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Wow.. the first day of senior year. And what a day it has been! I got up 15 minutes late, hopped in the shower, ate a great and yummy breakfast of Corn Chex, milk, orange juice, and bacon... got in the car and listened to Newsies on the ride in. That definitely got me pumped. Band is good, music theory was just plain fun, World Religions is exciting, US politics and government, however... that is one class I could live without. Oh, well. English, fun, as always, Mr. Hemmert is hilariously "grumpy." Fifth period Spanish was not too bad, Senora Perfilio is MUCH nicer than I expected (and heard), and I am glas that this year is lots of culture, and less language. And AP Calculus... Dr. Carter is freakin' hilarious. Then sectionals, which did not go too well... ugh, we have to set the third movement this week! Afterward, I listened to Newsies on the way home, and determined that Alan Menken is better than Andrew LLoyd Weber... mind you, Andrew Lloyd Weber is awesome, but Menken is THAT MUCH COOLER. Want to know why? Newsies, Little Shop, Aladdin, the Little Mermaid. That's why. Hm, what else? Well... Pat stole Mrs. Fisher's elf this morning before school started and we moved several times but have not yet found a hallway spot for this year... unfortunately it looks like we'll be stuck in the Lobby. Oh well. =^n.n^= Gotta go finish my AP Calc summer work for tomorrow... yikes!


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