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Oh yeah Fridays! Kind of excited, went out to Kahala Mall after school and found some fabulous purple shirts. =) One's dressy and the other one is a total glamwhore shirt, but I love it. Gray with silver swirls and purplish street-art type stuff. Total love. Also broke down and picked up a Blues Brothers fedora... so I do have initiative to dress up as such for Halloween. (I have to think ahead, I will be soooo busy in the fall and I love details too much.)

What else? Oh, damn, perfect timing, the phone I want is FINALLY ON SALE. Just went on sale today, in fact! I've had my eye on that samsung flips-both-ways phone ever since DayDay showed it off to me... Total geekwant. TOTAL. I have absolutely no legitimate reason to want it. I don't use it for anything, it's thin enough to make me nervous I'd break it. My phone works perfectly after two years (I treat technology well, thankyouverymuch to all you "hey I dropped my phone in the toiler now give me your numbers over facebook because I'm lazy" people ;D ). The only thing I have going for it is that I'm due for a new phone through them so I might have a deal that way. If not, what was a $130 phone is now $80 because of a $50 rebate, PLUS buyonegetonefree, and since my mom will be here next week and she is due for a new phone, too... hehehehe. LOVE IT. (All I can do is laugh in the general direction of my sister who lost her phone snowboarding and I think has destroyed it at least once since then. MUAHAHAHA. Patience and stinginess wins out my wallet in the long run. [note: I am both stingy and evil. And patient. WHA-CHA]) so now just to convince my mom to do without a phone until it would get shipped to her...

Aaaaand what else today? OH MY FUCKING GOD. I am one of those people who insists on eating breakfast, right? Um, and I don't like being dizzy, or feeling sick, because I am one of those people who can't throw up to get rid of the tension, it just... blech. Um. So. Today I just forgot to eat breakfast, and Mr. Yukio had the oven running. I wore a long sleeve shirt but it wasn't that bad...

Dang, I dunno. I'm usually really good about everything, so all I can guess is iron deficiency (it happens every time I move away from home--we have hard water from a well) accelerated by girlweek. OH, plus I was standing up glazing my piece, when I usually sit. So I suppose being slightly overheated and burning a few more calories and being iron deficient and skipping breakfast is enough accumulated reasons, anyhow... You know what I hate most about getting lightheaded? How everything you see becomes hypersaturated and you get some nice bloom and hyperdefinition around the edges of things. That is the worst. Why? Because I don't pass out easily, but in order to actually see where I'm going to take care of myself, I have to actually, you know, see it.

So anyway, I stopped glazing and leaned on the table just to see if it was going to pass (just the heat maybe?), but it didn't. It didn't really get better or worse, but I decided since nothing was happening I should probably sit down to try to conserve my energy. So I pulled up an empty chair and sat down and went back to glazing (albeit slowly), and then... it got a little bit worse. So, I'm sitting there, trying to remember the last time I almost passed out to see if I could remember if I actually passed out. (I want to say it was sometime this summer, but I can't actually think of any specific time. The last time I actually remember something similar happening was GOD REST YE REHEARSAL SOPHOMORE YEAR LOL. Omg pizza spots haha [although, I haven't ever gotten pizza spots again, just the white-out]) Anyway, so, it eases up for a second and I decide to work up the guts to ask where the bathroom is (upstairs and on the other side of the building...great) so I carefully work my way up there (holding onto the railing, and I made sure to tell the ceramics assistant that I didn't feel too well) and take a drink from the fountain, and lay down on the floor for about five minutes, and then go to the bathroom, drink some more, and get back to class.

All in all a very interesting day... Whiting out is so fricking weird.

Oh, man, at Kahala I went with Lauren to Lenscrafters, and I was reading a People magazine from last year like June or something, and it said that "fricking" (and "omigod", lamely) had been added to the Oxford English Dictionary. Which is awesome (other than "omigod"). I <3 Austin Powers. It seems hilariously pathetic (but not really) to have something so small define so much of me, but I can't explain it... I didn't even do it on purpose. I just pick up turns of phrase, try them out a few times, and they manage to stick. Yaaay. (See also: cursing like a sailor... thank you, drum corps.)

68 days until Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull! Today's trivia: Guess what! New reference for my collection. I pretty much ran through all the videos from the library that I wanted to watch, so I picked up Lost season one since everybody loves it so much and the few episodes I've seen seem decent. And Sawyer calls Michael's kid "Short Round" just once. Oh, but it's enough to make me smirk, so there you go.

Valuable information, eh? What a day.

Oh hey question--culinary arts question, coming from someone who was totally culinarily spoiled as a child. My mom pretty much raised me on Esther Price and chocolate, so I'll eat just about any kind of chocolate (except white chocolate--it's not chocolate and it tastes like shiiiiite). But I know a lot of people have sensitive (pussy? lame? unfortunate?) tastes and can't handle the richness of European chocolate (omg don't get me started on European vs American breads) or dark chocolate, but I read from someone they tried like 70% cocoa bars and it burned. This does not make sense to me. I can understand it's more bitter, and it's an acquired taste (I wouldn't even touch Hershey's dark when I was little), but I picked up a 65% at the gas station (if there is one reason to come to Hawaii, it is for CHEAP, EASILY ACCESSIBLE, HIGH-QUALITY CHOCOLATE. AND MACADAMIA NUTS. I AM NOT FUCKING JOKING HERE PEOPLE) and I mean, no problem, it's rich but delicious. So... can I get some input?

Also, hoping that I can go horseback riding tomorrow, and if I can, that it doesn't suck and isn't just like riding a donkey tour in the Grand Canyon. To me, horseback riding means LET'S RIDE MOTHAFUCKA. (I have never actually been horseback riding, so to speak. I have ridden on a horse's back a few times when I was younger but I'd love to go for a good ride once. And I'm not even a horse person! Unless you count that the drawing book I had on horses [amongst many others] taught me to pay attention to muscle structure.)

Also, I completely forget the word, but Hawaiian Cowboys = Awesome Subculture, lol.

[EDIT]ACK, question I really need you to answer: If you were in a ceramics class, what would you make? I need to make my final projects pretty much starting Monday, and I only have a few weeks, and I don't really have any solid ideas. And it has to be something of substance and meaning, so... yeah. I've tried searching deviantart but I'm not really coming up with anything terribly inspiring. Not in the realm of ceramics, at least.


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