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Can't talk much, gotta run. Not quite finished packing yet for our trip, insanely busy on my own anyhow, gotta get some sleep in there somewhere... but happy holidays nonetheless! May you be blessed with family and friends, but if you need an ear to turn to just drop me a line. ;)

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This afternoon there was an absolutely perfect snow flurry. Fluffy flakes, but not windy at all. Even a shade of sun poking through. It didn't last long, but it sure was beautiful. I was happy, for that short five minutes, that I was outside walking back from class and not inside hiding from the cold. :3

I've been in such a fluffy mood the past couple days. I think it's a damning combination of Christmas on the horizon and a full-out double-plus Indiana Jones marathon.

At any rate, I found a new challenge. I was going to start it up tonight but I'm exhausted and I have a lot to do tomorrow... Unfortunately, for about 36 more hours, it's still finals week.


Nov. 15th, 2010 01:43 am
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I missed a few days worth of prompts, sorry. I've been looking at grad school stuff... I'm kind of intimidated :( I'm starting to think I should have done mechanical or computer science engineering or something like that, but five years ago I didn't have quite the same aspirations.

Mean Girls: is a fantastic movie. Fun to watch, amazingly quotable, aptly quotable on an everyday basis, and hilarious. Also, it's probably a good icon for women in comedy. I don't know much about the comedy forefront but I do know that it's considered a job where men flourish and women fail. And the guys I always get to watch this movie agree that it is not a chick flick like they expected, but a fantastic (and wonderfully quotable) comedy. So. We should all just stab Caesar!

I have a sister. She and I get on much better now that we don't see eachother much, but we do tend to snip at eachother if we're both home for a few days in eachother's company. We're strangely opposites, and I think the way we have turned out isn't exactly how I would have predicted it ten years ago. Then I would have said that she would turn out to be the sorority-sister arts major, and here I am in an engineering sorority and not wanting to engineer a damn thing (well, sort of). And she used to talk about starting a fashion company, and now she's pre-med. And I'm a nerd who loves to read, but she is probably smarter than me. Or she's just really good and guessing and BSing, which is both accurate and enough. I am a little too honest and a little too paranoid to be a good BSer. Which is a shame, really, because being an introvert in a world of extroverts is exhausting.

Buuuuut enough about that.

My favorite junk food... is probably Mountain Dew. I try to treat it like a dessert; one, because it has a lot of empty calories, two, because too much caffiene headaches gives me mini-migraine-mock-caffiene-withdrawal headaches and they suck balls.


(and waiting for it to be Thanksgiving so I can get excited about Christmas except I listened to the Big Bad Voodoo Daddy cover of Mr. Heatmiser today and I DON'T CARE)
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First of all, happy holidays, merry christmas, all that jazz. It still doesn't feel like Christmas... which sucks. This semester just took so much out of me, mentally.

I was going to do a whole special holiday post and go "caroling" on people's journals this year, but damned if I am just not too tired. Ugh. I think I will do a christmas recap later.

Instead, Laura, Max, Kyle, Chris, and I got bored and went out to see a movie on Christmas, the first time in my life I have ever done that. I was a little pissed because I wanted to see Sherlock Holmes or Imaginarium and Imaginarium isn't out anywhere locally as far as I can tell and everybody else decided no, Holmes was going to suck, so let's see Avatar.

I was a bit reluctant because of all the Dances With Smurfs crap I've seen about it, not to mention the fact that I hatehatehate most CGI because it comes off looking fake. Maybe not the textures, but the laws of physics never seem to apply. (Not to mention Uncanny Valley shit like Polar Express, GOTDAMN.) But Chris as drunk as fuck and my whole life I've been trying to fight Max and Kyle and Laura when they team up and it just does not fucking work, okay? Ugh. I hate them when they get like that.

Anyway, the non-spoilery summary, it's pretty good. Yes, Dances With Smurfs. Yes, visually stunning. Yes, has lots of lame moments. Dialogue was actually better than I expected. Anyway, I'd say, if you're interested, see it, but it's not some great epic, and it has lots of eye-rolling moments. (At three hours long, I do mean lots.)

and now, the spoilers, warning for discussions on race, gender, engineering, and more )
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Fffffff why am I still stressed out on break. I have to clean my room--my room which is FULL OF MOVING BOXES AND NO FURNITURE--because Christmas is at our house this year. And hanging out with friends? Yeah... I'm sick. It kinda sucks. And I don't think the New Orleans trip is happening... =C Which I am super sad about because I bought this awesome tuxedo jacket for New Year's, and now I can't wear it! Ugghhhhh sometimes I hate Ohio as much as all my high school friends did.

