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I'm rather excited that I'm actually doing something for a holiday while living out here, for once, as Easter was pretty much a huge flop. The benefits of being forced to socialize! :D (As I predicted, the reason I would rather live with roommates.) We're making turkey, pumpkin pie, green bean casserole, and sweet potatoes. Keeping it pretty simple but there's only five of us so there you go. Would be nice to have some Hawaiian food or something but all of our final projects are due in a week, sooooo no time for big plans.

Green bean casserole
Pumpkin pie
and, of course, the yams.

And here is a behind-the-scenes Temple of Doom pic I never saw before, so I stole it from the Indiana Jones facebook page that posted it:

Happy Thanksgiving!


Looks like next year will be my TENTH ANNUAL thanksgiving post, HOLY SHIT. I'm actually going to have to sit down for more than 10 minutes in the morning while we're all trying to cook the meal and make sure it's super quality! ;)
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After the note from the landlady went up and all the dirty dishes disappeared, the guy who's been living here the longest (and who thus most regularly talks to the landlady since they hang out some) got us all together to "figure things out". First of all, I hope he appreciated the irony of his facade since HE WAS THE ONE WHO DIDN'T WASH HIS DISHES. Although possibly Other Girl didn't either as she told us "I couldn't wash some of them without doing all of them" because that's the type of cleaner she is (which makes sense given previous incidents). So we then, with two weeks left before three of us left, determined that everyone should just do their dishes within the day, and proceeded to start hashing out shit that DOESN'T MATTER AT ALL. Like the fact that Other Girl has been buying all the paper towels. Okay, fair enough, the guys could probably pitch in, but in the girls-only shower I've been the only one supplying toilet paper all semester, so let's call that even, shall we? Then she told me our bathroom was "dirty". Wow, no? It's water stained, and it needs to be swept, but I clean the sink and bathtub and her definition of what is clean must be unreal. That or she can see magical mystery dust with her superpower eyes, idfk. Then we sat there for another half hour and bullshitted about shit that doesn't matter! I don't care! I'm not coming back! You guys have failed to mature despite your pretentions of grandeur! I'll only be pissed at this point if I don't get my security deposit back because you failed to wash your dishes for three weeks! Also, remember how we just agreed LAST NIGHT to do our dishes within 24 hours? YOURS FROM THREE DAYS AGO ARE SITTING IN THE SINK!

Also one of you assholes in the past six hours decided TO TAKE SOME OF MY FUCKING FOOD AGAIN!

Caaaan't wait to be the fuck out of this place.
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I'm too good at it.

...Where you win if you can research obscure things? That, or I'm way too fucking stubborn and I insist upon running my results dry time after time.

Other than tracking down sold-out items from over a year ago, I have successfully tracked down a lot of things recently. It has only made me wish that databases were more comprehensive, so instead of searching 50 sites I would only have to search one. This is especially a problem with online shopping, where a small store may have exactly what you want, but it doesn't show up on Google Shopping or Amazon and their site is basically unsearchable or undiscoverable unless someone else points you directly there. BUT I DIGRESS.

Earlier this week our professor challenged us to find a slightly meme-ish image of what looked like the Michael Jackson of zebras. His head was striped, his upper torso was white, his back was striped, and his back legs were white.

First of all, don't google "half white zebra" because you get nothing but pages of "ARE ZEBRAS HALF WHITE WITH BLACK STRIPES OR BLACK WITH WHITE STRIPES LOLOLOL".

Second, in under five minutes I found the image by trying "albino zebra" and then I believe "partially albino zebra" which led me to a page about zorses. And zonies. Which are half zebras, half horse/pony, and are generally bred in Africa (much like other places get donkeys, and they are most often sterile as well) because zebras have some natural biological defenses they can pass on.

Uh and then in class Thursday we were talking about what a temple is, thematically, and for a brief few moments the prof had an image of a buddha on the screen, of course with no source. HOWEVER I realized that under this seated buddha was a script that was too familiar... A script from the old online COSI: Adventure game that was linked from their site (to LiveScience?) a while back. I think the game is still up if you have a direct link.

ANYWAY, the online game was based slightly on the Adventure! exhibit, but without a lot of the originality, probably because of time/money constraints. (I'm not complaining, it was made for 8 year olds, approximately, I'm most likely the only person who ever cared.) However, given my extensive gradeschool examination of Egyptology, I recognized that one of the... uh... sacred items? that they used in the game was a slightly photoshopped version of an Egyptian alabaster papyrus-lotus vase.

Anyway, eventually you have to crack a code, and if there's one thing about me, I LOVE CODES. I was always upset though that you never got a good look at all 26 letters, because you never used them all, and the closest you would get is the "dictionary" you would get, but since it was a very low-quality shockwave file, you couldn't look at it too closely to get a good enough idea, either.

I always assumed they found some random font (which, tbh, they probably did) and just threw it on there. That, or they made it up, which was awesome. And since I never found anything about it, I just kept on assuming it was awesome and went on my merry way. I took the character that kind of looked like a "d" (I don't know what character they used it as) and I think I have it as my random icon on a few different sites-- Twitter I know to be one.


So I'm sitting there looking at this buddha, which I know absolutely jack shit about except that we're currently discussing stupas in terms of temple design and what they are, and under this buddha are TWO TO THREE LINES OF THIS TEXT WHERE SOME OF THE CHARACTERS LOOK EXACTLY LIKE THIS CODE


And then the prof decided to not post the presentation, from which I was hoping to steal the image so I could try to tineye it. False! Hahaha, just kidding.

