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OMG OHIO YAAAAY I'm so proud. This goes out to everyone who says we suck as a state. SCREW YOU.

Jones soda is making D&D flavors... I'm posting this only because I know there are some D&D fans and some Jones soda fans out there. Personally, I can't do Jones soda, the holiday flavors killed it for me (it's the aftertaste). Also, I'm glad to see gamers are getting their foot in the door with advertisers, like the WoW and Halo Mountain Dews. Okay Mountain Dew, you know what's next? Indy V, I want to see some fucking DELICIOUS marketing. Enough with that Dr. Pepper bullshit

Oh, and did I say Indy V? I think I did.

(Also, Jones soda has a perfect in, but I hate it so please don't. I'M BEGGING YOU, PEPSI, DO THIS FOR ME)

Also? It's about damn time someone made an INDIANA JONES PUZZLE GAME, goddamn. I want to buy it but sadly I don't think games transfer from phone to phone...? also, nerd moment, that article number is 1135 goddamn i'm a huge nerd

I'm actually surprised this didn't happen sooner, and that it wasn't a youtube mashup, but a real piece of music.

This man can draw perfect circles. It is ridiculous.

I always knew Abercrombie & Fitch was a pretentious pile of overpriced bullshit, but I didn't realize they actively discriminate. Yeah, glad I never shopped there, and now I never will. Ugh.

Fur Elise arranged for owls, loons, cats, and a wood stork:

Scanning dead salmon in fMRI machine highlights use of red herrings. I admit, this title immediately caught my attention; salmon was a joke at Troop this summer, and it's also become a (different and completely unrelated) joke here in PoD's trumpet section; also, ever since Katy introduced me to the Planetarium Puzzle I've always been drawn to anything regarding red herrings, maybe simply because I'd never heard the term used before. I have no idea why I am so obsessed with the concept, but I am. Anyway, it's a good article.

An interesting article on cursive and print. Another topic I've become fascinated with ever since I found out cursive was no longer being taught in schools. It came as kind of a shock to me, because, well, we're going to end up with people who can't read it. Not that it's too difficult, but I imagine for some it could be, especially with letters like the old style Q, or Z. See, I don't even remember anymore because they (who is they?) changed it when I got to second grade, so we relearned some letters. Anyway, I mean, I can understand that so many people type now that it rarely matters. I mean, fuck, pretty much all my teachers refuse to accept handwritten assignments. But I am inherently drawn to fonts (I don't know why, I just am--I sketch fonts when I'm bored, for god's sake, random words that pop into my head just because I want to make them look interesting) and it makes me sad that an alternative sort of alphabet could disappear. Anyway, just some thoughts there, nothing really pressing.

Depp unsure about Pirates 4, which would be a bummer considerig the first movie is so much better than the second two.

So, I decided to start chewing gum. This was at first a challenge because Juicy Fruit, ever since they changed their recipe or something a few years ago, it tastes terrible. Although I DID finally find sugarless Juicy Fruit in the US--it comes in those 60 piece BigEPaks. So despite that I'm a little bit of a chomper and I get tired of chewing it pretty fast, this is the plus list I'm trying to focus on: I don't bite my nails as much, it prevents me from eating as much snack food, and it burns some calories. BUT Orbit peppermint is pretty good (I don't think it's sugarless though?) and Trident bubblegum is pretty good, too.

ALSO since Pittsburgh sucked so much this weekend, all I did was pick up a halloween snowglobe. I wonder how long it will last. HOWEVER, it is awesome.
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Seriously, Ohio, wtf. It's May. BE WAAAARMEEEEERRRRR. I am frickin' freezing my butt off right now. (Apparently I adjusted easily to Hawaiian temps.)

ANYWAY. Today is better. It's 9:35 and I didn't get enough sleep but it's better. I also forgot to come back to post again, heh... I am a failure at posting lately, no? Well I think I mentioned the Letterman thing and new TV spot which made me feel a little better, and then when I went upstairs to bed I noticed my holographic nail polish (which I only use at Christmas) and realized this would be another perfect time to use it. =) And then since I'm still on Hawaiian time I laid in bed for probably an hour trying to be tired and thinking about a steampunk pirate flag design (finally had a good idea) and trying to get a little more excited. I set my alarm (I just use my phone) to the Raiders March (yeah... that's my ringtone) in hopes it would shock me out of bed (which, it hasn't lately), and somehow it worked.