Yeah... idk. This is going to be one hell of a break.

Let's see though. Friday we went to the TSO concert, it was... good. But not great. Here's the thing. TSO has a new album out called Nightcastle... Which is more like a "halloween" album. It's classical music (Carmina Burana was awesome) but they spent the whole second half of the show with gargoyles, flames, and lightning... Not very Christmasy. So that kind of sucked. (Not to mention my ears were practically bleeding by the end.)

Saturday I went lasertagging for three hours in Cincy with Kim and Melissa. It was super awesome. =) My second-to-last game I got second place! HURRAH. After that I drove back up to Fairborn for the Brandstetter's party where I told Pat and Kevin and Lara about the 3hrs for $15 lasertagging and we are going to Suit Up and go down there. It's going to be epic. Yeah... nothing else really happened at the Brandstetter's party though, except I think I managed to get Lara's cold.

So yeah, now I'm kinda sick. Sunday I was unable to walk because apparently all the lasertag ramps killed my quad? IDFK. And also I was sick. Hypersensitivity is the worst.

Yesterday was crazy... Dental cleaning, Laura got her wisdom teeth out, had to take grandma to the hospital to get her leg checked, and then I went to Johnny's house to watch MST3K where it turns out here and his sister had made baseball-sized buckeyes. deeeaaaaamn

Yeah, so. Today the cats went to the vet... They gained wait. Ugh. Time to put them on a diet.

Yep... that is my break so far. CHAOS.
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I'm ready for Halloween.

As in, it needed to be here yesterday. I don't know why, it's actually rather odd because in the past few days I felt similarly about Christmas. I thought it was just drum corps excitement but I'm not so sure anymore. My brain is in rather an odd mood at the moment, and I definitely need to sit down and sort that one out for a while.

But for the time being, I don't know what to dress up as for halloween. I want to do a ghostbusters or wicked witch costume, but both of those involve time and money I don't currently have. So I was thinking Little Shop of Horrors, Seymour & Audrey II, but that feels rather simplistic.

=/ ideas?
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(That was our team name tonight at trivia. We decided we were probably going to be a failure, and in the end we did have to throw our last card to lose [which we did hilariously], and then we tied as losers. FRUSTRATING.)

Lots of tabs to clean up, and then I owe you all some Christmas cheer.

This may just be the stupidest person I've ever seen. Ignore the title; someone reposted it to make fun of creationists, but clearly this is just crazy. I mean, seriously... Light spectrum much, honey? Damn.

I found an atheism wiki. I'm just tucking this link here because I often want to make a point about some fact, but I am terrible about actually remembering the fact itself and not just the point it was trying to prove. (Just another reason in the long list of Why I'm a Terrible Public Speaker.) Not sure how quality the wiki is (meaning updated, etc.), but it's here to remind myself to investigate.

Oh, wow, no, there doesn't seem to be much at all in regard to science. Or rather, not nearly as much as I was hoping. But there are a lot of discussions on the aspects of different religions, so that should be interesting.

Dear god I had too much sugar tonight. After that Mountain Dew wore off I had the Jack's Bar of Gold, and ever since I got home I've been shaking like crazy. I mean, just my hands need to do something, but it's driving me insane and I can't wait for it to wear off.

So I somehow got linked (probably through Neatorama) to a website called People Who Deserve It, which is all about reasons to punch deserving people in their faces. Sounds like my particular branch of outlandish, hyperbolic-violenced humor, right? Correct. And here are two of my top punchees:

Grown man who refuses to eat crusts. THEY DO NOT EVEN COUNT AS CRUSTS ON AMERICAN BREAD, OMG IT'S SO WEAK AND THERE'S NO CHEW AT ALL! (And yes, I do realize that by being humorously hyperbolic I open up room for hypocrisy; you're kind of supposed to ignore that for the sake of the humor. I don't understand why people always feel the need to point it out... Anyway, in this case, the hypocrisy stands in that I was pointing out to Alicia earlier this evening how ridiculous it is that I don't chip-cut pickles. I just don't. I only eat dill pickles anyway, but for some reason when I was little I was convinced that chip-cut ones taste different, and obviously in a bad fashion. And that's stayed with me, for some reason.)

The Eew-Not-Tuna! Guy. I'm not being too hyperbolic on this one. People need to growthefuckup about the smell of tuna. It's not that strong, it's not that gross. I ate it every day for FOUR YEARS in gradeschool, and I LOVED IT. Oh, and bell peppers go on this list, too.