So I googled combinations like "seated buddha sculpture ancient stone hand raised" for about thirty minutes, pretty much ever permutation of ideas ever and then decided to try a library image database. I tried to be a bit more general and tried things like "seated buddha" and "buddha sculpture" and eventually I stumbled upon one that was SIMILAR but not exactly the same sculpture (and was much plainer, had no text, etc.). So I took one of the title words from that, not knowing what it meant and tried Googling it, nothing. Took that back to the art database, found an even closer-looking image! Took a different word from the title/description, tried Googling that, SUCCESS! So then I tried googling/wikipedia-ing that, etc. to try to find more, plus "city name of sculpture + text" and FINALLY came across a wikipedia page that had some ancient script information.

It was very close, but not quite in the ballpark enough yet. So I clicked through to several different pages, and a few more from there, and I have a few pieces here, and a few pieces there, and at this point I think I'm pretty darn close and I need an expert or to sit down side-by-side with the "code" and pick out each one individually.

So... I have completion problems, I guess. Or research fascinates me too much, I don't know. Or I'm too stubborn. OR I'M TOO GOOD AT THE INTERNET.


On a completely unrelated note, I've noticed I've gotten more in shape this week. I call it "skinnyface" from tour but it's usually about three weeks into alldays for me when I realize that I'm exercising and eating well and I have lost weight. I don't know if I can chalk it up to bloating or something? Because it always seems to be something I notice overnight, one day and not any day before, which doesn't seem possible. But at any rate, I've also been very tired and physically worn out again this week, though not feeling sickly-tired like I did two weeks ago. So I don't know? Maybe this trying-to-eat-healthy thing is too much undereating? What I've found is that I am much better about controlling what I eat (that is, not eating too many junk foods) when I control the shopping. I'm still probably not working enough fruits and veggies into my daily diet as opposed to grains and dairy and delicious, delicious pizzas (I'm serious [Red Baron 4-Cheese]), but I'm trying to slowly edge myself into a healthful diet that I enjoy. I could eat a veggie diet that I bet would be supremely healthful but I would probably get sick of it very quickly. Not to mention hooooow fucking expeeensiiiive fruits and veggies are. Well, everything in Hawaii.

So anyway, that's what five-miles-a-day-bicycling-on-all-hills and dropping 75% of the junk food will do.

Last week I tried to make it my mission to, instead of buying lots of frozen things and eating them one day at a time, to buy some bulk food items and make enough for a long time (ignoring the fact that I still have pasta sauce in the fridge and my mom just mailed me two cans of skyline! AUGH OM NOM THE TEMPTATION). I bought shrimp and rice and all the supplies for garlic shrimp, it was STUPIDLY EXPENSIVE. Partly because I now have enough garlic shrimp-making flavorings for, uh, the rest of the year, but whatever. On day three I was already sick of garlic shrimp. What the fuck? I hate my food-moods. I've eaten almost nothing but pizza for about three weeks, this is some crap. I like pizza but I AM TRYING TO GET SOME HEALTHFUL VARIETY UP IN THIS BITCH MIX. I'm mostly pissed because it seems like a waste of money if I'm not going to eat it, WHICH I NEED TO BEFORE IT GOES BAD, and especially if I keep in this pizza-and-italian-food rut for the rest of the semester. Fuck.

So, uh... I'm kinda learning to cook? Not that I can't, given an adequate recipe, it just takes up SO MUCH FUCKING TIME and I HATE IT.

I think next up might be coco loco chicken!!!!!11! though, because ON NOM DELICIOUS but also omg chicken?! With lime curry sauce you bet your ass

It is delicious.

...Aaaaand I didn't do my pushups for this week (again), I am a failure. As much as I would like to be able to do and gain all the benefit from pushups, I JUST HATE IT and I've totally let it slip my mind this week.

Which I'll say is forgiveable since I now have to spend the entire fucking weekend in the stupid studio AGAIN. Free time on a weekend?! What the fuck is that?! I would like to fucking GET OUT ON A BIKE RIDE THANKYOUVERYMUCH

Luckily next weekend is a long weekend with no homework over it aaaaaand the student architecture club is having a sand castle building contest. FOR REALZ, Y'ALL
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with LJ, Facebook, and tumblr posting right now.

I think that says a lot about how not-so-great the commercials are this year.

...Local ads have some seriously great production value though, I keep thinking they are national ads. Muuuuuch better than Dayton ads.

However, it has taken me three viewings of this cellphone-seafood-poke-allergy commercial for me to understand what was going on in it. Also, the one girl has an AWESOME dress that I VERY MUCH WANT. Like the other hand, I thought it was a national ad at first and was confused by the fact that 99% of the US probably doesn't have a clue what poke is.

Poke is what has been sitting out on the counter all week making me want to puke 1) because it's spoiling and 2) because it's poke anyway.

I went past the poke counter at Foodland today (it's a huge counter on its own, like the size of a normal meat or seafood counter, but ALL POKES) and wanted to retch. And I like seafood


Feb. 2nd, 2012 09:40 pm
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I'm looking for some old posts of mine because I can't remember exactly when some things happened. This is what it's like getting old, apparently. (Fuuuuuuuck)

1) My oldest post tagged "religion" is about drum corps auditions (which I honestly didn't remember being for the 2007 season? but I guess so...) and "I think I'm through questioning faith". LOL OH WELL. Interesting to see how much my tone has changed in just a few years though, even my posts from 2008 can get kinda judgmental.

For that I apologize.

2) I have been working on a letter to my Mormon friend trying to explain my philosophical situation. I intended it to be just a letter... three hours later, it's 13 pages long and I'm not finished. Whoops. As a result and because I am the world's laziest chef, I am eating half a can of olives that are at least a week old and hopefully not spoiled by anything else in the fridge. BECAUSE THIS IS COLLEGE

By the way, Douche Flatmate has a now three-day dinner mess on the counter, it smells fucking awful. Unfortunately I now have to play the "confrontation and talk about it" game.

