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[Error: unknown template qotd]Marvin the Paranoid Android, though he's not an android nor is he paranoid. He's just depressed.

Nonetheless Hitchhiker's Guide is one of if not the best book ever written. It definitely ties with American Gods in my list.
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Interesting natural phenomenon yesterday! Vog. Which is, quite possibly, the most uninteresting word ever. However, vog is rather neat. Basically, the sky was cloudy and the city looked foggy all day, but apparently it was just stuff in the air floating over from the Big Island because of all the eruptions from the volcano. Very neat. =D

Today has been... frustrating. I won't say it was bad, because overall, it hasn't been. Just had a few things that kind of ruin the day a little. 1) Feeling tired and 2) dealing with hypocrites. Hypocrisy is like kryptonite for me. It can ruin anything very quickly, and make me very very frustrated. Grr.

Ah! Interstingly enough, I have starting switching up icons more and more. I think it helps that I have more than three, but I never thought I would pay attention enough. I suppose being excited with my Indy icons and my new Pooh icon is good enough reason as any. =^n.n^=

DAMMIT. I leave the Midwest for one semester and I miss the only earthquake in forever?! Dangit. I have kind of wanted to be in an earthquake ever since I saw that Bill Nye episode about them. I remember getting training in school, too, about how to hide under a table or stand in a door frame and to have a kit ready with water and batteries and such. (But of course, no one ever worried about it, because in Dayton the last big thing was a flood in 1913 and in Xenia, well, tornados.[tornadoes?])

Well, I finished up all my wetwork for ceramics. For my last graded piece I made a quetzalcoatl. Pretty freaking cool. It would have been really cool if I was in the mood to spend 2+ hours doing detail work, but after figuring out the eyes and the feathers (headdress-style), I really wasn't in the mood to carve a feather pattern over the whole piece and then figure out how to do a feathered tail. Sooo I went for simplification and I will add some detail with paint, most likely. And then hope the feathers don't break off when I try to ship it home. Augh.

So today is April 18th. Regal starts selling tickets three weeks before. I have NO IDEA who I'm going to see Indy IV with, and I am in a bit of a panic. I don't know if I should be, I mean I think Pat got Pirates 2/3 tickets about a week before with no problemos. AUUUUUUGH STRESS... Why do I have the ability to stress about the most mundane things? I mean, it's important to me, obviously, but I'm sure I will get there one way or the other. The real question is, who's going to be in line two hours early with me? I am not showing up slightly early this time, I demand seating perfection! I mean there's been a distinct lack of friends talking about Indy IV and I guess COW folks don't know because Regal hasn't released showtimes yet? I can't expect they wouldn't do a midnight showing, though. Not no way, not no how. STRESS STRESS STRESS

This is so cute. And very clever.

This xkcd showed up a few days ago. I love it. It's pretty close to a simulation of any meal with my family. A few hours in, either my dad or his brother will set up a pun with this much effort, and I'm pretty sure you might need to be in the family or at least around long enough to know where the train of thought came from so you have ANY idea whatsoever of the punchline. I loves me some puns.

Hmm, I know I was talking about doing an "LJ audit" sometime this year, and currently I've just been thinking about Spring Cleaning in general. Carly and Leigh and I had a whole discussion on it (sort of) yesterday, and I am just not the sort of person who gets rid of tons of stuff or is overtly organized. It's strange, though; IRL I am "messy" but organized mentally (and CLEAN, even if it doesn't look organized), but with email and computers and LJ tags and everything I like things to be a lot more organized. I REALLY need to go back through old emails. I really need to find a better way to arrange my folders (though I'm doing pretty good and keeping things filed for the moment). I need to clean up my LJ tags and go back and tag old entries and clean up my old entries. Hm! Maybe when I go back to work this summer they will still have me sitting around at the desk doing nothing all day, so I can just get all that done. Would be nice.

