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Apr. 1st, 2011 07:18 pm
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I would like to take a break from my homework hiatus to tell you of three amazing things I learned today:

1) Bruce Wayne likes polka and it's canon. (Weird Al and the Scooby gang were on Batman: the Brave and the Bold today. It was amazing.)

2) The new My Little Ponies show is indeed as awesome as I suspected it might be, so I might have to start watching it now. And there's a(n unofficial) pony called Derpy Hooves, who is a minor character that became a fan favorite, who I am going to pretend is only derpy for the sake of being silly. (I do that a lot.) Also, this MLP has a lot of guy fans, which I love, and the fact that so many of them are on /b/ is even more amazing. (I still don't like the original MLP though, the design work on this is just... favorable. And awesome.)


I WILL SEE THAT MOVIE (at midnight if possible) WITH NO SHAME.
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HOLY SHIT I SUCK AT POSTING. This thing has been sitting on my desktop for a month and a half, christ, shame on me. Anyway. I'm trying to make better habits for myself... Some are getting better (I keep a real schedule on my ipod! I'm under 100 firefox tabs consistently!) and some not (I don't check my calendar, I forget things, I haven't organized many piles of files on my new computer... from a year ago...)

Shia says Indy V will be crazy. idk what to think. I'm excited but hesitant at the same time? Eeengh. Like I said after Indy IV, I mean, at least they can't do that one anymore. (Also, I told you so. Also-also, I am kind of sick of hearing about your stereotypical MacGuffins: the spear of Longinus, Noah's Ark, all that stuff.) GO TO HAWAII, PLEEEEASE

But, uuuuhhh, if Spielberg pitched a script, I'm guessing this is happening. So... yay?

...I'm depressed that that last sentence has a question mark attached to it. :(




While we're doing videos, this time-lapse-experiment-turned-art-video is absolutely fantastic:

ANTS in my scanner > a five years time-lapse! from françois vautier on Vimeo.

I hope this is just some lawyers having fun, and were not actually hired over legitimate offense.

I didn't even know they had finished the script for this, shit. Three months away was apparently a COMPLETE NEWS ISOLATION, much moreso than usual. (Nobody famous died.)

This movie looks awesome! That hat looks awful. (Short crown + extra-wide brim = grossnasty.)

Ghostbusters/AC/DC mashup:

Lady Gaga kidnaps Comissioner Gordon. Guys, I was about to say "I want to live in that world", and then, you know, I remembered that Lady Gaga is a real person and kicks major ass.

A good essay on Iron Man 2, which I am still excited about. The awesome thing about disappearing from the world for three months to memorize a metric assload of numbers until you've lost 15 pounds is that, when you get back, all the movies you just watched in theatres (and loved) are about to come out on dvd. Fuck. Yeah.

Some awesome shots from the filming of Star Wars.

So, "mad science", you say?!

That is the kind of awesome shit I'd like to do with my life. (I must say, though, that the closest I've ever come was destroying an antique rusted oven with a sledgehammer. Also fun, except for the part where the paint chips were popping off the bent metal everywhere...)


Jesus, it's about time! They better make these. Not that I'm planning to buy any, but, yeah...

Oh, James Cameron. I thought I couldn't hate Avatar any more, but I was wrong. You think you're God's gift to cinematography when really it sounds like you're just a rich bully. I kind of want to go see Pirahna 3D, even if I hate it, just to fucking spite you. Goddamn.

BUT THE GOOD NEWS? Rick Moranis may come out of retirement for Ghostbusters 3. HELL. FUCKING. YES. As long as this shit is better than the game (a bit repetitive story-wise, in relation to the movies). Also, I thought we were already clear that Oscar is Venkman's? There's some banter toward the beginning of the second one that that is what I took away from it.

OH HEY THERE BLACKBEARD. Why the fuck don't you have cannon fuses in your beard?! Jesus, the man should look MUCH more epic than that. For god's sake his body circled his ship seven times before sinking after he was beheaded! (Fuck yeah pirate lore.)

Chewie: not nearly as adorable as Winnie. But still hilariously adorable.

Here! Have a picture of Viggo the Carpathian.

Okay, now, look. I am all about crazy costumes but I don't even know what's going on here.

So adorable.

If the world is making you feel weary (although I don't see how that's possible after all those adorable kitties), I prescribe this.

Next video: An apparently sanctioned-by-Lucas video about the dumping of Jabba's cargo. With a creepy animation of Han Solo. (BUT I SAW THAT RAIDERS REFERENCE. I SAW IT.)

...Definitely thought it was going to be something like River Tam in the box though, the shape was eerily similar.

Heheheh kitty parkour.

HOLY SHITBALLS this woman has completely missed the point of feminism. Oh my god this article is rage-inducing. OH. MY. GOD.

Good news, videogamers! Playing video games enhances decision-making skills. That is, it enhances your ability to make choices faster.

Oh! An antibiotic-resistant superbug. Awesome. This may be our downfall. However, if you're worried about the apocalypse, I just thought you'd like to know that science seems sometimes straight-up fictional. I know a lot of zombie movies/novels/etc. lately have been leaning on diseases like ebola, mad cow disease, or other things to explain the basis for the disease. So here's a crazy fact: mad cow disease causes cattle's eyes to glow. WTF.