3) I forgot that LJ tags were a "new" thing only a few years ago. WHICH IS MAKING IT EVEN HARDER TO FIND MY OLD POSTS FROM HIGH SCHOOL NOOOOOOOOOOOO

4) I wish I journaled more but I'm also glad to see that I have so much written already. And that I've been LJing for how many years now? 7? 8? Jesus fuck. It seems like only a few years ago. I can, however, attribute much of my writing voice to journaling (in the form of blogging). Addressing an audience like you are friends, but like there is absolutely no one in the seats in the whole auditorium. Just an interesting note.

And now back to my search for personal journal entries from the pre-tagging days, so I can get back to this ages-long letter.

P.S. It's pretty obvious these days, I think, that I'm an atheist. So hopefully no one who is looking for a way to get me in trouble finds this. LUCKILY I think I've done an okay job of scrubbing this out of the main google search pages for me, and I need to go back and probably lock some old posts, and I probably should edit my friends list considering friends from 6 years ago can access my locked posts and absolutely zero of them post anymore (that certain group, I mean).

[EDIT] Holy shit I went and checked, it's so weird to see how little I posted the first couple of years. THERE IS SO MUCH INFORMATION I AM MISSING THAT I WANT TO KNOW. And that is why I journal. What was I thinking?! I don't know because I didn't write jack shit. And boy was my tone terrible, which, it's funny, I knew at the time, not that it was bad but that I hoped I could look back eventually and not hate myself and not want to hide or delete posts (which I'm not planning to, at least not for that reason), but geez, how things change. What's even worse? I know how much I changed from grade school to high school, and I don't really have a journal that covers that, either.

As the poster at my old hairdresser's used to say, "you've come a long way, kid."


Jan. 19th, 2012 12:06 am
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The past four hours have been interesting. Someone FINALLY cleaned up the counters--and washed all the dishes--but I am 99% sure it was the girl roommate who I saw in there before. Who I am 90% sure did not make the mess. Also, all the hardened pizza crumbs more like migrated their way to the floor than "got cleaned up". So now I'm afraid to go barefoot.









I wrote a note for the fridge, I haven't put it up yet because 1) I don't want to do it while everyone's home, that's a bit weird, and 2) I am not quite satisfied with the phrasing. Here's what it says, please offer any and all criticisms:

In black, permanent marker: "Please make sure the food you are eating is yours =( I do share though, just ask ;)"

I don't know, what do we think? I don't want them to think I'm a stuck-up, isolated ice-queen, but someone has taken my food, and I am on a fucking budget. It's not a $.10 bag of ramen (which is actually a quarter out here because of importing), it's a whole-like-fucking-dollar-ice-cream-bar and a four dollar pizza. OF MY FAVORITE FLAVOR.

What do I do


Jan. 9th, 2012 12:01 pm
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today is my first day of "grad school", I am shockingly not nearly as nervous as I thought I'd be. I guess after five years of engineering, well... actually, I don't know. I've always been very perceptive of age and position, and that usually works against me because I can't call old teacher-friends by their first names (still!) and I am used to be the youngest person around, which means I usually submit myself to the conversation and let other people talk more. Which I desperately need to work on, because I'm pretty smart and I need to show that more, especially when shutting up just leaves me with this shocked sense of are these really the people I am peers with? (Far from everyone, but certain incidents are rather appalling.) Anyway, I'm one of the older people in the house now, and I was thinking more about my age-out year the other day and I just need to be more like that, I guess.

I have also possibly been watching too much Sherlock this week. I caught up on three whole episodes, which is basically three entire movies'-worth.

Anyway. I met my roommates yesterday, and I got to talk to two of them a little more, they seem pretty friendly, which is good. Hopefully we will all socialize more because I don't know what the fuck I'm doing, as always.

So remember how I found the alive food in the oven? Nobody touched that shit for a day after I know everyone was home, so I said "fuck it" and threw it out, plate and all. I'll just pretend I broke a plate but considering this place is a 4-student-college-rental, I really don't feel like anyone's going to be missing that one plate. Especially considering I opened up the pantry last night and someone's cornmeal was being torn apart and eaten up by some kind of bug.

YEAH SO. Gotta get plastic containers for all my foods, it seems.

Oh! And then this morning. I went to make breakfast and someone had eaten one of my fucking frozen pizzas.

Look. I know I have this irrational ownership problem with food. But if you didn't buy the food, DON'T FUCKING EAT THE FOOD. And considering I got up at 4 this morning and went to the bathroom and it sounded like there were people hanging out in the living room watching TV and I know the other night there was a fair amount of drinking going on, I am only going to tolerate this once.

Once is an accident.

Twice is a coincidence.

Three times is a pattern. And I am tired of dealing with people who don't respect my boundaries, this problem has been far too common in my life on the whole. Yes, I realize it's just a pizza. But hell to the no. I don't have a car, I am not filthy rich, I can't make a trip to the grocery any time I damn well please. I have a bicycle, and I don't even have a fucking basket for it, I'm going to have to carry everything in my backpack.

People wonder why I'm such an introvert, it's because of shit like this. The details bother me. I shut myself up in boundaries because people are constantly not respecting the ones I set. If I'm an Ice Queen as some folks so ~teasingly~ called me in high school, it's not because I want to be that way, let me assure you.