Pictures from a guy whose job it is to be a film location scout in NY. Pretty cool shit. I am totally jealous of his job.

A Russian Professor's theory on the US's collapse... in two years. I'm sorry, but I just don't see it. I quite honestly think the US is too proud, for the time being at least, to fall, literally, to pieces; in addition, I severely doubt they would return to affiliation or possession of other countries if they were to break up. First of all, we no longer live in such an imperialist environment; and the US was (or is, depending on your views) an empire itself. Hawaii would be independent, no doubt. Perhaps captured later on for strategy, but for as long as possible I'm sure it would be independent. My guess is something similar would happen with Alaska, though I am sure their independent streak is slim to none; more likely they would fall in with Canada (who speaks English, and is attached closely, and has societal ties with US culture) than Russia (who is on another continent and, by dateline, the "other end of the map", and who speak Russian and dislike American culture). Texas and the south falling to Mexico? No. This is Texas we're talking about. They always have that underlying flavor of secession as it is anyhow, there's no way they'd go crying to Mexico or some shit. California under Chinese influence? Doubtful. Unless China could exert it's hand in a production-based strategy, and exert it heavily, I think US culture would stay far too intact of its anti-communist ideals. That whole central part falling into cahoots with Canada? Undoubtedly. Maybe not legally part of the country, but I think there's enough Northerner feeling. Ohio, though, I might add, I would see more likely hooking up with the South, despite its connection to Erie. I mean, seriously, have you talked to anyone from Xenia or Fairborn? There are places north of here people already consider The South. Scary thought. Atlantic states joining the EU? Don't you kind of have to be a part of Europe for that to work?

Fascinating from the point of view I have from my history classes' focus on imperialism in the World Stage, I can tell you that much.

Formulating energy out of roads being driven, kind of a cool idea. However, an article referred to this as a "green solution"; maybe you mean more "green" than the situation is currently, but since when was driving cars a help to any green project?!

FUCKING CREEPY AS SHIT BEACH SCULPTURES. Oh god the nightmares I am going to have. (...Metaphorically. I don't actually get nightmares.)

Ugh, I'm too tired for this Christmasing. Tomorrow, I swear.
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No, seriously, she does.

Well, okay, it's not brand new. '67 and it needs a lot of work, but she liked it. Sometimes... she is too dramatic for me, though. Her reaction to bringing that car around was a bit much. Then again, maybe I'm an ungrateful, spoiled child. Or I've been too bitter this year (which is true). Or I just don't see that reaction as legitimate... also probably true. Considering my reaction to things I like is usually over-excited jumping-up-and-down-ness. I dunno, Grandma's just kind of a drama queen.


In addition, my new opal, YAY, so I have a replacement ring so I have one fewer finger that feels naked. Plus, in the right light, it looks red and not blue. (It is probably the most gorgeous opal I've ever worn, ffs.)

That sweet antique-postal-box bank... And some Tortugas stuff (tie-dyed shirt, sweatshirt); a calendar (magnetic poetry!); ladybug earrings; I feel like I'm missing something. Oh, Laura and I got a shared copy of Beetle the Bard, but something else is missing...

Wow, how the heck did I come away with one and a half books for Christmas? Usually I have, like... a dozen. At least. Not that I'm complaining, I just can't remember that not happening for many years back.

Also I totally just got online because omg I did not get the #1 thing I asked for which was the Indiana Jones compeltely soundtracks! I mean honestly! D: (Lol, again, complaining facetiously.)

I finally feel all better, minus the Cough That Will Not Go Away (fuck you, sinus infection). More shopping tomorrow, paint for Laura's room and linens for me (Linens 'N' Things going out of business at the new year, fyi), also need to hit up Border's and a toy store. Two more stickers and I can get three limited edition crystal skull action figures with thrones! You think I'm kidding, but I'm not. I WANT THEM SO BADLY. I wish I could afford enough to have 13, lol. (I would need an entire German and a Russian army to get them, though. That is, of the figures they sell. WHY WON'T THEY RELEASE THE NEXT WAVES. I WANT TEMPLE AND CRUSADE FIGURES SO BADLYOHMYGODIAMSUCHANERD.)

OH. OH. I remembered what the other thing was. MOM GOT A ROOMBA! I am so geeked out, it's ridiculous. I want to make a Roomba cover. Dad saw you can hack them to sing midi songs. Some cats ride them around for fun.