Rechargeable cars are less hurtful to the environment than gas, even if charged using "dirty fuel". And it's crazy, if it could charge using renewable sources--solar, wind, etc.--it's FORTY PERCENT cleaner than a gas-using car. Holy shit. Why is the world so resistant to changing how we use our resources? :(

(Answer: laziness, greed, but it still pisses me the fuck off.)

I read an article the other day about how an old solar panel from the White House was rediscovered, and some students, led by Bill McKibben, took it to the White House to see if they would take it back as a symbol of good faith and an attempt to move conservation forward in the eye of current US politics. Some of the statistics were incredibly impressive--like the fact that seed sales increased by 30% the year Michelle Obama was promoting her White House garden. But the kids were taken into a "war room" and basically told no. The whole thing made me so sad, particularly because I remember McKibben speaking to my freshman class on his book we all read, and because we were stuck in a hot, sweaty gym with a rather heavy book (as in, the material, not the book itself), he kind of got ignored by most people. And trying to sort out the fifty interested students in a room of 1000 or however many it was is not really a simple task. Anyway. The whole thing just makes me depressed for the state of our politics. I don't understand why people want to spend so much money on stuff and on keeping things the way they are instead of helping people who need help, helping the WORLD that needs help. I don't know. Maybe that's my bias of too many years of marianist catholic education speaking. I'm too hopeful, I suppose.

Cats drawn as Marvel characters! Adorable. And hilarious. Particularly Spidey and the Sandman.

OKgo's new video to encourage the adoption of shelter pets. Amazing as usual.

Surprise! Facebook is fucking with you again. And this is why I keep all my info private except to people I know.

NEWSIES IS GOING TO BROADWAY, hilariousyesfantasticyesssss.

If superheros were hipsters. I particularly like PBRman. Also I feel like Spiderman isn't that far from Tobey McGuire Spiderman because DEAR LORD DO I HATE HIM. (Also, LOL at Aquaman--Northwesterners are a silly people. I learned that this summer.)

Mysterious civilization hidden in the Amazon--I think this is the same thing (SPOILER ALERT!) Lost City of Z talks about. BUT NOBODY KNOWS. It's fascinating.

Carnivorous plants dwndling across US; I wonder if this might have anything to do with all the bugkiller sprays we use? (No idea, just a thought.)

Shark attack survivors team up to save sharks.

ATHLETE'S FOOT MEDICATION COULD CURE WHITE NOSE SYNDROME! Finally, a hint of good news on that front.

Bug people are crazy. So are geologists.

Some foreign memes for you. I particularly like Makmende, for some reason. I suppose it's like Chuck Norris, but cooler, because Chuck Norris has kind of turned out to be a douche. (Clint Eastwood = cooler than Chuck Norris.)

A really good article about building the mosque. It sums up my feelings on the subject pretty well.

Where can you find Ned and Chuck, Henry Jones (Sr.), and (old school!) Zaphod Beeblebrox? Cons, of course. (Those PD outfits are fantastic, though, seriously.)

Interesting bit of Raiders trivia.

Oh my god, remember the ad for Iron Man 2 where Pepper smooches Tony's helmet, and it wasn't in the movie, and everybody got upset? I present to you--THE ALTERNATE OPENING:

(Fan. fucking. tastic. Why did they not do this one, now?)

And another fantastic short.

Star Wars yoga, absolutely hilarious. And rather clever.

Obscure Taco Bell trivia! A.k.a. the random shit I will bring up in conversation that may eventually lead to me singing the Gordita Anthem. This, in fact, happened this week despite me finding the article months ago, although it did not lead to Gordita-anthemizing, which is a shame.

Here is a fantastic interview with Patrick Stewart, and within it is a fantastically creepy tidbit of their interpretation of Macbeth, which I am cutting for the rare case of spoilers )

Is that not fantastically Halloween-y in the best manner? It absolutely is.

First of all, this article is rather old. Second, I doubt it is more than tongue-in-cheek coincidence, and three, Hex of the Hydra sounds godawful. Like the books series.

OH MY GOD. So I was watching the new Sherlock Holmes (not for the first time), but I also decided to watch the bonus material. Apparently they decided Jude Law was more of the ladies' man than RDJ, so they took to calling him Hotson on set.

omg. Hotson.

I can't even. It's hilarious. Anythus.

Much like Rule 34 of the internets, I surmise there must be a similar rule about blogs and personal interests. If you have thought of it, someone, somewhere, has already posted about it online. There is a cool blog called Strange Maps that posts, well, non-generic maps. This particular post has some interesting material on worldviews. It's rather fascinating, but my main point of this whole thing is that the Bulgarians think Poles are all sexy fembots.

I. Don't. Even. Know.

What I do know is that I need to post things more often because I have AT LEAST this many more links piled up in my Google Reader waiting for me to take action. And FIVE MORE old posts on my desktop from before I left this summer! Luckily those posts actually have some real content, like some book reviews.

So, real stuff now, we went to the Yellow Springs Street Festival today. I got an awesome monster shirt, a necklace for my medusa costume, and a beaverfelt antique collapsible tophat! The sad part is I got home and realized the tophat is too small :( BUT I refuse to get rid of it for the time being. I also walked RIGHT PAST Dave Chappelle without even noticing at first, who was saying that the street fair was "like Yellow Springs normally, but gayer". Which... I don't know what that means? Because it's almost the opposite. All the out-of-town people come to visit for the day, so the percentage of hippies is decreased by at least some...