Well, that and I tend to internalize most things. Which I think makes me not so good at expressing them and holding "normal" conversation, I'm not sure. But yeah, that, too.
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I got one, maybe two hours of sleep

I punched myself in the nose because of a damn poorly-designed conditioner bottle, and now I have a scratch across my nose and upper lip

I haven't been spelling things right all day

My cousin Kyle doesn't understand thermodynamics and shattered a glass bowl with boiling simple syrup everywhere pushing back dinner two hours

Dinner was delicious, bee tee dubs

Nobody cried for missing gramps (that I saw) (I think we're all tired of grandma's bullshit let's be honest) (we're all going to lose it Saturday)

Our cousin Chris showed up (the family "drunk" as it were-- he parties hard with no shame) and we all ended up making a post-dinner trek to Kroger for beer and cider and cups and pong balls

Kroger locked us out because they were closing in five minutes, I went back to the car and my sister and cousins snuck in the exit and beat a fair number of people through the line

I forgot to mention that my cousin was playing the CDs his Hitting-On-Him-Gay-Boss made for him but they cranked them up until I was deaf and they are all terrible dancers

Kyle owes me a game of Beer Hunter for driving them

I missed the James Bond marathon on SyFy and it occurred to me I've never seen a Timothy Dalton or George Lazenby one

But we found out Cato (Pink Panther) was in Goldfinger and that the character is also apparently in Inspector Gadget What I Can't Even

So we played beer pong on the porch and I think they got a fair number of the adults involved, apparently my sister got my grandma to swear to play a game next summer

Meanwhile I passed out in the basement for at least two hours and I still don't know what

So that was today

(I think this is the third time this year I've punched myself in the face)
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OMG color e-ink is coming. By the time I can afford this stuff, these systems will (hopefully) have settled a little more and be COMPLETELY AWESOME. (As if they aren't already.)

I still think it would be awesome if there were an open-source pdf textbook service that would 1) put shitty textbook companies (read: bad writers, those under the effect of legal shit like Texas' removal of non-christian religions and the downplaying of Jefferson because he was "an atheist", ripoff artists who release new editions every few years just to make money while wasting both people's money and the materials used to print them) out of business, 2) reduce the weight load of students, which would, in effect, 1) save students money, 2) [theoretically] allow for more honest writing (think about the accuracy of wikipedia here, sort of), 3) save students from weight injuries (I did my eighth-grade science fair on this, remember?), 4) save physical materials. Look, if you could buy a pdf-reader for your kindergartener and it lasted them all the way through college with the net result of no physical textbooks, wouldn't that be amazing?! It could even be a laptop or a netbook and not e-ink, if that was what you needed.

SO! EXCITING NEWS. A random lady (and by lady I just mean, a female who I would consider in an older age group than me-- she has a daughter who is old enough to have been to COSI, but she's not, say, whole generation older than me, probably in her early 30's or late 20's?) messaged me on facebook through my posts on the "I miss COSI's Adventure!" group. We are going to start a fan page for Adventure and PROBABLY end up breaking the code as a team (unless I somehow manage to stumble into the solution beforehand, which is doubtful). BUT! I am so excited.

Also, I really want to win that spend-the-night-in-Adventure contest. WOOOOO.

A geek pronunciation guide, which I actually found helpful and corrected me on a few things. (Although to be honest when I see "WYSIWYG" I just say "what you see is what you get" which is definitely easier than saying "doublyew-wy-ess-eye-doublyew-wy-gee". Don't ask me why I chose those spellings, I just did. There have to be a ton of ways to "spell" letters, and it probably changes every time I have to sit down and write-spell something.)

WOAH. You're going to want to read this.. It's an internet security issue. ANYONE can hack your social media as long as you are both signed into the same UNSECURED WI-FI. Which is most wireless. BRB trying to secure things.

So I've seen the world's largest gummy worm floating around the internet for a few weeks, and for the life of me, something about it bothered me in the back of my mind and I couldn't figure out what. But I just got it: look familiar? (Side note: I've seen those World's Biggest Gummybears in person, they look disgusting based sheerly on mass. I'm pretty sure the worm would be the same way, although it would make for a GREAT halloween food item.)

Also. I am not in a great mood, currently, with technology. My OneNote files decided to get corrupted, and it's looking like I probably won't be able to rescue them (FUCKKKKKKKK). Additionally, I just discovered today that all the quotes I've kept in my facebook application --ALL 150+ OF THEM-- are no longer accessible because the app just DISAPPEARED without warning anyone. GODDAMNIT. As much as I love OneNote I think from here on out I'm going to try to just keep everything in Evernote. UGH.

Some guy on twitter made a bot to argue anti-global-warming crap with people, originally just for the people that responded to him, but now it actively searches and starts discussion. Trolling for arguments with a chatbot might be the best method of this, because you present the same evidence without wasting your own time, which you know you're going to if you spend your own time doing this. Really. I want to give this guy a hero badge or something, shit.

The Kahiki's fireplace is for sale! If I had a real job, and I lived here, and I were actually opening the tiki restaurant I dream of opening, I would buy it. (Last time I checked it was at $1.25... I COULD AFFORD THAT.)

PROMPT TIME! I used to play softball. However, my "sport" is marching band. Specifically, drum corps. <3

A cute video:

So, more information on the 200 student cheating incident I posted yesterday. Granted, I only read the article the other day and did not watch the professor's video; I think I'm too empathetic and I didn't want to feel angry or guilty or shamed watching a video that had nothing to do with me. I get that enough in regular life, thanks. (I can't stand to see people embarassed... I, unfortunately, am readily affected by second hand embarassment, which SUCKS.) ANYWAY. It turns out the students were just studying from the publisher's testbank. Maybe it's a generational thing, but I don't see a problem with this. I study from people's notes, from answer manuals, etc. IN FACT, the books we've generally used HAVE THE ANSWERS IN THE BACK SO YOU CAN CHECK YOUR WORK. Granted, this is a test. But I do think the professor should expect students to be studying from the materials they can attain legally, and if he uses the same problems, I don't think that's the students' fault. I use solutions manuals to check my work regularly, when I can, because THIS SHIT IS HARD. I need any advantage I can get to pass these classes, and I don't consider it cheating to check my work, or, in this case, anticipate problems and study.