I can't set up a poll, but I need your opinions; do we name it

>Rosie (dad's suggestion--you can guess why)
>Rupert (Laura's suggestion--she's been watching too much Family Guy)
>HAL 9000 (Laura's and my suggestion--I'm sorry, Dave, I can't vaccuum that)

For me, Rupert is right out. I'm leaning toward Rosie because midi isn't threatening enough for HAL and there isn't enough capability to fadingly sing Daisy as it works. (Or... shuts down. Or anything.)

SO YAY OMGROOMBA tell me your thoughts and let me know of any awesome Roomba shit you can think of. (If we had two, I'd make them joust. Possibly Roomba/Kitten joust.)

the list

Dec. 26th, 2008 08:01 pm
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Dad had me run out to the store to get supplies for chex mix, and ugghhhh I feel like crap again. I was hungry and grabbed a cookie on my way out, and now I'm not really interested in eating. Everything ends up tasting like stomach acid. :C Although I am really craving shrimp or sushi or something equally delish at the moment... (And by "at the moment" I mean "since I came home from Hawaii".)

Anyway, the list of things under the tree for me... My parents said they were going to keep it small since we decided to MOVE all of a sudden this year (seriously... still weird) and that our gifts would mostly be the house and new furniture and those sort of things. Buuuut I guess they had a little too much fun buying stuff.

Both mom and dad got Laura dvds of "A Christmas Story"... greaaaat. Now she can watch it all the time. That movie really annoys me, for some reason.

Probably one of my favorite gifts was a lamp and lampshade that James got for me... it's so flipping awesome. The shade is this burnt-orange-silk looking material with a brown damask pattern on it. Laura picked it out but seriously James whatthehellit'ssocool. Laura also got me this antique wooden stamp that used to be used for printing wallpapers, and an tibetan-looking chime, and a set of tibetan prayer flags.

I made Laura a scarlet-and-gray pillow, and now I feel bad that it was kind of cheap because she and James' gifts are so awesome... =/ But otherwise I didn't really know what to get her and I know she likes to spend. So, I dunno.

--Pushing Daisies Season 1 (!!!!!! I didn't put this on my wishlist because I was going to buy it myself, but YAY! Also, I need to remember to buy mom The Big Bang Theory for her birthday gift.)
--Galoshes! Unexpected but particularly useful on UD's puddle of a campus.
--underwear... you can never have enough.
--"dark blue" Lindt truffles (milk chocolate outside with dark chocolate inside)
--waffle house moneys!
--a "one minute organizer" book... strangely the only book
--SpongeBob Christmas Special DVD
--seat covers for my car
--a fuzzy and warm Dayton beanie
--UD socks
--orange tictacs
--my sister's old athletic iPod nano strap... stained blue by a backpack-highlighter leak, I am sure. I am also worried I will be sweating blue or stained blue myself. (I also had to restrain from making "I BLUE MYSELF!" jokes, as no one in my family watches Arrested Development.)
--TWO OF MY DAD'S ANTIQUE CAMERAS OMG THEY ARE SO COOL. One I think is maybe just a pin-hole, but the other one is the type where you flip the front out and it has this accordion-type thing behind the lens... SO COOL.
--a really wicked tin-covered wooden side-table for my room. It's made out of recovered Indian furniture... It's wicked. Not as cool as the velvet-and-polished-tin-stool from Europe that I wanted, buuuut significantly cheaper. And probably looks more well-traveled because it is older, and it looks a little grungier (read: oxidized).

I got a piece of pizza down, no trouble, but I still can't get rid of this taste in my mouth... And my head kind of hurts. I'm not as tired, though, which is excellent. I mean, I got at least 12 hours of sleep last night, that's rather excessive.
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Yep, this may qualify as the worst Christmas ever. Not because it was necessarily awful or something, or I hate the new house, and uncle Steve didn't even get in a fight with anyone; no, I just got fever chills after Christmas dinner (about 3 pm), tried to sleep it off for two hours, and then puked in the car on the way home. Awesome. I felt good for about ten minutes after that, and then you feel like shit again, and my back was killing me, and my mouth has this awful taste in it though the pain's gone away, and there really isn't anything I want to eat. Bleeeeh.

Also, this totally means I have to figure out how long my last record of not-puking is. I have a pretty solid gag reflex and I can't for the life of me remember the last time I vomited. It's been at least three years. Bleh. (And now I would trot out my list of synonyms for puke, a la 2095, but I really don't feel like it.)

I'm kind of excited about some of the stuff I got, though. Laura's bf, James, got me this really sweet lamp, and then she got me some other decoration-type stuff for my room. Mom got me galoshes (yaaaaay) so now I have shoes to wear on The Campus of Many Puddles. PLUS she and dad got me Pushing Daisies season 1 and Diagnosis Murder seasons 1-3! ROCK ON.