Also my sister finally found the CORRECT version of the Taco Bell Gordita Anthem (thank you, 1998) and I downloaded it for the sake of posterity. POSTERITY I TELL YOU.

(begins at 1:40ish if it doesn't play correctly.)

[EDIT] If I had been paying attention or had any creative/organizational method of linkspamming (Captain Obvious Hint: I don't) I would have posted the Ghostbusters/Rick Moranis thing followed by the carnivorous plants thing followed by the Newsies thing. Points to you if you know how those three are related.

Alas, I did not, and I also need to post this in the case I missed posting it before:

Also-also, tomorrow is 42 DAY as in, the date is binary for 42 (101010), and it happens only once every hundred years, and tomorrow we are getting together to watch the Hitchhiker's Guide movie, probably have a Vogon poetry reading, and get our brains smashed out by a slice of lemon wrapped around a large gold brick. Coincidentally that is the name of my ipod and there will be no citruses anywhere near my electronics, thankyouverymuch. (I've taken to naming my electronic devices after science fiction things, or other related items; this new lappy is HELPeR486.)

Also-also-also, I am very afraid for this Pan-galactic Gargleblaster recipe, which is, essentially, take Everclear, cut with liquors:, scratch that. I may be looking at the wrong recipe. Anyway, there's a lot of alcohol, plus a little bit of mixers, add olive, et voila.

If I weren't so convinced I'll be smashed rather quickly, I'd throw in a gin & tonic to boot. Maybe I'll pour one out for my gpa who seemed delighted about the affair but clearly can't make it (and probably shouldn't be consuming high levels of alcohols).
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It could thusly be argued that Indiana Jones fought "aliens" in Raiders of the Lost Ark. It is also a sad thing that the freaking Lego Flying Wing costs like $70. I think I have the Micro Machine version, though, SWEET ACTION.

New favorite slang: qu'est-ce que fuck?

Inherited from my dad, I am sure, I will take any opportunity to butcher French for the greater humorous good.

GOOD FUCK THIS IS HORRIFYING. It reminds me of the Splicer episode from Batman Beyond. Fffffuuuuuccccckkkkkkkk~

Hahaha "Mathsputin". Looooove iiiiit.

You know, while I appreciate the characterizations, that logo is just... incredibly detestable. I am so sick of steampunk being OMFGGEARS! (heh heh heh, I would go for a good Disney "g-ears" pun, though.) Seriously, yo, technology, in general, has to do something. And this is more the aestheticist than the engineer in me saying this. Just... bleh. Anyway, I think this means it's Old Hat if Disney did it and is no longer Scene and maybe it will lose some of its steam no pun intended. (Okay, totally intended afterthefact.) The sooner you can boot scenesters from any scene, the better. Please move to the Next Big Thing and mind the gap as you disembark, I'd like my functioning technology in relative peace, please and thankyou.

Also, Daisy is a fucking badass, check that shit out yo, she is AMELIA FUCKING EARHART-ing it up in that shit!

So I found out that Crystal Skull has a Star Trek tribute, of all things. During the rocket-sled fight scene there is a wall dubbed "numbersnumbers-GNDNnumbers" which apparently is reference to Goes Nowhere, Does Nothing. I also started reading the imdb trivia page for the movie and discovered this gem:

Harrison Ford was adamant that he got to wield Indiana's famous whip. Paramount executives wanted the weapon to be computer generated because of new film safety rules, but the actor branded the rule "ridiculous".

Dear Harrison Ford, you are my hero, thank you for being awesome. Dear George Lucas, you're still crazy as fuck, but at least this time you had Spielberg and Ford willing to tell you sometimes that you're a little bit off your rocker.

Also, this has always goddamn bothered me:

The Akator throne room designed by Guy Dyas keeps up an Indiana Jones tradition by having C-3PO and R2-D2 etched into one of the yellow titles, and E.T. into another. According to the book "The Complete Making of Indiana Jones", the characters can be found somewhere in all four Indiana Jones pictures.

They're easy to find in Raiders but WHERE THE DAMN HELL ARE THEY IN ToD and LC?

Also, I just ~can't wait~ until the original Star Wars trilogy gets re-released and re-remastered on BluRay and George Lucas decides to digitally add these Other Dimensioners to the celebration scene at the end. I mean, ET's already there, it's bound to happen at some point.

Originally Henry Jones, Sr., Short Round, Sallah and Willie Scott were to make an appearance at Indiana's wedding.


In the "making of" on the Back to the Future (1985) DVD, one of the original ideas of the time machine was as a refrigerator that Marty would climb into. Furthermore, the way Marty was to come back from 1955 was via the power of a nuclear bomb at a test site in the desert. Back to the Future was produced by Steven Spielberg. The idea was scrapped because filmmakers were afraid children would shut themselves inside of their home refrigerators to imitate the movie.


...Anyway. Speaking of GNDN, I kind of need these in my future house, somewhere. In my super-futuristic Tony-Starkish tech lab.

(Seriously though I still want his drafting table. Rich motherfucker.)

Heh heh heh, stormtroopers.


So that's what I've been up to for the past MONTH or so. Also did I mention I downloaded the Force Unleashed Lightsaber App for my iPod touch? I totally did and it's PURPLE ALL THE WAY, baby. Now I need someone to duke it out with.

...You know, the sooner Nerf makes Nerf Lightsabers, THE BETTER.

