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I just realized why Rachel Ray bothers me. Her voice is grating and SHE REMINDS ME OF MILEY CYRUS AUUUUGH.

Oh man! I almost forgot. movie predictions! )
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Started my day out right with my Froot Loops and Indy spoon... E];D

Caaaan't waaaaaaait

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Guuuuueeeeesssss who's got their ticket!

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Ohhhhhhh gooooooooooood I am bouncing off the walls. Not very literally, just, AUGH my stomach is doing backflips.

I was nervous and now I'm excited and just omg omg omg. I have sooooooo much pent up energy and I don't know what to do with it! I hope I have a good, animated, cheering audience TOMORROW NIGHT because I don't think I'll be able to keep quiet.

Seriously I feel like I should be peeing my pants in excitement any moment now.

and yes I have of course already encountered the obvious "giddy as a schoolgirl" reference, lol

I'm forcing myself to run errands tomorrow to keep myself busy. I don't know if I'm going to be able to sleep tonight!

...Plus I have to find the bug candy I got. (The Dollar Tree is awesome: they had/have big black plastic beetles with green candy guts. I'm sure you can guess what I'm going to do with them.)

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH NERVES omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg



May. 19th, 2008 01:22 am
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And do I have a treat for you!


Aaaand guess what else? I got the urge to dress up steampunk the other day. (Did I mention this? Can't remember.) Here is that outfit:

Much love to [ profile] astrid087 for doing all the cropping and editing because Paint sucks! <3
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This is an open letter for everyone who's frustrated by the fact that I'm having too much fun with the new Indiana Jones movie.

for all you haters out there )

So, please. Stop telling me it's going to suck. Because I know it's highly unlkely I'm not going to have fun, and in the meantime you're just making me sick to my stomach because I'm too sensitive.

...I'm going to go watch the trailer again so I feel better. =)

oh yes.

May. 17th, 2008 12:59 am
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Well I got home a little late so this is my five daaaaaaays! post. I met up with Johnny at BW3's at Fairfield Commons, and pretty much got seated (and figured out the stupid controller, which wasn't responding at first) just in time to play the triiiiivia gaaaaaaaame! It only lasted a half an hour, which I was kind of surprised. (It was only 15 questions!) They were pretty easy, too. (Yeah... I know... Don't give me that look) But I pwned. Basically, it's the BW3's game where they ask a question and give five answers, and if you answer right right away you get 1000 points per question. As time passes the number of points decreases and they give you three clues progressively. In the end I beat the second highest scorer by about 4000 points. =P

They mentioned Indygear though!!!! =D One of the questions asked what piece of equipment with him at all times (I was like... hat? gun? whip? bag? lol), and the answer was whip (the only other option I remember was nunchuck, which is about as weird as the other options). So after each question they explain the trivia a little more, and they went on to explain it then mentioned you can locate all of Indy's gear at! I was happy.

It was kind of cool, I was answering each question before they even posted the options. =P (It appears as though the first one was the most difficult for everyone else, too. It asked what challenges Indy occurrs in the beginning of Raiders and everybody forgot about the tarantulas. ;D Muahahaha) The only one I couldn't answer right away, they asked what movie other than Star Wars and Indiana Jones starred Ford working with Lucas, and I knew it had to be two of the five answers only because I hadn't heard of the other three. But I didn't know if it was American Graffiti or Apocalypse Now, so I just guessed and got it right. (I... think... I answered American Graffiti.)

But anyway I had tons of fun. And now I'm the second-highest top scorer for that game ever at BW3's Beavercreek, though the scores looked like they were mostly from the past year. =P So if you see Mercat... that's me. =) (Go figure, lol)

Johnny and I just hung out and chatted for a good hour and a half, too, which was good. =P Definitely better than the time we hung out at Wendy's, lol. Apparently they played Raiders music at the concert I missed on Wednesday! WHAAAAAAAAAT! I am so pissed. I HATE YOU, DIRECTOOOOOOOOORS. (Oh no, I wasn't allowed to play it, even though I'm the obsessive one. CURSE YOU ALL)

But yeah, we got some good venting in, too, lol. You know it's a good time when you can sit around and bitch about band drama ;D

Also, I love Craig Ferguson. His sense of humor is just so bizarre. It never ceases to crack me up. (Tonight's a good one, that's why I'm mentioning it.)