So now I've been up for two hours and I'm at my dad's office waiting for my appointment. I don't know if I mentioned that my sister's been having terrible luck with cars? The dented the Camry twice I think and then the engine in mom's car broke when her best friend started it (last fall) and then in February she spun out and totaled the Camry. So, she jumped on the opportunity to buy a "good" car (aka a fashionable one) and mom and dad said okay as long as it was not all flash and only what the insurance would cover. So a few weeks ago they found a Selica she liked, and bought it. Well, the other day they got it home and my dad got keys copied, and the first ones were crap and didn't work, so he went back to get replacements... and it snapped off in the ignition. So now Laura's new car is sitting in the driveway and she's driving my Ford and I don't have a car. Not that I need one, I don't have any immediate plans, but still. It's so fun to tease her because not much of it was her fault (Carroll's parking lot is BAD, but she did back into my car without looking that one time in the driveway). But I dunno, her Selica kind of scares me. It's a hatchback, with a sunroof, and a thing-I'm-totally-blanking-on-the-name-of (spoiler) on the back, and because it was less than the insurance she's putting the rest of it toward a fancy stereo (HD radio I guess?) and wants to buy some fashion brake lights for $40 off ebay. It just makes me nervous that it's going to get broken into or stolen or it looks sporty enough that she'll just be encouraged to be a worse driver than she already is. (She plays with the radio and talks on the phone [AND TEXTS WTF] too much for my comfort.)

Aaaanyway. Well mom and dad were talking about gas and stuff and they were saying that if I'm going to be driving all over creation (visiting people, going to camps for the next few years, etc.) that they want to look into getting a more reliable car and one with better gas mileage. One of dad's patients is selling a silver Beetle (I used to be obsessed with this blue Beetle at the car lot next to Carroll, but I kind of got over it) that they are considering. I mean, yeah, Beetle, new car, etc. etc. But I dunno, I will miss my Taurus (lots of space for leis, among other things) and also they just strike me as... light. Small. Sort of dangerous. My dad pointed out, well, it's like 14 years newer so there are probably better safety standards, but... did I just imagine the bad accident record? I might have, I don't know. Or that might have been just the first models when they reintroduced the Bugs? Or maybe I just don't want to lose my parrotheadmobile. =( (I... do not have a Jimmy Buffet icon. !) Or maybe they've just lost all their novelty since they were introduced? (Haha, the Pokebug.) Or my taste changed from novelty to classic, because I would take a PT Cruiser any day of the week. (But that has more trunk space, I think, too... Not that I ever need it. I suppose I'm just a bit of an engineer.)

GAH. I don't know. I mean as for getting a new car, it's a nice $7000 Bug, good chance. If I don't take it will I find another good deal? I do kind of dread the jimmybuffettmobile breaking down on me, even though it's My Car.

And honestly, silver is boring, that would need to be remedied. Paint something on the sides or something. Or make it a woodywagon.

Okay well I blogged myself out for a little bit and I'm tired of talking about cars (unless you're going to buy me a '57 chevy), so, I'm audi (yeah, I get that from my dad...) for now.

Back later hopefully with Totally Awesome Hat Pics.
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Not that I don't love Hawaii, but why do I miss all the good snowstorms in Ohio? Grr.

Otherwise... life is good. =) Since people were snowed in last night, I was sad to hear the musical got cancelled for yesterday and today but it was nice talking to folks online. (HAHA trapped into chatting with me because you have nothing better to do! muahahaha)

It's weird, because I am at the point where I'm not really homesick but I want to hang out with people who are not in Hawaii, and I've also adjusted to the warm weather being "winter" weather, so I am constantly imagining hot summer Ohio scenarios in my head. As you peeps know, this is obviously not the case, but, whatevs. Thinking about summer leads to thinking about what I will be doing next semester (AAAAH registration) which leads me to thinking about all the fun I haven't been having at UD.

I mean, UD is a great place, and I really do want to have engineering skills under my belt. But the more I get comfortable here, and the more I look at everything and see how happy I am, and the more I feel like myself, the less I want to go back to that. It will just be three more years of soul-crushing, and then what? Architecture will obviously be different and I will have the creativity there, but I've heard that it's a LOT of work, soul-crushing in a different way. I really don't know what to do, I really don't. But at least it's good to know I can still feel like myself. =)

In other news, I slept in today pretty nicely (AUGH except for my roommate's fucking phone and alarm clock) and exercized and took a shower and ate a good brunchfast and now I'm just sitting on the couch relaxing and enjoying my view of the beach and the fact that there is no one around on a Saturday afternoon to be playing Rock Band upstairs or breaking the fucking floor above us or blasting their shitty music in the parking lot. (AND my roommate is not here to play her Really Annoying Music and chat on her Really Annoying Phone. I don't get it. She is so nice but SO OBLIVIOUS TO HOW ANNOYING SHE IS OTHERWISE.)


Also we are going to see Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day later so I am thoroughly excited. ;D I might also be buying a hat so that is always fun.


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