear plaid, it turns out Max and Kyle and Chris all wore flannel plaid, it was awesome. We were so ridiculous-looking.

The only bad part was when Kyle ran off to the bathroom once, we started joking that we wouldn't be surprised if he came out bi, more likely than gay, seriously, he has some... interesting affectations. But it sort of veered off into a discussion about bisexuality, and it really pissed me off because Max and Laura said they didn't understand it, you either are or you aren't gay, and I was just pissed because trying to explain anything subtle to them--here the Kinsey scale, or like earlier, the racism and shit in Avatar--first, they don't want to listen. Second, they assume I have to be a part of that minority to be offended, and I really, really don't need them to be seriously thinking I'm gay or something. I mean, not that it would be a slur, but that I already get enough harassment from my family for not liking ham and pineapple. Seriously. (Tangent: is there something similar to the Kinsey scale for hyper-/a-sexuality/romanticism? Because I'm not completely polarized but I'm definitely more on the icebitch side, to put it one way...) Yeah, so I got to be offended by their ignorance for a bit, listen to them talk about all their drinking and dating and crap like that, and sometimes I forget that I spend so much time online and that people online... actually read... and know things. =/


Probably not going to do a big post for New Year's since there's going to be PARTY AT MY HOUSE omg beer pong on the back porch gonna be ridic sleepover with ~everyone~ I am super excited. Not too crazy but I love my friends. =)

2009... you can show yourself to the door. My summer was amazing, I made a lot of friends, a lot of best friends, and yet the rest of the year sucked fucking ass. A fucking shit-ton of it.

2010... I am willing to have another crappy year to have a summer better than the last. Age-out, go big or go home, I want to come in more than 12th. Glassmen can GTFO and passing Phantom would be amazing, idk, this summer is going to be amazing, period. But 2010, I'd really like to start the teens (EVEN THOUGH IT'S NOT THE NEXT DECADE, I ~KNOW~) well, so if you could see it to not be so shitty? That would be great. Really.

goddamn, 2009, you were a bitch
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First of all, happy holidays, merry christmas, all that jazz. It still doesn't feel like Christmas... which sucks. This semester just took so much out of me, mentally.

I was going to do a whole special holiday post and go "caroling" on people's journals this year, but damned if I am just not too tired. Ugh. I think I will do a christmas recap later.

Instead, Laura, Max, Kyle, Chris, and I got bored and went out to see a movie on Christmas, the first time in my life I have ever done that. I was a little pissed because I wanted to see Sherlock Holmes or Imaginarium and Imaginarium isn't out anywhere locally as far as I can tell and everybody else decided no, Holmes was going to suck, so let's see Avatar.

I was a bit reluctant because of all the Dances With Smurfs crap I've seen about it, not to mention the fact that I hatehatehate most CGI because it comes off looking fake. Maybe not the textures, but the laws of physics never seem to apply. (Not to mention Uncanny Valley shit like Polar Express, GOTDAMN.) But Chris as drunk as fuck and my whole life I've been trying to fight Max and Kyle and Laura when they team up and it just does not fucking work, okay? Ugh. I hate them when they get like that.

Anyway, the non-spoilery summary, it's pretty good. Yes, Dances With Smurfs. Yes, visually stunning. Yes, has lots of lame moments. Dialogue was actually better than I expected. Anyway, I'd say, if you're interested, see it, but it's not some great epic, and it has lots of eye-rolling moments. (At three hours long, I do mean lots.)

and now, the spoilers, warning for discussions on race, gender, engineering, and more )


Dec. 10th, 2009 12:41 pm
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Dear fate/destiny/life/whatever:

YOU HAVE THE WORST FUCKING TIMING EVER. Can't you at least wait to pull this shit when I don't have tests happening? This is definitely the worst semester ever.

Today is Thursday, and today I am most definitely Arthur Dent.

I absolutely cannot wait for Christmas so I can just be done with this shit.


(On the positive side, I posted something similar as my facebook status, and Uncle Steve told me to start drinking and Don't Panic. I love my family.)