I am starting to get really excited for the movie... This is going to be daaaaangerooooous. E];D
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omg siiiiiix daaaaaaays Welllll guess what, it rained again today! So I didn't get to take hat pics. But I did get the mood to play dress-up, still, so I ended up pulling together the pieces I have for my steampunk villain costume, dug some other pieces out to complete it, and took a few shots. I have to say, next time I need to get together with someone and actually take some good pics.

HOWEVER, DeviantArt is being a failure so they aren't posted right now, I'll let you know as soon as they are.

IN THE MEANTIME! I actually posted photos from spring break somewhere OTHER than facebook! So here we goooo, Raiders stuff from Kauai!

cut for teh huegness IN ALL ITS GLORY )

Let's see... I had some bizarre dreams last night, and I definitely slept in waaaaaaaaay too long. I did some mowing, though, and I found this really washed-up paper chain, fake flowers, and other stuff hanging in one of the decorative smaller tree-bushes, which definitely gave me a WTF for now. My parents told me James put it up for Laura on Valentine's Day (awww), but... lol. Since Valentine's Day? That's almost 100 days. (My 100 days countdown started then? Or no, it was 97 days and the first trailer came out? I can't remember.) In the meantime I was having fun trying to come up with interesting theories, and my favorite was that one of those giant balloon baskets had been released with helium and popped, and nobody had noticed.

I actually got on the treadmill and did my OKgo workout, too! It was ROUGH, but I really need to keep it up. =) However, my good running shoes are being shipped home, so I had to dig out my old silver shoes, which are not at all meant for running. I could feel it because I almost slipped twice on the treadmill and my ankles and knees were killing me. I wonder if it was part of the cause of my hip problems before? I really haven't had my hip pop in a while, which is a good thing.

Ooookay. Tomorrow I will be up earlier! Hopefully. =P

Tomorrow is BW3 trivia night, if I can convince some of the people I invited to actually go... =/ I don't really want to be hanging out at BW3's by myself at 10 pm.

Also, this weekend is the St. Brigid festival! YAY THRIFTING FOR PROP STUFF.

Yay art!

May. 14th, 2008 11:55 pm
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Aaaaand since I couldn't dress up for hat pics today, I made you all this still life:

Lots of exciting detail discussion posted over there. E];D Enjoy!
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Yeah, so, I was all excited to post and then I didn't get enough sleep and I totally passed out on the couch for the entire afternoon. Soooo.

SEVEN "DAYS"! Actually six days but that post will come "tomorrow" after I go to bed. I am still clearly on Hawaiian time. I also have some serious catching up to do but the bonus of the candy marketing is that they come with trivia.

The Snickers Adventure bars are delicious, I love coconut. (Whatever the artificial "spice" is, they don't list it and I guessed before tasting it was cinnamon but I DETECT NOTHING.)

Mint Crisp m&m's are crispy ( the sense that crispy m&m's are crispy since crispy is not a real word!) and delicious, but, I dunno, the fact that they are mint is a tad overwhelming. I can eat about two and then I'm done. But I suppose that's good because I'm eating severely fewer calories? And they are delightfully crunchy.

Also, I got another Froot Loops spoon. Different box, same red spoon. If anyone sees the trivia poptarts, let me know, or just buy me a box. I CAN'T FIND THEM ANYWHERE

Um, I suppose I could try to make up for today's trivia with the m&m's trivia since it's sitting right next to me: (they call them "arti-FACT"s. cute) The sounds from the mine car chase were from a roller coaster. Cool but not necessarily... trivial? I mean if you said "where would you get the sounds for a cart rolling along tracks" I would guess "a cart rolling along tracks" which pretty much the only thing we have like that nowadays is rollercoasters, amirite?

Yeah, so, hat post tomarrow. (Yeah, tomarrow.)

...I also need to make a greater effort to revert to Ohio non-college time (Ohio college time is roughly equivalent to Hawaiian time, which I technically should refer to as Pacific Time because Hawaiian Time is something altogether different). Um... yeah. It's weird not having a car but I don't have anywhere to do ( and gas is expen$ive. Hopefully the locksmith comes tomorrow though because MUST BE AT BW3'S FRIIIIDAAAAY.

