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Gotst a veritable SHITLOAD of linkspammation for you, so I shall have at it.

First, the results of an old halloween meme. Very entertaining, and a lot of these people don't even touch on LJ anymore. You really can skip this part, I just thought it was funny. )

Urrgh! Coding. Anyway, back to my pile:

Quite possibly one of the best poems about cats I've ever read. Haikus are not meant to be this entertaing, and yet so true.

OK, no link for this truly. According to [ profile] dci_fan_room, Cavvies are doing a Billy Joel show. Seriously? I'm actually kind of afraid of this one. They did a chop-up show of Bond, and the Chicago one was just weird.

A link from a fellow LJ-er: This is actually a really great site. I'm addicted now... You put in songs and artists you like, and it comes up with other suggestions.

Are you ready for CHRISTMAS MUSIC?! Well, here is some. Hooray, friendage!

Adorable Christmas icons, numero uno:

Adorable Christmas icons, part dos, with some Thanksgiving thrown in:

Ahahahaha, death by frying pan:

In case you're big on Secret Santa projects going down without a single hitch:

This? Is really funny.

So...yeah. This next link could be a problem. It's a collection of pictures of adorable, cute little animals! Shit, shit, shit. And the money goes to forests and stuff... But I mean, it's not a far cry from Pokemon... man, I sound so pathetic, lol. But COME ON! ADORABLE ANIMALS! I will just have to wait until it fails and they are being sold 200 for $1 on Ebay. *sigh* My turtles, you shall have to wait... and here's the official site:

Yup, I think that's it. I abologize for not being all sparkly with my HTML and cleaning up the links, but I like to have them for reference in case the sites ever go down, such as my Thanksgiving special blogs. A lot of those links are gone.


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