[EDIT] ALSO-ALSO, anyone play Spore or Sims 3 online? I got a code from Taco Bell and I play neither.
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MY NEW CONSPIRACY THEORY: Billy Joel is actually Batman. (Billy Joel = Michael Keaton = Bruce Wayne = Batman.)

Or... Bruce Wayne's even-more-secret-than-Batman identity is Billy Joel.

(It's definitely the hair.)

In other news, other animals are aware of their situations as well. Completely fascinating, as much as we dismiss them.

EVEN COOLER, scientists are using completely ridiculous approaches to attain real results. THIS IS WHAT SCIENCE IS ABOUT, PEOPLE. I looooove iiiiiit. :D

...As a result I have just discovered that the International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos is a legit publication and NONLINEAR SCIENCE is a real realm. Why don't they teach you this shit in school?! Shit would be so fascinating. It's like fictional superscience come to life. AND I WOULD PROBABLY BE A SCIENCE MAJOR. Just saying.

I still blame gradeschool for a shitty science education, I really do.
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I caught up on some of the stuff I missed (but far from all of it) over the summer, so guess what that means? LINKSPAM!

Last survivor of Titanic dies. Rather sad. (And yes, I realize nearly all this news is old for you people who've been in real life this summer.)

Speaking of deaths, the day we all heard Michael Jackson died, none of us believed it because of the Bob Barker effect. Same thing when the tally kept rolling in... Farrah Fawcett, Ed McMahon, (and then after our next block) OMG Billy Mays! No one believed that last one, though by then the Michael Jackson one had been verified by several sources.

I can only imagine what a massive clusterfuck the internet (and ONTD, in particular) must have been that day.

However, I was in California doing breathing tubes (I think that was the last time we got them--when Scott got there) and snowcones. Bleh. And we had a terrible rehearsal run and the staff was pissed and we did laundry and got screwed over on our WalMart run. But I digress.

More Tomb Raider! Hey, as long as we're putting out adventure films, I'm happy. I loved the Angelina Jolie ones, ESPECIALLY the first one, so you'll get no complaints from me. Only one I would is that they even considered conotinuing through Mummy III after Rachel Weisz dropped out. (And I think, sadly, the same thing is going to be said about Iron Man I, which is a shame considering how utterly awesome Iron Man was.)

This photo has a very Firefly feel about it, and with I would answer the titular question with a veritable "yes".

...I don't think I used "titular" right. Meh.

YAY more Series of Unfortunate Events but some DAMN GOOD POINTS ABOUT FUCKING SEQUELS, HOLLYWOOD. goddamnit

Kenneth Branagh is directing Thor?! I am so. there.

Disney to squeeze more money out of Winnie the Pooh. I was actually bitching to my sister about this the other day and ended up twittering about it, so I'm glad I stumbled upon a relevant article.

Look, here's the thing. You know people who flip out when DC/Marvel get new writers or completely reboot or just continue to mess with different canons? That is how I have been feeling about Disney's treatment of Winnie the Pooh as of the past few years. One, that fucking heffalump movie. SPOILER, but the whole point of the heffalumps and woozles is that THEY DON'T EXIST. Baby Pooh? (And Tigger and Piglet and everyone) Okay, I can see that, messing with styles is cool to keep things interesting. Otherwise I wouldn't have that fucking rad purple stylized Winnie the Pooh bag.

And then I saw the new tv show. A mystery show. In 3D to make it even more painful (though you all know I love mysteries, so that's not where I find fault.) So I'm looking at a playset or a commercial or something and what do I see? The human character is a GIRL.

Look, I'm all for equal treatment and shit like that but this is kind of a definitive matter. YOU KNOW, CHRISTOPHER ROBIN, THE BOY WHO KIND OF FUCKING NAMED THOSE DAMN STUFFED ANIMALS?! God damn. Disney is really pissing me off lately.

P.S., anyone know what happened to the Disney award this year? We were really hoping to get it and wipe that smile off everyone else's faces, and then it didn't happen.


Tim Curry in an Alice & Wonderland thing? Yes, please. Already there.

Pirates 4 seems to be on the move. To which I say, HOORAY! I loved 2 and 3, but I must say, they were several lacking in the buried/cursed/whatever'd department.

Remember what I said about Iron Man? Yeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhh...

That is some sexy cover art, and yes I mean the art nouveau.

Patrick Stewart on the new Star Trek, and holy crap it needs to come out on dvd YESTERDAY. I didn't see a single movie all summer I was gone and that was SO. FUCKING. GOOD.

Well, fuck. The plot actually sounds good. Really good. I'm willing to eat that crow if I have to.

Oh hey, what's this? First off, no shit, sherlock. But otherwise,


I'll be sad if it's another biblical artifact unless it's out of Revelations, but hey, what was it I said after I saw IV?

At least he can't do the crystal skulls idea anymore. :D

Now, all I have to do is pray they go for the Hawaii or Easter Island or some polynesian (/melanesian/micronesian) angle and I will be happy.

Fuck, I'll even take Australia E];D

apologies if my language seems suddenly harsher. It is. That's drum corps, and that's me. <3
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Spoilers for Terminator Salvation, but the problem with you not wanting to click it is the same as my main critique: you already know the ending.

However, there are spoilers, so be warned.

