Feb. 25th, 2008 04:17 pm
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I a not brain functioning today. I slept like absolute shit last night. I don't believe I have posted my rant-on-my-roommate yet, but DEAR GODS SHE NEEDS TO NOT LISTEN TO MUSIC AT NIGHT. She is one of those people who has pretty much nothing to do, ever, so she listens to music and naps all the time. So, sleeping badly is not a problem for her as she can sleep in and/or take a nap. This is not an option for me, I don't funciton like that. So first (I didn't write that Pouliuli paper, btw) I went to sleep late because my roomies started Pearl Harbor at ten til midnight. I think we gave up around 1 AM but it was just getting good, you know? Anyhow, so then I changed and cleared all the crap off my bed and brushed my teeth and laid down and tried to ignore the music. And tried to ignore the music. Because it was stuff I didnt' know, right? Hawaiian or Samoan or something and pretty calm. And then Thriller. And then Whip It. And then fucking rap shit so by then I was frustrated enough to be crying, and I took my stuff out into the living room and tried to sleep on the couch. But then I was already frustrated and crying so I cried for a while and I kept being frustrated because I was super duper awake. I dont' know when I finally got to bed but it wasn't early enough. So... yeah. I am mucho tired-o, which is why this post is probably so off-the-wall.

GOOD MORNING, America; the pathetic stuff we call bread is, essentially, some sort of weaksauce doughy crap. I WANT MY EFFING EUROPEAN BREAD, DAMMIT. The "crust" you complain about is fuck nothing so getthehelloverit.

omgyeah, I'm tired, can you tell?

Because I'm not putting much effort into this post; here are the webcomics I read:
Questionable Content (nerdy, music/indie-based)
Xkcd (for all-around nerds, generally science and philosophy)
For the Wicked (a really good fairytale re-write)
Girl Genius (what they call "gaslamp fantasy", it's sort of steampunk, but as a general fantasy comic it's good, too)
Qwantz (aka Dinosaur Comics, a really cleverly done comic with the same panels everday and different random shenanigans; also the reason I use the conjunctive adverb [that's not the right term for it] "also" way too much)
Bunny (a comic about random bunnies; much more clever than it sounds)
Dr. McNinja (it's kind of exactly what it sounds like, except more awesome, and biased toward ninjas)
Terror Island (completely off-the-wall and yet still very clever)
Cyanide and Happiness (kind of like Mel Brooks; they'll insult everybody. really crude, but pretty funny, if you're in the mood for crude humor. every so often something really clever and almost not crude at all)
Order of the Stick (Dungeons and Dragons/roleplaying-based humor, with a lot of other references thrown in; sorry about the link for this one, there really is no good direct link to the comics)
Dresden Codak (super-science and philosophy. and awesomeness.)
Starslip Crisis" (this is what would happen if Star Wars and Hitchhiker's Guide ran into eachother in an art museum)
Indexed (life, in graph form. I think she might be from Ohio, because she sure knows how to mock it.)
Gone with the Blastwave (postapocalyptic art comic, kind of reminds me of Halo)
Scared of Bees (I think it was an art comic. I'm not sure what it is anymore. It's creepy, that's for sure.)
Shortpacked! (the exploits of a Transformer fan and his coworkers in the toy store)
Kawaii Not (cute hilarity)
Purple Pussy (a feminist comic I never got all the way through; but it's the comic that Todd Goldman [the guy who does the "boys are stupid, throw rocks at them"] ripped off)
Hockey Zombie (the title pretty much says it all)
Two Lumps (general cat hilarity)
Lackadaisy (gangster bootlegging cats [litterally--DOUBLE PUN INTENDED MUAHHAHAHA] of the 20's. hardcore art comic)
Irregular Webcomic (Cthulu, space RPGs, Indiana Jones, Steve Irwin, and much more, all done with legos)
Marry Me (I have no idea how I found this, but it's decent; altruistic superstar snaps in midlife crisis and marries a guy from the audience)
iharthdarth (the cute little Vader that started it all)
LilHouse (House a la iharthdarth)
icherisherik (Phantom of the Opera a la iharthdarth)
beatonna (an LJ-er from Canadia who makes history comics. HILARIOUS)
Abe & Kroenen (multifandom comic made with action figures; Hellboy/Hitchhiker's Guide/Pirates/LotR/others)
Digger (by Ursula Vernon; you have to pay to read regularly but every once in a while the archives open up and you can catch up)
[iharthdarth no longer updates; scared of bees, icherisherik, and lilhouse update rarely; lackadaisy and gone with the blastwave are also more rare because they're art comics]

Not technically "webcomics":
Homestar Runner (the best thing on the planet; watch a few of the first Strong Bad Emails to understand it)
Red vs. Blue (Halo machinima; pretty hilarious, and I have minimal experience in Halo. However, you kind of have to start from the beginning and watch them all for it to be funny--does anyone have a better link to get to all the videos?)
We Are Robots (why "YOU'RE FIRED" was funny before Donald Trump came around; you have to watch them in roughly the order they came out, though: Angrybot [the best], Sad Robot, Tendertron, Keg-O-Matic, BizBot, Robokopf, Geekbot, Gothbot, Angrybot: Recess)

Okay, yeah. =D Recommend anything on here you don't see that you think I'd like. More postation lataz.

I think I'm going to start working on that webcomic again. I just need to find a good place to host it.

Also, the wikipedia page for Carroll High School is hilarious; Media4Carroll is a joke. Maybe it used to be big, and yeah they have lots of equipment, but they really don't do anything but fuck around.

Also, this, in athletics: "Carroll has recently attempted to make it to the State Swimming meet in Canton, Ohio, but sadly did not. Don't worry though, they will continue to think they're amazing and make shirts about it, but in the end... they are not going to the state meet, and if my sources are correct, Archbishop Alter High School is a school for future pediphiles."


[EDIT] The only edit I'm tempted to make is to change the spelling of "pediphiles" [sic] so that Carroll doesn't look so bad. It used to say "Alter [will win]", so... yeah.


[EDIT2] LOL, someone on my IP (they're all Chaminade) is vandalizing "Jewish history" and "Jackson Pollock". wut


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