And, since I didn't really do a special Christmas post, I think I'm going to do the twelve days thing again. That was fun.

So, on the first day of Christmas, LJ gave to me: Darlene Love singing "Christmas (Baby)" "...(please come home)"

On the second day of Christmas, LJ gave to me: a very mod-art Christmas and Darlene Love singing "Christmas (Baby)".
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Well, I guess we're sorta all-moved-in. Stayed here last night, but now Laura's here, and mom made a few more trips home, and we have more food and we've actually cooked and eaten a meal. I miss Xenia. =/ And more than that, I think I just hate all the light pollution of living in the city, not to mention the fact that we are ONE BLOCK from a vry overly-lit campus.

Dammit, UD. >=/

You know what, though? I have really awesome friends. Even though it felt kind of cheap and lame, I really wanted to make mix CDs, so I made a mix of my favorite Christmas songs, and two songs from How I Met Your Mother, and people really liked them. =)

and now I talk about Catholicism, atheism, and Christmas )

That being said, merry Christmas, happy holidays, season's greetings, happy Hannukah, happy new year, pick your favorites. Or none at all. Or a different one completely. The point is, Peace on Earth, Goodwill Toward Men.

To me, that is Christmas.

And I'm really hoping I get the Indiana Jones soundtrack collection tomorrow... LOL. This post needs some levity.
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Movers came today to pick up about half of our stuff. It's strange.

Caroling was amazingly awesome last night. My toes got cold but that's my fault for wearing my Christmas chucks. (BUT it wasn't too snowy or icy or anything SO I HAD TO.) The thing about caroling is, I feel like you should be singing more "fun" tunes... Not stuff like Away in Manger.

By the by, I randomly read "manger" a few weeks ago and heard it in my head as "anger" with an "m" in front of it, and now I hear it that way almost every time. Weird.

Tonight is trivia night... I hope it's Christmas themed.

I realized I don't really have any Christmas-themed clothing, just my light-bulb (and my light-up) necklaces, and a really awesome Santa hat. Well, and my chucks. (Which people are consistently amazed that I painted... It's just fabric paint...)

Um um um. What else what else. We're moving the cats today... That will be crazy. I need to practice my horn and register for camp because I AM BEHIND UGH NOT GOOD. Saturday was the Brandstetter's party, that was fun. Sunday I saw Yes Man with Johnny, it was pretty good. I feel like Zooey Deschanel, as awesome as she is, kind of gets typecast. I could be wrong. Just moved stuff yesterday and went caroling... Hm.

My life is weird.

Hugh Laurie might be in the new My Fair Lady, which would be amazing because he's awesome and I can't stand to listen to the original because HIGGINS HURTS MY EARS. Oh, and Hugh Laurie is awesome.

A new Wallace and Gromit! I'm so glad they're not finished making these. I still very much want a "HAVE YOU SEEN THIS CHICKEN?" poster.
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Eff this weather, who decided today would be the best day to go caroling?


(At least dad agrees with me, he didn't think we'd be leaving this house for about two more years.)

Ffffffffffffffuck. Off to finish emptying out my room... so weird.
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OH MY GOD I GOT A ONE ON MY PLAYING AUDITION! :D I don't know how that happened. But I am really excited. So January 2-4 I am headed off to Wyoming, where I still have to do a marching audition, but which I am not at all worried about. Marching, I love. Marching, I can do. (Their vis staff was not able to get to the camp, so we were done early and everything. It was lovely.)

Oh my god, I miss drum corps so much. I can't wait for next summer. Just need to do more pre-conditioning this time around, and I'll be good. Arm strength, ability to run... Especially since everydays in June will be a mile high and cold. Breathing block will be miserable. And it sounds like Troopers is big on running laps.

But I'm glas I made the choice I did... It was interesting to hear the guys at the camp talk about how vets would go off to the "good" corps for a year or so and then age out back where they had family. Basically, the impression I got from my audition at Phantom was right... They are mostly interested in winning, not in who you are. Apparently one of their friends was the center snare for Phantom--center snare--and the staff didn't know his name until several days into everydays. That's ridiculous. And not to say every winning corps is there, but it just makes me feel better about not going to Crown. I think it's insulting to get money out of camps for so long and waste my time, not to mention... that. So much a different type of family, it's not even funny.