I'm still not watching that video, I'd probably make myself sick.

Honestly, what's with all the "Cowboys & Aliens: Ford's Comeback" crap? WAS HE EVER GONE? I say no. Choosing to do a different genre doesn't mean you've slacked off, it means you got offered different things.

SURE, just like Disney's switching 100% from 2d animation. Okay. Look, you can be creative and come up with more general-children's-films ideas, but at some point you're going to want to make "a princess movie" again. Also, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU CONSIDER ALADDIN TO BE?! If that's a princess movie, I CAN'T EVEN.

In other rage-inducing media news, there's a Mean Girls 2 coming out?! Ugh. Please.

On a positive note, I'm catching up on episodes of Chuck and they just made a Fievel Goes West reference. UH, YESSSS.
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Sometimes I agree.

Oh god, it IS horrifying.

When Superman invaded the KKK. Life is awesome sometimes.

hehehehe, space.

This whole thing pisses me off. Yeah, maybe it's a little low-cut for a movie premiere, but it's the preimiere for Kick-Ass, and if you haven't noticed, I'm going to take a stab with the whole hot-pink hair thing and say she probably doesn't give a whit what you think of her. Not to mention, half the headlines talk about her husband (and call her "Mrs. Wossy") despite the fact that she's the fucking screenwriter. And somehow, they pointed this all out and still managed to completely miss the point?! I don't know. I really don't.

Oh, Liam Neeson. I still don't get this movie.


ICHC is a Mensa favorite site. I don't know if that means they have a sense of humor or they're no better than the rest of us. Oh, humanity. You and your ego.

Old hat, but these George Takei ads creep me out a little. I mean, he's awesome, but his voice is just... weird.

Oh, FUCK YOU, Gizmodo. The dude did not "sneak a peek". HE TOOK A FUCKING PICTURE. (Oh, and remember, these are impossible to misuse, remember? At least it didn't take long. Maybe they'll realize what a dumbass idea these are.)

NOOOOOOOO why do they release all these lovely bright colors after I just got a new lappy?! AUGH. Turquoise or hot pink or lime green or sunset orange would have been SO SUPERIOR to dark blue.

Didn't know there was an Indiana Jones timeline. However, this guy seems thoroughly unamused? I really hate when people get interviewed and respond with stuff like that. At the least, make your answers interesting if you have nothing to add.



I really love the English's sense of humor. Or humour, as it were. Anyway, St. George is also the patron saint of... Barcelona? No, Valencia? I think it was Valencia. I remember seeing little Winnie-the-Poohs dressed up as St. George in the Disney Store in Valencia. I really wish I had bought one now, that would just be too awesome.

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It could thusly be argued that Indiana Jones fought "aliens" in Raiders of the Lost Ark. It is also a sad thing that the freaking Lego Flying Wing costs like $70. I think I have the Micro Machine version, though, SWEET ACTION.

New favorite slang: qu'est-ce que fuck?

Inherited from my dad, I am sure, I will take any opportunity to butcher French for the greater humorous good.

GOOD FUCK THIS IS HORRIFYING. It reminds me of the Splicer episode from Batman Beyond. Fffffuuuuuccccckkkkkkkk~

Hahaha "Mathsputin". Looooove iiiiit.

You know, while I appreciate the characterizations, that logo is just... incredibly detestable. I am so sick of steampunk being OMFGGEARS! (heh heh heh, I would go for a good Disney "g-ears" pun, though.) Seriously, yo, technology, in general, has to do something. And this is more the aestheticist than the engineer in me saying this. Just... bleh. Anyway, I think this means it's Old Hat if Disney did it and is no longer Scene and maybe it will lose some of its steam no pun intended. (Okay, totally intended afterthefact.) The sooner you can boot scenesters from any scene, the better. Please move to the Next Big Thing and mind the gap as you disembark, I'd like my functioning technology in relative peace, please and thankyou.

Also, Daisy is a fucking badass, check that shit out yo, she is AMELIA FUCKING EARHART-ing it up in that shit!

So I found out that Crystal Skull has a Star Trek tribute, of all things. During the rocket-sled fight scene there is a wall dubbed "numbersnumbers-GNDNnumbers" which apparently is reference to Goes Nowhere, Does Nothing. I also started reading the imdb trivia page for the movie and discovered this gem:

Harrison Ford was adamant that he got to wield Indiana's famous whip. Paramount executives wanted the weapon to be computer generated because of new film safety rules, but the actor branded the rule "ridiculous".

Dear Harrison Ford, you are my hero, thank you for being awesome. Dear George Lucas, you're still crazy as fuck, but at least this time you had Spielberg and Ford willing to tell you sometimes that you're a little bit off your rocker.

Also, this has always goddamn bothered me:

The Akator throne room designed by Guy Dyas keeps up an Indiana Jones tradition by having C-3PO and R2-D2 etched into one of the yellow titles, and E.T. into another. According to the book "The Complete Making of Indiana Jones", the characters can be found somewhere in all four Indiana Jones pictures.

They're easy to find in Raiders but WHERE THE DAMN HELL ARE THEY IN ToD and LC?

Also, I just ~can't wait~ until the original Star Wars trilogy gets re-released and re-remastered on BluRay and George Lucas decides to digitally add these Other Dimensioners to the celebration scene at the end. I mean, ET's already there, it's bound to happen at some point.

