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Hm... yeah, still did nothing today.

I got Dudley Do-Right today in the mail (finally!) and yes it is hilarious, but only if you are entertained by small things like I am. Alfred Molina is hilarious, his Snidley Whiplash laugh is pretty funny. Brendan Fraser is okay, it kind of seems like they're playing off his George of the Jungle role though, and he's not very Dudley-ey. The only time he seems like Dudley Do-Right is when he says "I love you" to Nell, and then that's a voice thing. Though if you appreciate the old Dudley Do-Right cartoons, they did pretty well with what they had. Eric Idle makes it awesome, too. Honestly, Sarah Jessica Parker pretty much ruins it.

I definitely think that the main problem is that this generation doesn't appreciate old humor, or old techniques of anything, really.

Um, and the movie's kind of dated (CLEARLY from 1999), but not in any way that takes away from it.

Yes! So. After watching that I kind of just sat around and bitched at my computer for not doing anything I wanted it to (firefox + youtube = sucks).

71 days until Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull! Today's trivia: More reference time! This time we're going to my new favorite TV show, Pushing Daisies. (Incidentally, it's not coming back until next fall because it takes so much work for each episode. I AM SAD, but at least it got renewed at all!) Anyway, in the... oh geez, fourth episode? There is a guy escaped from prison who is on the search for some diamonds and is dressed up roughly like Indiana Jones. It's rough, but close enough to count. I don't think you can do fedora + leather jacket + shoulder bag and say it wasn't inspired by Indiana Jones. Because it's a fedora, and NOT an outback or Aussie hat or anything like that.

Evidence, though the pinch on the hat isn't really deep enough in that shot. (Not like you care, haha.)

Aaaanyway. I wish Pushing Daisies was on reruns or something. =( OR THAT THE FALL WAS FREAKING OUT ALREADY... It's supposed to be out "at a limited run" in April but there's no trace of where and I really, really want to see it because who knows how long it will take to get to dvd?! Auuuuugh, curse you League of Extraordinary Gentlemen for sucking some serious ass.

Demyla's totally crushing on Lee Pace, too, which is good because it means I can drag her along in my hunt for Pushing Daisies desperateness. muahahaha I am evil.
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Well, I just sat down and watched Anchorman and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, both for the first time. Anchorman is definitely hilarious and I didn't realize just how often my friends quote it. (It's also hard to get over the fact that Fantana or whatever the character's name is is the same guy that's in Clueless... SO TOTALLY DIFFERENT)

And also that Becky's "Good morning, Starshine, the Earth says hello!" is from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (technically Hair, but she says it like Depp).

Dang, the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is actually pretty good. The storyline isn't as great as the old one, or the book, but it's still pretty good. (Also LOL Christopher Lee. I am Darth Dentist! FEEL THE WRATH OF MY LISTERINE) [EDIT: Ooh, now I have two "evil dentists" and something else to keep track of!] But it's fantastically weird and you know if there's one thing I like it's weirdness. There's some really clever stuff, too, like the 2001 parody (didn't see that one coming by a mile, lol). The music is AMAZING, I love it. It's very weird and the song parodies are HILARIOUS. Also, I love how weird Johnny Depp is. I love actors who can play characters all over the board, I really respect that because I'm very drawn to subtlety and if you're a typecast actor I don't tend to think you're a person who understands it. BUT.

It sort of feels like an excuse to show off Depp's talent, with the whole Wonka backstory, but it's not like it was bad or anything, far from. And I LOVE the way Wonka looks at the caterpillar mash in the jungle. It's pretty much taken straight from WILLIE in Temple of Doom. (No shit! I was like. Wait, they're not going to--no, they wouldn't, I mean, it's a jungle and nowadays jungle is like automatic Indiana Jones, but, I mean this is like total Willie set-up, they wouldn't, right--OMGTHEYSOWENTFORIT) And MAD PROPS to Deep who played ALL the Oompa Loompas. He's a total star on his own. Skillz and love. He had to learn an ass-lot for that role, TOTAL FUCKING PROPS.

(Also, why does no one do The Great Glass Elevator? I love that book. I WANT ME SOME VERMICIOUS KNIDS.)

Basically I should have been studying all day, and... yeah, I didn't.

Ooh, something I found that I thought someone might be interested in: some photos from 1957.

Man, you guys get like three Indiana Jones facts tonight! I'm spoiling you.

79 days until Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull! Today's trivia: OMG ALFRED MOLINA


This is what I get for not perusing Wikipedia thoroughly.




now they are inexorably linked in my mind



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