I was thinking about Nana last night, because I'd read a really sad poem about death, and then I saw this posted by [ profile] ursulav: "Generally when we mourn people, I think we mourn for the chunk of our own lives that's gone." And I really do think that's true. Death has always been my real big one-and-only fear, and not in the "I'm afraid!" sense but the I-really-want-to-do-everything-there-is-to-do sense. =/ It just makes me sad is all. (Quick, I'm getting existential again)

So, I've been a member of this comm for a while, but it does appear that for the last few years I have forgotten International Fort Day again. I would say I have the desire to build a fort now because we have these PERFECT pieces of furniture for it, but they're REALLY gross and I saw some bugs hiding down there in the dark and it needs to be cleaned badly. No way am I fort-hiding under there until it's clean.

The Kosher Guide to Imaginary Animals. Hilarious.

Speaking of meals, there was nothing particularly good down at the caf tonight. I got pizza (which turned out to be terrible), and then got some stuffing because I wanted a side. So I had pizza, oranges, stuffing, and chocolate chip cookies. Let me tell you, don't ever eat those things in one meal. They do not go together at all.

There was going to be another Hitchhiker's game! Now, I haven't ever seen the first one, but just from that snippet it sounds like it would have been awesome. =( I miss Douglas Adams.

Dangit. I am definitely getting addicted to icons too quickly now. I am looking up Marx Brothers icons, and I do have a good stored pile of ones I would use. This is dangerous!

Finally, some cool pirate pants! (See the two at the bottom.) Why do pirate costumers always insist on black, white, or red as your only color options, though? How lame is that? This is why I thrifted my pirate outfit. And it came out rather well minus me losing that purple scarf. =( (It's really difficult to find scarves that work for pirate outfits. In general they're too modern or flowery.)


Aw, the last of Disney's Nine Old Men has died. The end of an era, for sure. =(

HEY, so there's a new volume for the Chronicles of Chrestomanci! While this makes me incredibly happy, I have only one thing to say; why is there a unicorn on the cover? Or rather, not so much why is there a unicorn, but why is it so prominent? The cat theme was good, and yes, there are cats, but they don't really fit with the theme of the other two. I'm also glad to see that it doesn't appear to have the Pinhoe Egg and the other Chrestomanci story in there. YAY DIANA WYNNE JONES

Okay! It looks like I'm finally to the Indy part of "cleaning up my tabs". 33 days! YAAAAAY

Entertainment mag preview! With some new pics. Cate looks like a badass. Okay, so that's the first time I've seen "aliens" mentioned in a print source. PLEASE BE RUMORS...

Ugha warriors? That's new to me. RESEARCH TIEM

(Man, I really hope you guys aren't going for spoiler-free. I'm trying to keep myself away from any MAJOR plot spoilers, but with the way Spielberg's been keeping it, I doubt there will be any until maybe a few days before. And in that case I don't think I'm going to be looking at Indy stuff much. I have no desire to have IJ4 ruined for me like HP6 was.)

...I think this is the first article I've seen that talks to Karen Allen. (Was she in the Vanity Fair article? I know the Marion/Mutt pic was.) Weird.

AUGH MORE GOOD/BAD ALIENS REFERENCES The wait just might kill me. Really

Okay, okay, aliens "got bumped aside" for the crystal skulls? Hopefully, yes. I'm just HOPING that Area 51 is like the Chachapoyan Temple for Raiders. Gets the plot started, but that's it. (I don't know, though, both Raiders and Crusade brought Indy back to the school before the main story, and there's obviously a big scene with Spalko at this Area 51, does he go back to the school before or after?!) I get myself worked up too easily. Breathe in, breathe out. (I mean I can always deny them like Ep1/2/3, right? Right?!)

Haha, a good part about Spielberg not wanting people to get any of the script out. I do not blame him, and in fact I thank him. But why is the alien angle bothering me so much right now?!

OH HAY PHOTO IS THAT SUM QUICKSAND? (Oh god the internet is ruining my ability to talk without resorting to memespeak. KILL ME)

More Spielberg and Lucas talk, cue me more panicking.


