Apr. 28th, 2012 01:52 pm
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I am half braindead. I was up for 37-and-a-half hours straight "yesterday". A.k.a. the past few days. BUT I got my project turned in on time AND it was mostly complete except for maybe some details? Which I possibly could have finished if there weren't a few hours I spent staring at my computer feeling completely unfocused. Which may or may not have been because I decided to skip breakfast, idk. Although I was actually waiting for my classmate to come in and take me to Starbucks like we had discussed, which she didn't, and by the time she came back it was pretty much just time for me to wait around and get lunch anyhow. However I did learn that wearing my running shoes >>> wearing chucks. There is just so little support in chucks that THAT is where most of my pulling-all-nighters pain was coming from.

So, on the other side of things, I successfully got my final moved AND I am going home next Friday. I'm simultaneously happy and stressed because it's not like I'm doing anything but working while I'm here, but what if I end up deciding not to come back? :C

Anyway, at the moment, I'm a bit too braindead to really care and there is still work to be finished. I have a 15-page paper to write and a portfolio to finish and turn in, plus my exam on Tuesday, and I need to start packing things up. AGH
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This week

is unbelievable.

And it's only Tuesday.

So todaaaay we found out one professor can't not give a final so now we will probably have a final during finals week. Which would be after I leave if I can move my ticket earlier (which I would very much like to do).

IN ADDITION my mom pointed out to me that without Hawaii citizenship, it would cost only slightly more to attend SCAD than it does to attend UH. I was thinking it was twice as much a semester, but I checked, and no, it's only $2000 more per year. So now I have to get back on the personal-indecision train. What am I going for and what do I want to do? Am I going to be getting enough experience here for what I hope to do? I really want to live in Hawaii for a few years... this would kind of screw it up. So. I'm excessively frustrated by that right now. (I don't even know if I could get in, my art portfolio is... like... nothing.) AAAUUUGGGGHHHH
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I'm too good at it.

...Where you win if you can research obscure things? That, or I'm way too fucking stubborn and I insist upon running my results dry time after time.

Other than tracking down sold-out items from over a year ago, I have successfully tracked down a lot of things recently. It has only made me wish that databases were more comprehensive, so instead of searching 50 sites I would only have to search one. This is especially a problem with online shopping, where a small store may have exactly what you want, but it doesn't show up on Google Shopping or Amazon and their site is basically unsearchable or undiscoverable unless someone else points you directly there. BUT I DIGRESS.

Earlier this week our professor challenged us to find a slightly meme-ish image of what looked like the Michael Jackson of zebras. His head was striped, his upper torso was white, his back was striped, and his back legs were white.

First of all, don't google "half white zebra" because you get nothing but pages of "ARE ZEBRAS HALF WHITE WITH BLACK STRIPES OR BLACK WITH WHITE STRIPES LOLOLOL".

Second, in under five minutes I found the image by trying "albino zebra" and then I believe "partially albino zebra" which led me to a page about zorses. And zonies. Which are half zebras, half horse/pony, and are generally bred in Africa (much like other places get donkeys, and they are most often sterile as well) because zebras have some natural biological defenses they can pass on.

Uh and then in class Thursday we were talking about what a temple is, thematically, and for a brief few moments the prof had an image of a buddha on the screen, of course with no source. HOWEVER I realized that under this seated buddha was a script that was too familiar... A script from the old online COSI: Adventure game that was linked from their site (to LiveScience?) a while back. I think the game is still up if you have a direct link.

ANYWAY, the online game was based slightly on the Adventure! exhibit, but without a lot of the originality, probably because of time/money constraints. (I'm not complaining, it was made for 8 year olds, approximately, I'm most likely the only person who ever cared.) However, given my extensive gradeschool examination of Egyptology, I recognized that one of the... uh... sacred items? that they used in the game was a slightly photoshopped version of an Egyptian alabaster papyrus-lotus vase.

Anyway, eventually you have to crack a code, and if there's one thing about me, I LOVE CODES. I was always upset though that you never got a good look at all 26 letters, because you never used them all, and the closest you would get is the "dictionary" you would get, but since it was a very low-quality shockwave file, you couldn't look at it too closely to get a good enough idea, either.

I always assumed they found some random font (which, tbh, they probably did) and just threw it on there. That, or they made it up, which was awesome. And since I never found anything about it, I just kept on assuming it was awesome and went on my merry way. I took the character that kind of looked like a "d" (I don't know what character they used it as) and I think I have it as my random icon on a few different sites-- Twitter I know to be one.


So I'm sitting there looking at this buddha, which I know absolutely jack shit about except that we're currently discussing stupas in terms of temple design and what they are, and under this buddha are TWO TO THREE LINES OF THIS TEXT WHERE SOME OF THE CHARACTERS LOOK EXACTLY LIKE THIS CODE


And then the prof decided to not post the presentation, from which I was hoping to steal the image so I could try to tineye it. False! Hahaha, just kidding.