I'M BATMANimeanThis is John Connor )
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Sci Fi (Star Trek) and fashion. First of all, this article led me to discover that my mom watched Star Trek growing up and never told me. I never would have suspected! She keeps to quiet on some things, and then just BAM out of left field come these things that I would have just liked to have known earlier in life. Like, haha, the first (and only?) time she got drunk in college, and the band teacher had to drive her home. Oh, mom.

Anyway, my point on this article is thus: One; I can see where the directors are coming from. Trust me, sci-fi and "nerd" movies would not be as popular as they are if they had not been serioused-up a bit, in my opinion. I mean, they'd do fine, I just don't think they'd be quite so successful, get what I'm saying? Look at Fantastic 4, for example. Not... great. Decent, but not great. Dark Knight on the other hand? Fucking blew me away.

Now, if you're looking for fashion in sci-fi, as one commenter pointed out, there is Firefly. Which is like sci-fi meets steampunk, sort-of-kind-of-ish-not-really. There's also this thing called cyberpunk, you may have heard of it. It still exists in things like the Queen musical and that sort of jazz. (Or not jazz, as it so may be.)

A letter from a slave to his owner. It is awesome and full of pwnination. And what do you know, the guy lived in Dayton and is buried in Woodland Cemetery. Next time I'm over there I'll have to go hunt him down and give him a high five or something. =)


Mar. 23rd, 2009 11:47 pm
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Back to cleaning up links because I have way too many tabs open, and that doesn't even include all the interesting stuff I have sitting in my Google reader.

Fighting litter one kid at a time. Good idea, hopefully it actually teaches some good lessons. =)

Derringer Cycles; someone needs to buy me one of these. Or all of them.

New explosion creates new island in the Pacific, near Tonga. That is a sweetass picture.

So bandicoots are fucking adorable.

Poor hedgehog with no spines. :C

First Lady starts garden at the White House, can I just say I am extremely excited about this? I hope it helps support another branch of a sustainable living trend.

A really good video on the Ex-Gay movement. I think the best thing is that after 30 years of creating and participating in the Exodus ex-gay movement, the creators had no successes and APOLOGIZED PUBLICLY for it. GO THEM. True scientists who did not bend the facts to their will.

The most beautiful wave shots ever. Truly beautiful. I'm pretty sure #4 is Waimeia Bay on Oahu. (I remember that tower.)

A very fascinating photo-journal of North Korea. I may have already posted this, but no matter, it is really cool.

New rainbow jellyfish! Cool beans.

Mountain Dew and Pepsi will have a throwback (with omg sugar). Hooray! I am interested to try it.

WOAH HOLY SHIT HARRISON FORD JUST SHOWED UP MY TV IN A WILDLIFE TRAFFICKING AD. That was unexpected, lol. It was like "oh cool some random dude is talking about extinction, going back to blogging nowWAITAMINUTE I KNOW THAT VOICE"

I weird myself out sometimes.

Selling Girl Scout cookies online: I'm actually against it. The troops get money from each box sold and if you're taking over some other troop's market by making it available online, that is rather unfair. Especially if you're one of those obsessive sellers who sells hundreds (or thousands) of cookies. I could never understand those girls. Do they have issues or something? Anyway.

Whew, atheists make up roughly 15% of the US population. That's nothing to scoff at. I'm just compeltely surprised by how high that number is, and I'm sure reading the article gives you an idea as to why that is.

How to survive falling through ice. I probably love survival guides too much.

Rolcats! That is, Russian lolcats.

This guy wants to retool government media, and he seems to have his shit together. We need people who know what the fuck is going on in the world of technology.

Mac OS 7 on an iPhone! I miss MacPaint :C

Retooled youtube mashups: fucking amazing.

I love visual tricks; I'm still trying to figure out what optical illusion was used here.

Irrational Geographic, a photojourney through Mardis Gras.

I love this shirt more than I should. Threadless really does have so very clever tees every so often.

Zec Efron as Prince Philip: the fuck? Sorry but that shot is just... weird. And I really hate Vanessa Hudgens. The only reason I don't hate Zefron is because he actually showed some talent outside shitty Kenny Ortega HSM crap with Hairspray and stuff. Although apparently he's not doing Footloose because he doesn't want to get typecast? Which is too bad, I guess, but hopefully they find someone else that can make musicals popular to Hollywood again. (As for the audience, particularly if you look at Disney fans, I think you'll see musicals never went out of style.)

Nite Owl I saves the Waynes? Can I just say I fucking loved that movie? Mostly for little detail reasons like this.

Okay, that's like 40 tabs, I think that's enough for now. Even though I still have 79 open to clean up...
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I think my personal motto should "be badass, daily". I was kind of in a depressive funk yesterday, not really sure why. It was a bunch of little, unimportant dramas that I think just kind of banded together and unleashed a wave of upset. Meh, I'm pretty much over it today. I think the perfect timing of Not-Troll is partly to blame =)

So last Friday during our meetings I found out that my little, Sarah, is a sci-fi geek as well. I don't know if I posted this already (I think I may have), but I just like to appreciate the closet-sci-fi-ness of some girls in Phi Rho. I try not to be too loud about my geek cred (except Indy and drum corps, duh), but sometimes I find myself doing geekily embarassing things despite it. Like yesterday I texted my sister because I know she loves Dali's elephants, and I saw a tattoo (here) of a Dali-styled AT-AT. So I appreciate it on a nerd level, and she and I both appreciate it on a fine art level. But it also reminds me of when we drove down to OBX last summer and Uncle Steve pointed at these utility frameworks (some shipping docks, or something, maybe?) in the distance, and he said they looked like those things from Star Wars, and I knew what he meant and said AT-ATs, and he was just like... yeah... sure, whatever. But then again, he is rather one of the more condescending people in our family and we, as a family, have a very strong we-will-mock-you-mercilessly dynamic. So.

