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I feel bad because I haven't updated much lately. I think I feel worse because I've had some good philosophly thoughts in class and just haven't bothered to get them down. BUT next week is camp (le sigh) and I'm planning to being my eepc and write a paper and get some writing done.

Otherwise I had a very good weekend. Just in a good mood, enjoying stuff... Watched Kingdom of the Crsytal Skull, watched some Jurassic Park, talked philosophy, spent some time looking up Adventure stuff, watched a good chunk of Firefly.

I'm not sure what to think about my Adventure stuff; I found some new photos (always a plus) and saved some info in case the pages disappear later on (can you believe it's been 10 years since the new building opened?), but I didn't really get anywhere on the code-cracking because looking at Candice's pictures, she didn't have the macro on and some of them she didn't even get the whole thing in the photo. Bleh. BUT I'm hoping I can find someone who's going next weekend to take my camera and take a bunch of photos (with macro) and maybe even some videos.

The real confusing thing is that JPI Design, the group that designed Adventure, redid their site awhile back but it has not been up in the past year; I'm wondering what happened because I found a NEW site (Roto-something) taking credit for it, with a different design team (or at least, lacking the head guy, I didn't check on anyone else), AND with other pictures of the design I'd never seen before. (LIKE A MODEL! *eeeee*) But unlike JPI which was out of California (although the stuff I found today said Oregon?!) Roto is out of DUBLIN (OH) which means that if I got an internship there or ended up working there I wouldn't really have to Never See Anyone Again. (Unless I get a job working for Disney.) But as things stand I don't know exactly where I'm headed, just kind of see myself somewhere all-over traveling when I need to.

Also, they set up a Ning network for overnight "alumni", which is exciting. Opportunities to see if Adventure talk crops up or if pictures do, AND ALSO THEY ARE SETTING UP AN OVERNIGHT FOR ALUMNI :D In April, I'm hoping maybe I can go...


Okay, linkspam. There is plenty of it.

The snake was a fake! Not at all surprised. And on a related note, What Happened to All the Weird? On one hand, I agree, we need weird. Part of it, I think, is that we are getting more educated, in which case lack of weird is a good sign. But at the same time there is GOOD weird like Neil Gaiman, which "normalcy" kind of looks down on... Not completely, but I just feel like there are a lot of people like my dad who just don't like weird stuff. He says it's too dark, and he wouldn't like Gaiman and refuses to watch Nolan's Batmans, so... I dunno. It's funny though, because he likes funny weird, like Monty Python and Gilliam's stuff, but he doesn't like serious or semi-serious weird. *shrug* I dunno. I like weird. I blame it on my young exposure to the Marx brothers, Ernie Kovacks, Monty Python, The Seven Faces of Dr. Lao, The Point, all that jazz...

Oh, but the giant snake fossil in Colombia is awesome, and I think I posted it before, but YAY it gives me further faith in KotC. (AAUUUUGHHH JESUSFUCKINGCHRIST that's a big damn snake.)

Entrance to the Garden of Eden? Didn't really read the article, but the idea is intriguing.

A bunch of viral-ad stuff from the WB for Watchmen... Cool beans. I LOVE viral ad systems. And I suspect, despite some of the awfully-cheesily-designed costumes, Watchmen will be very good.

A brief recap of the Dark Knight viral campaign. Doesn't get into the details, but fun nonetheless. =)

Maybe I posted this? Five companies developing the "Internet of Things"... I'm just excited because maybe by the time I can afford it, there will be an RFID system (or I can develop one, HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE) to organize a library.

An old story, so I probably posted this awhile ago, but "Indy V Underway".

Cool article on the direction of Raiders, too.


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[Error: unknown template qotd] Well, I was just watching a Discovery channel special on the Roswell incident and was considering writing some thoughts on it, but since this greeted me on the page I figure I might as well, right?

Personally I'm rather partial to Nessie, if only because of The Seven Faces of Dr. Lao. Well, Nessie and Gorgons I guess. I just think it's a fantastic movie and the way Nessie is worked in is adorable, and it's exactly what I thought of when I first saw one of Ursula Vernon's pieces, whichever her first hooded-creature-with-fish was (I can't find the link).

Heh, this topic (well, anu chupacabra discussion) always reminds me of that Jackie Chan cartoon and the crazy stuff that happened in it. I really liked that show... And it's weird how stuff like that changes you, even when you don't know it. I know I've talked about how I randomly have a lot of Dr. Evil turns of phrase, but every once in a while I'll drop an Uncle saying, haha. (Although I can't remember specifically which one it is right now... But I'm sure it will turn up.)