In addition, dad fixed my broken front tooth again today. By again I mean he fixed it since the last time I broke it (going to Kauai) but that this isn't the first time I've broken it (October of third grade originally, and once or twice since). It looks much less ridiculous as I no longer appear to be gap-toothed. (Not that I was, but having a broken corner makes it look that way.) Also my teeth are clean, though the hygenist (a new lady? someone I don't know... Barb or something) really went at it and my gums were sore all day and she said I had bad calculus (yeah, calculus, the stuff that's harder than plaque--you think I'm kidding? Look it up) on my lower front teeth. Which, I dunno why, I've been going to the dentist every six months religiously and taking better care of my teeth in the past few years and especially the past few months, because last visit I had to get my back teeth filled because they had deep recesses that were trapping lots of stuff that would lead to CAVITIES. Yuck. So I've been brushing my teeth much better (circles, get the gums, get in back, get the upper back, brush longer) which makes me wonder about the calculus. Or does it just look bad because dad is usually the one who does my cleaning for me? No idea. But seriously she was really having at scraping it and it HURTS. Blech. That is quite possibly one of the nastiest feelings on the planet, being beat only by nails on a chalkboard and chewing on felt (which is the tactile sensory equivalent of nails on a chalkboard. Don't ask me why as I don't recall chewing on felt ever but just think about it, and it makes my teeth crawl).

Anyway. My teeth are clean and looking good again. Well, better. I've never really liked my smile but I have the benefit of good dentistry and no cavities ever. Now if I hold to my resolution to stay and get in shape this summer...

[EDIT] Oops, I confused myself. It's actually "eight days" and "tomorrow" is seven days. Whoops.
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Quick post before I check my email; today was more Fall than Christmas, which was good, but I'm still not in a very good mood. I feel like I'm in gradeschool (home for the summer? sitting around reading? mowing? I dunno) and combined with feeling like fall (jeans, sweatshirts) and smelling like Ohio and I guess just the whole "coming home" feeling, I'm hoping it's either jetlag or hormones or somethign because I just opened up all my packages waiting for me (hat!!! ring!!!) and I wasn't very excited.


I just checked my facebook to sync myself up with the countdown. It's sort of "ten days" as a nice round number but really its NINE DAYS AND ABOUT A HALF AN HOUR UNTIL I AM IN A THEATRE WATCHING INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL. Ohhhhh yeeeeeesssss. I am a little more excited now. =D

Back to post more later.
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Well, crap, I kind of wasted my day today. Myla asked me yesterday if I'd hike Diamond Head with her, so the plan was wait for her to finish her early exam, hike Diamond Head, hit the beach, go to dinner with the roomies. Unfortunately she didn't tell me she went with other plans so I spent the day waiting for her to finish her exam and then waiting for Genny to wake up so we could make dinner plans, and I didn't even get any of my history essay written. However I had a very relaxing day and I found out I don't leave until late Thursday night rather than late Thursday morning as I previously thought, so I gain a day there. I just need to go down to Waikiki and waste some moneys. =P

Anyway so eventually Chelsea came and picked us up and we went down to Ward Center for dinner and a movie. We went to this great Italian place, Buca di Bella (I think), where the portions are pretty much enough for an entire family. (Single servings are enough for two, three, and maybe four.) We ended up splitting a single piece of cheesecake which was amazing and we had a great time, and I was glad Silkie decided to come and that Chelsea got word even though I thought she'd pretty much moved out last week. And then we went and saw Iron Man, and they really enjoyed it so I was glad. The theatre was a lot nicer and a LOT bigger, and we sat closer, so I dunno just watching the trailer on such a big screen my nerves totally went crazy, just adrenaline rush like mad. It took me a good long time into Iron Man to relax a little, and then I got cold so I was back to shaking again. =/ Oh well. I don't know what I'm going to do watching Indy IV though, bring a blanket?! Lol.

You know, I think what I enjoy about Iron Man is not just that he is a badass but that he is a cocky badass who doesn't mind it too much when he's wrong. But when you're a cocky bastard you get all the good punchlines, so thereyougo. What can I say, I'm a sucker for a good pun. Still geeked out over all the tech, it really is a beautifully done movie. I'm not really sure what's CGI and what's real which is GOOD. Means it was clean (UNlike Harry Potter but let's not go there). I think it helps all the textures were metals and fake tech, so basically made up, rather than natural textures which look less realistic as CGI. But the physics of it seemed pretty realistic too (like the fight scenes? I'm presuming those were CGI but I suppose they could be some sort of stunt-greenscreen setup). ANYWAY, I caught some things I missed the first time (Ten Rings), you know, like the scene when they first show off how killer his suit is and they do a sweeparound and he does the test for control of the panels. I was not even paying attention but NURR they are for controlling his flight. Hurr yes I'm from Dayton birthplace of flight hurr