ANYWAY, my point was, one, that I love my little, but furthermore she started geeking out about Weta Workshops and I didn't realize they did all of LotR, which I totally respect them for, and now I'm wondering how Sarah and Kimmie and I can start our own set/prop/costume company, because that is what we all want to do. I love my little so much! :D We are going to have a nerd-movie night (Dork Night?) and probably watch Star Wars and something else, maybe Firefly, I dunno, and make puppy chow. Yum.

Also, I want to take her to see Star Trek when it comes out because I doubt I could convince anyone else to go with me. LOL.


Mar. 1st, 2009 10:18 pm
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I feel bad because I haven't updated much lately. I think I feel worse because I've had some good philosophly thoughts in class and just haven't bothered to get them down. BUT next week is camp (le sigh) and I'm planning to being my eepc and write a paper and get some writing done.

Otherwise I had a very good weekend. Just in a good mood, enjoying stuff... Watched Kingdom of the Crsytal Skull, watched some Jurassic Park, talked philosophy, spent some time looking up Adventure stuff, watched a good chunk of Firefly.

I'm not sure what to think about my Adventure stuff; I found some new photos (always a plus) and saved some info in case the pages disappear later on (can you believe it's been 10 years since the new building opened?), but I didn't really get anywhere on the code-cracking because looking at Candice's pictures, she didn't have the macro on and some of them she didn't even get the whole thing in the photo. Bleh. BUT I'm hoping I can find someone who's going next weekend to take my camera and take a bunch of photos (with macro) and maybe even some videos.

The real confusing thing is that JPI Design, the group that designed Adventure, redid their site awhile back but it has not been up in the past year; I'm wondering what happened because I found a NEW site (Roto-something) taking credit for it, with a different design team (or at least, lacking the head guy, I didn't check on anyone else), AND with other pictures of the design I'd never seen before. (LIKE A MODEL! *eeeee*) But unlike JPI which was out of California (although the stuff I found today said Oregon?!) Roto is out of DUBLIN (OH) which means that if I got an internship there or ended up working there I wouldn't really have to Never See Anyone Again. (Unless I get a job working for Disney.) But as things stand I don't know exactly where I'm headed, just kind of see myself somewhere all-over traveling when I need to.

Also, they set up a Ning network for overnight "alumni", which is exciting. Opportunities to see if Adventure talk crops up or if pictures do, AND ALSO THEY ARE SETTING UP AN OVERNIGHT FOR ALUMNI :D In April, I'm hoping maybe I can go...


Okay, linkspam. There is plenty of it.

The snake was a fake! Not at all surprised. And on a related note, What Happened to All the Weird? On one hand, I agree, we need weird. Part of it, I think, is that we are getting more educated, in which case lack of weird is a good sign. But at the same time there is GOOD weird like Neil Gaiman, which "normalcy" kind of looks down on... Not completely, but I just feel like there are a lot of people like my dad who just don't like weird stuff. He says it's too dark, and he wouldn't like Gaiman and refuses to watch Nolan's Batmans, so... I dunno. It's funny though, because he likes funny weird, like Monty Python and Gilliam's stuff, but he doesn't like serious or semi-serious weird. *shrug* I dunno. I like weird. I blame it on my young exposure to the Marx brothers, Ernie Kovacks, Monty Python, The Seven Faces of Dr. Lao, The Point, all that jazz...

Oh, but the giant snake fossil in Colombia is awesome, and I think I posted it before, but YAY it gives me further faith in KotC. (AAUUUUGHHH JESUSFUCKINGCHRIST that's a big damn snake.)

Entrance to the Garden of Eden? Didn't really read the article, but the idea is intriguing.

A bunch of viral-ad stuff from the WB for Watchmen... Cool beans. I LOVE viral ad systems. And I suspect, despite some of the awfully-cheesily-designed costumes, Watchmen will be very good.

A brief recap of the Dark Knight viral campaign. Doesn't get into the details, but fun nonetheless. =)

Maybe I posted this? Five companies developing the "Internet of Things"... I'm just excited because maybe by the time I can afford it, there will be an RFID system (or I can develop one, HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE) to organize a library.

An old story, so I probably posted this awhile ago, but "Indy V Underway".

Cool article on the direction of Raiders, too.


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so for the past week we've been studying Act II scene I of Midsummer Night's Dream, specifically the argument/showdown between Titania and Oberon. I guess I just read it a little differently, but it doesn't seem like they're Angry-God-Weather-Commanders in that scene, more like Mother and Father Nature and earth is their child, sort of, and when they're angry ain't nobody happy.


So today we discuss it a little more and then he puts in a video so we can watch the scene. Because it's period (they moved it up to Victorian times, but the fairies still wear romanesque garb and ALL the lines are the same--which is dumb because Demetrius is wearing A SUIT and not ATHENIAN CLOTHES), it's a little hard to tell when it was made--late eighties, early nineties--but it has that Hook-like Cheez Factor of Too Much Going On, Too Silly. And this is just Oberon and Titania, lords of the fairies.