So I googled combinations like "seated buddha sculpture ancient stone hand raised" for about thirty minutes, pretty much ever permutation of ideas ever and then decided to try a library image database. I tried to be a bit more general and tried things like "seated buddha" and "buddha sculpture" and eventually I stumbled upon one that was SIMILAR but not exactly the same sculpture (and was much plainer, had no text, etc.). So I took one of the title words from that, not knowing what it meant and tried Googling it, nothing. Took that back to the art database, found an even closer-looking image! Took a different word from the title/description, tried Googling that, SUCCESS! So then I tried googling/wikipedia-ing that, etc. to try to find more, plus "city name of sculpture + text" and FINALLY came across a wikipedia page that had some ancient script information.

It was very close, but not quite in the ballpark enough yet. So I clicked through to several different pages, and a few more from there, and I have a few pieces here, and a few pieces there, and at this point I think I'm pretty darn close and I need an expert or to sit down side-by-side with the "code" and pick out each one individually.

So... I have completion problems, I guess. Or research fascinates me too much, I don't know. Or I'm too stubborn. OR I'M TOO GOOD AT THE INTERNET.


On a completely unrelated note, I've noticed I've gotten more in shape this week. I call it "skinnyface" from tour but it's usually about three weeks into alldays for me when I realize that I'm exercising and eating well and I have lost weight. I don't know if I can chalk it up to bloating or something? Because it always seems to be something I notice overnight, one day and not any day before, which doesn't seem possible. But at any rate, I've also been very tired and physically worn out again this week, though not feeling sickly-tired like I did two weeks ago. So I don't know? Maybe this trying-to-eat-healthy thing is too much undereating? What I've found is that I am much better about controlling what I eat (that is, not eating too many junk foods) when I control the shopping. I'm still probably not working enough fruits and veggies into my daily diet as opposed to grains and dairy and delicious, delicious pizzas (I'm serious [Red Baron 4-Cheese]), but I'm trying to slowly edge myself into a healthful diet that I enjoy. I could eat a veggie diet that I bet would be supremely healthful but I would probably get sick of it very quickly. Not to mention hooooow fucking expeeensiiiive fruits and veggies are. Well, everything in Hawaii.

So anyway, that's what five-miles-a-day-bicycling-on-all-hills and dropping 75% of the junk food will do.

Last week I tried to make it my mission to, instead of buying lots of frozen things and eating them one day at a time, to buy some bulk food items and make enough for a long time (ignoring the fact that I still have pasta sauce in the fridge and my mom just mailed me two cans of skyline! AUGH OM NOM THE TEMPTATION). I bought shrimp and rice and all the supplies for garlic shrimp, it was STUPIDLY EXPENSIVE. Partly because I now have enough garlic shrimp-making flavorings for, uh, the rest of the year, but whatever. On day three I was already sick of garlic shrimp. What the fuck? I hate my food-moods. I've eaten almost nothing but pizza for about three weeks, this is some crap. I like pizza but I AM TRYING TO GET SOME HEALTHFUL VARIETY UP IN THIS BITCH MIX. I'm mostly pissed because it seems like a waste of money if I'm not going to eat it, WHICH I NEED TO BEFORE IT GOES BAD, and especially if I keep in this pizza-and-italian-food rut for the rest of the semester. Fuck.

So, uh... I'm kinda learning to cook? Not that I can't, given an adequate recipe, it just takes up SO MUCH FUCKING TIME and I HATE IT.

I think next up might be coco loco chicken!!!!!11! though, because ON NOM DELICIOUS but also omg chicken?! With lime curry sauce you bet your ass

It is delicious.

...Aaaaand I didn't do my pushups for this week (again), I am a failure. As much as I would like to be able to do and gain all the benefit from pushups, I JUST HATE IT and I've totally let it slip my mind this week.

Which I'll say is forgiveable since I now have to spend the entire fucking weekend in the stupid studio AGAIN. Free time on a weekend?! What the fuck is that?! I would like to fucking GET OUT ON A BIKE RIDE THANKYOUVERYMUCH

Luckily next weekend is a long weekend with no homework over it aaaaaand the student architecture club is having a sand castle building contest. FOR REALZ, Y'ALL
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with LJ, Facebook, and tumblr posting right now.

I think that says a lot about how not-so-great the commercials are this year.

...Local ads have some seriously great production value though, I keep thinking they are national ads. Muuuuuch better than Dayton ads.

However, it has taken me three viewings of this cellphone-seafood-poke-allergy commercial for me to understand what was going on in it. Also, the one girl has an AWESOME dress that I VERY MUCH WANT. Like the other hand, I thought it was a national ad at first and was confused by the fact that 99% of the US probably doesn't have a clue what poke is.

Poke is what has been sitting out on the counter all week making me want to puke 1) because it's spoiling and 2) because it's poke anyway.