ANYWAY. There is one thing that bothers me (not really, it only bothers me on a comedic meta-level). When he first SPOILER )

So I guess technically I missed yesterday even though it's still today for me (I haven't gone to bed yet so that's how the rules work), but I will post for "yesterday" (today for me) and "today" (tomorrow for you). Isn't that a RENT song? ;)

In the interest of countdowns I'll just cut to the chase though; 15 days! Holy crap wetmypants I'm so excited. Seriously, I downloaded the trailer and watched it all day and I STILL went into adrenaline overdrive watching it in the theatre tonight! I mean, adrenaline rush so bad it felt like a sugar rush, like after I drink an energy drink (blech) or the day I had like six mountain dews to stay awake driving back from Chicago for the football game last semester. That kind of shaky, I notice it more since then and it makes me nervous but trust me, I'm going to see that movie like three times opening weekend and it will STILL happen that third time, I'm pretty sure. woo woo

Okay real trivia time! ToD again because I am on a kick and I dunno, it's not as good as Raiders but I do think it's underappreciated. So the mine sets, they were done with miniatures, and I think it is so cool. On the dvds there is a bonus where you can see them run the camera down the tracks inside the "cave" which is painted aluminum foil. GENIUS. I love that kind of thing about filmmaking and I think CGI really detracts from that sort of ingenuity. (Plus, it doesn't look as good to me, it usually messes with my natural senses and totally pulls me out of suspension of disbelief.)

And another since I said two! Concept artwork for Toht that is remarkably steampunk.

Oh hey, do any of you have experience with that free Photoshop substitute? I'm totally blanking on the name but you know what I mean. I think Melissa, you tried it out some? Basically I am looking for an art program where I can scan in some inking I drew by hand and color it with not-quite-100%-opacity. I've seen that effect a few places lately and I really like it. Although I don't know if my comptuer can handle it, I mean seriously running AutoCAD makes this computer lag like it was made in 1962.
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Well I was just about to post a very excited and happy entry for today but the Dorm Assisstant/security just came down and Silkie's mom had called because she's missing, sort of. I don't know to what extent but her mom is worried enough to call campus security, and none of us (her roommates) have seen her since Friday and we thought it was odd she left without her stuff and especially without her computer. So.

But, uh, back to what I was going to post.

Otherwise, today's been a good day.

OH HEY my roommate just got back. Talk about timing. Well that's good. I hope everything was okay. I guess she's downstairs checking in with the RD (the official term for dorm security as Genny informs me) and the police, so... yeah. Hm.

OKAY, SO. Today was a very fun day, in an extremely geeky manner, though I just sort of realized it. This morning my dad called me to wish Max and Kyle a happy birthday, though Kyle is in Argentina now. So after wishing Max happy birthday what they did was put me on speakerphone (in Yellow Springs) so I could wish Kyle happy birthday over videophone to Argentina. Ha. A quarter of a world away... craziness. Technology really is somethin'.

AAAAANYWAY. So I had plans to go see Iron Man (and the new Indiana Jones trailer!) with the xkcd kid yesterday but he never called me back, and I just wasn't in the mood to do much of anything today so I slept in (finally) and ate lunch and ended up going to see Iron Man by myself this evening. It was totally worth it, I needed some time to just chill, and let me tell you, Iron Man is badass.

I mean, I was totally geeking out the whole time. I felt like such an engineer, it was ridiculous. I was just like "ooh electromagnets!" and I'm such a gadety person, just... really. His computer setup was my favorite part. Just, can I have that drafting table yes please. Not even the 3D aspect! I just want a digital drafting table, and I was thinking about that article I read that Windows is working on a new prototype of computer that's basically a coffee table with everything transmitted with I dunno infrared or bluetooth or something, but I mean seriously. Would that not be the most badass drafting table EVER?!

Plus I just really enjoyed the movie. Lol Stan Lee. Also I think I enjoy movies like this and Batman because they way they wrote them, they're not too much of a stretch from real technology. I mean like that drafting table, the first thing I thought of was that Windows prototype and if I could use that to my advantage in the future in making a drafting table. (Except his computer was totally a Mac, and yeah, I geeked over that, too.) Obviously suits like that aren't very feasible, but they took the time to make it pseudoscience and a plot that hits close to home. (Mmm terrorism.) I don't mean on a personal level, just, current-events wise, I think that adds to making it feel more plausible (...for a superhero movie).

