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1) the IU marching band in pregame

2) two Trooper alumni involved in pregame, I'm not sure in what capacity

3) the IU drumline as well as Avon, Center Grove, Franklin Central, and Fishers high schools drumlines in halftime as "Madonna's marching band"

4) a guy who marched SCV, worked in some capacity for Blast, and is currently a show designer (drill? choreography?) for Scouts

5) Cadets' drumline recorded the drum cadence for halftime.

So can we get a FUCK YEAH INDIANAPOLIS? I take back everything I said pre-gametime.

Now if we could just progress to a full-on corps show...
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I'm going to start off by saying that at Finals last August the Mayor made sort-of a joke about having drum corps do the halftime, because they had invited him to come watch Finals and see how much work it took, how much athleticism.

I mean, I know he was probably locked into a show already? But you don't take a group of people who are looked down upon and say "you guys are awesome, maybe I would give you a chance" jokingly. It's rather dismissive. I'm not saying it was really realistic for the audience at Finals to expect anything would happen, but can you imagine if it had? Fuck. Woulda been awesome.

(Probably would have to be all age-outs since they would be the people who could afford it time-and-money-wise for rehearsal while having what it takes, I VOLUNTEER)

Aaaahahaha oh man, Hulubratory, Will Arnett is amazing.

...I really do not like LMFAO. I don't find them particularly clever or awesome, and their music gets gratingly annoying the more and more it gets overplayed.



Well, other than the extremely confusing mix of cultural imagery, let it not be said that Madonna doesn't fucking know how to do awesome entrances and costumery. She looks pretty damn good for her age, too!

Got some kinda interesting stunt dancers, too.




Lol Madonna shufflin', that is pretty awesome though.

Nicki Minaj! She's really growing on me, I like her.

CEEE LOOOOOOO <3 Also whose drumline is that?!

And that digital floor is pretty fucking awesome, a lot better than last year's which was Tron themed and FAILED FUCKING HORRIBLY.

Also my whole friends list is bitching about "what's the big deal about Madonna", but this halftime show is better than SO MANY OTHER ONES I'VE SEEN. Fucking shit.

"World Peace"... not sure why that got thrown in there. Seems horribly out of place in a huge AMERICA FUCK YEAH SWEATY GUYS BEATING EACHOTHER SENSELESS type celebration.

Okay, ad for The Voice is pretty awesome! Nice use of the Wilhelm scream. LOL BETTY WHITE TWIST, I LOVE IT.

Jesus christ Clint Eastwood, I fucking love you. I know this is a shitty car company ad, but for fuck's sake, the man is articulate as hell. And he knows America. In a good way.

...All in all, not a bad halftime.





Nov. 21st, 2010 10:10 pm
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I'm actually liking this daily challenge thing. Some days I'm a little busy to catch it in time, but for the most part, I'm actually making daily posts. :D SUCCESSFUL POSTING IS SUCCESSFUL.

Today's! My favorite subject to study... Man, I don't know. I love learning. I don't always love lectures, or homework, but I love the sense of accomplishment from understanding something, and the perspective you gain from it. I love love love reading. In case you couldn't tell from the fact that I probably spend a minimum of $50 every time I hit the bookstore... which is like once a month. And the fact that I spend sooooo much time online reading blogs. I LOVE INFORMATION. I think it's all one of the reasons I chose engineering--not just so I could get paid more for doing technical stuff (which I'm actually starting to think I might hate, as a job)-- but so I could have that background and understanding. Math and engineering and physics can be challenging, but once you understand it it's kind of amazing, the way you can see patterns. However, I'm not good at learning from proofs or methodologies; I sort of work from multiple examples, working my way through them to understand the subtle differences. This poses a problem wherein most engineering professors don't like to do tons upon tons of examples, I don't have the time to be in their office hours all day long, and the textbooks aren't much better (they usually just have one or two examples).

I like history, but I've found that challenging, too. I was fascinated by ancient history when I was really young-- Native American, Egyptian, Greek, Hawaiian (I remember checking lots of books on those topics out in gradeschool)--but I found learning American history out of a textbook difficult because our textbooks were written really poorly. This continued into high school where I already didn't have a great sense of world history, but I gleaned a little bit here and there except European History with the best history teacher I've ever had. He told events like stories, and would sort of reenact them with the help of his "time machine" (his closet), which often contained props like Napoleon's really cheap bendy plastic sword. He would often stop his storytelling at the MOST EXCITING PARTS, glance at his watch and tell us, "oh, looks like we're out of time!" There was one day, I believe, he was "out of time" with 20 or 30 minutes left in class. SO RIDICULOUS. But to this day I still remember the whole crazy story of Rasputin's death and the Russian royal family's deaths. And why everyone thought Rasputin really was a holy man (from either heaven or hell) by withstanding poison and being shot only to drown. (I think. He might have also survived drowning and then died of hypothermia or something...? Okay, wikipedia tells me he did die from drowning, but what I was forgetting was that he was beaten and secured before being thrown in the river, but then broke free of these bonds to then drown.) ANYWAY.

