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I can't imagine the bungee cord that was required to get that car to not crash.




...I would go watch the OT though.

(shitty game break)


omg the dog with the running shoes, ADORABLE.


That is my brand of ridiculous. <3

(Oooh, apparently all the commercials are going to be on YouTube. This is awesome.)

G.I. Joe what am I watching
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Awwww the Lorax looks kinda cute. Although the ad gives no reference to the original story, so.... I'm a bit confused.

Beetle ad... >>> cuter and cleverer than all the Chevy ads so far.







(Wait I didn't even see what the ad was for...?)

(shitty short game break again)

(shitty short ad break)

(this year sucks)
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Well, Paypal's been in the news a bit today, and I, for one, am a sucker for internet battles. Especially when people are coming off pretty scummy. Regardless of one's opinions on Regretsy, SomethingAwful, or Wikileaks-- and actually, someone just linked me to an older-yet-related incident regarding George R. R. Martin-- the fact that PayPal has been less than clear on its policies and seems to repeatedly have pretty poor treatment of their users, the whole thing just rubs me the wrong way. So I am trying to collect a list of alternatives to PayPal. (Deleting facebook comments is actually one of my pet peeves as well. I do not take kindly to censoring.)

I do not personally endorse any of these and all commentary on them is what I can tell from reading their site and others' comments on their services. I am simply trying to collect suggestions into one location.

Here is one large list of alternatives with more information than I have been able to find, although a lot of what folks seemed to be suggesting as alternatives were not listed.

Here is another good post on a few alternate suggestions: 8 Ways To Not Paypal

If anyone would like to leave personal reviews, etc. in the comments (if you have used the services of any of these listed, or know of others), I will be happy to update as I can.

www.dwolla.com - This was the site I saw most recommended in comments of other posts. It links directly to your bank account (with many security measures in place) rather than a credit card. You can use it on your phone, and transactions less than $10 are free. (All other transactions have a flat fee of 25 cents.) You can also hook up your account to social networks such as facebook and twitter in order to split bills between friends, etc. They also mention privacy and transparency in their main explanatory pages (here), which I personally find worth noting.

www.wepay.com - Second most recommended in comments. Seems to be 3.5% fee, 50 cent minimum. Also mentions security measures and transparency, and has an 800 number as well as other methods of communication listed on every page. They don't mind trolling PayPal, either.

www.obopay.com - Not as much information presented (to be fair, I'm not pushing around too far or registering for accounts on any of these sites), but it seems very interested in using mobile devices to easily transfer money.

www.alertpay.com - Seems to have many options for sending/recieving money, and has two contact addresses posted on their About Us page.

www.v.me - Upcoming Visa method for transferring money. Mobile support appears to be an option.

www.serve.com - From American Express, use your bank account, credit/debit card, or cash. Can be used online, from a mobile device, or with their American Express-based card.

squareup.com - A credit-card reader for vendors that plugs into your mobile device. One commenter said that you are charged $10 for the reader if you buy it in a store, but it is free directly through the website.

stripe.com - An online method for vendors to take credit cards. Seems to be very suppoert-friendly in terms of setting it up on a website.

nochex.com - UK-based online payment system, both business and personal supported.

checkout.google.com - Online payment system for setting up your own shop website through Google. Monthly sales totals less than $3000 have a per-transaction fee of 2.9% plus 30 cents. Uses credit cards for buyers to pay.

payments.amazon.com - Allows you to set up a checkout system on your own website. Can also create a personal account to send or receive money. Some commenters who used this said it has been buggy, however, not alerting sellers to purchases, etc.

That's all I have for now, feel free to leave more information in the comments! If anyone has any comments on whether these are accepted only in the U.S./worldwide, etc., leave a comment and I will update.

And to lighten the mood a bit... :D
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I'm actually cleaning up my computer. So a lot of these are old posts I'm copying and pasting. At the moment I'm sort of out of touch mentally, I can tell I'm not functioning at full capacity, but I think it's because I stayed up until 5 last night and I don't think I slept very well, even though I don't remember dreaming or much. I don't feel particularly traumatized or anything though, I think at this point everyone is sad but relieved, because Gramps had been going downhill for so long and it was really putting a lot of stress on Grandma as well. Anyway. Old posts:

This video is totally unreal.

And in case anyone was doubting the awesomeness of the new My Little Ponies (although I can't say I like the music):

Do you know one thing I have wanted all my life? A way to record dreams. And we are on our way, OMG. SCIENCE. IT'S SO COOL.

A new development in solar power, which hopefully will lead to cheaper and stronger solar panels. (And maybe even clear glass solar panels?! That would be wicked.) Also, I didn't know ceramics could be transparent. Science is crazy! I love it so. <3

my reaction
to a few seasons of Doctor Who.

DeLorean is building electric cars, I hope they are building new bodies and not just retrofitting old DeLoreans? It seems like the guy reopened the company in 1995 and is custom building a few a year? So there are newer DeLoreans and they're going to keep building them? How awesome would it be if they sliiiiiightly updated the design? Okay, too many question marks in this paragraph. AND YET.