I went past the poke counter at Foodland today (it's a huge counter on its own, like the size of a normal meat or seafood counter, but ALL POKES) and wanted to retch. And I like seafood
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That threw me. They look professional enough to be US-wide. I was like "huh, Hawaii family with accent... that's new"

I wonder who had to do the 3d digital model of the stadium? Because the windows are wrong.

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I indentified an ancient Egyptian alabaster lotus vase from a fuzzy dvd still from memory, and that is normal for me. Reminding me once again that I have a strange elementary-school background in ancient cultures and not in 90's pop culture. I'll take it

In the continuing roommate saga, no immediate updates. Nothing else has gone missing, so I haven't left any notes. However I'm buying a 24 pack of ice cream bars tomorrow, so we shall have to keep an eye on that. On the other hand, another week's worth of dirty dishes sit in the sink, and yesterday's apparently-weekly have-people-over-and-cause-chaos-in-the-shared-communal-spaces continued. This time a big pot of hamburger helper something or other with cheese sits out (at least with a lid this time), and all the bowls used to cook it and eat it. And then all the bowls and cups and utensils used to make smoothies of some kind, and all of these eating containers are just strewn about the counters, including the bar counter which has a few bowls on it filled with food mess and water. Because the counter where people put their mail and shit is a good place for more dirty dishes. Also-also, no counters wiped down, more food on the floor, I don't go barefoot in this apartment anymore. Depending on how things go with the food missing or not missing, I might leave a note out about fucking cleaning up after yourself.

On the other hand, girl-roommate had a birthday party for her mom and knocked on my door to offer me cake, so at least we seem to be getting along. :D

Grad school, otherwise! Going well. Architecture is seeming to be a lot more work than engineering, but I can also pay attention in class more. Don't ever replicate floor plans if you can help it, and if you can't, get somebody minimalist. I had to do Wright, whose work I love, but jesuslordhell I spent five hours on one damn floor plan. It looks beautiful as all getout, though, that shit's going on my walls.

Speaking of walls, I need to decorate my room. Right now it's kind of... stuff strewn everywhere... to give my brain a sense of filled space. I, apparently, detest empty space. (So minimalism = not my thing. Not livable and it explains my compulsion for detailing.) I wish I could paint the walls a dark color, the Generic Dorm Color OffWhite No. 78 is really getting to me. I just watched all of Firefly and I have this urge to decorate my whole room like a space ship lodging, but that's just not really feasible. (On the other hand, I noticed a lot of architecture students seem to waste a lot of thin MDF after they use the laser-cutter on it... I may be able to salvage those scraps into something, but then what am I going to do with it when I have to move?)


Jan. 19th, 2012 12:06 am
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The past four hours have been interesting. Someone FINALLY cleaned up the counters--and washed all the dishes--but I am 99% sure it was the girl roommate who I saw in there before. Who I am 90% sure did not make the mess. Also, all the hardened pizza crumbs more like migrated their way to the floor than "got cleaned up". So now I'm afraid to go barefoot.









I wrote a note for the fridge, I haven't put it up yet because 1) I don't want to do it while everyone's home, that's a bit weird, and 2) I am not quite satisfied with the phrasing. Here's what it says, please offer any and all criticisms:

In black, permanent marker: "Please make sure the food you are eating is yours =( I do share though, just ask ;)"

I don't know, what do we think? I don't want them to think I'm a stuck-up, isolated ice-queen, but someone has taken my food, and I am on a fucking budget. It's not a $.10 bag of ramen (which is actually a quarter out here because of importing), it's a whole-like-fucking-dollar-ice-cream-bar and a four dollar pizza. OF MY FAVORITE FLAVOR.

What do I do
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I had a dream I had to miss a week's worth of class work, and then woke up and remembered I have to figure out what's going to happen with final projects

I got an email saying my scenic design class isn't going to happen :(

And my sister got harassed by a guy on the street last night and got her phone stolen. Thankfully nothing else happened to her, but note to everyone, if someone you don't know asks to borrow your smartphone, just say you don't have one I guess? This is why I carry pepper spray with me everywhere now, especially since I don't have a car.

I just have this sense of... general patheticness and malaise. I feel like I've been hitting highs and lows kind of rapidly lately, but that could just be me being more perceptive since I have less social interaction.

I wish I knew how to deal with this.
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I'm sitting here working up the drive to get on my bike and ride across town to the bike store. I have to go to the bike store (using some kinda dangerous streets) because I need some kind of basket for my bike, because my groceries aren't going to fit in my backpack, and riding the bus makes me just as nervous (plus, why take a 20 minute bus ride that goes out of the way when I can get there in five minutes on my bike?).

The whole thing just makes me nervous, because I'm always afraid I'm going to take the wrong bus if I take a bus, or get off at the wrong stop or miss my stop, or get hit in traffic because SO MANY people here ride on the sidewalks (which is dangerous because of pedestrians, cars pulling out, and many other things--besides being illegal!).

I'm sure driving a car I'd feel just as nervous until I got oriented with all the roads and everything, but I'd feel a hell of a lot more protected (and it's easy to load up a car with groceries--not so much a bike which you then have to ride uphill to get home).