College history is a lot better, because we had a "World-War-II-In-One-Lecture-Using-Only-Battlefront-Maps-of-Europe" day, which gives just the kind of summary on the war that our crappy textbooks lacked that is kind of like a five-sentence-outline version of the politics of the time and let me start placing events within that timeline. Honestly, whoever wrote the textbooks we used in gradeschool and highschool needs to reevaluate their methods. The problem is, they told history like a bunch of individual stories, which makes it very difficult for someone with no overarching view to tie them together. There were basically no ways for me to string everything together into one timeline, at least, not well. BUT. Strangely, I got another good "summary" of globalization through Hawaiian and Pacific history, strangely enough--because it's essentially watching undiscovered lands mature into modern countries in less than two centuries. A century and a half, even. Not to mention, the Pacific was a significant part of WWII, which is a good education on the Japanese side of things rather than the standard Nazi/European focus.

I also like art, because it gives more relationships for history, and understanding the context of famous art pieces makes them a lot more meaningful. Although I now find Warhol annoying. I understand his intent but him, personally... he seemed kind of pretentious in his videos when we studied him. Like the forefather of Hipsters. (For srs.) Also, art history also makes you more prone to getting into discussions about the meaning and value of art (see: trivia night two weeks ago, haha!).

(For the record the argument was whether or not modern art is worthless. My position is that modern art is much more meaningful than other art because it is completely expressive at it is freed from the necessitation of replicating life exactly--that is, the invention of the camera and video, etc. allows for much more "creation" in art. The opposition was saying that this is pointless because you aren't simply looking at something, the art is in the emotion or the context, which isn't the art itself. SO. LET IT NOT BE SAID MY ART HISTORY MINOR WAS EVER COMPLETELY WORTHLESS.)

So! What have I covered so far? Math, physics, engineering, history, art... Music? Music is my-life-outside-of-design. I could do it as a career if it were the right thing. I miss marching and I don't know what I'm going to do without anymore marching band... ever. Although I am taking tap next semester, so, currently, dance is my closest-approximation-replacement. And tap is percussive, so it's closer than, say, ballet, which I can't watch anymore BECAUSE THE DANCERS DON'T MOVE NECESSARILY WITH THE MUSIC /rant

Okay. Am I missing anything else? Oh! English (and languages). I love grammar, and spelling, although that is something my gradeschool also taught poorly that I picked up in high school better. One, because I was learning a new language as well, so there was a focus on grammar, and two, because we learned to diagram, which is also a focus on grammar, and it's basically all like one big puzzle. Now if only I could do better with strange verb conjugations! OH, SUBJUNCTIVE/PRETERITE/IMPERFECT/ETC TENSES. (I also miss learning languages.)

Uh... earth sciences? I guess that's what's left? Also fascinating. I love nature. I find psychology fascinating. Astronomy is SO COOL. It probably helps that my parents are doctors, so my sister and I got a lot of weird biology talk (and a lot of big words) and a pretty good grasp on some areas of science when we were young. BUT, my gradeschool had a completely awful science teacher for 6th/7th/8th grades (shared teacher), so that wasn't great either. Although our books were at least better, more diagrams, more straightforward, so I could at least self-educate to some degree. Now, another topic for another day, our lack of good science communication is evident in science fairs in gradeschool and highschool, because my version of "original experiments" were never quite on par with what they wanted. I still don't understand what they wanted. Because it wasn't a demonstration of a principle, but my ideas were more often too strange to be taken seriously, it seemed.