As for my computer, UDit is completely useless. Every time I email them about a message I am getting (no matter how minor) their general response is a lame question about retrieving data I already gave them, and "if that doesn't help then bring it in". So once again, they proved completely useless and with several hours of programs that didn't work, I finally found the solution through Google (I ran the fake program name as well as the "trojan" name). Oh, I don't know if I got that far in explaining before--it turned out to be an adware file that only looks like a windows security message telling you that you have a trojan (mine was Trojan.Zlob.G, but the file itself was merman.exe) and recommends you download a removal program (Program Defender 2009). This is fake safety software that "runs" a diagnostic to find the issue and fails partway through, prompting you to upgrade. So then the hackers get your money. And the multitude of anti-spyware programs I now have downloaded got rid of the fake security program, but to get rid of the adware (the fake windows messages) you have to start your computer in safe mode, go to Applications, find the "Google" folder and delete the two fake files in it. (I was worried at first, but there's nothing else there--it's not actually a Google folder.) So, once again, UDit is a failure and I fixed my own computer simply with Google-fu.

And now, lots and lots of linkspam because I've been a terrible, terrible tab user lately. And no lj-cut because I am CRUEL.

I rather love this Neil Gaiman poster. And speaking of zombies, I just watched 28 Days Later, which is a pretty good movie but feels... incomplete, somehow. But it did remind me of watching Sean of the Dead, which I somehow connected to that from the fact that I finally got my Phi Rho paddle, and I thought it looked like a cricket bat, and Christine and I somehow determined we are going to play cricket with my paddle and bouncyballs. Yesss. I miss Nookball a lot, haha.

This may be the saddest PostSecret ever. Not the most depressing, but one I could never understand... That's a sort of compromise I could never make, and it must be terrible to be in fear of something that other people think is so great about life. Wow, that was a really concise version of what I think and probably doesn't make a whole lot of sense... Maybe I'll expand upon it more later. I don't know.

Harrison Ford doing J. J. Adams Comedy? I'd be up for that. He's really entertaining with dry humor.

Daniel Craig wants Moneypenny and Q in the next Bond movie. EXCELLENT. Craig should be my new best friend. I want Q back and I think they should keep John Cleese. He can do srsface just fine.

The interesting source of phrases such as "in the limelight". Cool beans.

FSM nativity, pirates included. I love it. (The displays of FSM lights are awesome, too.)

I am totally doing this in my room. Now just to find tables...

This freedom-of-religion article showed up on my friendslist somewhere. I've had that sitting around but today I randomly stumbled upon an article discussing it (and atheist messages) which I think is really interesting. Another article about atheism where I think the more interesting topics are unrelated--digital ghosts and older people's mentalities. My dad said he read an article about the testing of older folks, and that it's not the idea that "old people are grumpy" but rather, they lose the ability to censor themselves, so to speak. Which is interesting in contrast to the idea that they are like children.)

A really interesting article about the "anti-wedding" which I may have posted when I was talking about feminism. It has a lot of good points. Sorry about the awkward formatting, the link to the actual article was really messy.

Thylacines can open their jaws up to 120 degrees... That's so, so disturbing.

The octodress. Is it not amazing? As creepy and fucking disturbing as ocotpi are, they are really cool as a deocrative element. (However, when they decide to take over the planet, we are doomed.)

This is some pretty cool art with lamps and such in nature. Awesome.

I forgot about this Pushing Daisies soundtrack that was coming out! SO MANY SONGS, I LOVE IT

Pretty cool article about major movie studio logos. I forget what the original reason was that this was so fascinating... Some tidbit I can't remember at the moment.

Pretty cool old "music video" from 1928.

I like these alternative Christmas Tree ideas.

Someone commented on Betty Page's death calling her "spectacularly singular"... I don't know why, I really like that phrase. And it's true.

So tonight I went out to dinner with my parents and grandparents and my aunt and uncle, and we got to talking about Facebook and the fact that my dad has one to keep in touch with people, and then of course my grandparents being my grandparents we started arguing about the morality of employers checking the Facebook profiles of potential employees. Of course I just gave them my solution--lock your damn facebook. But it's interesting what some people might think about what's on your profile, and different points of view on that. And talking to some people, it's weird to have parents on facebook. I was just looking back at an older post from when dad joined, and I said "WHAT" like it's weird but I think moreso it was just unexpected. Laura apparently didn't friend him, but she, who knows, might have something to hide. (Partying, probably.) I don't necessarily want dad to see my excessive cursing or the fact that I'm no longer Catholic (not that he'd necessarily see "pastafarian" and "church of heathus christ of ledger-day saints" not as humor only), but you know what? Laura's cursed in front of him, he knows we watch shit-for-tv or movies sometimes, I don't care so much. I don't curse in front of him or my grandparents, that's good enough for me. But other people talked about having family finding out about photos on facebook that they didn't want their parents or others to see, and you know what? I don't really get it. If you're worried, make it private, friends-only. If you're concerned about your little brothers and sisters showing your parents... Here's a grand idea: don't do anything in your life you wouldn't be proud of. If you make mistakes, admit they were mistakes and move on, but if something is a concern to your image, don't do it! I don't understand why that's so hard for people... I mean, from peers to politicians, what's so difficult about making good decisions? About thinking things through... Honestly.