So Oberon has his ridiculous nymphs running around and Puck looks like an idiot--or rather, acts like one, you know, someone too smart trying to play someone dumb when they really shouldn't be (like Dustin Hoffman paying Hook, exactly). And then Titania shows up in this ridiculous caravan of fairies dressed up like... god knows what... and Oberon gets so pissed there's an earthquake. And an avalanche. And lightning. And a fire. And mud boiling. And he has this massive stone throne, and Titania has her caravan, and we are two minutes into this thing and I am trying so hard not to laugh right now.

Then Titania opens the curtain and IT'S THE FUCKING CRAZY LADY FROM HAIRSPRAY.

I almost lost it right there. So I'm trying really, really, hard not to laugh at how ridiculous this all is, with Oberon being waytooserious and Titania being waytoopissedandditzy and oooohhhh gooooood it's soooo over the top.

And then Demetrius rides in on his bicycle, and I KNOW EXACTLY WHO IT IS, even though you can't see his face. I turned to Melissa to give her a NO FUCKING WAY look, and I was right.


At that point I pretty much died, and I had to bite down not to laugh, and I was turning red from trying not to laugh. OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD FUCKING LOL. He's not even bad (like Newsies, anyone?) but HOLY SHIT IT'S JUST WAY TOO MUCH SHENANIGANS TO HANDLE.

Of course as soon as class is done, Melissa was like "Do you want me to fucking trash your lights?" and I pretty much lost it.


damn, wut

Feb. 12th, 2009 01:08 pm
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I think I missed TDK Imax again in Columbus. :C Friggin past couple of weeks are really pissing me off.

Also why am I seeing the Undead Journal header?
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You see, the strange thing is, I didn't have any caffiene yesterday. So all these weird dreams I've been having, which is usually a caffiene thing--this time, it is not the case.

Last night, I had a completely acid trippy dream. It involved a Batman who was Batman but wasn't Bruce Wayne (and not Terry what's his face either, he was honestly this Batman but imagine some random blonde guy under the mask, and think more like the bluish coloration of the cartoon style) and several other superheroes (combo Marvel and DC, in case you cared) and a gang fight (sort of Xmen movie-style) involving some people who thought superheroes were actually Harry-Potter-style witches and wizards.


There's more, but it's so far out there that I overload my brain thinking about it. See, the weird thing with my dreams are, they're not at all "fortune-teller"-y, they're just my brain processing things I experienced during the day, or random neurons firing, I don't know. But I don't usually get a case like this where ALMOST EVERYTHING is something I consciously thought about during that day, particularly, in this case, the hour before I went to bed:

1) A concrete block--I met with Mark and Kay to talk about their brick garden wall design, and we talked about doing a concrete block center with a brick/tiling facade rather than a straight up brick structure.

2) The superheroes--I was upset I had to hang out in the lab until 1 am and that I was missing Robot Chicken. The night before, Robot Chicken was the episode where the construction workers are designing the Chachapoyan temple from Raiders, and then later in the episode there is the Justice League sidekick party-thing.

3) A nutcase teenager Sarah Palin lookalike--I read an article about her (and feminism, interestingly enough) an hour or so before I went to bed.

4) The fact that one area looked like Liz Markus' house--I referred to her in discussion once during the day, but that's about it.

Batman and some of the other stuff are usual enough occurrences that I'm not exactly surprised they showed up, but it was still weird.

The part I can't figure out? The Harry-Potter obsessed gang... I just do not know.



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You know the most annoying thing about The Dark Knight? And I think I said this after I saw it the first time, too--it's not "New York" Gotham. It's so distinctly "Chicago" Gotham, and it really bothers me. The city is too spread out, too clean. I don't know if that's supposed to signify what Dent has done or if they were just trying to make the movie less dark since the storyline is so much moreso; but it really bothers me. There is too much space everywhere... too much newness. Not enough hustle and bustle, though I did notice in the chase scene that the batpod drives past its share of yellow taxis.

I can see, from a story point of view, why they want to pull in that mob feel. And I love the Blues Bros. "chase scene through the mall" tribute. But it just feels wrong compared to NY Gotham. I think it's just that NY is one of the largest cities in the world, population-wise, and that is distinctly the opposite feel of Chicago. Too many people, not enough space in NY. Chicago, structurally, seems to be all space and light and that sort of thing.

...Maybe I'm just an anal-retentive eye-for-architecture, who knows. (Also? What happened to the Narrows? I mean, I know they consciously made the decision to make this one Chicago and not NY Gotham, but you'd think they'd at least throw it in one city-scape shot.)

Worst part of this movie: the batpod going up the wall and then flipping around and stopping. Just no. On what level did someone deem that even remotely possible?

Best part of this movie, other than "THE WHOLE DAMN THING": the use of silence in the scoring.




So amazing.
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tabs tabs tabs. Know what that means? LINKSPAAAAAAAAM

Google cut a deal with Life or something, and now there are tons of cool old photos searchable on Google. So cool.

Know how I mentioned diamonds are like a big red "RANT BUTTON" for me? Here's a really good primer, 10 Facts You Should Know About Diamonds.