My science fair projects throughout the years: whether people could actually tell the difference between cola brands, whether kids carried too much in their backpacks, whether cat saliva prevented germ growth (e-coli or streptococcus? or both? can't remember], whether edible fauna (a.k.a. pansies) contains vitamin C, and whether fake or real wine corks do a better job of preventing germ spoiling of wine. I'm missing seventh grade's project... I don't recall at all, really. At any rate, these projects were all off the wall because everything else I had come up with would have "been done before" (meaning my teacher didn't really want me to do that specific project, although they never really gave much advice as to what exactly I could do to improve it) so my methods were always slightly bizarre, and my data was never quite clean enough, and other than the science geniuses who managed to do amazing things (these are the people who make it to international science fairs, I mean) A LOT OF PEOPLE BULLSHITTED THEIR DATA. And got better grades because of it, because their presentations were easier when they didn't have to answer difficult questions about their data's subtleties. So basically despite the fact that "the data you get doesn't have an effect on your final grade", meaning, let science do it's job and don't force a proof of your hypothesis, I generally got fucked over by being honest. Yes, I'm still bitter about this. WHY? Because ethics are important to me. Because human treachery starts early. Because I get punished for being honest. Because my generation clearly doesn't have a problem with cheating and lying to get themselves out of a challenge. FUCK IT ALL I'M SO GODDAMN BITTER ABOUT THIS SHIT.

Sorry to give this a turn for the sad for a moment, but I really don't tend to trust a lot of people my age, and this shit is why. (On the other side, I trust them more on the technical side than I trust myself because, unless I feel I can do something perfectly, I feel very unsure of myself and second-guess myself to no end.) Same kind of shit even happened on retreats! One of my many disillusionments with faith--all the people who act like their religiosity made them so much better than everyone else, when they couldn't even set aside their phones and cd players and everything else for our week of poverty. (To the point that there were prank calls and a string of tampons and pads let down from our room to the guys' quarters. Complete bullshit for a whole week.)

ANYWAY I LOVE LEARNING BUT DON'T TRUST PEOPLE MY AGE. They are not above buying their way out of things. =/

I kind of want to do an anonymous study of gradeschoolers and see how many bullshit their data now. Ugh.

(This is why I've started to think I don't really want kids--I look at adorable babies and toddlers and think, "some day you are going to be an asshole.")

I may or may not be a horrible person.


Oh, I guess, in terms of "favorite subject", specifically, I guess I could say marching. Because drum corps is my life, and I don't know what I'm going to do without being able to do it any more. (Teaching is definitely not the same and I don't necessarily have the desire to be a music teacher. Although I could do visual, but it's still not the same as competitive marching.)
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YES I am all in holiday mood. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas... I am super ready. I decided I need to jump on the Christmas feeling when it comes rather than trying to wait until after Thanksgiving... Otherwise Christmas just doesn't feel very peppy.

I got a lot of shopping done today, basically DONE shopping for my costume. Now I just need to do all the painting. I wasn't able to buy that shirt and I couldn't find rigid collodion for the bottom lip scar, so I'll just have to try the liquid latex and if that doesn't work, meh.

So for the shirt? I don't know how I didn't come up with this earlier--why not just get a blue shirt and a permanent marker and DRAW THE FRIGGING HEXAGONS ON? So yeah, I need to do that. Still better than the stripes though.

Favorite Halloween movies: The Seven Faces of Dr. Lao, The Haunted Mansion... and now Indy IV. I think the alien angle might be too much for the rest of the year, lol. But this time of year I am just all about bizarre stuff, I guess... I mean one of my favorite songs is The Cockroach That Ate Cincinatti! Lol.

So here's the plan: Thursday hand out candy as Indiana Jones (really shitty costume except for my jacket and hat, LOL), Friday and Saturday as the Joker. SO PSYCHED YEAH

Oh, and Thursday is MSBA's, fuck yeah! :D
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I Put in Five Miles at the Office
article )


I've been looking for something similar for aaaaages, and I was considering just engineering my own tv/compy hookup for the treadmill we already have. I still think we can get some battery-charging or something out of it, too. WASTED ENERGYYYYYY

The RCA Dome gets deflated September 24

Boo :C I will still call Lucas Oil the Dome, I don't care!

I like Bosch, but this is pretty cool. A guy is repainting classics without living figures. It's sort of creepy, too.

So you know that awesome uke song I linked the other day? Well I found the original song, which interstingly enough is not from a musical. I am ABSOLUTELY NOT linking the original because the girl's voice is SO FUCKING ANNOYING (you can find it if you're that curious), I am not kidding. But here's a pretty good cover, minus the totally ridiculous dancing, and plus an AWESOME SCORE. As annoying as I'm finding the original song at the moment, I cannot help but think it would make an AWESOME drum corps show.

Hilarious history. You should read it.