Oh my god there is a hilarious skit on Robot Chicken about the construction of the Raiders temple. IT IS AMAZING. Hopefully it will be up on youtube superfast.

OH MY GOD. THEY CAN TAKE IMAGES OUT OF YOUR BRAIN NOW. You have no idea how long I have been waiting for this sort of technology to get started... I want to record dreams like crazy.

Whew, I think that's everything for now.
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I'm sorry to admit this, but I love that ad where people click their heels together in a "no place like home for the holidays" spirit. I don't even remember what it's for, because that's not why I like it. I just like the Christmas-magic feeling, you know? Face it, I'm a kid at heart.

Now if only exams ended about a week earlier so I had more time to prepare for Christmas... I have no idea what to do for gifts this year. I don't have the time or money to go shopping for everyone, so I wanted to do something fun and crafty that people will actually appreciate. But that takes time, and I need something that doesn't take too much time away from school stuff... Yeah. I need to be creative.
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Watching Elf... How did I not ever notice that the "news" footage of Buddy in Central Park is supposed to look like the bigfoot footage? Haha, see, that sort of random shit is why I love Will Ferrel.
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Halloween post! Unfortunately no time to do my standard "holiday post"... But such is November, generally.


Not really doing NaNoWriMo this year... but I did figure out that writing keeps me from falling asleep in class. Now if only I could pay attention and write at the same time... =/

God this month sucks.


Also-also, despite the fact that I go to a Catholic school, I do find it a bit double-standardish we get repeated emails about not chalking the sidewalks but the entire ghetto gets covered in saints names. I'm not offended, I just wonder if other groups would get permission to do someting similar. ANYWAY, the point of this is that immediately in front of our house is written "St. Polycarp" which just keeps making me want to make a Pokemon joke.

Poliwrath has evolved into Polycarp (Or would that be Magikarp... alternate to Gyrados... DO NOT ASK ME WHY I RETAIN THIS KNOWLEDGE, I have no idea how it stays back there)

Also, Sister Schmelling's Halloween letter about not getting too crazy in the ghetto... Lady, Halloween is not "deeply based in Christian history". ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY? YOU BASICALLY STOLE ALL THAT FROM THE QUOTE-UNQUOTE "PAGANS". ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY OR WHAT

Ohhhhh wait you're a Catholic in denial. If twelve years of Catholic school have taught me anything, it's that you're icredibly selective about your history.
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Ohhhhhhh gooooooooooood I am bouncing off the walls. Not very literally, just, AUGH my stomach is doing backflips.

I was nervous and now I'm excited and just omg omg omg. I have sooooooo much pent up energy and I don't know what to do with it! I hope I have a good, animated, cheering audience TOMORROW NIGHT because I don't think I'll be able to keep quiet.

Seriously I feel like I should be peeing my pants in excitement any moment now.

and yes I have of course already encountered the obvious "giddy as a schoolgirl" reference, lol

I'm forcing myself to run errands tomorrow to keep myself busy. I don't know if I'm going to be able to sleep tonight!

...Plus I have to find the bug candy I got. (The Dollar Tree is awesome: they had/have big black plastic beetles with green candy guts. I'm sure you can guess what I'm going to do with them.)

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH NERVES omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg

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You know, every so often, I get really interesting thoughts and questions. I remember reading something--I think when Ep III came out--about how it was clearly marketing and not precisely storytelling that all the new technology was created for. Obviously, that's one challenge of creating prequels, but SW IV, V, and VI all were in a period where technology had mostly hit its peak and wasn't going anywhere (I believe I've heard the term stagnating somewhere), and it's only 20 or 30 or so years later.*

So all this makes me wonder; when my generation is old, will we have the advantage of growing up with a completely new form of technology, so much so that we don't fall as much victim to advancement as the older generations of today?** I mean, Nana never really understood more than enough to check her email, and Grandma and Grandpa are weary enough of it now (though Gramps uses AutoCAD well at work, and I would presume Grandma uses Office plenty), and it's interesting to watch Dad hook up musical software and a keyboard for Miss Shoup, though she doesn't really like it. Or Father Ken not understanding installing/using iTunes. I mean, the technology we have doesn't seem to be going anywhere other than getting faster, better, or used for new things, but I'm not really sure we have many new places to come up with something revolutionary for (excepting, perhaps, time travel, but that's a whole other matter).