I'm going to have to go today, because I'm out of food... harumph. (Not to mention, I have to go to the craft store for class supplies, too, and that place is the absolutely worst designed shopping center with regards to traffic that I have ever seen. It's in the middle of a massive main-streets/highway-entrance interchange, and of course, being Hawaii, there's not enough room for everyone to park on this little quarter-block, so cars just sit in the parking lot waiting for their people to come back out and meanwhile block all the traffic flow. It's atrocious. And they're the only place selling Girl Scout cookies today, goddamnit.)

Day 3

Jan. 11th, 2012 08:06 pm
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Well, things are going markedly better, or at least I feel like I'm handling them well so I'm in a better mood. My parents keep telling me not to worry about money, and I probably don't thank them enough for all they do for me, watching it seems like everyone these days go into college debt. Which I will, by the end of this, but I am so thankful I don't absolutely have to be working part-time or even full-time to cover rent, or drop classes to minimize tuition. So I'm still going to have to hunt down scholarships, and depending on how my studio class goes I might or might not be working (~oh boy~), but I know I've got them backing me up in case of emergencies.

It's weird, too, there are six other people in my doctorate class and they all keep asking me structural questions. I mean, I did a lot of technical classes, but we have a guy in the class who was a civil engineer for a few years, in the field! And I'm no expert on the artistic side of things, either, so... it's weird. And I'm not the oldest, I'm about in the middle age-wise. We have a great class dynamic so far though, everyone is very friendly and the studio teacher is very entertaining and seems to be one of those great people who can distill a lesson from every minute situation. (The only thing that he said that bothered me was that he didn't like Frank Gehry's work, but I can understand where he's coming from on that front. He considers it more of a "merketable item" than "architecture", as in, it's there for the look and less for the function. Which at first glance I could agree, but knowing how much work they put into the performance hall of Disney Concert Hall, I doubt that's the case. It's theoretically one of the most sound-perfect chambers in existence, at least in modern construction. On the other hand, I absolutely love that Gehry's buildings don't necessarily submit to function all the time-- I've never been to WDCH myself, but I get the impression from watching Iron Man and Get Smart [such an educational resource, amirite?] that there is a sense of discovery in the non-standard. You pay attention to the environment rather than have it function in the background, and you may notice that wall is curved to intrude on the hallway, or there's a little hidden nook over here that's purposeless. It would remind me of being in a cave and discovering all the mysteries of it, but I can see where in some usages [probably not such an occasional performance and public space] that would be an intrusion on the everyday.) (I have to wonder if he thinks the same thing about Gaudi's building with no flat surfaces?)

First art history class tomorrow, I'm excited. PLUS, the scenic design teacher opened up another section so I am going to take that as well! [EDIT: Class not starting until next week? Hopefully it will still happen D: ]

And HOPEFULLY I can get my ID by Friday and I will be able to ride the bus and not just my bike. It's a huge hassle to not be able to easily carry things on my bike, but I have to say that just being outdoors for that twenty minutes in a day has me absolutely in bliss. Nature does that to me, and having that time that I'm forced to experience it rather than just sit at my computer is wonderful. (Especially not having to be overly concerned about rain!)

Back on the not-so-wonderful side of things, I think the guys living here are complete slobs... the pizza sheet and cutting board are still out (from going on four days ago, now), and we must have had another round of those meal-bugs hatch (despite me killing every one I could) because there were a bunch more flying around today (even though the cornmeal got thrown out, THANK GOD). If I am the only one killing them... what the actual fuck?

And the toaster oven... I don't even want to try to make toast. There has been... sauce... or something... splattered all over the outside since the day I moved in (looked dried-on by then, too), and no one has bothered to clean that up, and there's a spill in the fridge that's the same way, and rather than put clean dishes away, someone or multiple some-ones just seem to leave their dirty cups in the sink.


So on top of the fact that someone forgot about food they were warming in the oven long enough that something chewed through the foil and birthed babies... what? Two weeks? A month? And the other messes?

At least one person in this household is a huge slob. And so far, that's the only thing I don't know if I'm going to be able to deal with.


Jan. 9th, 2012 12:01 pm
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today is my first day of "grad school", I am shockingly not nearly as nervous as I thought I'd be. I guess after five years of engineering, well... actually, I don't know. I've always been very perceptive of age and position, and that usually works against me because I can't call old teacher-friends by their first names (still!) and I am used to be the youngest person around, which means I usually submit myself to the conversation and let other people talk more. Which I desperately need to work on, because I'm pretty smart and I need to show that more, especially when shutting up just leaves me with this shocked sense of are these really the people I am peers with? (Far from everyone, but certain incidents are rather appalling.) Anyway, I'm one of the older people in the house now, and I was thinking more about my age-out year the other day and I just need to be more like that, I guess.

I have also possibly been watching too much Sherlock this week. I caught up on three whole episodes, which is basically three entire movies'-worth.

