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I need to stop posting all the silly shit on tumblr and move it back over here.

Hahaha, I'm sorry. I tend to think of this as my "blog home" because it's actually a journal site and I've been posting here since god knows when and reading before that, too. (I was just nostalgia-ing over the old homestar runner LJ comm back when it was popular.) And tumblr you can't really make stuff private, etc. But it's so easy to just reblog stuff right there instead of manually linking to everything...

Yeah, I'm lazy. Haha.

But also, it's interesting how my "sharing things" method has changed as different media/social sites change... I post a lot of stupid picture links on people's facebook walls because I know they specifically would enjoy it (rather than "sharing" it with my whole feed). I tweet spur-of-the-moment stupid thoughts which I did through LJ back in that brief moment of time in 2008 right when Twitter was getting popular but people didn't know what it was and I could actually do that with my phone. (I kinda miss that phone. But that's completely unrelated.) I don't tend to post linkspams or articles much here anymore, I'm slowly reverting back to personal stuff. I guess because websites are so specific now? Fandomish stuff goes on tumblr. Real-life interaction (lol ironically) goes on facebook. Journaling goes on LJ. Portfolio stuff goes on my website (and probably not dA anymore). Fleeting commentary goes on twitter.

Idk... is that strange?

(Who knows, and maybe in another 5 years it will revert back again. I know I originally started posting personal stuff here and then it evolved into link spams and things. So, like earth's magnetic poles just about 2000x faster?)


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