Interesting historical trivia, "who was the historical model for human evil before Hitler?" For anyone out there writing historical fiction/nonfiction.

A Portuguese article about Indiana Jones, I like this part:

"I think Harrison Ford Indiana Jones can live up to 90 years, although for this can only eat pureed." "Take the example of Clint Eastwood. Is 81 and makes fascinating films, "praised Spielberg, who believes that the success formula of Indiana Jones, created by him and George Lucas, is their affinity with the public. "People like this kind of fantasy that takes places and scenarios ever seen. It's a bit crabber a hero, a survivor who is hurt and suffering ... It looks more like a real person than a superhero, "said the filmmaker said to justify the public's identification with the archaeologist.

I actually read something somewhere that Indiana Jones isn't supposed to be just a guy out adventuring, Spielberg and Lucas and Ford tried to make it about taking the character somewhere new as well. I.E. developed the character more. Which I think is why I don't like the books or anything... they're, strangely, this sort of James Bond thing where it's sex-girls-get-treasure-fight-badguys. Not that I dislike James Bond, it's just... its own thing.

Also, I think sort of knowing this subconsciously (it's so nice when someone else articulates what I am thinking/feeling) is the reason I was able to accurately guess that Indy and Marion would get married in IV. Also, Marion is the best anyway.

Actual evidence that Indy 5 is hopefully in the works! Hurrahhhh <3

Again I say: Hawaii. Australia. More Polynesia/Micronesia/Melanesia (Pacifica!). Northern Europe. Spain. Southern Africa? LET'S GET SOME VARIETY UP IN THIS BITCH. And more travel, PREFERRABLY.

Heeeeyyyy, more comments from Spielberg on Indy IV and V. I have to say, as someone who's always playing Devil's Advocate even though I dislike (but have come to terms with) certain aspects of Crystal Skull, I kinda feel bad for Lucas here. Pretty much everyone has hung him out to dry, and now, Spielberg included. Although, I guess he is owning up to the gopher and the fridge, WHICH, I can't say I thought the gopher was great but it wasn't awful. The fridge? I loved. And, sorry Spielberg, I don't think anyone actually says "nuke the fridge". One would sound like a tool if they did. It wasn't quite so over the top as... jumping the shark. As for five, I'll say what I said when I collected my thoughts after first seeing Crystal Skull... at least they can't do that again.

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Sort of... there are a lot.

I love this Portal shirt but the fact that momentum is retained through portals means that the slinky would not work on those stairs. It's falling farther.

Space Core is Nyan Cat.

I like that this personification of GlaDOS reminds me of Spalko. It's appropriate, in a cold, calculating way.

A pink kitten! Poor little kitten. :C SO ADORABLE THOUGH, SO TINY.

Ohmygod, this is a photograph.

It's Pushing Daisies in real life! Science is cool. Related! Fungus packaging.

I MISSED THIS BY A DAY (a month ago, but still). Would have been awesome. So many things I love involved!

Some really beautiful math and science behind Tron: Legacy.

More later as I keep cleaning...
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Can't talk much, gotta run. Not quite finished packing yet for our trip, insanely busy on my own anyhow, gotta get some sleep in there somewhere... but happy holidays nonetheless! May you be blessed with family and friends, but if you need an ear to turn to just drop me a line. ;)

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Nov. 7th, 2010 10:53 pm
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Guys I believe this may be my new favorite picture. I put it in my desktop rotation.

Yeah, as for not doing my daily post yesterday, I had QUITE A DAY. Allow me to tell you about it. So besides being the last football game of the season, which means doing the senior show (yay Queen!) and planning the dead-bug (which our new director seemed to appreciate), and running errands (woo... GRE study guide... so completely exciting), my roommates, in the course of hosting a birthday party, managed to turn on the air conditioning.

Let me preface this by saying, I don't really fault them. With the drunken shenanigans that occur weekly on this campus, someone bumping up against a wall is perfectly understandable. That being said, I FROZE MY ASS OFF THE OTHER NIGHT. I slept huddled up in a ball under three blankets! I couldn't even stretch out my legs because my feet were too cold. I couldn't put my arms under my pillow because bringing them outside the warmth of my huddled body mass meant certain death. Anyway.

Let's get to the post though, shall we?

My favorite season is probably fall. Although we don't get much of it here in Ohio, which is sad. Not "real fall", when it's slightly cooler, but dry, before it's absolutely necessary to wear a jacket and long pants but still comfortable to do so. I've gotten a lot more appreciation for summer now that it's not just something forgotten between school years, but very needed vacations, and drum corps. (And an extension of drum corps, more time with less clothing on, haha.)

Okay. Forget tumblr, say Livejournal. I either found Livejournal through my friend Katy (who no longer posts here) or through the homestarrunner comm, which back in its heyday was HUGE. It was awesome. And there was the ABP'd list (Already Been Posted), to which I aspire to create such a thing of management and dedication. But SHIT, that thing was huge. (And then the main mod disappeared, and then awhile later the Bros Chaps took a year off without telling anyone, and effectively killed their own hype machine, for the most part.)