Apr. 20th, 2009 12:29 pm
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Well, all in all, a very good weekend. Also, I must admit, I am very lucky to have my parents as my parents, because they buy me nice bike stuff when I need it. Found a spring rain jacket and dad found the PERFECT sized messenger-bag purse at Pearl Street Mall yesterday, one of which is appleish green and the other bright yellow. And both waterproof. :D Plus we found this awesome bike store called University Bikes and they have EVERYTHING. Including several-hundred-dollar mock-vintage jerseys that I would kill to own.

Anyway, some quick links.

For the record, I do hate Comic Sans. A lot.

BIG FISH TRIVIA! I love this movie so much, it's just such an excellent movie if you are at all one of those people who daydreams the most random shit. =) But it's also kind of sad for me now, too, because it was only the second time we watched it (mom and I, I mean) that we watched it with Nana before she died. =S And, I mean, I cry watching the Lion King, ffs.

Let's talk about jeans. I, for the record, love pants. However, I lament the fact that jeans are more fashion-quality these days than actual heavy-duty, and THEY ALWAYS RIP ON ME IN THE SAME PLACE BEFORE I ACTUALLY WEAR THEM OUT. Efffff youuuuuu.

On a more serious note: I love retro fashion. I'm also extremely practical. So yes, I know when to dress up, and I know how, and it kills me to see people going to the symphony in jeans. However, day-to-day stuff? Who really cares? Work isn't about fashion unless you work in the fashion industry. Dressing up nice for interviews and stuff, that is sensible; wearing a dress suit to everything? Not so much. Then again, I should also say I wish guys dressed up more for dances. Shirt + tie doesn't really cut it, for me. BUUUUUUUUUUUT then again I kinda dgaf because I only dress up when I have to/want to. There's no daily in between for me because 1) I frigging love costuming too much, so "dress up" for me is basically retro-costuming, and 2) my fashion is one of comfort. Let's see, biker-bag purse and running-jacket spring jacket? (Also, new laceless chucks, yay?) Yeah, that's more me.

See also: move to Hawaii, compleeeeete comfort. Mmmm.

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We were talking about unusual phobias the other day and I couldn't think of anything that made me want to vomit upon sight/hearing. But here we are in philosophy talking about a party last weekend in which a bunch of guys were having a guy-party and, in order to keep girls out, were throwing beer cans at them and yelling "women were objects". I don't know about you, but I felt the floor drop of out of my stomach when I heard that.

Sometimes I feel like even though my sister and I are so different socially, she's smarter than me. She probably got better grades than me in high school because she had the drive to need a full-ride scholarship somewhere else, while I was okay going to UD. (I've only just started to be concerned about grad school; I don't even have a plan of attack. I can't even decide sustainable engineering and design versus working for Disney--my heart is in both.) I'm okay with getting kicked out of the honors program--there were no benefits, I didn't get any money out of it, and it was too much stress. But sometimes I feel like Laura has more determination to do what she does, whereas I am a procrastinator and take interest in everything so much so that I can't focus on one thing. I'm looking at electives for classes right now and the structural ones (my focus) sound miserable, while biology, mechanics, philosophy, circuits, psychology... Those sound interesting.

Bleh, I don't know. I've started looking at open source learning (like MIT lectures posted online and stuff) for things like philosophy or things I will never encounter (quantum mechanics! ~ooooooh~), but even if I absorb that I will never get a degree for that. Is it something you can still bring up when discussing a resume? (Where is my accent grave?! 'My resoom'.)

I'm glad my philosophy teacher has so much ethical hope for our generation because sometimes, I really don't. People make such dumb decisions in their personal time that I find it hard to believe they'll make good ethical decisions in business.

Man, after three years the art department guy finally gets back to me! Got damn.

Sorry, this post is very disjointed. I half-wrote it in class earlier as I pick up thoughts from both philosophy and surfing the internet, and then I come back x hours later and add more disjointedness...


I am now totally into Dog the Bounty Hunter because of how much I miss Hawaii. They had Hawaiian Night at all the dining services areas tonight but the only legit thing on the menu was huli huli chicken. Fuck that, I want me some kalua pork and rice and poi! I've been craving garlic shrimp from the Haleiwa shrimp trucks for like two months now. (If I were Elvis, I would have already taken one night to fly out there and get some of the damn stuff.) However, I did find a crock-pot recipe for kalua pork so ooohmmmygooood I'm actually tempted to put a little effort into cooking because it's so damn delicious.