Man you can tell where my thoughts are on this issue, no?! I am too good at worrying.
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Haha I have a metric fuckton of tabs open right now. 146 to be exact. =D why yes I do spend way too much time online why do you ask

Anyway. Wrote a short story today, posted over on Deviant Art here. Some info in the description and the updated journal. It is pretty much word-for-word (so to say) a dream I had last night, minus the totally unconnected story before and after. It is either the effects of caffiene (my dreams get stranger when I drink caffiene), or my brain is telling me some things that even I didn't know I was concerned about. Which I guess is why it really hit me like a brick when I woke up. I'm hoping I got the feeling across in it, which is what I was going for, more than anything. I tried to adjust the symbolism and everything so it wasn't quite so blatant. I didn't want to push the fantasy side that much either, but I hope it came across. And I know there was that one awkward sentence in there, about the looking back, but I was going for a little bit of disjointedness at that point, because the kid has been uncontrollably thinking disjointedly for so many years, that's the nature of his head. ...Huh, it's a he. I mean it was me in the dream but I guess the story is a he. Whatever, I left it ambiguous on purpose. It is me and it's not me and it's a boy and it's a girl. They are custodians and they are parents. The trains are tools and they are friends. ~ooh, dichotomy~ Anyway. Basically, if you ever had Miss Downie and you read the story, what was it called "The Day Without a Sun" or something, where there is a girl living on Mars whose life is practically destroyed by not being able to see the sun. This is the opposite and I didn't even realize it until after I wrote the whole damn thing. Sometimes I think that my subconscious is plotting to shock me with amazing levels of symbolism. (But as you can see by the amount I actually write, that's pretty fucking rare.)

BUT IN OTHER NEWS, I have pages upon pages of links to get rid of!

I just freaking hate this age group, and mostly everything about them. Oh, I know, I can't be too hard on them, they're just growing up, I was that age once blah blah blah (you can even say I could still fit in with the age group trying to be whatever scene, forget Scene). I just... GAH. I HATE PEOPLE. STOP CONFORMING TO NONCONFORMITY. god guys I'm so rejected with my ugly eighties clothes and I'm so straightedge I'm all hardcore and shit yeah fuck yeah I'm too good for you I just really hope they grow up and hate that period of their lives hard core. (Ooh, hard core.) I mean, damn, I would. I can't say I ever enjoyed the scenes of that general age group. I am proud to dislike Backstreet Boys and N'Sync and Britney Spears. I still don't think it's good (although Timberlake's newer stuff, some of it's good). Except Joey Fatone because he was on Broadway in Little Shop of Horrors (as Seymour!) <3

Yessss... It's never really struck me as weird that my sister was born in 1990. Or the fact that, you know, I babysat kids five years younger than me and everything. But the fact that there are 13-year-olds born in 1995 is a bit freaky. I guess this is my year for that. It's not the "FUCK I FEEL OLD" type of perspective, but the "holy shit, two decades" perspective. Not that I'm quite there yet (got a few months), but... damn. I can still remember my tenth birthday "htiting double digits" D= (I don't remember what I got though.)

God... those girls in that picture... I just want to smack them with a pink flamingo or something, I mean seriously. You sit around doing that all day? What the fuck? At least in the eighties people were doing stuff while they looked tacky.

I can't get over the crown thing, either. Just... oh god. Hahaha. I dunno. I'm trying to figure out the best way to piss of Scene (who made that up as a name for a style? Seriously. They deserve to die an uncreative death) kids. I'm pretty sure this is just as bad as emo. Like, New and Improved Emo, now with Color! Made with extra Hate. WHAT

Seriously, somebody help me figure out how to mock these kids, other than blatantly ignoring them.

I think, if I saw that girl on the right in real life, I would run off and rip the tape off her neck and put it in my car stereo.

Okay, so, I'm not sure China's really prepared to deal with all the shit from the Olympics. That being said, I think some of the "protests" have gone a bit overboard harassment-wise. But oh, the irony.