However, Homestar is currently celebrating a slight rebirth in the discovery that a lot of my friends aren't so clueless of Homestar as I might have expected. (Not that I don't suspect them as internet-savvy, I just still tend to think of the internet's memes as sticking to certain age-groups, which, obviously, they don't. The internet is amazing at leveling the playing field in that regard.)

I'm having a hard time believing this wikipedia article even exists.
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HOLY SHIT I SUCK AT POSTING. This thing has been sitting on my desktop for a month and a half, christ, shame on me. Anyway. I'm trying to make better habits for myself... Some are getting better (I keep a real schedule on my ipod! I'm under 100 firefox tabs consistently!) and some not (I don't check my calendar, I forget things, I haven't organized many piles of files on my new computer... from a year ago...)

Shia says Indy V will be crazy. idk what to think. I'm excited but hesitant at the same time? Eeengh. Like I said after Indy IV, I mean, at least they can't do that one anymore. (Also, I told you so. Also-also, I am kind of sick of hearing about your stereotypical MacGuffins: the spear of Longinus, Noah's Ark, all that stuff.) GO TO HAWAII, PLEEEEASE

But, uuuuhhh, if Spielberg pitched a script, I'm guessing this is happening. So... yay?

...I'm depressed that that last sentence has a question mark attached to it. :(




While we're doing videos, this time-lapse-experiment-turned-art-video is absolutely fantastic:

ANTS in my scanner > a five years time-lapse! from fran├žois vautier on Vimeo.

I hope this is just some lawyers having fun, and were not actually hired over legitimate offense.

I didn't even know they had finished the script for this, shit. Three months away was apparently a COMPLETE NEWS ISOLATION, much moreso than usual. (Nobody famous died.)

This movie looks awesome! That hat looks awful. (Short crown + extra-wide brim = grossnasty.)

Ghostbusters/AC/DC mashup:

Lady Gaga kidnaps Comissioner Gordon. Guys, I was about to say "I want to live in that world", and then, you know, I remembered that Lady Gaga is a real person and kicks major ass.

A good essay on Iron Man 2, which I am still excited about. The awesome thing about disappearing from the world for three months to memorize a metric assload of numbers until you've lost 15 pounds is that, when you get back, all the movies you just watched in theatres (and loved) are about to come out on dvd. Fuck. Yeah.

Some awesome shots from the filming of Star Wars.

So, "mad science", you say?!

That is the kind of awesome shit I'd like to do with my life. (I must say, though, that the closest I've ever come was destroying an antique rusted oven with a sledgehammer. Also fun, except for the part where the paint chips were popping off the bent metal everywhere...)


Jesus, it's about time! They better make these. Not that I'm planning to buy any, but, yeah...

Oh, James Cameron. I thought I couldn't hate Avatar any more, but I was wrong. You think you're God's gift to cinematography when really it sounds like you're just a rich bully. I kind of want to go see Pirahna 3D, even if I hate it, just to fucking spite you. Goddamn.

BUT THE GOOD NEWS? Rick Moranis may come out of retirement for Ghostbusters 3. HELL. FUCKING. YES. As long as this shit is better than the game (a bit repetitive story-wise, in relation to the movies). Also, I thought we were already clear that Oscar is Venkman's? There's some banter toward the beginning of the second one that that is what I took away from it.

OH HEY THERE BLACKBEARD. Why the fuck don't you have cannon fuses in your beard?! Jesus, the man should look MUCH more epic than that. For god's sake his body circled his ship seven times before sinking after he was beheaded! (Fuck yeah pirate lore.)

Chewie: not nearly as adorable as Winnie. But still hilariously adorable.

Here! Have a picture of Viggo the Carpathian.

Okay, now, look. I am all about crazy costumes but I don't even know what's going on here.

So adorable.

If the world is making you feel weary (although I don't see how that's possible after all those adorable kitties), I prescribe this.

Next video: An apparently sanctioned-by-Lucas video about the dumping of Jabba's cargo. With a creepy animation of Han Solo. (BUT I SAW THAT RAIDERS REFERENCE. I SAW IT.)

...Definitely thought it was going to be something like River Tam in the box though, the shape was eerily similar.

Heheheh kitty parkour.

HOLY SHITBALLS this woman has completely missed the point of feminism. Oh my god this article is rage-inducing. OH. MY. GOD.

Good news, videogamers! Playing video games enhances decision-making skills. That is, it enhances your ability to make choices faster.

Oh! An antibiotic-resistant superbug. Awesome. This may be our downfall. However, if you're worried about the apocalypse, I just thought you'd like to know that science seems sometimes straight-up fictional. I know a lot of zombie movies/novels/etc. lately have been leaning on diseases like ebola, mad cow disease, or other things to explain the basis for the disease. So here's a crazy fact: mad cow disease causes cattle's eyes to glow. WTF.