Originally Henry Jones, Sr., Short Round, Sallah and Willie Scott were to make an appearance at Indiana's wedding.


In the "making of" on the Back to the Future (1985) DVD, one of the original ideas of the time machine was as a refrigerator that Marty would climb into. Furthermore, the way Marty was to come back from 1955 was via the power of a nuclear bomb at a test site in the desert. Back to the Future was produced by Steven Spielberg. The idea was scrapped because filmmakers were afraid children would shut themselves inside of their home refrigerators to imitate the movie.


...Anyway. Speaking of GNDN, I kind of need these in my future house, somewhere. In my super-futuristic Tony-Starkish tech lab.

(Seriously though I still want his drafting table. Rich motherfucker.)

Heh heh heh, stormtroopers.


So that's what I've been up to for the past MONTH or so. Also did I mention I downloaded the Force Unleashed Lightsaber App for my iPod touch? I totally did and it's PURPLE ALL THE WAY, baby. Now I need someone to duke it out with.

...You know, the sooner Nerf makes Nerf Lightsabers, THE BETTER.

[EDIT] ALSO-ALSO, anyone play Spore or Sims 3 online? I got a code from Taco Bell and I play neither.
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So I've been sort of cleaning up/sorting old files and I came across old post material, whereupon I hypothesized that Robert Frost was secretly a Vogon. And more recently I put forth that Bruce Wayne is secretly Billy Joel.

And when I think about it, I go back to all the freakish doubles I know; Johnny, Jacob, Jingleheimerschmidt just kidding, my old physics prof that was Neil Sedaka's good twin, ET CETERA.

This is some crazy shit!

Apparently I am highly skilled at recognizing facial similarities but fuck all at remembering people's names, which, I believe, is because I know so many people and not only do I know them but I associate with them on a regular basis.


I tried to find that old Robert Frost entry and HOLY SHIT, I think it is time to lock some of my old entries! The writing is rather appalling and AS OF TODAY (I have not gone to bed I still consider it the thirtieth, mind you!) I have written five full years' worth of livejournal entries.

Happy fifth LJ birthday, me! :D

I hinted so hard to my mom once about that last cake. I never got it. lol

At least I can say this, I am very in tune with my writing voice, now. =) Now to just find my sketching style... =/

Also I think it is time to clean out my old tags, for fuck's sake... and retag old entries.
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A rather disturbing state of political affairs. I just... yeah. There are no words.

Petri Dish cookies! If I ever have a mad science party, these will be involved.

Natalie Portman to star in Pride & Prejudice & Zombies! THIS CASTING IS PERFECT. Why? Because people already confuse her with Kiera Knightley already, and they are both awesome, AND SHE IS AWESOME, and they are GOING TO BE KILLING ZOMBIES. Heeeeeeee this cannot come out on dvd soon enough. Also...? I really want to see a zombie Christmas movie. It would be fantastical, I'm sure.

So, last night, instead of going to the POD Christmas party like I was planning, since Kim and Melissa and everyone else and I had had our Christmas dinner here at our apartment, and Melissa got Jon the Beatles Rock Band, we ended up going to the guys' house to play Beatles Rock Band. For four hours. In which time we beat the whole game and moved on to regular Rock Band. BUT. I got really excited because the game was pretty fun, and since Laura and I still need the drum and mike set for our GH, maybe I could find a RB compatible pack so I could buy the Queen Rock Band! Right? So I just did a little research... the Queen Rock Band that I saw at WalMart is apparently a 10-song disc. LAME AS FUCK. I mean, I realize Queen doesn't have maybe quite as many recognizable songs as the Beatles do, but ffs they didn't put Don't Stop Me Now on there! So I am not buying it. Poop.

Also, they put Tie Your Mother Down on there. Nobody loves that song.

ELTON JOHN IS ON GH5 THOUGH? That is amazing. I'm just waiting for some sort of Billy Joel version of RB... Obvs you don't really have guitar jams, but who knows, they made DJ Hero, maybe they can come up with something clever to be a piano/other instruments. (He has a lot of brass and sax parts... idk how that would work though without looking rather stupid.)

An internet safety code for the next generation. And yet they will still have the fabulous opportunity to fall prey to rickrolling and goatse. The internet really is a fabulous place, you know.

Calvin and Hobbes covered by different artists. Very cool. The first one's a little depressing though, no?
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HAPPY THANKSGIVING ALL! =) Time for my favorite post of the year. I know I haven't been around, so sorry if I missed something-- I've been so busy I haven't checked LJ in three weeks. That has to be some kind of record for me.

Anyway, it's going to be a small Thanksgiving at home and mom is already yelling at me to do chores, so I'm going to keep it short this year. =)

Sweet potatoes with mallo!

Your QC turkeys

A whole fast food Thanksgiving

And some awesome turkey-pie Thanksgiving themed wallpaper!

And as always, don't forget the the yams.

Now, let's talk about the pilgrims and the Indians. We may not be pilgrims, but we're awesome, so that doesn't matter. I'm guessing the first thanksgiving was less of this:

DCI East 2009 The Troopers 31 July 2009 (45)

(minus Cockblock in the background trying to break that shit up)

DCI East 2009 The Troopers 31 July 2009 (66)

And more of this:


DCI East 2009 The Troopers 31 July 2009 (8)

AND THEN THERE WAS A FIREFIIIIIIIIGHT (yes, we had a gun battle in our show--AFTER we already had a bar fight. best show ever.)

DCI East 2009 The Troopers 31 July 2009 (51)

DCI East 2009 The Troopers 31 July 2009 (50)

And a scalping. Did I say best show ever? Because it was the best show ever.