Anyway. I met my roommates yesterday, and I got to talk to two of them a little more, they seem pretty friendly, which is good. Hopefully we will all socialize more because I don't know what the fuck I'm doing, as always.

So remember how I found the alive food in the oven? Nobody touched that shit for a day after I know everyone was home, so I said "fuck it" and threw it out, plate and all. I'll just pretend I broke a plate but considering this place is a 4-student-college-rental, I really don't feel like anyone's going to be missing that one plate. Especially considering I opened up the pantry last night and someone's cornmeal was being torn apart and eaten up by some kind of bug.

YEAH SO. Gotta get plastic containers for all my foods, it seems.

Oh! And then this morning. I went to make breakfast and someone had eaten one of my fucking frozen pizzas.

Look. I know I have this irrational ownership problem with food. But if you didn't buy the food, DON'T FUCKING EAT THE FOOD. And considering I got up at 4 this morning and went to the bathroom and it sounded like there were people hanging out in the living room watching TV and I know the other night there was a fair amount of drinking going on, I am only going to tolerate this once.

Once is an accident.

Twice is a coincidence.

Three times is a pattern. And I am tired of dealing with people who don't respect my boundaries, this problem has been far too common in my life on the whole. Yes, I realize it's just a pizza. But hell to the no. I don't have a car, I am not filthy rich, I can't make a trip to the grocery any time I damn well please. I have a bicycle, and I don't even have a fucking basket for it, I'm going to have to carry everything in my backpack.

People wonder why I'm such an introvert, it's because of shit like this. The details bother me. I shut myself up in boundaries because people are constantly not respecting the ones I set. If I'm an Ice Queen as some folks so ~teasingly~ called me in high school, it's not because I want to be that way, let me assure you.

Well, that and I tend to internalize most things. Which I think makes me not so good at expressing them and holding "normal" conversation, I'm not sure. But yeah, that, too.

well, hell

Nov. 16th, 2011 11:20 pm
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Despite my general feeling of melancholy lately-- and, oh, how I hate that word-- melancholy, ugh-- (and I do mean, literally, the word itself, not how it is defined or used or anything, I just have this bizarre intense dislike for the spelling and sheer existence of its sound) I also feel rather victorious the past few days.

I don't know which one of these to post last, because I am a save-the-best-for-last person, because three out of four of these just make me stupid-smiley-happy.

...I may have also been spending too much time on Tumblr being all internet-y and fandom-y so my brain is kind of running in that mode lately, too. So... sorry. (Also, damn, there is a lot of problematic posts on tumblr. But you know what? I deal with enough shit everywhere else, I can't turn that epic little corner of crossover jokes into another space where I get mad at people. I just can't deal with that, bleh.)

(Also, there was an adorable episode of the Simpsons with a Pixar parody and a Wallace and Gromit parody and they were SO well done and cute.)

(Umm, and Taco Bell has an ad with Pagliacci and I feel like with all the Phantom of the Opera I've been seeing and possibly going to see the limited showing of Les Mis that I should go see some real opera again? I think the last one I saw was Aida, and I always liked Carmen, and I just HAVE NOT SEEM MUCH THEATER LATELY I would even go for some Shakespeare. As long as it's not Much Ado About Nothing or As You Like It? I can't remember which, but one of them is terrible. But mostly I just feel like I should see a real version of Pagliacci because everything I know about Pagliacci is from Spike Jones. And possibly Merry Melodies/Looney Tunes.)

I aced my interview for Pier 1 today, so I am now seasonally employed. And it sounds like it's not many hours, which is good for me. You can't see my face right now, but I'm giving a sort of evil smirk, because sometimes I am a little conniving and I hate myself for it, but the little kid who read the entire Hardy Boys series is so proud of any time I am successfully involved in subterfuge.

Uhhhhh and I found out that when you put your dvd codes into Disney's Movie Reward program you also get a "digital library" hosted on their site which is PERFECT for while I'll be in Hawaii because I'll be taking maybe like two dvds with me. (Buuuut a lot of books. Like too many.) [EDIT: Actually, possibly, it might be only a discount to a streaming version. Which is a little skeezy IMO.]

Yesterday I found out that a few of my friends told some epic tales of me to the rookies this summer, and that just made my month. I miss the Troop so much. <3 WHY ARE ALL MY FRIENDS OUT WESSSST

Uh, also, I forgot how good horizontal stripes look on me and can I just say this sweater looks fucking great? And it's Hufflepuff colors. (And so are my socks.)


Okay and then I made a ridiculous joke yesterday on facebook, it was so great, and it just made me feel really awesome because my seat partner from last year was being a smartass about it and I feel the joke's quality is on par with the stuff the rest of my family (read: mostly my dad and uncle) crank out. It's a bit... audience specific, BUT! Here it is:

The set-up: a drum corps' tuba section has to break into their friend's dreams on a long overnight drive states away in order to save him from making a terrible tour-goggles-induced mistake. The title? C O N T R A - C E P T I O N

Oh my god my brain is in meme mode I'm so sorry.