Rechargeable cars are less hurtful to the environment than gas, even if charged using "dirty fuel". And it's crazy, if it could charge using renewable sources--solar, wind, etc.--it's FORTY PERCENT cleaner than a gas-using car. Holy shit. Why is the world so resistant to changing how we use our resources? :(

(Answer: laziness, greed, but it still pisses me the fuck off.)

I read an article the other day about how an old solar panel from the White House was rediscovered, and some students, led by Bill McKibben, took it to the White House to see if they would take it back as a symbol of good faith and an attempt to move conservation forward in the eye of current US politics. Some of the statistics were incredibly impressive--like the fact that seed sales increased by 30% the year Michelle Obama was promoting her White House garden. But the kids were taken into a "war room" and basically told no. The whole thing made me so sad, particularly because I remember McKibben speaking to my freshman class on his book we all read, and because we were stuck in a hot, sweaty gym with a rather heavy book (as in, the material, not the book itself), he kind of got ignored by most people. And trying to sort out the fifty interested students in a room of 1000 or however many it was is not really a simple task. Anyway. The whole thing just makes me depressed for the state of our politics. I don't understand why people want to spend so much money on stuff and on keeping things the way they are instead of helping people who need help, helping the WORLD that needs help. I don't know. Maybe that's my bias of too many years of marianist catholic education speaking. I'm too hopeful, I suppose.

Cats drawn as Marvel characters! Adorable. And hilarious. Particularly Spidey and the Sandman.

OKgo's new video to encourage the adoption of shelter pets. Amazing as usual.

Surprise! Facebook is fucking with you again. And this is why I keep all my info private except to people I know.

NEWSIES IS GOING TO BROADWAY, hilariousyesfantasticyesssss.

If superheros were hipsters. I particularly like PBRman. Also I feel like Spiderman isn't that far from Tobey McGuire Spiderman because DEAR LORD DO I HATE HIM. (Also, LOL at Aquaman--Northwesterners are a silly people. I learned that this summer.)

Mysterious civilization hidden in the Amazon--I think this is the same thing (SPOILER ALERT!) Lost City of Z talks about. BUT NOBODY KNOWS. It's fascinating.

Carnivorous plants dwndling across US; I wonder if this might have anything to do with all the bugkiller sprays we use? (No idea, just a thought.)

Shark attack survivors team up to save sharks.

ATHLETE'S FOOT MEDICATION COULD CURE WHITE NOSE SYNDROME! Finally, a hint of good news on that front.

Bug people are crazy. So are geologists.

Some foreign memes for you. I particularly like Makmende, for some reason. I suppose it's like Chuck Norris, but cooler, because Chuck Norris has kind of turned out to be a douche. (Clint Eastwood = cooler than Chuck Norris.)

A really good article about building the mosque. It sums up my feelings on the subject pretty well.

Where can you find Ned and Chuck, Henry Jones (Sr.), and (old school!) Zaphod Beeblebrox? Cons, of course. (Those PD outfits are fantastic, though, seriously.)

Interesting bit of Raiders trivia.

Oh my god, remember the ad for Iron Man 2 where Pepper smooches Tony's helmet, and it wasn't in the movie, and everybody got upset? I present to you--THE ALTERNATE OPENING:

(Fan. fucking. tastic. Why did they not do this one, now?)

And another fantastic short.

Star Wars yoga, absolutely hilarious. And rather clever.

Obscure Taco Bell trivia! A.k.a. the random shit I will bring up in conversation that may eventually lead to me singing the Gordita Anthem. This, in fact, happened this week despite me finding the article months ago, although it did not lead to Gordita-anthemizing, which is a shame.

Here is a fantastic interview with Patrick Stewart, and within it is a fantastically creepy tidbit of their interpretation of Macbeth, which I am cutting for the rare case of spoilers )

Is that not fantastically Halloween-y in the best manner? It absolutely is.

First of all, this article is rather old. Second, I doubt it is more than tongue-in-cheek coincidence, and three, Hex of the Hydra sounds godawful. Like the books series.

OH MY GOD. So I was watching the new Sherlock Holmes (not for the first time), but I also decided to watch the bonus material. Apparently they decided Jude Law was more of the ladies' man than RDJ, so they took to calling him Hotson on set.

omg. Hotson.

I can't even. It's hilarious. Anythus.

Much like Rule 34 of the internets, I surmise there must be a similar rule about blogs and personal interests. If you have thought of it, someone, somewhere, has already posted about it online. There is a cool blog called Strange Maps that posts, well, non-generic maps. This particular post has some interesting material on worldviews. It's rather fascinating, but my main point of this whole thing is that the Bulgarians think Poles are all sexy fembots.

I. Don't. Even. Know.

What I do know is that I need to post things more often because I have AT LEAST this many more links piled up in my Google Reader waiting for me to take action. And FIVE MORE old posts on my desktop from before I left this summer! Luckily those posts actually have some real content, like some book reviews.

