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So Monday dad texted me that his hygienist was selling a 2004 Saturn for $7000 with 27000 miles. I have given up on car shopping for time reasons since school started back up, so I just said yes because I knew I couldn't find a better deal. Well Tuesday night I went out to dinner with mom and dad and gma and gpa and Vince, and dad and I were talking about my car, and I joked asking dad if I could have it by Tuesday for driving people for the field trips so I wouldn't have to clean my Taurus, and he said yes.

Well, on the way home driving back up Wilmington Pike I thought my lights on the dash and my headlights were dimming and I couldn't see anything. The radio and clock were still fine but I couldn't see my spedometer and my inside light was dimmer when I checked it. So I called mom and we talked and I said I'd just drive it back to school since there was enough street light and we could check it later. Well as I slowed to a stop near BP and Ritters the lights went all the way down and the clock had dimmed and then the car nearly stalled, so I just pulled right in to BP and called dad to come pick me up.

So jokingly I had thought to myself that I hoped the Taurus wouldn't be upset about a new car, because though I never gave the car a name (well, other than the Parrotheadmobile--I never could assign a "gender" of character, as it were), I still kind of personificated it with the whole Jimmy Buffet thing, and I did hear Margaritaville just a few days before. So I think it's appropriate that the Taurus wanted to go out in style (NOT Otis; and also Chester the "mouse" in the trunk), and I think that this required its own entry.

Taurus, you were a good sturdy car and you had a good character. Even though it's probably just you alternator according to Dad, I'm glad you decided to "go out in style" (even though I won't get the new car until later and I have Laura's now).



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