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Damn, I have been busy lately. Recruitment chair + Hopewalk chair + overly busy POD year + total bitch prof for wastewater = Diane not getting any sleep, yeah?

I have an entire page in my art history notebook full of things I've meant to talk about, just thoughts that strike me about life or me or things in general. I think this happens more in art classes because we're analyzing the art in relation to how people look at life.

And I keep wondering stuff about why I particularly enjoy surrealism and fantasy art as opposed to other movements (perhaps disregarding art nouveau and art deco as those are styles rather than movements?), especially with respect to Yukio Ozaki (my ceramics prof from last semester)'s comments about not crafting, but making art. I don't know, I sort of have a problem with that.

I feel like despite the fact that yesterday was possibly the worst day ever and it fried my brain so much (probably from crying out of frustration? I definitely was >this close< to snapping all day long, so I definitely cried enough), I am still having a good year. Wednesday was an AMAZING day because the weather was cool and GORGEOUS, and we had a little Chaminade meetup which was all nice and emotional and warm fuzzies and that sort of deal. But the weather the most reminded me that for some reason, even as beautiful as Hawaii was, there's something about the fall that I can't grasp or describe that is absolutely perfect. I just get this feeling of perfection when the weather gets that way... It's beautiful. And then yesterday was a total bomb (minus the LHC not blowing shit up, lol) but today I was happy again. I don't know why, because I didn't get to sleep in or anything. But then going home for dinner listening to the radio I just realized that music, especially radio music for some reason, never fails to make me happy. It brings me back to some sort of happy time, I'm not really sure what; I'm consciously reminded of different high school events but it's not that, it's more of a subconscious happiness with a little of that reminiscence thrown in. So, I don't know. Hopefully tomorrow is a good day, too.

By the way, September 11th totally snuck up on me, as did Talk Like a Pirate Day. So I watched a History Channel special which made me cry, which I'm glad it did because it kind of helps me realize how big that was, which I don't think I understood at the time. I mean, being an emotional person, I was upset and it was obviously devastating, but I didn't understand the impact. I forgot my cousin's aunt worked at the Pentagon, and I didn't really comprehend, I don't think, that this was the first attack ever on American soil. (Blah blah blah Pearl Harbor HAWAII WAS NOT A STATE THEN) BUT. Yeah. Despite the fact that everyone hates that it gets used politically as an excuse for everything, I'm glad people still take the time to teach everyone and remind everyone what it means.

And now, I think I'm going to go listen to For the Fallen, and wish I had our original recording of because I think there was more passion in it, but I need to post a recording of it or something, because it's an amazing song written by a local composer about 9/11. Anyway, yeah.

And life goes on.


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