I like all sorts of pulled pork, apparently. (But not ham.)

Damn, I did like jack shit besides cleaning out my inbox. Oh, productivity.
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I think my personal motto should "be badass, daily". I was kind of in a depressive funk yesterday, not really sure why. It was a bunch of little, unimportant dramas that I think just kind of banded together and unleashed a wave of upset. Meh, I'm pretty much over it today. I think the perfect timing of Not-Troll is partly to blame =)

So last Friday during our meetings I found out that my little, Sarah, is a sci-fi geek as well. I don't know if I posted this already (I think I may have), but I just like to appreciate the closet-sci-fi-ness of some girls in Phi Rho. I try not to be too loud about my geek cred (except Indy and drum corps, duh), but sometimes I find myself doing geekily embarassing things despite it. Like yesterday I texted my sister because I know she loves Dali's elephants, and I saw a tattoo (here) of a Dali-styled AT-AT. So I appreciate it on a nerd level, and she and I both appreciate it on a fine art level. But it also reminds me of when we drove down to OBX last summer and Uncle Steve pointed at these utility frameworks (some shipping docks, or something, maybe?) in the distance, and he said they looked like those things from Star Wars, and I knew what he meant and said AT-ATs, and he was just like... yeah... sure, whatever. But then again, he is rather one of the more condescending people in our family and we, as a family, have a very strong we-will-mock-you-mercilessly dynamic. So.

ANYWAY, my point was, one, that I love my little, but furthermore she started geeking out about Weta Workshops and I didn't realize they did all of LotR, which I totally respect them for, and now I'm wondering how Sarah and Kimmie and I can start our own set/prop/costume company, because that is what we all want to do. I love my little so much! :D We are going to have a nerd-movie night (Dork Night?) and probably watch Star Wars and something else, maybe Firefly, I dunno, and make puppy chow. Yum.

Also, I want to take her to see Star Trek when it comes out because I doubt I could convince anyone else to go with me. LOL.
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So... besides being crazy, Chuck Norris' 69th birthday was a few days ago. Maybe he's getting senile? That's unfortunate. Or at least rather than senile, he's subject to that issue where older people actually lose the ability to judge what is appropriate to say/do... Which is why older people get grumpy, say inappropriate things, and I'm guessing, to some degree, get senile. As hilarious as I find Chuck Norris jokes to be (it's the type of humor, to be sure; for each joke to top the last one in cleverness when they are extremes in themselves), they kind of went downhill when Norris sued the guy and then Walmart started selling Chuck Norris themed folders and notebooks. That's rather jumping the shark, driven into the ground with him Turning Up Crazy for a day, so hopefully they will resurface in some way.

Speaking of getting old (tangentially), my sleep schedule has been messed up because of my Denver schedule as well as losing an hour, but I'm suspecting that my body may operate better on that odd schedule that turned up in an xkcd comic, the one where you have six 28 hour days a week rather than seven 24 hour ones, and you end up with more functional time yet "a full night's sleep" each "night". And I was thinking that I can't do that in college because of how classes are scheduled, and I can't do it when I graduate if i get a job working for a place like Disney or somewhere where I do not own my own business, so I would have to wait until I retire. Further proof that I will be a Crazy Cat Lady when I'm older. (I read Lifehacker too much.) I think some of this concern comes out of my concern for Grandma... She's seemed kind of depressed lately, because she feels like she has to do all this stuff for gramps and whines about it and him being slow when really, she makes things harder than they need to be. I keep trying to think up projects that she and others would take interest in, like sorting her antiques and cataloging them (I'm kind of obsessed with Flickr cataloging) or starting a blog to talk about her life. Because a while back my mom did a recording with Nana asking all sorts of things about her life, but I wish there were more, you know? All the stupid little shit she remembers from when she was growing up, maybe... Or like washing her hair with eggs before there was shampoo. I miss Nana so much.