And I know watching this will make you smile, AT LEAST once.
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Within 24 hours in the last day:

I learned you should not eat the gelling powder inside a diaper, or you will have some serious systemic blockage.

My math class had a "draw"-ing contest with our calculators. As in, calculators in bookbag, hands on desk, GO! Unzip backpack, flip open calculator, see who's got the fastest hand in the... east.

Domer's quote, taken completely out of context and abused for the rest of the night in every possible discussion--an awesome quote: "I was banging the queerness out of it/you!"

Ah, context, how lovely it is to displace you. =^n.n^=

I hope we play Capella next week... and haha Springboro!
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*sigh* I typed up a whole entry for BOA, and then IE just completely shut itself down. Grr. Anyway. Thursday, we had an awesome performance, minus the mikes' signals being bitchy and not working. But anyway- excellent performance! The waterfall in the trio... spotless! Glorious! w00tness. Friday I could not focus because I was so nervous about our score. (By the way- lunch was spaghetti and we played the pirates in football. Oh, yeah. We beat them, too!) We found out after half time that we got a Division II rating... so we could have scored badly, or well. We didn't know. Later they found out that we didn't make semis. Oh, well. Saturday was awesome! Semis were fun to watch. The skeleton band was definitely marching concert tubas without assistance. Yowza. Oowasa (sp?) had cool music, but the guard (dressed as birds) was too distracting for most people to notice. L.D. Bell (3rd in finals?! WTC?!), aka, the whore corps... haha! Ronald Reagan...OH MY GOD. WHY DID THEY GET SECOND?! Their show was GORGEOUS. Carmel won, I think just because they suspended their guard. Their music was crap, though. I ignored the show TWICE. No plume swtiches, amazingly. Lots of stuff stolen blatantly from this year's DCI shows. Afterward we found out we got 5th in our class (AA) and missed Division I by two points! (A 73... we needed a 75. I attribute those two points completely to the mikage, because the GE judge mostly talked about our balance, which was off because of the mikes.) I just checked BOA's site... it said we got 21st overall. That can't be right, because they took the top 30 (or 34) bands for semis, and we didn't go. SO... maybe that was 21st for our day? Anyway. Afterward, I roomed with Alicia, Teresa, and Suzie. I drank 20 oz of Diet Mountain Dew (grody) and 16 oz of regular (yummers) and 3 mini bags of cheezits. We watched almost all of Blast and all of the Stewie Family Guy Movie. (Which is pretty much only funny for the first hour.) I went to bed at 4, got up at 8:30... I'm still feeling it. Read Kevin's bathroom reader, saw the play (It's a Wonderful Life), went to a lame corn maze.

I'm going to miss marching band.

I already do.

I hope it snows tomorrow, that would be le tight. =^n.n^=


Oct. 30th, 2005 08:49 pm
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According to Johnny, w00t means "we pwned the other team." Which we did. WE THREE-POINTED BEECHWOOD AT MSBAs! They won prelims by two points, and we beat them by three in finals! Gold medals, lots of tears and hugs and excitement... we sang the show (well, more shouted it) and the fight song and other stuff on the short ride home. It was awesome. I have never felt so much... family love. It's shocking.
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Well, I actually have a homecoming dress (after my mom kind of freaking) and I bought Hitchhiker's Guide on DVD (meant to get it yesterday, fgackdangit). Yeah... funny thing about that. When the Improbability Drive was engaged in one scene, my cat took off like a rocket (Spatz- crazy cat). It was funny.

Yeah, band is going okay. I am busy to no end, we put on some of movement 4. My senioritis is reaaaalllly bad, which is not good. Argh. I'm a horrible procrastinator. I thought t I had some stuff to write, but I can't think of anything.

Oh. Well, some guys came and tore down our chicken coop and oil barn. There's a big muddy hole in the yard now where they're going to rebuild the oil barn. It's... strange. Very strange.

I am very very bored right now. And I'm procrastinating. And watching Hitchhiker's Guide. =^n.n^=
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Well, going to get an update in here before I get too busy. Today was not too bad, until after school. Tomorrow Lara and Rachel and I are going to eat Ciabatta bread and olive oil and QUESO MANCHEGO and grape juice for lunch. Oh yummers. Yeah. So. That was the good part of the day.

