Nov. 17th, 2006 03:26 am
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So I finally figured out I get regular programming well enough on our TV (so I can watch House again! w00t)(oh, and How I Met Your Mother!), but... the first thing I see? CHRISTMAS AD. FOR LOTTERY TICKETS.


This is only feeding my hate for the Berry Scholars. All of the ones I've met so far get money and bonuses and special treatment, but they go get trashed on the weekends and find it entertaining to watch porn in the lobby.

You think I'm kidding, too, don't you? I'm not. It disgusts me. It grosses me out. And most of all, it pisses me off.

Anyway, linkspam...

Help raise money for children... just leave a comment on this journal entry by midnight!

Dayum, Garrison Kiellor is not happy. I'm not sure how much editorial this is compared to fact, I've heard some stuff that makes it kind of shifty, but he's got some good points.,0,1976195.column?track=mostemailedlink

This is cool-- if anyone knows who the artist is, let me know! Thaaaanks...

Also, I just found out there are at least two Chrestomanci books I haven't read, because they weren't released in the double-volume-type set. I've read one through four, but not recently (though I'd love to... they're awesome books). SO. Now I must go to the bookstore, as well as get some more stuff for my fish. And man, Cappy reminds me of Tippy. He's very jumpy. I set something down on my desk and he jumps halfway across his bowl. Eh, whatever. I'm tired, I'm going to practice with my buds, and HOPEFULLY go see Casino Royale! As much as a blonde Bond does not make me happy... it's Bond. DUDE. JAMES BOND. DUH. (He's almost as cool as Indiana Jones. Hahaha. Ask for proof, I DARE YOU.)

And now, I procrastinate, and I read my James Bond book. =^n.n^=


Nov. 15th, 2006 12:39 am
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I'm in a good mood, I promise. Don't let my post distract you, lol. Well Captain Nemo survived the night and seems to be swimming happily in his new, larger bowl. He does like to hide in the plants, though, so I might look for shorter plants the next time I'm out at the pet store. (These are too tall-- he ends up hiding at the surface and the edge of the bowl, and the light is distorted enough I have trouble finding him. Little bugger.) So I think I said I reverse-reference named him Captain Nemo, because he has a weak fin. That's not exactly true-- it just looks sickly. One is bright and colorful, and the other is pale and see-through. But he seems to use it alright, and that's what matters. I can't find a good example of how to feed him, though, a detailed way. All the packages say "feed once a day, no more than they can eat in one/three minute(s)." Which is how much? So I just give him a little pinch three or four times a day and that seems ok. I don't want the water to get nasty from overfeeding. At any rate. I need to find some nice tank decorations made for bettas, so they don't rip his fins. Cute lil dude.

So, the ranty part. Outside the humanities building today they were passing out silver ribbons in honor of Suicide Awareness Day or something. Honestly, if your cause is already well known, what the hell does "awareness" do? Why do you need a freaking HOLIDAY? Why don't you put the money towards something useful, like a cure? I'm looking at you, Breast Cancer Awareness. Wearing pink shirts does nothing, even if you get the whole campus to do it. Especially since the Breast Cancer Awareness association was created to point out, HEY, SOME WOMEN (and the rare male) GET BREAST CANCER! Not, you know, HEY, WE STILL DON'T HAVE A FUCKING CLUE, CURE-WISE. Yeah, YOU, DOUCHEBAGS. Same with suicide awareness. Oh frabjous day, let us all wear ribbons. How about, talk to your fucking friends if they're down in the dumps? Or... you know, have actual friends in the first place? Be a geniune person? Stop trashing your life with drugs and meaningless shit? Yeah, that might work. I don't know, it only seems to work pretty well for those of us who have adjusted and fit into functional society.

Wait, forget that. If you're going to be stupid, thanks for removing yourself from the gene pool.

(I'm only halfway kidding on that-- I'm not that mean, nor am I in that much of a bad mood, but STILL.)

Anyway, linkshpammy!

A fogbow: Fogbow is the best word ever. =D Actually, so is Dreadnaught, which is a type of ship. But still. =^n.n^=

This is incomprehendible: Also, it was only 1994?! Damn, I always thought it was before I was that conscious of my surroundings, possibly even before I was born. Same with Michael Jackson turning weird-- I didn't realize it was early 90's. I was an ignorant (pop-culture-wise) little kid, I tell you. But that's not all terrible-- I hate Spice Girls, I hate boy bands, yeah, you get the point.

And as much as I hate to say this, I am living on pop at the moment. I've been up too late, distracted, and I need the caffiene so I don't break down from a headache. Blarrrrgh. Evil stuff for your body, but how I love my lemony-lime...
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YAY! My betta is here... I was afraid it was sick, because the little booklet said if it had red stripes in its fins it may be sick. But I think it was just stressed as it seems to be doing better after a few hours. Hopefully it will be much better when I get it some more space!

So yeah, how I said I'd named it The Loch Ness Monster? I wanted to. I really did. But little betta screamed his own name... yeah, so I reverse-referenced him (kind of like that reverse-euphemism thing in Xkcd comics, lol) and named him Captain Nemo-- because he has a weak fin. Yeah, which makes it NOT stupid. =D He's not a clown fish. =P Plus 20,000 Leagues is awesome, and Captain Nemo was supposed to be Polish. Kick. Ass.


At first, this scared me. The Simpsons have a movie coming out. I thought, "Oh no, it's jumped the shark!" But watch the trailer. Yeah. =D

This sounds cool, check it out:

This is awesome, too, for the soldiers overseas:

(And yes I am so lazy as to be just stealing Cleolinda's linkspam today. Phooey on you.)

So, yay, Captain Nemo! I hope he survives to be a strong betta. <3!


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