So, real stuff now, we went to the Yellow Springs Street Festival today. I got an awesome monster shirt, a necklace for my medusa costume, and a beaverfelt antique collapsible tophat! The sad part is I got home and realized the tophat is too small :( BUT I refuse to get rid of it for the time being. I also walked RIGHT PAST Dave Chappelle without even noticing at first, who was saying that the street fair was "like Yellow Springs normally, but gayer". Which... I don't know what that means? Because it's almost the opposite. All the out-of-town people come to visit for the day, so the percentage of hippies is decreased by at least some...

Also my sister finally found the CORRECT version of the Taco Bell Gordita Anthem (thank you, 1998) and I downloaded it for the sake of posterity. POSTERITY I TELL YOU.

(begins at 1:40ish if it doesn't play correctly.)

[EDIT] If I had been paying attention or had any creative/organizational method of linkspamming (Captain Obvious Hint: I don't) I would have posted the Ghostbusters/Rick Moranis thing followed by the carnivorous plants thing followed by the Newsies thing. Points to you if you know how those three are related.

Alas, I did not, and I also need to post this in the case I missed posting it before:

Also-also, tomorrow is 42 DAY as in, the date is binary for 42 (101010), and it happens only once every hundred years, and tomorrow we are getting together to watch the Hitchhiker's Guide movie, probably have a Vogon poetry reading, and get our brains smashed out by a slice of lemon wrapped around a large gold brick. Coincidentally that is the name of my ipod and there will be no citruses anywhere near my electronics, thankyouverymuch. (I've taken to naming my electronic devices after science fiction things, or other related items; this new lappy is HELPeR486.)

Also-also-also, I am very afraid for this Pan-galactic Gargleblaster recipe, which is, essentially, take Everclear, cut with liquors:

...er, scratch that. I may be looking at the wrong recipe. Anyway, there's a lot of alcohol, plus a little bit of mixers, add olive, et voila.

If I weren't so convinced I'll be smashed rather quickly, I'd throw in a gin & tonic to boot. Maybe I'll pour one out for my gpa who seemed delighted about the affair but clearly can't make it (and probably shouldn't be consuming high levels of alcohols).
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ME: Oh! Star Wars Episode II is on Spike. Well, nothing else is on, that sounds like my best bet (despite its faults).

one hour later

ME: Dude, that arena creature has fur! I didn't notice that before. I wonder what it's called... I'll go look on Wookieepedia.


...There were other breeds of nexus on Cholganna's other continents, but only the forest nexu had an additional set of eyes able to view in infrared wavelength, which aided in their hunting of bark rats and tree-climbing octopi.

ME: That sounds like a horrible planet.


...In 43 ABY, Allana Solo was given a nexu cub as a pet after asking for one for years, after Leia Organa Solo killed the baby nexu's mother to save an Ithorian, who was under attack from the creature, at the Coruscant Livestock Exchange and Exhibition. She named the baby cub Anji.

ME: ...Goddamnit, Star Wars.

DEVIANTART: Nexu are bitchin'!

ME: goddamnit, internet

...she said, posting with a Star Wars/Winnie the Pooh icon. Anyway, yeah, real content to this journal coming soon, I swear to god.
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It could thusly be argued that Indiana Jones fought "aliens" in Raiders of the Lost Ark. It is also a sad thing that the freaking Lego Flying Wing costs like $70. I think I have the Micro Machine version, though, SWEET ACTION.

New favorite slang: qu'est-ce que fuck?

Inherited from my dad, I am sure, I will take any opportunity to butcher French for the greater humorous good.

GOOD FUCK THIS IS HORRIFYING. It reminds me of the Splicer episode from Batman Beyond. Fffffuuuuuccccckkkkkkkk~

Hahaha "Mathsputin". Looooove iiiiit.

You know, while I appreciate the characterizations, that logo is just... incredibly detestable. I am so sick of steampunk being OMFGGEARS! (heh heh heh, I would go for a good Disney "g-ears" pun, though.) Seriously, yo, technology, in general, has to do something. And this is more the aestheticist than the engineer in me saying this. Just... bleh. Anyway, I think this means it's Old Hat if Disney did it and is no longer Scene and maybe it will lose some of its steam no pun intended. (Okay, totally intended afterthefact.) The sooner you can boot scenesters from any scene, the better. Please move to the Next Big Thing and mind the gap as you disembark, I'd like my functioning technology in relative peace, please and thankyou.

Also, Daisy is a fucking badass, check that shit out yo, she is AMELIA FUCKING EARHART-ing it up in that shit!

So I found out that Crystal Skull has a Star Trek tribute, of all things. During the rocket-sled fight scene there is a wall dubbed "numbersnumbers-GNDNnumbers" which apparently is reference to Goes Nowhere, Does Nothing. I also started reading the imdb trivia page for the movie and discovered this gem:

Harrison Ford was adamant that he got to wield Indiana's famous whip. Paramount executives wanted the weapon to be computer generated because of new film safety rules, but the actor branded the rule "ridiculous".

Dear Harrison Ford, you are my hero, thank you for being awesome. Dear George Lucas, you're still crazy as fuck, but at least this time you had Spielberg and Ford willing to tell you sometimes that you're a little bit off your rocker.