Also can you say Air Force?! Hell yeah. I think hometown pride is getting a little bit of a hold on me. (Hm and yes I did not really understand the "stabilizers" pseudoscience, so someone's going to have to explain that to me before I pass judgement, but I don't think it's very plausible. But not bad enough to detract from the plot either! YAY WRITERS) Anyway the "thanks to the USAF" list went by too quickly and I wonder if WPAFB was involved at all (probably not) or SPOILERS )

And the casting with Robert Downey Jr. and Gweneth Paltrow was good, neither of them have annoying quirks that detract from the movie. I am extremely enthused with the plot. It was fun, like a superhero movie should be, with some predictable jokes, but nothing too campy. (Same thing like the Batman thing; Superman is just too far out there for me to really appreciate it, I think. Oooooor they just need to get a good enough plot line.) ALSO, NO SERIOUS ROMANTIC SUBPLOT. Dear writers, I cannot thank you enough. If I have to see one more movie where they detracted from the story to add in a romance, I think I would kill myself. This was PERFECT just with the hint that it might come in a sequel or whatever and them flirting. SO much more realistic (omg people flirt and don't fall right in love?! what?! it can't be) that it just totally meshed. SPOILER )

Lol so yes I'm going to be buying this one on dvd. Kind of like Batman did, you just walk out of the theatre going "BADASS! fuck yeah" which is always a great feeling.

AND CAN YOU SAY NEW INDIANA JONES TRAILER? SEVENTEEN DAYS FOLKS and yes I missed yesterday. =/ I got distracted watching a heist movie. (Entrapment, pretty good. Definitely entertaining enough, though I'm not sure what the purpose of the whole-laser dance thing was, and it was just a tad predictable, though not in any bad way. I am just really in the mood for a movie that catches me up so I'm not thinking about what's going to happen next or something that totally throws me for a loop, like The Prestige did, especially like Prestige did. I called part of it and it STILL had a plot twist. YES.) Anyway, YAY NEW TRAILER! I'm sure you can find it with Google. As soon as it came on I was just like "ark music what?" and they actually show they crystal skull in the trailer (along with lots of other things, hm) which makes me wonder what exactly is going to happen. Still hoping it's not aliens, buuut we'll see I guess. And even if it is, like I said before, I'm still going to love it. Just sitting there watching the trailer I was smirking like crazy and trying not to jump up and scream "YESSS!" or do a dance or anything. Pure excitement. I love it. I love it I love it I love it and now I definitely can't wait to go home oh my god.

Hm, I guess I owe you for yesterday, too. Okay, another Temple scene that was cut. There was supposed to be a scene where a guard got hit by some lava from the caves and it broke him from the Black Sleep of Kali, and Short Round sees it, which would make the scene toward the end where he wakes up Indy come less out of nowhere. I never had a problem understanding it (I just presumed that fire woke you up, I mean really that's all there was to it) but it really would have made more sense to leave it in, especially since it was a shorter movie. Meh, whatevs.

Oh! Another thing about Iron Man. SPOILER )

Ha, so, I think that's mostly everything. It really was a great day, and tomorrow I have lots of fun plans, too. =) I really need to get those history take-home tests done, but... eh, it'll happen, no worries.

Oh hey, is anyone out there comic book fans? I've never been a comic book person, though with the influx of superhero movies I've really enjoyed them mostly (blech sans Spiderman) and in the middle of thinking "oh yay for a plotline with a non-totally-dependent female and no unnecessary romance" it hit me, are there really any badass women superheros out there? (Superheroes? Dammit I hate pluralizing that word, it never looks right.) I mean, there's obviously whatsherface from Fantastic Four but honestly that movie wasn't any good, and there's always Wonder Woman but let's be honest she's flying around in a corsetish thing and underwear. That's not really badass and she's some moon princess or something which is obviously not my kind of superhero as I've already covered. I guess there's sort of Storm and Jean Grey from X-Men, but, eh... not really. They don't really scream "badass" to me. =/ (Lol, Batman? Definitely.) And let's be honest, I think Wolverine has pretty much been the most well-known character from that series anyway (and not just the movies). Most all the other ones I can think of are sidekicks in a fashion, but I know that's because I don't know very many female superheros. Ultraviolet? Elektra? I don't know anything about those. From the ads they looked like they were sort of antiheroes in that revenge sense, but I mean I could be completely wrong. (Also, I don't think the movies were a terribly big hit.)