After school, we all walk in the band room and there are these papers on the wall; we are now required to SIGN UP FOR BUSES. Everyone gets pissed. Paris tapes a fork to a piece of paper which says "Grab a pitchfork, vive la revaloucion," or the equivalent; Danny posts a "10 drummers, 12 guard, sorry, my van's full," paper, someone tapes upa folder that says "suggestion box," and people start slipping notes in. The directors rip our stuff down. Practice goes ahead as scheduled, except kids are riled up. This time, I have been pushed too far, but I really can't get into that right now.

So, practice. We find a praying mantis, which we keep on our stand until it flies away and onto the shed. It climbes up and we watch (Meaghan and Edgar watch in horror, and I laugh) as it attacks and eats a daddylonglegs (minus the legs). Then we see a carpenter bee. Yeah, that was practice.

After school, I talk to people online. People are pissed, but have cooled a little, and suggested we just sign up as we get on, which is what I was going to bring up in a leadership meeting if we have one (in which we would inevitably be told that "it's not a democracy," as always). I find out that about half the people who are likely going to be in Winter Perc are not going to be present for WGIs. Oh, my, the hilarity.

Pause here for pointless dress shopping with my mom. We didn't even hit a store with dresses before they closed. HOWEVER, I did buy the queso manchego, the BEST CHEESE IN THE WORLD.

Get home, I'm about to get on AIM right now, and so far it sounds like Mrs. Minge's in deep shit for TALKING to us (albeit they're rumors). Seriously. And this is all because of paranoid band moms who don't realize WE'RE EFFING MATURE ADULTS?! OR CLOSE TO?! COME ON! WHAT THE MOUNT SAINT HELENA HANDBASKET?!

I am pissed BEYOND WORDS.

And I still have to deal with the uniform thing, like I orginally planned. OH MY GOD.
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Well, last King's compy. Only got to see Touchdown Jeebus, the Anatomically Correct Horse(s) and the railroad fun once, cuz my dad drove us home another way. Phooey. Anyway, the show was pretty good, we won First Place in AA, but didn't get best guard or percussion. Oh well. I think there's a pretty good chance we could win MSBAs this year for our class.

Well, this morning I went to Panera with my mom... it was yummy. I got a chocolate pastry that is popular in Spain (fluffy pastry with chocolate and honey...mmm), and a HUGE cup of tea. Then we went to the Dayton Mall to look at a dress for homecoming, but they had sold it. So we went next door to the pet store and played with the lonely-looking Persian kitten they keep "outside." It was adorable. Nicest purebred I ever met. *cry* SO CUTE! Yeah, then we had practice (good runthroughs) and compy (ok show, but we won).

Brian Reagan is awesome, and now a ton of band kids know it. And so, the quote for tonight:

Sou: "Good job tonight guys."
Johnny: "YOU TOO! ...Oh wait, you didn't do anything. I'm a DOOFUS."

Yeah. Kevin's kinda pissed because he probably won't use the stage for his solo, according to the directors. Anyway. That's all I got. =^n.n^=
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A disney thingy from the talented [ profile] wolfsbane124:
I am Amelia!

She's a cat, and she's a pirate (kinda) and she's cool. Yup.

Anyway, after pregame when we were in parade rest for the tunnel, I saw some random girls taking pictures of my on their camera phones since I was standing stock still in parade. Yeah, I'm cool like that. Halftime was ok, postgame not too cool. I had a headache and was really pissed at the drumline (have been all week, and I'm sorry for it) and pissed because everyone was just making fun of me and the freshmen won't behave, and my friends are depressed left and right and I'm sick. Ugh. I'm not one to complain, but today just kinda sucked.

On a another note, HAPPY FRIDAY! And so I present to you a pirate song:

What do you do with a drunken sailor?
What do you do with a drunken sailor?
What do you do with a drunken sailor, earl-y in the mornin'?

Put 'im in the scabbars with a hose-pipe on 'im,
Put 'im in the scabbars with a hose-pipe on 'im,
Put 'im in the scabbars with a hose-pipe on 'im, earl-y in the mornin'.

Yeah. That's about all I have to say. King's tomorrow, w00t!
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Due to the fact that many of my friends follow Xanga, I update there more than here, but often with pointless posts just adressing issues or the like. Anyway, just this once I'm going to copy my post over to this blog; it was long and important and I don't want to rewrite it, with all the issues I covered. So, here we go:
"Wow, you guys left a lot of comments lately. Haha. Aaanyway, I kind of realized I like my othe blog more than Xanga because Xanga's protected entries can only be for 10 friends if you have a free acount, and that sucks.