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If you watched Hawaii Five-0 tonight and saw a red-headed girl in the photos in the house they raided, that is my good friend Kim. :D

Have you seen this article about the college essay writer? It's so fucking depressing, on so many counts. That these students are okay with it. That the school isn't catching them. That they're so inept in the first place, and getting no real help. That entitled people are just paying their way to a degree. My only recompense is that they likely won't be able to get or hold onto the jobs they think they deserve, which is actually sad for the people who have just been forgotten and pushed through the system. ANYWAY. Poor ethics piss me off and if I ever meet a person who admits to using a service like that I... will no longer be friends with them. And will probably be paranoid. (An easy solution though, honestly? It looks as if these teachers just had in-class writing assignments they would probably be a lot more suspicious, at least based on the communications supplied in the article.)

Also, this metafilter comment wins for the Sneakiest Use of Xkcd in Serious Discussion Without Drawing Attention to the Fact:

If you pretend that the degrees are evidence of your mastery in some subject, and that this mastery will allow you to produce good work in some area that you could not without this mastery, ie, that colleges are not a waste of time in general, then this is a misrepresentation of your abilities to your future employers.

Imagine you buy a chair on e-bay, and it has a certificate of Being a Chair, and instead, it was a bob-cat who hired someone to forge its certificate of Chairitude. You have essentially had your money stolen. If you try to sit on it anyway because you also forged your certificate of Being Able to Tell What a Chair is, you will sit on it anyway and it will RUIN your butt.

Cheating on papers is ruining the butts of society.
posted by EtzHadaat at 6:38 PM on November 14
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Idk why but I've been tab-hoarding for weeks. As a result, running roughly 220 tabs was causing firefox to crash constantly. So, here is several days worth of tab writeups, which might mean whatever I wrote sounds a few days old. That would be because it is, but it's probably not too important.

LOTS of articles )

a second set, many more articles )

...I read a lot.
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Can't remember if I posted this before, but today I felt like a walking Sprite can. Green coat, yellow bag, navy and white shoes. I fit the profile, trust me.

Things I did over the weekend instead of rehearsal, #thingsIforgotbefore: figured out how to juggle. Now all I need to do is practice enough so I'm not throwing stuff forward when I do it, and that way I will be able to stand still and juggle, and everything will be cool with the world.

For all you Twitter users out there: is there a way to only recieve "@" texts to your phone? I can read other stuff online, but it might be nice to get "@" messages when I'm just sitting in the airport texting or whatever.

Did I mention how excited I am over my Timbuk2 Metro bag? It's perfect. It's designed to fit composition-notebook sized things, which is hard to find in a medium-sized purse, and I don't want a full-on messenger bag size. Also, it's designed to last nigh on forever for people who are bike travelers, so the external material is weather-resistant to boot. (To the point most people call it waterproof.) And then the liner is vinyl, and it has a million awesome pockets, and a key loop, and a water bottle mesh, and it fits ALL my purse contents AND my netbook WITH ROOM TO SPARE. Fuck, I love this thing. I really really do. Plus all the pockets are covered and there is not only super-strong velcro but buckles on the flap that would definitely prevent this from being easily pick-pocketed. I AM SUCH A HAPPY CAMPER RIGHT NOW :D

Also, I went to Subway tonight for the "support Chuck" campaign or whatever, and I forgot how much I miss walking down Chaminade's campus to get a turkey sub at Subway and a Mountain Dew slushie down the street at the gas station and then walking back upstairs to my room and just surfing the net or watching a movie or whatever but just enjoying my slice of Hawaii. I miss it so freaking much.

Oh, I'm trying to figure out if I can attach one of my fake hibiscuses to my new bag (since it's all atrociously yellow) without poking a hole in the material that would let water in. Or I'm thinking I can paint some purple or green or blue stuff on there, but I don't know what. ~decisions~


Apr. 20th, 2009 12:29 pm
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Well, all in all, a very good weekend. Also, I must admit, I am very lucky to have my parents as my parents, because they buy me nice bike stuff when I need it. Found a spring rain jacket and dad found the PERFECT sized messenger-bag purse at Pearl Street Mall yesterday, one of which is appleish green and the other bright yellow. And both waterproof. :D Plus we found this awesome bike store called University Bikes and they have EVERYTHING. Including several-hundred-dollar mock-vintage jerseys that I would kill to own.

Anyway, some quick links.

For the record, I do hate Comic Sans. A lot.

BIG FISH TRIVIA! I love this movie so much, it's just such an excellent movie if you are at all one of those people who daydreams the most random shit. =) But it's also kind of sad for me now, too, because it was only the second time we watched it (mom and I, I mean) that we watched it with Nana before she died. =S And, I mean, I cry watching the Lion King, ffs.

Let's talk about jeans. I, for the record, love pants. However, I lament the fact that jeans are more fashion-quality these days than actual heavy-duty, and THEY ALWAYS RIP ON ME IN THE SAME PLACE BEFORE I ACTUALLY WEAR THEM OUT. Efffff youuuuuu.