Okay, Catwoman comes to mind as a badass, but she's not exactly a hero. I dunno what to call her anti-hero? She's not really a bad guy, so she's kind of a badass with all the crap she does to tease Batman and whatever, but she's not a superhero either. Plus, let's be honest, the movie was not by any means great, and I'm like the one person who walked out of the theatre who enjoyed it. (YES I LIKE CATS A LOT OKAY lol)

So. For anyone out there with a bit (so pretty much any) more experience in comics than I, are there any badass female superheros out there? My drawing hand is itching.

perhaps I have been reading too much feminist stuff lately, I'm not usually one to jump to arms about something like that, especially since it was not an offensive trigger or anything

Maybe just not marching corps this year really has me missing all the BAness... =P
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Ahh 19 days! THAT IS FEWER THAN 20, PEOPLE. This is getting crazy! Okay I'm jumping straight into the trivia. I don't know where I missed this one before but I don't remember reading it earlier. Anyway so one of the cut scenes from Temple of Doom, the scene where Willie pours perfume on the elephant and he throws her off, was supposed to be longer. Instead of just pouring perfume she would start singing and Indy and Shorty picked up to drown her out, and then the elephant to threw her off. And I have to say, this is quite possibly one of the best photos ever.

We went blacklight puttputting tonight, and it was HILARIOUS. Somehow I managed to get four hole-in-ones! I haven't played a game that well in a freaking long time. And then I came back and watched The Little Mermaid which was a ton of fun.

Oh, man, this makes me so sad; there's a disease spreading throughout bat colonies in the Northeast that has a 95% mortality rate. D= I have a soft spot for bats, so I am really hoping they find out what the problem is and they figure out a solution. Bats are so adorable! Anyway, here is the article and the website:


Apr. 25th, 2008 10:52 pm
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Mm, I forgot to say yesterday, the dream, by "boat scene" I meant with Panama Hat, not the Venice chase. (Important stuff, I know.)

Mm, last night I watched Terminator (for the first time) and Enchanted (interesting combination, I know). It took me all the way through Enchanted to realize it, but you know exactly what Terminator reminds me of? The evil dog from the original Wallace & Gromit shorts. Lol. I love those shorts. I have been really tempted to dress up as the "Have you seen this chicken?" for Halloween. Acually I really need to get my act together and just pick something for Halloween this year to work on. It's FINALLY on a weekend, so I want to do something good. Problem is, a lot of the cool stuff would require lots of time and money that I don't have, so I'm leaning heavily toward pirate again. I haven't used my pirate costume for Halloween yet, so it's all good. Huh, or I could do flapper, but that's kind of lame for me for a Halloween costume. On the list is Ghostbusters, but MAN, the props for that are $$$. Anyway. It's April.

MAN, today is another best day ever, even though the evening kind of sucked. That's how good it's been. I sent a text-post this morning, but it didn't come through for some reason.

ANYWAY. It started out normally, well, mostly, just going to ceramics. There was a pot sale today, so it was cool to see all the other stuff that was there. After that Takeda's class was cancelled, so we went straight to Hawaiian history, and I geeked out that Bailey had an Indy diet Dr. Pepper can. Class got cancelled, no big deal, though I couldn't go to lunch yet and I didn't really have anywhere to go because it was close to the library opening time. Well I just happened to check my phone and MY HAT CAME!!!!!!! So I decided to walk down to 7-11 and check if they had the latest copy of Entertainment Weekly (which they didn't), and get a Mountain Dew to celebrate. I called my mom and it's definitely my hat and not something else, so YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY. I was completely surprised because I was told back when I ordered it would probably be three months, so I thought maybe I'd get it in time for Indy IV, but then for some reason the receipt from paypal didn't come for about three more weeks, so I had pretty much given up on getting it on time and I had already resigned myself to wearing my DP. So for about two hours today you couldn't get the stupid look off my face, I was just grinning like an idiot. =D

And after that was the opening ceremonies for the new library. They managed to get all the landscaping done, which looks AMAZing, though I don't think they finished some things like the elevator. Anyway, it was pretty cool. Everyone was going around with their leis and all the profs had to wear their fancy caps and gowns, it was just so nice. And they had a brass quintet, which, uh, was a little out of place, and all the profs entered to Pomp and Circumstance, which just sounded empty, and then they added this little jazzy-poppy comPLETEly out of place section, and... yeah. It was just kind of bad. BUT ANYWAY! There were some speeches, none too bad, and then the dancing! Irish dancing (lol) because one of the funders was all the way from Ireland. So that was pretty cool. The Samoan Club and Hawaiian Club also performed, which were both really cool. =D I LOVE Samoan traditional song and dance. It's gorgeous.