DCI East 2009 The Troopers 31 July 2009 (55)

All my old thanksgiving posts.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Sep. 14th, 2009 03:32 pm
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Just watched Coraline--really good. I was planning to read the book before I watched the movie, but it just so happens that Flyer TV put it on this month, so I watched it anyway. I'm sure the book is even more detailed than the movie, as books generally are, but regardless the movie is jam-packed and Neil Gaiman is still a genius. I'm sure it would be wonderfully horrifying to see in 3D.

Also, I totally want a little jerboa marching band, how adorable was that?!

And my kitties, I wish I could keep them at school with me.

Anyway, it's one of those weeks where I can't keep my head on straight. Yesterday was horrible, I had some time but couldn't think of things to do. Even though I know I have a list, it's like some section of my brain fogs up and I happen to never end up thinking about any of that and I do nothing productive and feel restless all day. I felt the best just walking a block from my parking space, which made me think I should have gone marching or something.

Part of the problem is that weekends like that, all you have is Sunday, and not all of Sunday because we have chapter, and it feels like you don't have enough time to rest and still be productive, so my brain is trying to do two things at once (be productive, but restfully?), which is doesn't know how to do, and that just does not end well.

BUT the band trip is nothing major this weekend (other than trying to avoid a certain someone who may or may not be trying to creep on me) and we don't have to learn anything new for the show (at least, I don't think we do) and pregame went fine, so, there is that. Band should actually be relaxing, maybe.

What I can't figure out is why I don't eat very healthily. I mean, I eat healthier meals than your average collegiate, I'd say, but at the same time I forget how to cook or what to cook or what I like to eat and I always end up eating more crap and fat than I should. It's making it really difficult to try to get on a healthier diet... I don't know what to do about that. Part of it is that I bite my nails and chew on pens and as a result I feel like I need to be eating something, just as a nervous habit. And gum makes me sick to my stomach if I chew it too often, so that's not a useful alternative. I don't know what to do, because I sure as hell can't be eating ALL DAY.

Anyway, that's all for now. Just needed to get some stuff out of my system... Got plenty on my plate right now.


Aug. 27th, 2009 11:46 pm
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So I've really been avoiding LJ. I've just been kind of overwhelmed with real-life stuff and I don't have the time nor the inclination to go through the millions of pages of communities I've been following. So, sorry if I miss something =/ If it's important, let me know, I promise I'm actually around. For example, today I've been making sure facebook doesn't explode my inbox.

Anyway, so I'm going to have an exciting weekend. I wore wonderfully bright things today (and my Indy QC shirt) and then went to El Toro with mom and dad and Laura. Laura convinced me to get a pina colada but it was not really to my interest. So, so far things aren't looking good for my drinking self. Champagne is a no, mudslides are a no, pina coladas are a no. Wine is meh but I'd rather drink milk and mountain dew and sparkling grape juice to be honest... =/ Yeah, like I said, I'm just not that interested.

ANYWAY but Stebs is coming down from Indiana tomorrow & we are going to dinner with the roomies & Laura & Sav, then doing something (undetermined yet) on Saturday and then PARTY to which I invited all of facebook because I was lazy (which is actually kind of awkward) and then Sunday is dinner with the whole fam fam. Delicious summer spaghetti and cooorrrrnnnn and brownies, yum.

So classes are looking okay though my grad-level tech elective might get cancelled because there are only five of us and the teacher didn't even show up to the first day. Art history I'm kind of pissed at because we're doing prehistory but all European, Mediterranean, and Mesopotamian. =/ Why no Asian, southern African, or American?! Or Australian... really, anything.

Anyway. Might be back more this weekend or hopefully next week. woo

Also actually wanted to go to the gym today. Which is a good sign for wanting to stay fit :D Now the problem is finding easy but filling lunches... Salads are good but not filling enough, considering yesterday I thought I wanted to puke.

You know what is exciting, though? Besides my friends Matt and Riley who are both trumpets at Troopers, I also found out that Fred Morris shares our birthday! And always my dad, as well. We are so cool beans like that :D
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So the ghetto is amazingly quiet; there are only a few parties going on, with the requisite loud music, but nothing really rowdy. I guess that's because there is no study day before exams tomorrow, but still.

There was no one around the house tonight so I went over to Kim and Melissa's and they and Jon and Jerome and I all went to get ice cream at Ben & Jerry's. Now, I usually always get chocolate chip cookie dough when I go there (because it's the only place that it's any good) but I saw they had a brownie sundae and the brownie looked particularly delicious so I had to get it. I DID NOT KNOW THERE WERE SO MANY CHOICES IN GETTING A BROWNIE SUNDAE. Caramel or hot fudge?! What flavor of ice cream?! Whipped cream?! Nutes, sprinkles, oreos?! I mean really? I just went with straight up vanilla ice cream because I wasn't sure what else would go well and not over-choclify me (like New York Super Fudge Chunk would have), and then hot fudge, whipped cream, and nuts. Yum. Oh, and plus, Ben & Jerry's FINALLY takes Flyer Express. Yay!

So after that we came back and Kim and Jerome went to bed because Kim had to work the desk at midnight, so Melissa and Jon (and Moeller, who we met up with in the hallway) walked back over to my house with me just to sit on the swing, and I grabbed my uke and proceeded to further maul the tips of my fingers. =) But it was fun just sitting and singing, though the guys didn't really sing at all...