Also, this has always goddamn bothered me:

The Akator throne room designed by Guy Dyas keeps up an Indiana Jones tradition by having C-3PO and R2-D2 etched into one of the yellow titles, and E.T. into another. According to the book "The Complete Making of Indiana Jones", the characters can be found somewhere in all four Indiana Jones pictures.

They're easy to find in Raiders but WHERE THE DAMN HELL ARE THEY IN ToD and LC?

Also, I just ~can't wait~ until the original Star Wars trilogy gets re-released and re-remastered on BluRay and George Lucas decides to digitally add these Other Dimensioners to the celebration scene at the end. I mean, ET's already there, it's bound to happen at some point.

Originally Henry Jones, Sr., Short Round, Sallah and Willie Scott were to make an appearance at Indiana's wedding.


In the "making of" on the Back to the Future (1985) DVD, one of the original ideas of the time machine was as a refrigerator that Marty would climb into. Furthermore, the way Marty was to come back from 1955 was via the power of a nuclear bomb at a test site in the desert. Back to the Future was produced by Steven Spielberg. The idea was scrapped because filmmakers were afraid children would shut themselves inside of their home refrigerators to imitate the movie.


...Anyway. Speaking of GNDN, I kind of need these in my future house, somewhere. In my super-futuristic Tony-Starkish tech lab.

(Seriously though I still want his drafting table. Rich motherfucker.)

Heh heh heh, stormtroopers.


So that's what I've been up to for the past MONTH or so. Also did I mention I downloaded the Force Unleashed Lightsaber App for my iPod touch? I totally did and it's PURPLE ALL THE WAY, baby. Now I need someone to duke it out with.

...You know, the sooner Nerf makes Nerf Lightsabers, THE BETTER.

[EDIT] ALSO-ALSO, anyone play Spore or Sims 3 online? I got a code from Taco Bell and I play neither.


Jan. 6th, 2010 01:16 am
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(Well, fuckyou, lj app, you deleted my entry. Let's try this again.) So in addition to what I wrote earlier, I forgot to mention that those two Carroll kids died so everyone's feeling the Young Death morbidity right now, Mandi is essentially getting kicked out of school for the semester, the last month seems to have really desired to up the level of drama, and I guess with all the economy talk and engineering talk and graduation talk I've just been worried I won't be able to find a job I'm actually interested in. (It's kinda been like this since I looked at Disney's site; they encourage competing in a competition but I wouldn't want to give them my ideas "for free" essentially, and even though I have a head up for the internship with being an engineer... I can imagine the competition is pretty stiff.) =/ BUT, Anna came out of surgery pretty well, they put small catheters in her artery and vein (or something) to medicate the clot to try to break it up, and if it's not broken up today they're going to go in and try to remove it manually. So... idk. It's not good, but it could definitely be worse, I feel. Trivia was good. The No-Clue Nazis didn't win, and we tried our best and did not win (nor did we lose, unfortunately, but we only kind of threw the game). They played Billy Joel so I felt successful in being able to name the 70's artist. Not a complete waste, haha. I think I wrote something else here before the internet ate it. Idk. Then we went to Lara's and watched Return of the Jedi, good times. Also I'm completely obsessed with my new ipod. There are wireless networks everywhere and it's AWESOME~
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So Geoffrey Rush was in a film about Peter Sellers life? I maybe should have bought it, it was $2 at Second Time Around, but I didn't feel like watching a semi-depressing bioflick. Even if Geoffrey Rush is super amazing, and Peter Sellers is even cooler.

Anyway, the Iron Man 2 trailer is out, and awesome, despite how lame Whiplash looks, and I CAN NOT WAIT. More hot engineering action? Oh, you know it. If only they hadn't dumped Terrence Howard, there really was no reason for that.

Total moral quandary: on facebook, I cannot decide if my profile pic should be Ancient Mew or Blastoise. BOTH ARE AWESOME. BOTH ARE HOLO. Breaking news: I am a nerd. ngl it makes me want to pull out all my old cards. I probably will when I get home.

You know another reason I love Troop? Everyone there is freaking HUGE NERDS. I swear to god every time I meet up with Troop people we have at least one small discussion involving Pokemon. Idek why, it just ALWAYS HAPPENS.

So there's been that video going around of the octopus using a broken coconut as a tool, you know, disregarding the fact that octopi at aquariums break out of their tanks all the time to eat other creatures, or spit out their night-lights, or crack puzzles to get to snacks. I HATE CEPHALOPODS. D: Dear Discovery Channel, thank you for horrifying me with your future-of-evolution special about how octopi/squids/whatever will climb out of the seas and live like monkeys and become the next intelligent beings. FUCK. YOU. Not to mention their texture is terrible for eating.

So Adidas finally released their Star Wars collection, and... it looks horrible. I mean, good on you if you like skater shoes or REALLY LIKE DARTH VADER or even x-wings. And the stormtrooper ones looked promising before... But the Princess Leia ones? *gag* Really.