It's also really interesting, initially when they were taking all of us exchange students around the first few days getting us acquainted, they said just to take into mind that Chaminade has a much more diverse student body and a much more accepting environment, that there were a lot of evening and older students, and that Hawaii had a stronger gay culture and stuff. I didn't really notice it at all (but then again I guess I have never been prone to noticing that kind of thing) until I saw the Samoan Club perform. I guess, especially in Samoa, and the older Hawaii culture and stuff, people just were as they were so it doesn't bother anyone to be gay or bi or anything. At least that's the impression I get from my history classes, where we learned that Hawaiians used to be pretty promiscuous, but, in that everyone generally had several/many different partners and of both genders, and no big deal. ANYWAY, back the point. Because Samoa never had a culture that brought in outsiders (no "trade value") they still speak mainly Samoan and everything, I mean their societ is still largely intact, but anyway there are these two guys in Samoan Club who I guess are transvestites? I mean, I'm not sure on the definition but they just cross-dress and act very feminine all the time. They are wonderful guys though. =)

BUT! The best part of all the presentations was the last one, a Chinese Lion dance! They had four guys as two dragons, one blue and silver/white for Chaminade and one green and orange (and some other accents, like yellow/red/white) for Ireland, and it was just SO COOL! It struck me that I've never actually seen one before, And they did these really cool dances up to the front, where Mrs. Sullivan was standing with a money envelope (which is good luck in China, if I recall correctly) on a fishing line sort of thing. I couldn't tell what was going on because the seating was terrible, but you could still see the dragons sancing because they did this cool jumping sort of dance with the head part. (Unfortunately my camera ran out of video space, so I don't have anything.) But on the way out people were giving them money which they "ate". I don't know if it was good luck or tradition or how you tip them that grew out of tradition or what, but it was JUST PLAIN AWESOME.

Carly and I went on a bike ride around Diamond Head, later, which was gorgeous. There was a combination of factors that killed me though; I'm not in shape, the vog was pretty heavy, it was hot, I couldn't shift and was stuck in the smallest gear (and couldn't get any momentum), the brakes suck, and something was wrong with the pedals, me not drinking enough lately, the seat was too low so my knees died... so I was just slow as all getout. But it was still such a nice ride. =)

And then after I got back and was getting ready to go to the cookout at Ala Moana beach with Islander Exchange Club, it just LET LOOSE and poured. But only for about ten minutes, and then it totally cleared up and we were on our way by then! It was a nice cookout, but the sunset totally sucked (clouds or vog or I dunno, but you couln't see it), and we stayed out a bit too long on the beach so my legs are kinda crampy. But it was still nice, I mean, waterside Hawaii right?! So it was a good day.

Hmm, I just realized that "Duke's On Sunday" by Jimmy Buffett is about HERE. (Duke's... southside...on the beach at Waikiki. nurr) Good ending for the evening though. =)

26 days!

omg my hat came
omg my hat came
omg my hat came
omg my hat came
omg my hat came
omg my hat came
omg my hat came
omg my hat came
omg my hat came
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Okay, I don't know what my plans are this evening so I'm going to post this before I forget to.

TWENTY-SEVEN DAYS! Man, I am just so. incredibly. excited. =D Though I did have a bad dream last night that my family all went to the premiere at some weird theatre (after shopping with Laura and Savannah at the dollar store for candy and drinks, and seeing the new Entertainment issue, except it wasn't...all I remember is the cover was badly done with no logo and had Usher as the Joker?! but regardless). ANYWAY. So we went to the midnight premiere and they showed this scene that was about ten minutes long that was pretty much the boat scene from LC. (Except in the dream everyone was saying it was 30 minutes long.) At first people were ticked off because they thought that was supposed to be the movie, but eventually we somehow decided it was an extra thing they added on, and there was going to be a ten minute "intermission" before the movie started. So I decided to go out to the lobby to get a Mountain Dew (by the way, the running time is going to be over two hours, which, YAY! but also, I'm going to have to pee SO BAD when it's over, just like pirates), and I couldn't even get out to the lobby because there was such a big group of people trying to get out. So I gave up and decided not to get anything, but then somehow it ended up that I did get a Mountain Dew and missed the whole movie. D= I woke up like "OH NO! I would want to kill myself if that happened" so yeah. Bad dreams.

