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OK, I am only half counting this as an update. I still haven't caught up with anything (thank you to a computer that freezes all the time and causes me to lose the windows I was working in), so I am restricting myself from posting about my summer and everything yet. Buuuut, come Saturday, here's what's going to happen!

I have always thought it would be awesome to play some drinking game with Mountain Dew, and just be hyper, you know? I also came across this site one day telling you how to pull an all-nighter if you needed to. And in the spirit of seeing what skills I possess and what limits I have and life goals and really live and whatnot (Gag? Never. ASL code? Yes I do [mostly].), I thought, I wonder if I can pull an all-nighter. So, the combination of lots of caffiene and an all-nighter seemed to go hand in hand. (Plus, honestly. Who would I be to turn down Mountain Dew?) And I was thinking about what kind of stuff I could do in lieu of sleeping, and working on my projects was one of them. Then someone (already!) brought up NaNoWriMo, and I remembered the author last year who did "moment" rather than "month" and did it 24 hours. And I know that my writing improves (in my opinion) when I am slightly slaphappy (or very much so), so I thought, hey, perfect opportunity. And originally I was going to try to stay up for 36 hours and write, since I didn't think 24 hours would be enough for 50,000 words, but things like band and Club 6 have kind of got in the way of that. But most likely this Saturday I will be up for 36+ hours straight, at least 24 of which (all Saturday, technically) will be spent on art and my projects. Not just writing because I am not feeling the whole writing thing right now, but at least a little will be done. Otherwise I will be posting an art photo I took, finishing the Southwind ambigrams, drawing stuff I've wanted to draw for awhile, and getting some steampunk craftywork done. =) And costuming, of course! So yes, very wacky hyper Saturday. Expect me to make little sense Saturday evening, if you speak to me.

More coming soon! =)


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