Just a thought.

Funnily enough for Christmas I got one of my favorite books from when I was little, the Time Warp Trio book 2095. I think I read it before second grade, because I remember drawing the Sell-Bots and I'm 99% sure it was in the second-grade classroom. Hmm, I must have read it when it first came out because that would have been some part of 1995, and it was published in '95.

Anyway, it makes me wonder if I'll be alive or what I'll be doing in 2095, and how much life will be different from now, or how close it will be to the book. I mean, it's been about twelve years since that was imagined and though we don't have holograms or anti-grav devices or sell-bots there are those FUCKING ANNOYING video ads at the mall. Which in 88 (!-hee) years will have "matured", as it were.

I hope I'm alive then. If I am I'll be in New York on September 28th. Just so you know. (Under Teddy Roosevelt's statue at the Museum of Natural History. We'll party.)

(Also, this book is THE definitive reason I collect synonyms for puke. I think it was the tomboy lit-nerd in me.)

*Now I suppose I should put some more research into it, but how established was the technology in Ep I, II, and III? I mean... where did podracing go by the time Luke rolled around? Although, to be fair (I suppose), Anakin was obviously some sort of genius and may have completely fucked up all the worlds' technologies with his new stuff, and the war. (As for continuity in the Star Wars universe I don't think I want to touch the books with a ten-foot pole. Except the one I got for my tenth birthday which I wish I hadn't given away...)

**Then again, my generation--which has GROWN UP WITH COMPUTERS, mind you--is none too adept itself. Watching my cousin or my friends try to install something is sad and hilarious at the same time. Though I take pride in not being an idiot computer-wise, nor being socially ignorant like all the newbs online who join communities and have NO CLUE to just sit back and absorb the tone of the place before doing anything. Ugh.
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Saw I am Legend yesterday. (Warning! Spoilers ahead.) Um. Yeah. So, I heard from everyone that it was really scary, and that they all came out being paranoid about those mutated-vampiric-humans jumping out at them. No. You know what? I feel ripped off. That ending was crap. Actually, everyone I went with thought the ending was crap. First of all, if these vampires can't break through that glass, why didn't he put that on his house instead of steel doors? And yeah, the blasts outside may have blown the ones on the windows, but the vampires busted right through the ones to the lab, and then clearly got stopped by the enclosure. Also, WHERE DID THE BUTTERFLY THING COME FROM? That came out of nowhere. Bwuh. AND THEN! There was room in the coal chute. What he should have done was put in the girl who was being cured with them. OR, you know, thrown the grenade and hopped in. If he put the girl in they would have had more than enough blood to find a cure as well as did they not have to refrigerate the sample or whatever?! Ugh. However, if I were the writers I would have had him throw the blood sample (which is what I thought he was going to do at first) and have them go crazy over it and eat it and have it cure them, and then not break through the glass. But whatever. =/

What I really want to know is, who looked at Bob Marley music and said, "Damn, this would make a sweet vampire movie."

Though I do laud them on their use of not having any music. It was quite effective.

But... Planes to bomb the bridges? And then how did Anna and her son get there? Whatever. They really could have done better with that movie.

Damn, also it's been TEN YEARS since Austin Powers first came out. Which I was kind of surprised, but then I thought about it and it makes sense. I only remember the rumors about Austin Powers III and then remembering it came out theatres (though I don't think I went to see it).

Eh, important things to talk about today, no?

Soooo... twelfth day of Christmas, right?

On the twelfth day of Christmas, the LJ gave to me--SierraMist Holiday Hawk,

a cute music video,
a funny movie parody,
a Bit of Fry and Laurie,
Aqua/Indy techno,
bearded singing nuns,
tiny kittens miaowing,
Chicago and some children,
Straight No Chaser singing,
God Rest Ye lights a-blinking,
and a "happy holidays" so merry!

So Merry Christmas! =)

So Johnny and Pat and I went sledding yesterday, which was fun, except that the snow wasn't good for it, even though it looked like it would be. And then they both tackled me twice so today my head has been utterly killing me. =/ I can't turn it at all. Oooooow...


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