oh god

May. 18th, 2012 12:58 am
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my tumblr has turned into mostly Avengers posts

and a lot of them are all SCIENCE BROS because Tony + Bruce = Science buddies 4lyfe is the BEST THING EVER

what has become of me

I blame the internet

but no, I just really love science
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I need to stop posting all the silly shit on tumblr and move it back over here.

Hahaha, I'm sorry. I tend to think of this as my "blog home" because it's actually a journal site and I've been posting here since god knows when and reading before that, too. (I was just nostalgia-ing over the old homestar runner LJ comm back when it was popular.) And tumblr you can't really make stuff private, etc. But it's so easy to just reblog stuff right there instead of manually linking to everything...

Yeah, I'm lazy. Haha.

But also, it's interesting how my "sharing things" method has changed as different media/social sites change... I post a lot of stupid picture links on people's facebook walls because I know they specifically would enjoy it (rather than "sharing" it with my whole feed). I tweet spur-of-the-moment stupid thoughts which I did through LJ back in that brief moment of time in 2008 right when Twitter was getting popular but people didn't know what it was and I could actually do that with my phone. (I kinda miss that phone. But that's completely unrelated.) I don't tend to post linkspams or articles much here anymore, I'm slowly reverting back to personal stuff. I guess because websites are so specific now? Fandomish stuff goes on tumblr. Real-life interaction (lol ironically) goes on facebook. Journaling goes on LJ. Portfolio stuff goes on my website (and probably not dA anymore). Fleeting commentary goes on twitter.

Idk... is that strange?

(Who knows, and maybe in another 5 years it will revert back again. I know I originally started posting personal stuff here and then it evolved into link spams and things. So, like earth's magnetic poles just about 2000x faster?)

well, hell

Nov. 16th, 2011 11:20 pm
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Despite my general feeling of melancholy lately-- and, oh, how I hate that word-- melancholy, ugh-- (and I do mean, literally, the word itself, not how it is defined or used or anything, I just have this bizarre intense dislike for the spelling and sheer existence of its sound) I also feel rather victorious the past few days.

I don't know which one of these to post last, because I am a save-the-best-for-last person, because three out of four of these just make me stupid-smiley-happy.

...I may have also been spending too much time on Tumblr being all internet-y and fandom-y so my brain is kind of running in that mode lately, too. So... sorry. (Also, damn, there is a lot of problematic posts on tumblr. But you know what? I deal with enough shit everywhere else, I can't turn that epic little corner of crossover jokes into another space where I get mad at people. I just can't deal with that, bleh.)

(Also, there was an adorable episode of the Simpsons with a Pixar parody and a Wallace and Gromit parody and they were SO well done and cute.)

(Umm, and Taco Bell has an ad with Pagliacci and I feel like with all the Phantom of the Opera I've been seeing and possibly going to see the limited showing of Les Mis that I should go see some real opera again? I think the last one I saw was Aida, and I always liked Carmen, and I just HAVE NOT SEEM MUCH THEATER LATELY I would even go for some Shakespeare. As long as it's not Much Ado About Nothing or As You Like It? I can't remember which, but one of them is terrible. But mostly I just feel like I should see a real version of Pagliacci because everything I know about Pagliacci is from Spike Jones. And possibly Merry Melodies/Looney Tunes.)

I aced my interview for Pier 1 today, so I am now seasonally employed. And it sounds like it's not many hours, which is good for me. You can't see my face right now, but I'm giving a sort of evil smirk, because sometimes I am a little conniving and I hate myself for it, but the little kid who read the entire Hardy Boys series is so proud of any time I am successfully involved in subterfuge.

Uhhhhh and I found out that when you put your dvd codes into Disney's Movie Reward program you also get a "digital library" hosted on their site which is PERFECT for while I'll be in Hawaii because I'll be taking maybe like two dvds with me. (Buuuut a lot of books. Like too many.) [EDIT: Actually, possibly, it might be only a discount to a streaming version. Which is a little skeezy IMO.]

Yesterday I found out that a few of my friends told some epic tales of me to the rookies this summer, and that just made my month. I miss the Troop so much. <3 WHY ARE ALL MY FRIENDS OUT WESSSST

Uh, also, I forgot how good horizontal stripes look on me and can I just say this sweater looks fucking great? And it's Hufflepuff colors. (And so are my socks.)


Okay and then I made a ridiculous joke yesterday on facebook, it was so great, and it just made me feel really awesome because my seat partner from last year was being a smartass about it and I feel the joke's quality is on par with the stuff the rest of my family (read: mostly my dad and uncle) crank out. It's a bit... audience specific, BUT! Here it is:

The set-up: a drum corps' tuba section has to break into their friend's dreams on a long overnight drive states away in order to save him from making a terrible tour-goggles-induced mistake. The title? C O N T R A - C E P T I O N

Oh my god my brain is in meme mode I'm so sorry.



Jan. 5th, 2010 01:02 am
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I have created a tumblr.

Consider this my resolutions for 2010:

To be healthier; eat better and get in shape more.

Journal more personally and perhaps protect my identity a bit more than I am generally wont to; thus, the tumblr. I think most links will be posted there unless I get a lot of protest? Idk, maybe I will post daily summaries of what's happening over there.

Can I get your opinions on that?

ALSO I totally bought the Indiana Jones puzzle game on my ipod. OMG. I love it. Totally worth $4.


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