So. An update. Visited the gradeschools today. Tell ya what. Best part of my day was learning how to conduct 3 versus 2 (for those who don't get it, 3 on one hand, 2 on the other). Yeah, so... life is kind of teh suck right now. I mean, I'm not depressed or anything it's just that there have been a million better times in my life than what's oging on right now. Argh, Grapes of Wrath, you spite me so!

What would be really sweet (only a daydream here, folks, not actually going through with it... I have a lot of "ideas" like that) is to just run away and live out west survival style. I think I could do it. It'd be tougher at first, but I'm smart and eventually I'd settle into it and just be happy. I just want to wander around for the reat of my life, learning. I think that's what I do best. I don't necessarily need other people, I'm fairly individualistic. Oh, understatement of my life... Anyway. I just need to get away. Somehow. Problens plague me that I know I can handle, I just don't want to. I've had to deal with them a million times before and I know I'll get through but I'm ready for soemthing new.

Maybe go with Operation Courage, haha... yeah right. Anyway.


Yeah. I needed to rant. Sorry to any drumline peeps out there, I'm not really mad at you, just (a person). If you feel insulted talk to me, I'll give you a hug or advice or something (*coughadvice#1watchmeaghancough*). Anyway. Rant done. Needed to vent. I apologize again and again if you think I'm a pompous egotistical prat, but I suppose fair is fair.

Grrrrrr....just grrr...OH MY GOD TOMORROW WE'RE PLAYING BOLERO! w00t

I had some other good news somewhere but I forgot it... I'm going to write up the Diagnosis Murder Themesong tomorrow... I learned how to do a flag toss and drop spin today and might be in Winterguard if Sou decides that me being gone for WGI percussion finals would not merit me being in winter perc... Um... ugh. Just UGH. Just GAH and ARGH and FRUSTRATION and CAPTIALLETTERSZOMGANGST. I feel... restless. But it's coming out as frustration, and therefore lots of emotion and crying and ARGH.

Yeah, so I still can't remember that random good news I had. Hum. I miss some people, the perky people. There's so much DRAMA now. I wish everyone was more like... happy friendly in person and kept drama to themselves. (That includes PDA, and some other types of good drama... yeah, hold hands, hug, but not much more. Thanks.)

I think I'm going to keep typing until I come up with what I was going to say. argh, that's not going to happen. My two cats are killing eachother in the other room... just kidding. In other news, I'm going to steal Domer's cat Jazz (yay for me liking cats).

I need a good stress reducer... (or restlessness reducer? maybe it's just the moolatte I had, with choclate. talk about caffiene. Maybe that's why I'm jumpy.) other than telling people my problems... because I am always paranoid that they're going to tell someone and get them spread all over or start being stressed out themselves about my problem and more argh.

I WANT TO TRAVEL! I WANT TO MAKE SOMETHING, SOMETHING BIG! I WANT TO TAKE ON A BIG PROJECT OF MY OWN... but I have all ideas and no time, and not enough people or ideas to help out *le sigh*

Why am I so stressed? What the frick happened to me? Why am I so... restless? argh, argh, argh, argh, argh, and more argh.

(Randomness: A cheetah (or leopard? whatev) can jump higher than a kangaroo.)

What's his name and his gaxillion RVs (oh...yeah, his name is Tom Raper.) is sending 200 RVs to areas affected by Katrina, full of supplies, for families to keep FOR FREE. Talk about generous! If only more HUMOUNGOUSLY RICH people did stuff like this all the time, the world owuld be such a much sweeter place! I mean... wow. That's so the shiz. (Yay! Shiz! Wicked! w00t! ...gotta get me some green opera gloves, and a black dress. Yes, strange. But I'm like that.)

Lastly, Westy, why do you have Laura's skirt... AT HOME? (Seriously, the joke was funny, but I didn't think you were actually going to take the skirt home.)

*awkward* =^n.n^="

Update: Stress level significantly down. YAY.
Uh... yeah not much happened today. More updates later. =^n.n^=

(Oh, Domer left me a note on my Xanga saying that afer I hung out with his cat for a good two hours [the DCI thing], the cat is not crazy anymore, and I am now "The Cat Whisperer." Just thought I'd share that nerdiness. Haha.)
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Haven't updated in a while. We lost the CJ game Thursday, just like I predicted. Last night (although still right now...) we went to Friendly's after our 4+hour practice. Then we went bowling. Kylicia (minus Kyle for the bowling), me, Mrs. Minge, Domer, and Fisher. Domer did a sprinkle shot. Fun times. Endless jokes. The quote of the day:

Me: No, you're the bandit.
Peter Certo: I'm the bandit?
Me: You're the bandit.
Peter: I am the bandit.
Me: Coo coo cachoo.