On a more serious note: I love retro fashion. I'm also extremely practical. So yes, I know when to dress up, and I know how, and it kills me to see people going to the symphony in jeans. However, day-to-day stuff? Who really cares? Work isn't about fashion unless you work in the fashion industry. Dressing up nice for interviews and stuff, that is sensible; wearing a dress suit to everything? Not so much. Then again, I should also say I wish guys dressed up more for dances. Shirt + tie doesn't really cut it, for me. BUUUUUUUUUUUT then again I kinda dgaf because I only dress up when I have to/want to. There's no daily in between for me because 1) I frigging love costuming too much, so "dress up" for me is basically retro-costuming, and 2) my fashion is one of comfort. Let's see, biker-bag purse and running-jacket spring jacket? (Also, new laceless chucks, yay?) Yeah, that's more me.

See also: move to Hawaii, compleeeeete comfort. Mmmm.

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Yeah, to hell with all this snow. Even if it is melting on the ground... I have no will to go outside, and it kinda sucks because I can't even sleep in, my body is so hammered into the GET UP AT EIIIIIGGGHHHHT schedule. Dammit.

Buh, I haven't even got much done on my computer because I found a 232-page thread of stupid pictures. X| Sooo here are a bunch of links that are the result of that.

I can tell you one thing; Hitler may have had a terrible concept of what was structurally possible (seriously, man, have you heard of foundations), but he did have a fantastic concept of what is epic.

This site is hilarious; the guy depicts different emotions, from normal to incredibly specific and bizarre.

This comic is like the new Perry Bible Fellowship, except I am not exactly sure I understand this newest one so much.

How is this a real story?! It's not even recent enough to be an April Fool's joke.

A hilarious video from a third-year art student, showcasing all the awesome skills he learned in an animations art class. If you actually want a listenable loop of that, you can find one here. It's almost Popcorn.

Vader loves Christmas: a hilarious and clever edit if I do say so myself.

I was talking to one of y'all about 3d modeling or robots or some shit the other day, I know I was. And I couldn't come up with the term "uncanny valley", so there you go.

Holy shit Hawaiian yodeling. I've always wondered how close yodeling is to singing, even if only because I have no problem singing the Goatherd song from Sound of Music.

Voytek the soldier bear, fuck yeah Poland!

Also, a retro graphics archive. Mostly 50's-ish, I'd think, style-wise.
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We were talking about unusual phobias the other day and I couldn't think of anything that made me want to vomit upon sight/hearing. But here we are in philosophy talking about a party last weekend in which a bunch of guys were having a guy-party and, in order to keep girls out, were throwing beer cans at them and yelling "women were objects". I don't know about you, but I felt the floor drop of out of my stomach when I heard that.

Sometimes I feel like even though my sister and I are so different socially, she's smarter than me. She probably got better grades than me in high school because she had the drive to need a full-ride scholarship somewhere else, while I was okay going to UD. (I've only just started to be concerned about grad school; I don't even have a plan of attack. I can't even decide sustainable engineering and design versus working for Disney--my heart is in both.) I'm okay with getting kicked out of the honors program--there were no benefits, I didn't get any money out of it, and it was too much stress. But sometimes I feel like Laura has more determination to do what she does, whereas I am a procrastinator and take interest in everything so much so that I can't focus on one thing. I'm looking at electives for classes right now and the structural ones (my focus) sound miserable, while biology, mechanics, philosophy, circuits, psychology... Those sound interesting.

Bleh, I don't know. I've started looking at open source learning (like MIT lectures posted online and stuff) for things like philosophy or things I will never encounter (quantum mechanics! ~ooooooh~), but even if I absorb that I will never get a degree for that. Is it something you can still bring up when discussing a resume? (Where is my accent grave?! 'My resoom'.)

I'm glad my philosophy teacher has so much ethical hope for our generation because sometimes, I really don't. People make such dumb decisions in their personal time that I find it hard to believe they'll make good ethical decisions in business.

Man, after three years the art department guy finally gets back to me! Got damn.

Sorry, this post is very disjointed. I half-wrote it in class earlier as I pick up thoughts from both philosophy and surfing the internet, and then I come back x hours later and add more disjointedness...


I am now totally into Dog the Bounty Hunter because of how much I miss Hawaii. They had Hawaiian Night at all the dining services areas tonight but the only legit thing on the menu was huli huli chicken. Fuck that, I want me some kalua pork and rice and poi! I've been craving garlic shrimp from the Haleiwa shrimp trucks for like two months now. (If I were Elvis, I would have already taken one night to fly out there and get some of the damn stuff.) However, I did find a crock-pot recipe for kalua pork so ooohmmmygooood I'm actually tempted to put a little effort into cooking because it's so damn delicious.

I like all sorts of pulled pork, apparently. (But not ham.)

