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Happy New Year! And happy eighth day of Christmas, and happy year of Indiana Jones! This is the year of the Rat (ish... it doesn't technically start until February 7th), and many "International Year of"s including potato. So, there you go. Also, it is a leap year, there will be summer olympics, and I will actually have to pay attention to politics (blech) so I can vote for president. (woo!)

So today for New Year's we had a much smaller-than-usual family get together, which was good because it is a lot of stress on Grandma. But, it's sort of her own undoing because she insists on cooking EVERYTHING. But since it's us and my grandparents and my cousins we also exchange Christmas gifts. Laura and I now have a PS2, two guitar controllers, Guitar Hero III, and DDR SuperNOVA2 with one pad. (The DDR music sucks. I am sad. But it's still fun! =D Yay) Also grandma got me a bunch of stuff from my wishlist... except she got it from my Amazon wishlist, and not my christmas list. So all the stuff I wanted so I could have it in Hawaii to listen to and read? ...Yeah. I didn't get any of it. And I was so excited for it, too! Bah. Well, this means I must run to the bookstore and the like. Also we have to buy a memory card for the Playstation *sigh* and I have to see if I can find a used copy of GH II, because it has a better music selection. And Trogdor.

Max and Kyle really like their travel bags, which was good. Good for both college and traveling. I can't believe Kyle's going to Argentina for a year! That's nuts.

At dinner Grandma had Petit Fours that said "PEACE/JOY/HAPPINESS" so we rearragned the letters to say weird things like "CHEAP/JOSE/PA PINEYS" and "CHEAP/JOSE/PAY PENIS". Yeah. =P We're weird. I still feel so bummed for Grandpa, though. He's just so slow... and Grandma talks so much that Grandpa can't respond fast enough. Part of that is that he's always been quieter and she talks for him. But... I still get sad. At least he's working out more now, which is good. But I don't know if he'll get his mental agility back. Mom got him a sudoku book, so maybe that would help. *sigh*

I watched Mr. & Mrs. Smith last night as well as The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. The former is good, the latter is undestandably a failure. Awesome Nautilus, awesome costumes, good actors... very bad plotline and storytelling. Just do not waste your time, unless you need some steampunk inspiration. That's about all it's good for.

I think I will let my resolutions wait until tomorrow again. Though DDR means it will be easier for me to get exercise! Now just to find not-shitty DDR songs. =/ (Seriously, there are like three techno songs on there. The rest are slightly-changed pop songs, and they SUCK. A LOT.) You know what, though? The pad is non-slip. Yay! Which means no ductaping. Hooraaaaay!

Anyway... yeah. =/ Life is interesting.

On the eighth day of Christmas, the LJ gave to me--Aqua/Indy techno,

bearded singing nuns,
tiny kittens miaowing,
Chicago and some children,
Straight No Chaser singing,
God Rest Ye lights a-blinking,
and a "happy holidays" so merry!

=D So, I came across that song the other day reading a forum post about "songs related to Indiana Jones." It sort of is, and though I hate Barbie Girl, I'm a sucker for techno. =)

Crap. I know I'll have more to post tomorrow. My brain's not working, I don't think... =/
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I think it only appropriate that the year of James Bond should usher in the year of Indiana Jones. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, this is what you need to know:

1) Bond is 007. If you didn't know this we have some movies we need to watch.
2) Indiana Jones IV comes out in 2008, after waiting 19 years.
3) It was designed so that James Bond would, in a sense, be Indiana Jones' father.

As for 2008... hmm. I want to be healthier, and I want to step out of my comfort zones in good ways. I want to be adventurous in Hawaii, and I don't want to let the fact that I'm paranoid and shy get in the way of the step I'm taking.

But I can talk more tomorrow about resolutions and things. =)

For now I want to say happy seventh day of Christmas! Since New Year's Eve is kind of a holiday where midnight and the day turnover actually matters, I thought I'd put some slight effort into putting the post before midnight, not just before I went to bed. You don't get the whole Christmas thing for now because I'm getting ready to watch the crystal ball drop with my kitties. (That's right, I'm home alone with the cats. I really couldn't work it up to go hang out with good friends while they got drunk, nor to just hang out with one guy. While he's nice and an awesome guy and everything, we just have no ability to hang out together and not be awkwardly silent. =/ Anyway, I'm not sad. I got Taco Bell, and I got movies, and I have sparkling grape juice, and music, and my kitties, whom I will miss dearly next semester.)

Sooo... seventh day of Christmas... you get some wacky, bearded, singing nuns! The Hallelujah Chorus. I frickin' love singing this song.

And I'm stealing my toast straight from Neil Gaiman, because I think it's beautiful, and entirely true, at least if I had said the words they'd be what I said, but put more eloquently than I ever could.

"May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you're wonderful, and don't to forget make some art -- write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself."


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