It was good times. In other random news, I have (at least, with a sore throat) a 2 octave singing range and my dad bought Blue Juice for my valves which is going to kill them. Northmont later today (after I go to sleep). Yes... cherry blow pops and the water bottle game... also finding the hirhgt of the stands because we know the time and gravity. w00t the nerds. =D

Also, Lara and I totally owned at our Don Quixote/ Sancho de La Mancha vocab skit. w00t.
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Wow! I'm seventeen now... haha. Anyway... marched the Riverside Founder's Day Parade, that was not too bad. It rained some, our show runthrough was all right. Was going to go out with some friends, but it didn't work out. Was going to go to a party, but I just felt like staying at home. I watched Chicago, which is a freakin' GOOD movie. Talk about ironies... Anyway, we headed out to the Egyptian Festival for dinner and expected booths and stuff (and w00tness culture!) but it was just... a dinner. So we went to the Lebanese festival. YUM. Oh my goodness YUM. Mmmm... pine nuts.... and just mmmmm. And cool dancing! Beside that... I came home to watch Newsies, but now the Twilight Zone (a newer version) is on, and it is awesome! ...I'll watch Newsies afterward. Heh heh. =^n.n^= See people later.
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Heh, I just saw that Levi's ad where the guy throws rocks at the windows until he finds the cleaner lady. I really like the song in it..."I must be Love," or whatever.

So, I am 17 TODAY at 6:47 PM! I thought I should add a few songs I've been singing lately, just for laughs:

"I am 16 going on 17..." and etc. I don't really like that song except I can sing that line for now!

Then there's Newsies, which, for once, I'll post an actual entire song. I love this musical now...
"So that's what they call a family
Mother, daughter, father, son
Guess that everything you heard about is true
So you ain't got any family
Well, who said you needed one?
Ain't ya glad nobody's waitin' up for you?

When I dream
On my own
I'm alone but I ain't lonely
For a dreamer night's the only time of day
When the city's finally sleepin'
All my thoughts begin to stray
And I'm on the train that's bound for Santa Fe
And I'm free
Like the wind
Like I'm gonna live forever
It's a feeling time can never take away
All I need's a few more dollars
And I'm outta here to stay
Dreams come true
Yes, they do
In Santa Fe

Where does it say you gotta live and die here?
Where does it say a guy can't catch a break?
Why should you only take what you're given?
Why should you spend your whole life livin'
Trapped where there ain't no future
Even at seventeen
Breakin' your back for someone else's sake
If the life don't seem to suit ya
How 'bout a change of scene?
Far from the lousy headlines
And the deadlines in between

Santa Fe
Are you there?
Do you swear you won't forget me?
If I found you would you let me come and stay?
I ain't gettin' any younger
And before my dyin' day
I want space
Not just air
Let 'em laugh in my face
I don't care
Save a place
I'll be there

So that's what they call a family
Ain't ya glad you ain't that way?
Ain't ya glad you got a dream called Santa Fe?"

Yup... Lara and Katy decorated my locker... *hugs* and Lara got me a mythical beasts coloring book and a Frank Lloyd Wright coloring book, and more sharpies! *hugs more* Those were the highlights of my day, along with the H.E.I.S.

Low? Definitely all the drama that stems from homecoming and other dances... I thought maybe it's be my year, but hoo-boy. Drama level is way too high for comfort.

Anyway...we'll see how this goes. =^n.n^= Oh, man, my throat is killing me. I sang as loudly as physically possible along to Newsies as I drove home from tonight's game, which, by the way, we beat Beaverditch 34 to 14, or soemthing dismal like that. We always have, we always will.
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Well, today was a pretty great day. In band, we played 2 songs, one we played yesterday and part two (with 80 measures of rest until we play). Music theory, OH BOY, we learned how to make a scale and the first five sharps. World religions we are watching Baraka, which is a very cool movie. Spanish was pretty cool; we're learning about spanish artists, which really brought me back to all the stuff we say in Spain... it was awesome. Calc, no homework! Us Politics and government, I found out that even though I hate that class it is way too easy and I am the smartest kid in the class (I got the top score on the pretest... yay). Unfortunately, I am surrounded by folks who don't care... Anyway, the highlight of my day: Mr. Hemmert liked what I said about e. e. cummings' emphasis of poetic "energy" he wrote it in his notes... that makes me really proud, because Mr. Hemmert is awesome and all his top students that I have known are awesome people, too.
So, Gold Award review went well, we're basically approved to begin! I got back with only a few minutes left to practice, so it wasn't worth it to get my instrument out or anything. Laura and I went to Penn Station for dinner; I really don't like hot subs that much, of any kind. I listened to Newsies three times through today and I want to watch the movie tonight... I'm working on memorizing the words.