Sadly, the only ones I'd probably wear would be the Falcons. =/ And they're not even that interesting. Sad day. ([EDIT] I LIED, I found better pictures, the Falcons suck too and the coolest ones are the TIE fighters.)

Interesting article about technology and relationships, although, it is from Cracked so take it as you will. ngl I'm kind of excited for psych 101 next semester. (Somewhat unrelated, I know.)

Anyone have one of these lying around somewhere? I kind of want one. To match my flashlight. And because it's adorable. yesssssss
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Let's see, today we got up early because we're on east coast time, and we went out to Rocky Mountain National Park to see if we could hike, but we couldn't because the snow was about three feet deep, maybe more, so we built a snowman and had a snowball fight. And also made the two feet of snow on the roof of the little shelter fall off like mini-avalanches. That was fun.

Aaaaaand pretty much the only other thing we've done all day is watch the Star Wars marathon on Spike. WOO

So they want the guy who wrote Pooh's Heffalump Movie to write the Wanted sequel. First of all, it can't be that good. Second of all, HE EFFING RUINED HEFFALUMPS. THEY AREN'T SUPPOSED TO BE ANYTHING. So that guy can diaf as far as I'm concerned.

Uh, no more tuna by 2012? I'm fucked. I live on that stuff.

Al Capone's prison cell, holy crap.

A new fake name game, this time your NPR name. For the life of me I have no idea what the name of the smallest foreign town I've been to would be. Poland was TEN YEARS AGO HOLY SHIT.
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Yeah, to hell with all this snow. Even if it is melting on the ground... I have no will to go outside, and it kinda sucks because I can't even sleep in, my body is so hammered into the GET UP AT EIIIIIGGGHHHHT schedule. Dammit.

Buh, I haven't even got much done on my computer because I found a 232-page thread of stupid pictures. X| Sooo here are a bunch of links that are the result of that.

I can tell you one thing; Hitler may have had a terrible concept of what was structurally possible (seriously, man, have you heard of foundations), but he did have a fantastic concept of what is epic.

This site is hilarious; the guy depicts different emotions, from normal to incredibly specific and bizarre.

This comic is like the new Perry Bible Fellowship, except I am not exactly sure I understand this newest one so much.

How is this a real story?! It's not even recent enough to be an April Fool's joke.

A hilarious video from a third-year art student, showcasing all the awesome skills he learned in an animations art class. If you actually want a listenable loop of that, you can find one here. It's almost Popcorn.

Vader loves Christmas: a hilarious and clever edit if I do say so myself.

I was talking to one of y'all about 3d modeling or robots or some shit the other day, I know I was. And I couldn't come up with the term "uncanny valley", so there you go.

Holy shit Hawaiian yodeling. I've always wondered how close yodeling is to singing, even if only because I have no problem singing the Goatherd song from Sound of Music.

Voytek the soldier bear, fuck yeah Poland!

Also, a retro graphics archive. Mostly 50's-ish, I'd think, style-wise.
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I think my personal motto should "be badass, daily". I was kind of in a depressive funk yesterday, not really sure why. It was a bunch of little, unimportant dramas that I think just kind of banded together and unleashed a wave of upset. Meh, I'm pretty much over it today. I think the perfect timing of Not-Troll is partly to blame =)

So last Friday during our meetings I found out that my little, Sarah, is a sci-fi geek as well. I don't know if I posted this already (I think I may have), but I just like to appreciate the closet-sci-fi-ness of some girls in Phi Rho. I try not to be too loud about my geek cred (except Indy and drum corps, duh), but sometimes I find myself doing geekily embarassing things despite it. Like yesterday I texted my sister because I know she loves Dali's elephants, and I saw a tattoo (here) of a Dali-styled AT-AT. So I appreciate it on a nerd level, and she and I both appreciate it on a fine art level. But it also reminds me of when we drove down to OBX last summer and Uncle Steve pointed at these utility frameworks (some shipping docks, or something, maybe?) in the distance, and he said they looked like those things from Star Wars, and I knew what he meant and said AT-ATs, and he was just like... yeah... sure, whatever. But then again, he is rather one of the more condescending people in our family and we, as a family, have a very strong we-will-mock-you-mercilessly dynamic. So.

ANYWAY, my point was, one, that I love my little, but furthermore she started geeking out about Weta Workshops and I didn't realize they did all of LotR, which I totally respect them for, and now I'm wondering how Sarah and Kimmie and I can start our own set/prop/costume company, because that is what we all want to do. I love my little so much! :D We are going to have a nerd-movie night (Dork Night?) and probably watch Star Wars and something else, maybe Firefly, I dunno, and make puppy chow. Yum.

Also, I want to take her to see Star Trek when it comes out because I doubt I could convince anyone else to go with me. LOL.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]I got spoiled on the 6th Harry Potter book because everyone had those dumb flashing icons and shit.

Laura told me the entire story of the Ring, but when I watched it it was still unique and awesome enough to be a good movie. She also told me the entire story of Signs, but that sucked when I watched it.