But I did get some practice in on the new song I learned today, Only the Good Die Young, and also The Lumberjack Song. Also managed to find Edelweiss and The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh) and then played the rest of the songs I know, Can't Help Falling in Love With You, Listen to the Rhythm of the Falling Rain, Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World, F.U.N. (yes that's from Spongebob), I'm a Believer, and Margaritaville (which I forgot to play). BUT Only the Good Die Young is a ton fo fun to play, and I'm getting decent at guessing the right chords that need to be switched in the tabs I find, though most of the songs in my range use C/F/G/Am chords. Curiously enough.

ANYWAY so my fingers are raw and I had fun singing and then we had this random creeper come up to us and stare at us and then say he likes to go around on Friday nights telling kids about Jesus, and we said we were good and realized we probably just should have kept on the Bale Out remix we had playing earlier.

Aaaaaand tomorrow is Write Two Papers Day and then Go To A Disney-Themed Costume Party. It's a "go as your favorite Disney character" theme, but I do not trust a hundred drunken people with my fedora. SO, I'm going as a pirate because I haven't dressed up as one in a while (!!!!) and I really want to. Need to run to Foy's to get an appropriate hat, might go thrifting for some more scarves or whatnot if I have the time.

Oh man, so, I watched The Fall last night, and it's such a confusing movie sometimes. I've watched it twice and I'm still not completely sure what's going on all the time. Like... hurr, the Italian bombsmith gets shot in the foot because he's the leg stunt guy. But I couldn't figure out what was going on with Darwin and Wallace, especially toward the end when Darwin says he'll tell everyone that Wallace was the real genius, but then I looked at the imdb for the movie and it says that it was referencing the fact that a guy named Wallace actually came up with the theory of evolution, and Darwin sort of preached it with him, but then because of a screw-up/misunderstanding in the printing/book credits, Darwin gets all the credit for Origin of the Species.

SO. Absolutely splendid movie, particularly if you like what the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen should have been, or Baraka, or Lee Pace. Any of those things are a great reason to watch this movie.

...My fingers are really sore from playing. D:

OH MY GOD the weather today has been so nice. I was lamenting the fact that I was burning up around lunch, because I LOVE wearing jeans and my kneehighs, but then it was perfectly warm-and-cool this evening so it's okay.

Oh my god, and Judy retired today I will miss her so much. :C

Also, watching the fall, I had kind of a HURRRRR moment: they call them "movies" (as in moving pictures) like they called them talkies (as in movies with sound). It's like a whole new mind-bending mental concept/point-of-reference that I need to wrap my head around now. Er... I suppose "context" was the word I was looking for.

OH, OH, OHMYGOD, so that rickshaw kid, apparently he runs a rickshaw business in Chicago so he brought it from home and runs a little business here, too. We saw him drive these four guys down our street, looked like a good workout.
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But as for April 22, Happy Earth Day!

I'll just be over here, depressed that in my lifetime we will probably run the earth out of resources. Awesome.
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Can't remember if I posted this before, but today I felt like a walking Sprite can. Green coat, yellow bag, navy and white shoes. I fit the profile, trust me.

Things I did over the weekend instead of rehearsal, #thingsIforgotbefore: figured out how to juggle. Now all I need to do is practice enough so I'm not throwing stuff forward when I do it, and that way I will be able to stand still and juggle, and everything will be cool with the world.

For all you Twitter users out there: is there a way to only recieve "@" texts to your phone? I can read other stuff online, but it might be nice to get "@" messages when I'm just sitting in the airport texting or whatever.

Did I mention how excited I am over my Timbuk2 Metro bag? It's perfect. It's designed to fit composition-notebook sized things, which is hard to find in a medium-sized purse, and I don't want a full-on messenger bag size. Also, it's designed to last nigh on forever for people who are bike travelers, so the external material is weather-resistant to boot. (To the point most people call it waterproof.) And then the liner is vinyl, and it has a million awesome pockets, and a key loop, and a water bottle mesh, and it fits ALL my purse contents AND my netbook WITH ROOM TO SPARE. Fuck, I love this thing. I really really do. Plus all the pockets are covered and there is not only super-strong velcro but buckles on the flap that would definitely prevent this from being easily pick-pocketed. I AM SUCH A HAPPY CAMPER RIGHT NOW :D

Also, I went to Subway tonight for the "support Chuck" campaign or whatever, and I forgot how much I miss walking down Chaminade's campus to get a turkey sub at Subway and a Mountain Dew slushie down the street at the gas station and then walking back upstairs to my room and just surfing the net or watching a movie or whatever but just enjoying my slice of Hawaii. I miss it so freaking much.

Oh, I'm trying to figure out if I can attach one of my fake hibiscuses to my new bag (since it's all atrociously yellow) without poking a hole in the material that would let water in. Or I'm thinking I can paint some purple or green or blue stuff on there, but I don't know what. ~decisions~
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Let's see, today we got up early because we're on east coast time, and we went out to Rocky Mountain National Park to see if we could hike, but we couldn't because the snow was about three feet deep, maybe more, so we built a snowman and had a snowball fight. And also made the two feet of snow on the roof of the little shelter fall off like mini-avalanches. That was fun.

Aaaaaand pretty much the only other thing we've done all day is watch the Star Wars marathon on Spike. WOO

So they want the guy who wrote Pooh's Heffalump Movie to write the Wanted sequel. First of all, it can't be that good. Second of all, HE EFFING RUINED HEFFALUMPS. THEY AREN'T SUPPOSED TO BE ANYTHING. So that guy can diaf as far as I'm concerned.

Uh, no more tuna by 2012? I'm fucked. I live on that stuff.

Al Capone's prison cell, holy crap.

A new fake name game, this time your NPR name. For the life of me I have no idea what the name of the smallest foreign town I've been to would be. Poland was TEN YEARS AGO HOLY SHIT.


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