So there's this thing called the Moscow Millionaire Fair. Basically, if you're filthy rich, you go to buy expensive shit and get ripped off by businesses. From the BBC's coverage, I love this quote: "A gold baby's dummy is on offer. Fashion writer Alexander Vassiliev says taste among the new rich is unsophisticated. "I don't think there is any elegance," he says." So basically... They're spending to show they're rich, with no discretion. Aren't we a great world, folks? It's like million-dollar trailer-trash. However, it did result in the wickedst supervillain chair of all time. I mean, seriously, folks, that is how you dominate a room. Oh no you don't, you're not getting anywhere within a ten-foot radius of me, fuckers

Ten Incredibly Dangerous Doctors. Creeeeeeepyyyyyyyy.

EMILY STRANGE RIPPED OFF NATE THE GREAT. DAMN, people. DAMN. Fucking unoriginal douchebags. I love those cats... And now I hate them, no matter how coercively adorable they may be.

Cat Haiku. I particularly love these:

oh, I scratched the couch
does that upset you? you mad?
you had me neutered

(That sounds like it came from Family Guy.)

yes, I have nine lives
and I’m spending one with you
thank me with tuna

from high on my perch
I rule over all below
also, I’m stuck

when I sneeze, it’s cute
when I barf up grass, you’re mad
make up your damn mind

Dude, some guy's Creative Commons picture got put in Iron Man. SAH-WEET


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I loooove thrift store shopping. =D I found these awesome granny boots which don't fit me but which I am going to fix up and sell. With the two pairs of non-fitting boots I already have and those that I've found, I figure three is the basis for a good idea... Maybe? Anyway. Yay steampunk!

Now, the Joker costume, that is another matter entirely. I've pretty much given up on the shirt, so I went with the striped one, and even then... difficult. I got one close but it needs to be dyed light gray and there is no diamond pattern. I completely stumbled on a long purple pantsuit, which TOTALLY MADE MY DAY. It's about eight inches too short, but that's good enough. I found an underjacket, too, but it's kind of thick... We'll have to see about that. The outer jacket looks almost too dark in yellower light, too, which might be a problem. I didn't find a green vest (or pretty much any usable vest) or a tie. I did find shoes though, but I think I will have to stuff the toes. (They're a womens size ten.) Of course no luck on the socks, and no luck on the tie either. So, my to-do list for halloween:

Things to buy:
--green vest
--hair coloring of some sort

Things to do:
--alter coat sizes
--dye shirt
--add pinstripes to pants
--figure out how to get shoes to fit and get new laces
--do a hair/makeup test run

WOO! Excitement~~
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If this shit keeps up I'm going to need a Batman icon. (Damn you, six icon spaces!) I only read ONTD when I'm reaaaally bored, but SHIT IS GOING DOWN TODAY, and it's hilarious. By the way, "Heathus Christ" is the best phrase ever.

[EDIT] Here you go, someone found a better pic.

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Alrighty, so... my parents bought the house. Dad doesn't think we'll be movied there for at least a year and a half, and also I'm glad they bought the one with a yard and not that ridiculous sun-room and the hostile garden takeover. (Seriously, the one they liked had god-awful wallpaper and paint jobs, this atrocious Florida room and NO YARD. IT WAS ALL PLANTS AND DECK AUGH) Anyway. Sooo... yeah. =( I'm a bit of a sad puppy. I'm not ready to give up the open space of living out here... =C The only awesome thing so far is that mom was trying to figure out room arrangements so that Laura wouldn't get shafted on closet space like she did here, and asked me if I would like the attic room (although that would mean everything gets stored in the basement--but this time it's dry...) ...YES...! So that's kind of cool. It will be short but I've always liked cavey places, aaand I sort of get a bathroom to myself (sort of).

Anyway, I watched Batman Begins again tonight. I couldn't remember what happened all the way with Wayne, only the bad-guy-takeover plot. I still love this movie, and the pacing is nowhere near as complicated as I first thought. The flashbacks did get confusing the first time, but if you listen closely to the dialogue (which I've been much more attuned to lately), they relate a lot more.

Anyway, besides the Wayne background that I couldn't remember, I was watching to compare the portrayal of Gotham. I guess we're getting into spoilers...GO SEE THE MOVIE ALREADY )

So just wondering, who hasn't seen this movie yet, or doesn't plan to and doesn't care about spoilers? I don't want to spoil it because it's a freaking beautiful movie and plot, but, yeah, I try to avoid cuts in my personal journal when I can. (Makes it easier to search and scan later.)

Why do we not have a closer IMAX yet? The closest is the AF museum, obviously, but they don't show non-educational films. Which I don't blame them, I mean, it's a military institution and that would be a hassle, I'm sure. Same thing goes for COSI, which is probably the next closest IMAX. So where are the commercial IMAXes?! AUGH, I want to see TDK in IMAX sooooo baaaaadly.

Anyway, interesting thing that has been mulling in my brain since Friday night/midnight Saturday, when the final installment of Dr. Horrible went up. You know what, this is rambling and probably spoilery for both... )

I really need to catch up on How I Met Your Mother, too. Is it sad that I only see Dr. Horrible instead of Barney? It seemed like Dr. Horrible acted almost exactly like Barney, minus how much of a jerk he is, which has only convinced me Barney has Billy hiding away... somewhere. If they got Felicia Day on the show... OMG I WOULD DIE OF HAPPINESS! <3 (I think I'm just desperate for something to get unjossed? Is that possible?)

So this fall I have three shows to watch: How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, and YAAAAAY PUSHING DAISIES! =^n.n^=


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