ANYWAY so like I said. Gotta make up for the past three days. So here's the deal; I'm cutting myself off from spoilers as of today. I realized that, even though I wouldn't consider the things in regular news sources spoilers, that I have already guessed large parts of the movie, and I don't want to a) be able to guess more or b) have something major ruined. I was thinking about it, and I went into all the earlier ones not knowing anything, and loved them. I mean, I hadn't even seen the trailers and based on what I remember my parents telling me about Raiders, which I probably incorrectly remember because it's SO WRONG, I really did watch it knowing basically nothing, and loved it. SO. Nothing more for me. Which means I will probably have to get very creative to come up with stuff for the rest of these 27 (!!!!!) days.

So, for today and the last two, three deleted scenes from Last Crusade:
--When Indy socks the butler at the castle, the butler's line was originally "If you are a Scottish lord, then I am Jesse Owens!" but it got changed to "Mickey Mouse" because Lucas and Spielberg didn't think anyone would get it. But that was obviously changed after filming.
--There was supposed to be more to the dogchase scene, with a WWI vet drunkenly going after them, with Pat Roach in assistance. (The only part left with Roach is him following Vogel as they run up to get on the zeppelin.)
--There was supposed to be more cat-and-mouse being played while Indy and Henry are trying to get out of Germany. Initially they were supposed to be buying tickets and have every line guarded except the zeppelin line, but they cut that part and explained it with "the earliest way out".

So yay cut scenes. =) I think so far I've only hit the submarine ride and the whip fight from Raiders in terms of cut scenes, yeah? Leaves me some good ones from Temple (which honestly they should have left in).

I also realized that I go through music phases that I think have turned out to be soundtracks, and rock. Right now I am in major soundtrack mood, but in a few weeks I'll probably be back around to rock mode. (Today I have listened to Pirates and Indiana Jones... I am in major pirate mode today, and I love it.)


Apr. 23rd, 2008 11:45 pm
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Yeah, I think I missed yesterday, I guess I'll just have to make up for it all tomorrow. I'm just not in the mood to blog today. I'm in a very artsy mood, wishing I had an art tablet and a good art program (which, I know, there's free stuff out there but my computer is already WAAAAY too slow).

Meh. I got excited because this morning I thought today was towel day, and I was sad I didn't have a towel. But it's apparently not until May 25th? But that doesn't sound right because I know towel day my junior year wasn't the last week of school, at least I'm pretty darn sure it wasn't. I think it was regular class, not exams.

Anyway, it also made me miss Southwind because of, one, the towel, and also people are posting on facebook where they're going to be marching... =/ But I had a great idea for a shirt! I don't think they could ever sell it, but I think because of our brass bus joke last year I'm going to have to make a shirt that says "SOUTH WIND" in the Star Wars font. I mean SW right? (Yeah, that's what I get for watching Star Wars, I guess... lol Imperial March) =D

Anyway. So Ep. I/II... not as bad as I remembered. In that, I didn't remember anything, just that they were bad. And honestly, the plot of the first one kind of sucks. The second one, not so bad. The third, the writing sucks. But I will say that they all have damn fine costumes and sets. I watched Ep. II tonight, and just the one scene where Obi Wan and Anakin are standing watch outside Amidala's room, and it's not even heavily decorated or in any way an entirely spectacular scene. But I looked at it and I thought, geez, right there on that tiny set, with two people, is $600-$1000 worth of boots. That's two pairs of boots. Guh. Which led me to think about the discussion I was reading yesterday of Trek vs. Wars, in that the SW universe is inherently a war-based universe, so they would win, but that just got me thinking on a different article I'd read of the epic scale of it all that causes so many faults like how to they get rid of heat energy without dying and where does all the waste go and where do all the resources come from?!?!?! *cough* But I digress (slightly). The point is, everything about Star Wars is just plain old epic. Huge sets, big detailed costumes, and not to mention the industry itself is, like, millions of dollars. Geez.

But yeah, a planet that's just one big city? Wtf? Where do they get ANY sort of resources? And the cloning planet... is it perpetually stormy? Is that a sea planet? Where the heck do THEY get enough resources to run an oversized genetics lab?!

...Nobody answer that.

I really don't need to know.

Also, Prof. Bailey going "assimilate! assimilate! metaphor for America you know" is one of the most hilarious things ever. His band story made me sad though =(


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