For some reason I was just reminded of the ska band that Chris and Domer want to start... Haha! Yeah... I love writing parodies... I have no idea where those last two thoughts came from, they just struck me. e. e. cummings is awesome! He is a genius, and I understand his poetry pretty well. =^n.n^= Lara and I traded backpacks today, haha, we're such nerds... I love the hallway crew!


Aug. 19th, 2005 08:36 pm
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OH YEAH! We actually went to King's Island today; Johnny, Domer, Steven, and I. It was awesome. We started out on Face Off, then Drop Zone (first time on that one for me), and then Delirium... and then pretty much all of our adrenaline was gone. Last time I was there was the opening of Drop Zone and Son of Beast (and Tomb Raider? maybe?)... so it was fun. Standing in line in the action zone they were playing soundtracks and we heard the Star Trek First Contact, and we sang along (well, not Johnny). We hit Son of Beast, Racer, Adventure Express, Flight of Fear (where I was blind because the line went so quickly my eyes never adjusted), Beast... by that time (I think) ut was lunchtime and we realized I locked my keys in my car. SO, security came and saved us. (Yay! Thank you nice security guys! [But not the Ebil Security Lady]) So after we ate lunch, Tomb Raider was open then, White Water Canyon, then Beast again to dry off, then we sat for 30 minutes oro and got some caffiene in us because we were all quite shaken up and our heads hurt... and then the Scooby Doo haunted house ride (and then the carousel!)! Haha...then we rode Congo Falls, Top Gun, then Son of Beast again, then Face Off. I think at that point we stopped again just to sit. Then we went and rode Vortex, and Tomb Raider (and this time the video played, and I was in the center! Both times front row, w00t!), and then Beast one last time. It was a ton of fun. We were bored (it was 7) and hungry, and didn't want to stand in line for The Italian Job, so we just spent an hour at Taco Bell, then came home. It was a great day.

Tomorrow is the party! 3:00, family and friends, side dish or dessert! LET'S DO THIS PEOPLE! =^n.n^=


Aug. 14th, 2005 01:26 am
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Well, Cayman planned a Nerdfest tonight, because there is a meteor shower. I drove out to Carroll to mett folks, only to find out we were turning right around and going to Ceasar's Creek. We had to wait for it to get dark, then the clouds to go away... we could only see bits of the sky at a time. We say Perseus, Casseopeia (sp?), Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, Draco, Cygnus... and a lot more. It was me, Pat, Cayman, Jonathan, Carolyn, Lisa, Rachel (class of 04), and Jacob. Fun times. Very nerdy. Jonathan had one of those high-class laser pointers that reflects off the air particles so you can point at stuff in the sky. Around 12:30 a storm that had gone around us rolled over us, so we got out before it started to rain. We had a list of "top ten things said late at night" but we only got a few down, and I can only remember the first three:
1) "Um, you're stroking me." Jacob to Pat, because Pat was using Jacob as a footrest.
2) "Not in MY mouth!" Me, talking about how the aftertaste of Sun Chips is NOT good to me.
3)"Jacob, you're just furniture." Lisa, because mostly everyone used Jacob as a pillow.

We spent most of the night eating/drinking pop while laying out on blankets and kind of watching the sky while we talked. We took a few chances to check out an astronomy club's telescopes. We talked about band and carroll a little, but mostly it was the college kids talked about drinking, partying, etc. while Pat filed all that away in his brain for college, while Jacob and I just kind of sat there going, "Um... I'll take your word for all that."

All in all, a nerdy and exciting night! =^n.n^=

And it looks like I'm NOT going to King's Island afterall tomorrow. Darn.
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Ok, IM-ing with Kevin.

Carguy1488: that's the straightest i'll ever be

Even in context, it's awkward! :D Roffle! =^n.n^=
So, context:

Carguy1488: i'm going to work on this like all day on sunday
Carguy1488: like 10 hours straight
Carguy1488: that's the straightest i'll ever be
Carguy1488: :'(

Ah, I'm running my own little [ profile] metaquotes!


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