But gma? Yeah, last week when I went out to dinner with her she actually, I'm pretty sure legitimately rather than jokingly, said I was the favorite grandchild. This is so fucking frustrating. One because I actually get preferential treatment to an extent which is uncool as hell, and it annoys Laura and Max and Kyle just as much as it annoys me. And I can't tell if Grandma's "appropriate filter" is just gone and she's serious, or if she's just bad at joking tone sometimes. But more than anything else, she's already so stressed and depressed (that's her personality... rather flighty sort of naiivete, kind of reminiscent of Liz, in less of an acts-like-a-blonde kind of way) that I have to edit myself not to break her heart (she's dramatic about being upset, which is why I'm the favorite I guess; Max and Kyle stopped going to church and boy scouts [which was not really their choice, to be fair] and Laura didn't do band or girl scouts, and the fact that gma suspects "that [Laura] likes the taste of beer" is hilarious), and that is extremely frustrating. Like I don't think mom and dad would get angry if I just up and told them I'm agnostic. But grandma? She would die. =/

So my next little project is to make a little case (or buy one) for my flash drives, presumably something I can also put my screen cleaner in because I polish this thing obsessively. I love my little netbook.

And speaking of gadgets, I've read some stuff about the Kindle 2 that came out recently, and I got into a discussion about it being like the Hitchhiker's Guide because it now has Wikipedia access. Which led to a discussion about making and selling covers for them on Etsy that say "DON'T PANIC". So today I was thinking, ooh, well, I don't have a Kindle and I don't plan on getting one any time soon (even though the gadget geek in me loves the concept of e-ink), but people have iPhones and other web phones. And I have a new netbook that isn't much larger than a Kindle. And I do need to find a cover for it, which is hard to do, and black is probably most likely. And that way I don't have to make my vinyl sticker cover plans into a DON'T PANIC sticker but rather keep my tikis, AND I get to protect the netty. Netty? I can't really refer to it as a lappy... Maybe I'll just stick with netbook. I need a good term, though.

ANYWAY, I really do want to make DON'T PANIC device covers. But I feel like I would get sued or something. :C Plus I don't even own an iPhone or Kindle to measure, and I feel like just altering preexisting covers is a cop-out... This requires research. Input?

Did I mention my netbook is nearly silent, despite having an actual hard drive? I love this like a loving thing.
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ARGH so here's what's up. I went to Best Buy and Target (and Circuit City and hhgregg) to hunt down all their eeepcs and ultraportables and to get the numbers on all of it, which, none of them had the 901 which is the model I wanted.

However they do have the next model up, which is the same basic hardwares but a larger screen plus a hard drive (whereas all the 9" models are just flash drives). Which I'm not sure if I'm happy about because while it's a MASSIVE memory increase I don't want to fuck up the hard drive moving it around, which is not something that happens with the flash memory.

Plus the 901s are so damn cute. But anyway, it's looking like I'm going to get the 10" because I can save $40 before shipping, and I'm getting a lot more memory and a not-so-cramped keyboard.

SOOOOO I drag dad back in there tonight (I went with mom and dad to see Pink Panther 2--very good and very cheesy, of course) and finally there is a guy who knows what the fuck is going on and is very helpful, especially when I realized they might not have the 1000 models with Linux (they didn't) so he says yeah it's easy to install ubuntu (or xubuntu or whatever) instead, and even with the XP license I'm STILL saving money by buying it in person (probably like a good $70 total), and then the guy goes to check the storeroom and THEY ARE OUT AND SO IS DAYTON AND THEY ARE NOT EXPECTING THE NEXT SHIPMENT UNTIL TUESDAY.


*sigh* Well, at least it gives me time to research the ubuntu installations and shit, and check on the 3-cell battery comment he made.
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OMG WE WENT TO THAI 9 FOR MOM'S BIRTHDAY. I was kind of afraid because I was starving and I don't really like Thai food. So I was really happy they have sushi (technically some of it was sashimi, I'm pretty sure) because I have been craving sushi since FRIGGING JUNE. So I had whitefish, tuna, and kalamari sushi for the first time ever. (Last and only other time I had kalamari was in Spain, in Madrid, in that basement of the tapas place where the Tuna band came to play.) I had shrimp (yum) which I've been craving like crazy, and the California rolls were about a sixth the size of the ones I had in Hawaii--much more manageable and much more delicious. I'm just glad Uncle Steve didn't put the eel on my plate though, I don't think I could have handled that. (Kalamari is kind of pushing it--I'm a texture person.)