Damn, I did like jack shit besides cleaning out my inbox. Oh, productivity.
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No school today. This is... amazing. I still have a lot to work on, but I least get a tiny break. It especially helps because last night I was freaking out because I couldn't get to any computer to finish my homework; I'd spent four hours in the lab and came home for dinner. Candice's computer died too (just last night), and Sarah was sick and already asleep and Brittany was using hers. So. I kind of had a meltdown about homework last night. (Just because it was one more thing on the pile, you know?)

Yeah, so. I've been in the lab for about three hours now, but that's okay, I'm getting things done and it's quiet. It's a bit odd in the sense that I'm pretty sure I'm the only person in the building currently... But I like it that way.

It's very bright outside with all the snow, and I definitely was kind of blinded when I walked inside. BUT this is the kind of snow to have, I'm telling you. A foot or so of it, very kickable, and still pretty warm outside, enough that it would be very nice to be outside. Now if only I didn't have so much to do, correct? Yes.

BUT, a bunch of linkspam that has piled up a bit with my computer woes. (Ah, poo. I am no longer the only one in here. Someone else just walked in.)

The immortal jellyfish... Quite cool, really. I'm not very afraid of them being our next overlords because I'm pretty sure it's going to be some octopodian thing and I will ~freak the fuck out~

An adorable Barney and Robin background. I am very sad I don't have my laptop right now because it would most definitely be the desktop...

The Henchman's Helper? I'm not exactly sure what's going on here but I am intrigued.

"Milky Way over Mauna Kea" which should be more accurately titled "Milky Way over Haleakala". Haleakala is the volcano in the foreground. (Still active, though it hasn't erupted in such a long time they thought it was dead. Or is dormant the right word? I think dormant means it's active but not currently erupting...) Anyway, you can see Mauna Kea (part of the Big Island) poking through in the backgroud. It's cool to think I've been at this view, roughly... Damn I miss Hawaii. Holy crap though, look at all that light pollution... That makes me so sad, really.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I would say that this would be the only way I'd read the book, but I suspect that as much as I dislike it, it's noewhere near as bad as Wuthering Heights. So. I will only say that you just have to be aware of where zombies are coming at you from... (Now there's a lovely ending-a-sentence-with-a-preposition, as dislegal as it is.)

Green grafitti. Very cool stuff.

Business currently hiring; I would work for Google...

Well, you have to face it, regardless: the Mayans were very skilled with figuring out their calendar. And regardless of the outcome, I will be having a party. By the way, anyone know when the LHC is supposed to come back on?

Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum. I want to go there. Mechanics such as these mystify me... Sorry for that unintentional alliteration. (Worse than punning, methinks...)

Ah, so, back to work for me... And back to that tiki blog I found. Good stuff, that.

By the way, is anyone else excited for the Pink Panther movie, or am I the only one? (Tee-eye-double-guh-er.)
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D: Oh well, that dream out the window I suppose.

Anyway, so here's a tip. Don't spend a day looking at Shag's art, and tiki art, and Pink Panther stuff, and spend the most of the next day missing Hawaii, and then go dress shopping for a formal. It's... dangerous.

I mean, I love the dress. I liked it when I saw it on the wall of the store because it's structured, and most dresses now are that lame under-the-bust stupid design that makes every girl look like they're pregnant. Yeah, so, I was really into these bright jewel tones more than anything (like I said... too much Shag art) but nothing really fit well. So I have this awesome fitted dress, but... I don't know. It's about >this far< from being trashy. I mean just imagine the bright gold heels and some Tiffany & Co. jewelry on there and woo baby it's like you walked out of Talladega Nights. So you have to play it... carefully. And the problem is, I can't quite place the style. It's not quite forties, not quite fifties, not quite sixties... Maybe it's more thirties but it's too bright for that and I can't exactly waltz in there with a big sun-hat and breakfast-at-tiffany's shades. The dress is already too look-at-me for me. I mean, I like the dress, I just hope it blends in more than I'm suspecting it will.

Meh, anyway, Laura and I bought the closest thing we could find to a black fascinator that didn't have a rose on it (we were looking for feathers) but the closest thing we could find was a headband with this reconstructed-black-glittery-flower thing on it.

This is essentially the dress: dis one

And I mean, if this were really more formal than "formal" (it's not a black-tie event, or even prom-like; probably more like homecoming), I would put on my black fed or just a hat in no time flat. But, eh, I guess you take what you can get.

OH, and Laura said wearing my Hawaii flower hairclip would be too trashy. :C That makes me sad because I really love them and I'm really feeling that right now. (Too much Shag.) Oh well.

So... yeah, I'm kind of afraid of tomorrow. I generally hate attention and it's just one of those dresses. I dunno, I kinda feel like I should be a dumb platinum blonde when I step into it... Does that even make sense?

Okay, it's kind of sad, I'm looking for a pic of that dress and finding all this bright Indian and gypsy style stuff... It's gorgeous. And dangerous. If I ever end up as a crazy cat lady I'll be wearing shit like this all the time, you know it and I know it. Fuck.


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