Did I post about that Be-an-IndyGirl-get-on-MTV-and-Meet-Shia-LaBeouf contest? I can't remember. Anyway, if I didn't, I'm not sure what type of person they're really looking for. You were supposed to post a video or something being adventurous or I don't know what, but anyway, just the nature of the beast, I really don't see real IndyGirl fans (and yeah, I know them, and I'm talking about people more qualified than myself, hurr) crossing much with the MTV crowd. Which just seems like a bad deal for Indy fans, then. Anyway. I'll rant about how much I hate MTV another day. My point WAS, it got cancelled, so quickly I never even saw an article about it other than messageboards. So... *shrug* I dunno. Don't know, don't really care. I'm just blathering for now.

Screechowls never fail to be ridiculously adorable.

I'm pretty sure Stan Lee never ceases to be awesome. What a cool guy.

I've read something about this dwarfism before, where a girl around the turn of the century (last century) was on display places as a fairy. But that does not stop this girl from being ADORABLE. Although the one pic, the purple lipstick is rather harsh.

A bit oldish, but I freaking love beatonna. Her historical stuff is just so nonsensically clever. Sort of like if you took Roald Dahl's illustrator and mashed him up with Monty Python sketches. I love it.

Quite possibly THE best video I have ever, ever, EVER seen on youtube. Or the internets.

Poor Terry Gilliam. That man is a genius. I don't know if I mentioned that I watched Time Bandits over spring break, but it's a pretty damn good movie. Terry Gilliam has the mind I wish I had. Or at least, his art is the mind I wish I had. Good man.

Welcome! A link I did nothing with on April Fool's.

And another.

Holographic Batman stickers. You know who I'm looking at.

The assquatch. Showing me that redneck creativity is not always as cool as the jackalope.

Disabled duck gets a scooter. AWWW.

37 days until Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull! That's CRAZY TALK. The m&m's are going to have FEDORAS on them?! HELL FUCKIN' YEAH

I'm going to WalMart tomorrow. My junkfood piles may be well-stocked, we shall see.

In addition I am kind of nervous about tickets. I mean even with Pirates we never had a problem getting group tickets for the midnight showing, but, yeah, it's still up in the air whether the IndyGear people are going as a group or not, and I guess the guy who's setting up the thing isn't posting on the forum? Which is odd, to me at least. I don't think Dayton would have that many IndyGear people who don't post on that forum. Frick, I don't think much of anywhere does. BAH. And then figuring out who I have to ignore because you talk through movies! =P You people, geez.

[EDIT] A but more on the writing. I think that reading all those Neil Gaiman short stories kind of kicked my brain into "let's write something nice and twisty" mode. Twisty like fantasy in general. I finally got an idea for a changed-POV fairy tale, which I have kind of wanted to do forever. There are so many good ones! I rather love them. (Wicked, anyone? Definitely changed how you watch the Wizard of Oz.) Plus I realized today that I finally got a good story bit out of my dreams (which I journal, or, try to at least), but I had to accept the fact that it was short and complete on its own already. And I think reading all those short stories made me realize that explaining away the things I come up with, just writing the little tidbits, might be enough for now. Maybe I am just not a novel-length story teller. Maybe I am just a collector of pieces of tales, and sometimes those are more interesting than a life story. So I think I'm going to keep chugging along with this and try to write just as it comes, as it makes me happy. I think trying to write long and involved stories is what killed me back in Power of the Pen. I mean, I love long and involved stories. Sometimes I am proud when I guess the plot and sometimes I am thoroughly surprised by a twist I didn't see coming. So maybe I will just continue to read those stories but writing what seems best.

That made me happy just to think about today. =) I love to write. I think part of it comes from my desire to remember as much inane detail as possible, to help remember things. When I am old I want to be able to look back and think, oh yes, I remember these stupid little things. They're what make it alive. And if not I've got them written down, but I do hope I have a good memory.

Ugh, okay, that thought and the haunting part of the story and thinking about Nana is going to get me in a funk. I'm going to bed.


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