SO this whole Roswell thing I was watching. You know, I'm really not so big on aliens in the green-man sense (or whatever they're called... you know, greens versus grays or whatever; whatever your standard cartoon alien is), but I could see maybe something more animalisitic exisiting in space. (I'm sorry, but I LOVE the movie Evolution.) And even though I'm warming to the fictions from Indy IV ( a way... but not really), I really doubt any evidence thus far presented. (Oh, Von Daniken, you crazy motherfucker... It still kills me there was no polynesian/melanesian/micronesian cultural artifacts in the "treasure chamber" or whatever the hell you want to call it.) Espeically after watching this special, because honestly I'd never read or seen anything nonfictitious about Roswell before. But basically what it was (this... "crash site" lol) was bits of weather balloons, a radar reflector and some government sensor that was supposed to sense nuclear tests in Russia from a high altitude. Lol, so anyway they spend like 15 minutes going back and forth between believers and skeptics and the skeptics talk about Project Whateveritwas and the believers talk about how that evidence was just a double coverup of sorts, and the whole time I'm kind of lol-ing. So anyway they decide on this show (er, "Best Evidence" I believe it's called, and I've never watched it or heard of it before) that they're going to try to recreate the object's crash because it had a seemingly large crash site (WHICH MUST MEANS IT'S ALIENS Y/Y?) so they do a half-size model with twelve weather baloons and the radar reflector and the detector model and they have this thing tied down and their plan is to shoot the balloons down to simulate this crash.

Which immediately my engineer alarm goes off and it reminds me about that joke with the spherical chickens. I'm sorry, but you can't shoot down objects ten feet above the ground and expect the same results as a high-altitude crash that apparently may have ALSO crashed during a rainstorm and ALSO sat in the desert for a week or so. So the believer (which, my bad, I didn't catch what his actual job is) is going around going "look at this! These reflectors aren't broken up at all and there's string everywhere! Neither of which was present in the so-called evidence I believe they just faked anyway", and I am literally (YES, literally, I live in a house of engineers okay, we'd do this and we DO do this) shouting at the TV about experimental accuracy.

Because clearly ten feet is very similar to several thousand feet and all that air resistance, amirite?! =P

I don't hate the guy or anything, but I think it's entertaining nonetheless, especially for something I knew so little about. Weather balloons, really? That's what we're making a big deal about? I'm going to laugh if I get some drama-filled comments because this is a writer's-block post, lol. But just to be on the safe side, you should know I love Star Wars and Star Trek (and and Ender's Game and that I have always considered running SETI stuff and was a little sad when they got shut down (or did they not get shut down? I never really followed up on if they raised enough money to save their data dish which I think was ALSO used in one of the James Bond films...yes?).

PS, how weird would it be if James Bond had to fight aliens? I mean once we run out of Russians and terrorists... I will not make an Indy comment I will not make an Indy comment

And back to the original question at hand... Besides Nessie and Gorgons and chupacabras and aliens (er, which aren't anywhere near to being my favorites incidentally) I think the really weird animals (mythical or modern, so long as they're crypto) are the most interesting. Chimeras, sphinxes, the fact that Polyphemus the Cyclops was probably inspired by the discovery of a Triceratops-relative's skull, fire salamanders, all that weird stuff. (Wait, do Scylla and Charybdis count? Also did you know that's the origin of the phrase "between a rock and a hard place"? I love The Odyssey.)

Hmm, this is really putting me in a Halloween mood. I really wish I still had those culture-myths books my gradeschool had, I loved the Hawaiian one.

WAIT WAIT WAIT, Quetzalcoatl is really cool too, if just for saying its name. Quetzalcoatl. Lotlotl.

Haha, if I don't cut myself off now then I'm not going to get anything done, I'll just spend the rest of the day talking about cryptozoological species.

WAIT, I'm a fucking moron, my favorite is, of course, the mercat. (I found that page after I had my screenname, but it's still the general gist of it all. Mermaid + cat, and I probably should have mentioned earlier in this post that The Little Mermaid is my favorite Disney movie and always has been.)

Dammit, in searching for all my links (I'm not on my computer, so I can't get to my favorites), I found this in an older entry and it's totally applicable.

WAIT, I love jackalopes too. See where this is going? I warned you!

I almost made a god/gods joke, lol.

...And I am considering switching "lol" to "lotl" just to piss people off and have fun. It's SO DAMN FUN to say!


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