Does it count as spoiling yourself if you guess the ending? Probably not because I love to try to guess where the plot is going. Off the top of my head, two movies with "twists" that I guessed correctly were The Prestige and The Village. Both of which I recommend immensely.

I try not to spoil people on things; I try to explain enough that they get the understanding of it without the details, and if they think it would be shitty then I will end up telling them if they ask. But I don't spoil things intentionally, unless it's like a 30 year old movie that comes up in discussion. Here's a hint: Darth Vader is Luke's father, but Anakin was an emo so no one gives a shit anyhow :D
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Loooooooong post tonight. I have a million tabs to clean up, haha.

OMG ALFRED MOLINA IS IN THE NEXT PINK PANTHER MOVIE. I am so frigging excited. I got worked up about losing my checkbook (boo) and my Shag art Pink Panther checks (double-boo) and spent the day looking at Shag's stuff and Pink Panther stuff, trying to find those cute versions of his. Unfortunately, they were just for the 40th anniversary in 2004... So it looks like it will take some actual hunting to find them.

So how awesome is Shag? Well, I really want this for my computer.

And this is from an interview of him on Modculture.com: "Are there any celebrity "Shag" fans you are willing to name? Do you get invites to celebrity parties?
"There are celebrity collectors, but almost any fairly established artist in L.A. will have them, as the celebrities are the ones with lots of disposable income! One of my biggest collectors is Whoopi Goldberg. Ben Stiller, Seth Green, Rob Zombie, and Nancy Sinatra also own paintings. I don't feel really comfortable around famous people and usually decline invitations to "hang" with the stars.""

YEAH, THAT'S RIGHT, FUCK YOU BEN STILLER HATERS. AND FUCKIN' SETH GREEN. These guys are infinitely more awesome than before.

Also: things you worry about typing into search engines--"shag" is one of them (also, afraid to type in shag.com directly). See also: "shag pink panther". Trust me, I know the horrors Google can wreak. (Like Cthulhu from the depths of the internet. His screams are your own.)

Next up: check out these remixed movie posters. They're awesomely 60's. (And no, it wasn't just Last Crusade that caught my eye.)

Star Wars, as told by someone who hasn't seen it. HILARIOUS. May I also note this is on my "sinning by not having watched it" list, but only as a sci-fi and pop culture classic. There are a lot of others just as equivalent, say maybe Pink Panther? And I do mean the classics. This is nowhere near the magnitude of not watching Indiana Jones, I daresay. E];D

A Public Service Announcement for College-Aged Guys. Yeah, I went more specific than her, whatever, I think it's hilarious. AND EXTREMELY ACCURATE. However, I will admit that cleanliness > organizedness. I look like the messiest person ever because it is somehow all organized in my head. However, dirty is gross. THAT BEING SAID, if you're trying to impress someone, and you have advance notice, go a little out of your way to make an improvement... I don't leave my shit around in the living room when we have Phi Rho meetings, do I? No, I don't. (And my room is a mess because it's not really a living space, just a storage/sleeping space, and I'm not taking anyone in there anyway so who am I trying to impress? That's right, nobody.)

The best story I've ever read about Hades and Persephone. The writer has an amzingly clever way with words.

Obamicon yourself! I feel like this is already overdone, but, hey, I'm sure it will come in handy in a few months...

How to rape your brain without dropping acid. Honestly, I'm gonna try that first one. Similar things happen to me when I'm very tired, very quiet (pretty standard for me) and trying to fall asleep but just staring at the back of my eyelids. However, some of the other ones seem like they would just hurt... Like the fake-arm-hammer thing. Uh, thanks, my brain still hurts thinking about the Boonshoft's Laser Rollercoaster Show. (Ow.)

Still going through some other links. I'm a lazy-ass.

Frig I love tikis.
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RHPS redo, 3D original Star Wars, and Hairspray 2: THESE ARE ALL TERRIBLE IDEAS.

Sequelese is out of control. Somebody needs to stop Hollywood and give them a good bitchslap.
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Check it out, those three weird silence points in the film? Totally intentional. And completely annoying to boot. I don't think it happened the other night when I saw it at the Greene...? (So just a Regal thing? Seems pretty pointless to me.)

Seven things that thankfully didn't happen in KotCS. SPOILER )

Hmm... totally taking car recommendations if you have any. Speedy isn't my thing but neither is boring. (Found a gorgeous blue PT Cruiser, but methinks it has more miles on it than mom and dad would like to invest in.)

The six most badass stunts ever pulled in the name of science. Yeah, pretty much, though #3 is disgusting disgusting disgusting. (Also, check out how small the rockets are on that rocketsled.)

Desk jobs will be the death of me. (I accidentally just typed dearth. Freudian slip? Or maybe just the fact that THIS KEYBOARD SUCKS)

Dearth Vader lol?

Serious postings and discussion later. Guuuuuh.
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Have I mentioned that our kittens like playing in bags, and boxes? Jack will chew them to death.

So I was outside petting Jack, and he bit down on the corner of one and licked the tape. I was like "You sure like to chew boxes, don't you? We should call yoLOL CHEWBOXES"



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