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Loooooooong post tonight. I have a million tabs to clean up, haha.

OMG ALFRED MOLINA IS IN THE NEXT PINK PANTHER MOVIE. I am so frigging excited. I got worked up about losing my checkbook (boo) and my Shag art Pink Panther checks (double-boo) and spent the day looking at Shag's stuff and Pink Panther stuff, trying to find those cute versions of his. Unfortunately, they were just for the 40th anniversary in 2004... So it looks like it will take some actual hunting to find them.

So how awesome is Shag? Well, I really want this for my computer.

And this is from an interview of him on "Are there any celebrity "Shag" fans you are willing to name? Do you get invites to celebrity parties?
"There are celebrity collectors, but almost any fairly established artist in L.A. will have them, as the celebrities are the ones with lots of disposable income! One of my biggest collectors is Whoopi Goldberg. Ben Stiller, Seth Green, Rob Zombie, and Nancy Sinatra also own paintings. I don't feel really comfortable around famous people and usually decline invitations to "hang" with the stars.""

YEAH, THAT'S RIGHT, FUCK YOU BEN STILLER HATERS. AND FUCKIN' SETH GREEN. These guys are infinitely more awesome than before.

Also: things you worry about typing into search engines--"shag" is one of them (also, afraid to type in directly). See also: "shag pink panther". Trust me, I know the horrors Google can wreak. (Like Cthulhu from the depths of the internet. His screams are your own.)

Next up: check out these remixed movie posters. They're awesomely 60's. (And no, it wasn't just Last Crusade that caught my eye.)

Star Wars, as told by someone who hasn't seen it. HILARIOUS. May I also note this is on my "sinning by not having watched it" list, but only as a sci-fi and pop culture classic. There are a lot of others just as equivalent, say maybe Pink Panther? And I do mean the classics. This is nowhere near the magnitude of not watching Indiana Jones, I daresay. E];D

A Public Service Announcement for College-Aged Guys. Yeah, I went more specific than her, whatever, I think it's hilarious. AND EXTREMELY ACCURATE. However, I will admit that cleanliness > organizedness. I look like the messiest person ever because it is somehow all organized in my head. However, dirty is gross. THAT BEING SAID, if you're trying to impress someone, and you have advance notice, go a little out of your way to make an improvement... I don't leave my shit around in the living room when we have Phi Rho meetings, do I? No, I don't. (And my room is a mess because it's not really a living space, just a storage/sleeping space, and I'm not taking anyone in there anyway so who am I trying to impress? That's right, nobody.)

The best story I've ever read about Hades and Persephone. The writer has an amzingly clever way with words.

Obamicon yourself! I feel like this is already overdone, but, hey, I'm sure it will come in handy in a few months...

How to rape your brain without dropping acid. Honestly, I'm gonna try that first one. Similar things happen to me when I'm very tired, very quiet (pretty standard for me) and trying to fall asleep but just staring at the back of my eyelids. However, some of the other ones seem like they would just hurt... Like the fake-arm-hammer thing. Uh, thanks, my brain still hurts thinking about the Boonshoft's Laser Rollercoaster Show. (Ow.)

Still going through some other links. I'm a lazy-ass.

Frig I love tikis.


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