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Idk why but I've been tab-hoarding for weeks. As a result, running roughly 220 tabs was causing firefox to crash constantly. So, here is several days worth of tab writeups, which might mean whatever I wrote sounds a few days old. That would be because it is, but it's probably not too important.

LOTS of articles )

a second set, many more articles )

...I read a lot.
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I've got a massive tab dumb coming up, but this article is so filled with batshit that it deserves its own post.

This article has made me disgusted with humanity. :C
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Alrighty, so... my parents bought the house. Dad doesn't think we'll be movied there for at least a year and a half, and also I'm glad they bought the one with a yard and not that ridiculous sun-room and the hostile garden takeover. (Seriously, the one they liked had god-awful wallpaper and paint jobs, this atrocious Florida room and NO YARD. IT WAS ALL PLANTS AND DECK AUGH) Anyway. Sooo... yeah. =( I'm a bit of a sad puppy. I'm not ready to give up the open space of living out here... =C The only awesome thing so far is that mom was trying to figure out room arrangements so that Laura wouldn't get shafted on closet space like she did here, and asked me if I would like the attic room (although that would mean everything gets stored in the basement--but this time it's dry...) ...YES...! So that's kind of cool. It will be short but I've always liked cavey places, aaand I sort of get a bathroom to myself (sort of).

Anyway, I watched Batman Begins again tonight. I couldn't remember what happened all the way with Wayne, only the bad-guy-takeover plot. I still love this movie, and the pacing is nowhere near as complicated as I first thought. The flashbacks did get confusing the first time, but if you listen closely to the dialogue (which I've been much more attuned to lately), they relate a lot more.

Anyway, besides the Wayne background that I couldn't remember, I was watching to compare the portrayal of Gotham. I guess we're getting into spoilers...GO SEE THE MOVIE ALREADY )

So just wondering, who hasn't seen this movie yet, or doesn't plan to and doesn't care about spoilers? I don't want to spoil it because it's a freaking beautiful movie and plot, but, yeah, I try to avoid cuts in my personal journal when I can. (Makes it easier to search and scan later.)

Why do we not have a closer IMAX yet? The closest is the AF museum, obviously, but they don't show non-educational films. Which I don't blame them, I mean, it's a military institution and that would be a hassle, I'm sure. Same thing goes for COSI, which is probably the next closest IMAX. So where are the commercial IMAXes?! AUGH, I want to see TDK in IMAX sooooo baaaaadly.

Anyway, interesting thing that has been mulling in my brain since Friday night/midnight Saturday, when the final installment of Dr. Horrible went up. You know what, this is rambling and probably spoilery for both... )

I really need to catch up on How I Met Your Mother, too. Is it sad that I only see Dr. Horrible instead of Barney? It seemed like Dr. Horrible acted almost exactly like Barney, minus how much of a jerk he is, which has only convinced me Barney has Billy hiding away... somewhere. If they got Felicia Day on the show... OMG I WOULD DIE OF HAPPINESS! <3 (I think I'm just desperate for something to get unjossed? Is that possible?)

So this fall I have three shows to watch: How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, and YAAAAAY PUSHING DAISIES! =^n.n^=


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