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I'm having a good week, all things considered. Other than totally bombing my 5 minute speech last night due to nerves, my ethics test got pushed back to Monday and my Shakespeare paper, which I thought was due Thursday is actually due in a few weeks. So... yay. Breathing time.

Speaking of breathing time, camp went really really well. I am so excited for this summer.

Anyone watch Big Bang Theory last night? So I may have told this story before, but my mom and I like to poke fun at each other by calling each other Sheldon. for example, my mom was teasing me that when we went to a gigantic art show, I suggested we just go row by row so we don't get as lost as we do every year. (It's a lot to take in in just a few hours.) And I was mocking her for being anal about how I put her books away on the shelf because when she was in gradeschool in California, she worked at the library, and I guess libraries like to have it such that all the spines line up towards the front of the shelf, whereas my personal library is pretty disorganized and forget empty space, I try to fit on there as many books as I freaking can.

Anyway, so last night when BBT was on, my mom texted me and told me I needed Sheldon's tagging system because then I could find the jacket I lost. (My corps jacket for SW. I'm really upset about that.) Which, technically you can't, because rfid tags can't tell you location, only a sort of "yes" or "no" if it's there or not, but I had to remind her that that is the exact system I have been planning for several years to keep track of my future library. :D

So yeah, I'm kind of a Sheldon.

UGH, you fucking know what? So that Indiana Jones game is finally coming out after being in development for a million years, and they said "late spring 2009", but YOU KNOW WHAT, IT COMES OUT THE DAY I LEAVE FOR EVERYDAYS. fml. Soooo I'm gonna have to try to get an early copy or just get it and... ugh, let it sit all summer... That's bullllshiiiiit. I definitely won't have time to play it in the fall...

So even though my last pair of "good jeans" (aka the comfy, well-fitted ones I live in every day) decided to die and my new pair needed to be hemmed, I forgot I had a pair hiding in the back of my drawer with side cargo pockets (no hammer pocket/loop unfortunately) and SUPER deep top pockets (holy shit I can fit my whole hand in them) and I am a happy camper because today was warm despite it looking like it was going to rain and me being way tired and losing m corps jackets and YAY I HAVE CARGO PANTS AGAIN. Shupa shweet.

I really love homestar runner. Haven't sat down and watched a whole bunch in a long time, but they had a new toon out recently with Strong Bad saying "T minus heck outta Dodge". Excellent. Added to book of quotes. *check*

Okay firefox is acting up and being very slow sooo I'm going to post this and come back with links later.


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