Poor gramps, he accidentally ate the whole little pile of wasabi in one go. D: (That reminded me of when we all dared Nick to do it and he would have made like $200 because we were each going to give him $5... but then he decided not to. Probably a wise decision.) I can't tell if gramps was just tired or grandma and grandpa were both tired or the wasabi really roughed him up or what, but he seemed kind of slow tonight. *sigh* That's saddening. =/

OMG so dessert was fried bananas with ice cream (FBI). DELICIOUS. So, holy crap, I must go out for sushi more often. YUM YUM. I love seafood.

Plus, I totally recognized our waiter. I couldn't really place him though. His name was Brendan (or Brandon, I forget) and he is really tall, has both of his ears pierced and has a soul patch. I texted Laura and she thought it was a kind from Carroll from '07... That could be right. It's just weird, maybe because he's so tall, but I could swear he's older than me.

Facebook sleuthing shows me he's definitely not Brandon Lowery. So FUCK, now it's gonna bother me until I friggin figure it out.
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No, seriously, she does.

Well, okay, it's not brand new. '67 and it needs a lot of work, but she liked it. Sometimes... she is too dramatic for me, though. Her reaction to bringing that car around was a bit much. Then again, maybe I'm an ungrateful, spoiled child. Or I've been too bitter this year (which is true). Or I just don't see that reaction as legitimate... also probably true. Considering my reaction to things I like is usually over-excited jumping-up-and-down-ness. I dunno, Grandma's just kind of a drama queen.


In addition, my new opal, YAY, so I have a replacement ring so I have one fewer finger that feels naked. Plus, in the right light, it looks red and not blue. (It is probably the most gorgeous opal I've ever worn, ffs.)

That sweet antique-postal-box bank... And some Tortugas stuff (tie-dyed shirt, sweatshirt); a calendar (magnetic poetry!); ladybug earrings; I feel like I'm missing something. Oh, Laura and I got a shared copy of Beetle the Bard, but something else is missing...

Wow, how the heck did I come away with one and a half books for Christmas? Usually I have, like... a dozen. At least. Not that I'm complaining, I just can't remember that not happening for many years back.

Also I totally just got online because omg I did not get the #1 thing I asked for which was the Indiana Jones compeltely soundtracks! I mean honestly! D: (Lol, again, complaining facetiously.)

I finally feel all better, minus the Cough That Will Not Go Away (fuck you, sinus infection). More shopping tomorrow, paint for Laura's room and linens for me (Linens 'N' Things going out of business at the new year, fyi), also need to hit up Border's and a toy store. Two more stickers and I can get three limited edition crystal skull action figures with thrones! You think I'm kidding, but I'm not. I WANT THEM SO BADLY. I wish I could afford enough to have 13, lol. (I would need an entire German and a Russian army to get them, though. That is, of the figures they sell. WHY WON'T THEY RELEASE THE NEXT WAVES. I WANT TEMPLE AND CRUSADE FIGURES SO BADLYOHMYGODIAMSUCHANERD.)

OH. OH. I remembered what the other thing was. MOM GOT A ROOMBA! I am so geeked out, it's ridiculous. I want to make a Roomba cover. Dad saw you can hack them to sing midi songs. Some cats ride them around for fun.

I can't set up a poll, but I need your opinions; do we name it

>Rosie (dad's suggestion--you can guess why)
>Rupert (Laura's suggestion--she's been watching too much Family Guy)
>HAL 9000 (Laura's and my suggestion--I'm sorry, Dave, I can't vaccuum that)

For me, Rupert is right out. I'm leaning toward Rosie because midi isn't threatening enough for HAL and there isn't enough capability to fadingly sing Daisy as it works. (Or... shuts down. Or anything.)

SO YAY OMGROOMBA tell me your thoughts and let me know of any awesome Roomba shit you can think of. (If we had two, I'd make them joust. Possibly Roomba/Kitten joust.)


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