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I! am in a good mood.


And I don't mean, things are better, because they're not. But I am HAPPY.

What did it take? A babysitting job. Well, "babysitting." She was already in bed, so I wached TMC. Yeah, classic movies. My weakness. Like kryptonite. I was raised on them... and I know for a fact they're a good chunk of why I am the way I am. I watched the end of a movie with Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire (I think) and it made me want to get up and dance and sing... and take tap again... but not that modern crap, ugh. Lol. =) Seriously, Fred Astaire is my hero.

Anyway. Classic musicals... I just... yeah. That's me. That's what I like, that's what I want, that's how I live. It just is.

And then I watched part of a documentary on Stanley Donen, who did the direction and some dancing and did lighting stuff for whatever movie I watched, plus On the Town, and Singin' in the Rain, and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (haven't seen it, but loved performing it), along with many others.

So. Fred Astaire, Stanley Donen, a toast. With lime jello. Because that's what I ate right now since I couldn't get ice cream downstairs to celebrate how hyper I am again. I was happy, and I was loopy, and I was starting to get that almost-drunk quality that Captain Jack Sparrow has that I realized I'd picked up after I saw the second movie. That or it was always a part of me, AND OH MY GOD I NEED TO GO BUY THE SPECIAL EDITION DVD... BONUS EXTRAS, WHIMPER WHIMPER...

Anyway, linkspam.

A good post about believing in God, of sorts. It's incomplete but I read most of it (tired, sorry, it's been hell lately), and I agree with what I did read. If I missed something major, you might want to let me know.

So people over on [ profile] metaquotes were talking about huntsmen spiders today, which are apparently large, flat spiders that live in Australia that come in under the door or whatnot and hide around the house. They can be as large as wall clocks, and are difficult to kill. And ew. So, being metaquotes, someone mentioned that they'd seen an ice spider larva (Antarctica, thank god) burst out of a penguin's body and spit acid out. So I had to see these ice spiders. TWO AND A FUCKING HALF FEET LARGE. EW EW EW EW EW EW thankgodtheyliveinthedeepcoldwaters. So the first link: and the second: ew ew ew ew

Robin Sparkles: (yeah... I finally caught up on How I Met Your Mother via YouTube.)

MI6 on James Bond:

So I ate lime green jello, and rutabaga, and milk to celebrate.

I fucking win. =^n.n^= (And hopefully I'm going to the zoo on Sunday, too! And I think I'm ready for Christmas, too. Hooray!)

[EDIT] Plus... Jimmy Buffett's birthday is on Christmas, someone just reminded me today. =)

I am SO. FREAKING. MYSELF. =^n.n^=


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