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Fffffff why am I still stressed out on break. I have to clean my room--my room which is FULL OF MOVING BOXES AND NO FURNITURE--because Christmas is at our house this year. And hanging out with friends? Yeah... I'm sick. It kinda sucks. And I don't think the New Orleans trip is happening... =C Which I am super sad about because I bought this awesome tuxedo jacket for New Year's, and now I can't wear it! Ugghhhhh sometimes I hate Ohio as much as all my high school friends did.

Yeah... idk. This is going to be one hell of a break.

Let's see though. Friday we went to the TSO concert, it was... good. But not great. Here's the thing. TSO has a new album out called Nightcastle... Which is more like a "halloween" album. It's classical music (Carmina Burana was awesome) but they spent the whole second half of the show with gargoyles, flames, and lightning... Not very Christmasy. So that kind of sucked. (Not to mention my ears were practically bleeding by the end.)

Saturday I went lasertagging for three hours in Cincy with Kim and Melissa. It was super awesome. =) My second-to-last game I got second place! HURRAH. After that I drove back up to Fairborn for the Brandstetter's party where I told Pat and Kevin and Lara about the 3hrs for $15 lasertagging and we are going to Suit Up and go down there. It's going to be epic. Yeah... nothing else really happened at the Brandstetter's party though, except I think I managed to get Lara's cold.

So yeah, now I'm kinda sick. Sunday I was unable to walk because apparently all the lasertag ramps killed my quad? IDFK. And also I was sick. Hypersensitivity is the worst.

Yesterday was crazy... Dental cleaning, Laura got her wisdom teeth out, had to take grandma to the hospital to get her leg checked, and then I went to Johnny's house to watch MST3K where it turns out here and his sister had made baseball-sized buckeyes. deeeaaaaamn

Yeah, so. Today the cats went to the vet... They gained wait. Ugh. Time to put them on a diet.

Yep... that is my break so far. CHAOS.

the list

Dec. 26th, 2008 08:01 pm
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Dad had me run out to the store to get supplies for chex mix, and ugghhhh I feel like crap again. I was hungry and grabbed a cookie on my way out, and now I'm not really interested in eating. Everything ends up tasting like stomach acid. :C Although I am really craving shrimp or sushi or something equally delish at the moment... (And by "at the moment" I mean "since I came home from Hawaii".)

Anyway, the list of things under the tree for me... My parents said they were going to keep it small since we decided to MOVE all of a sudden this year (seriously... still weird) and that our gifts would mostly be the house and new furniture and those sort of things. Buuuut I guess they had a little too much fun buying stuff.

Both mom and dad got Laura dvds of "A Christmas Story"... greaaaat. Now she can watch it all the time. That movie really annoys me, for some reason.

Probably one of my favorite gifts was a lamp and lampshade that James got for me... it's so flipping awesome. The shade is this burnt-orange-silk looking material with a brown damask pattern on it. Laura picked it out but seriously James whatthehellit'ssocool. Laura also got me this antique wooden stamp that used to be used for printing wallpapers, and an tibetan-looking chime, and a set of tibetan prayer flags.

I made Laura a scarlet-and-gray pillow, and now I feel bad that it was kind of cheap because she and James' gifts are so awesome... =/ But otherwise I didn't really know what to get her and I know she likes to spend. So, I dunno.

--Pushing Daisies Season 1 (!!!!!! I didn't put this on my wishlist because I was going to buy it myself, but YAY! Also, I need to remember to buy mom The Big Bang Theory for her birthday gift.)
--Galoshes! Unexpected but particularly useful on UD's puddle of a campus.
--underwear... you can never have enough.
--"dark blue" Lindt truffles (milk chocolate outside with dark chocolate inside)
--waffle house moneys!
--a "one minute organizer" book... strangely the only book
--SpongeBob Christmas Special DVD
--seat covers for my car
--a fuzzy and warm Dayton beanie
--UD socks
--orange tictacs
--my sister's old athletic iPod nano strap... stained blue by a backpack-highlighter leak, I am sure. I am also worried I will be sweating blue or stained blue myself. (I also had to restrain from making "I BLUE MYSELF!" jokes, as no one in my family watches Arrested Development.)
--TWO OF MY DAD'S ANTIQUE CAMERAS OMG THEY ARE SO COOL. One I think is maybe just a pin-hole, but the other one is the type where you flip the front out and it has this accordion-type thing behind the lens... SO COOL.
--a really wicked tin-covered wooden side-table for my room. It's made out of recovered Indian furniture... It's wicked. Not as cool as the velvet-and-polished-tin-stool from Europe that I wanted, buuuut significantly cheaper. And probably looks more well-traveled because it is older, and it looks a little grungier (read: oxidized).

I got a piece of pizza down, no trouble, but I still can't get rid of this taste in my mouth... And my head kind of hurts. I'm not as tired, though, which is excellent. I mean, I got at least 12 hours of sleep last night, that's rather excessive.


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