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I was in a Halloween mood for the past few weeks and now I'm in a CHRISTMAS MOOD just WTF and YAY and OMG STRESS and I have a billion things to blog but I'm soooo busy this week with PoD and Hopewalk and homework and uuuuugh.

BUT. Friday night I'm reserving blog time for myself. And I'm going to watch Shawn of the Dead. This of course all after I go grocery shopping and go home to get clothes for the WTF Are You Wearing Party for SATURDAY omg yay. Can you say tacky Christmas tights + striped socks + swimsuit + nerd scarf + shiny gauntlets + bowler? Oh I think you can. I just need to decide which shoes would be appropriate ;D

IN THE MEANTIME! I am leaving you with this. And now I will commit ritual seppuku with Wastewater homework.

Also, The Beeftrain Incident also made a full-on Mr./Dr. Jones parody (FINALLY, after that short version on College Humor was up forever, but was only like two verses, though I liked the fact it was from Shorty's POV), which makes me excited because I actually have six songs on my non-Williams Indy CD. Actually, non-movie CD, because I don't have stuff like "Wake Up Little Susie" or "Hound Dog" or "Shake, Rattle and Roll" on there either. But I need to.

Also I swear there's other songs that reference Indy that I don't have... and I can't for the life of me recall who the artist was that did Jazz Raiders. Feh...

BUT OMG THE WEATHER, IT'S AMAZING. I loved living in Hawaii but I always completely forget how the fall makes me feel. I can't explain it, it's like I feel like a totally different person, really.

Oh, is anyone else watching Fringe? I don't need to get addicted to another show but it's so awesome and the Dr's combination for his garage lock was 3-1-4-1-5-9 and I LOVE YOU NERD WRITERS, YOU ARE SO AWESOME, SERIOUSLY. :D
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Well, I was worried I was going to fail my math quiz, but I think I did okay, which is good. Then there was my Intro to Civil course... we each had a brief powerpoint due, and of course no one had done it (we were all talking about it before the prof came in-- everyone looked kinda nervous but wasn't sure, you know the look). So we managed to waste the entire class period getting my prof just talking about his views on civil engineering and careers. It's kind of a crap course anyway (we pretty much go and look at pictures for an hour), but it's good to learn how open civil engineering is to different careers. You can pretty much do anything with a degree. But I digress. So some of the guys were really good about asking questions whenever the prof was done rambling about the last one, and since UD's campus is wireless, I copy-and-pasted photos from google straight into a powerpoint in case we actually did get around to it. So, I finished my project with 20 minutes left in class and the prof rambling the entire time, and I'm presenting next week but I don't really have to add to it much. So, yeah, score for me!

Aaaanyway, so then engineering design class... ha. Dr. Doty told us to go to the ballroom, so Kim and I go to the ballroom, meet up with some of the guys there, and... there's a grad fair in there. No class. Boll theatre? Nope. So we walk back to the mechanical engineering building, and some of the other group is there, and they tell us they were in Kettering Labs 402. Still no confirmation from Dr. Doty of anything. So as our nice freshman-looking group gets to the labs, Dr. Doty comes out... haha. So about, hm... 10 of us get up to 402 and there's another class in there. But the room was split or something so we find the empty classroom that is also 402, or something, and the teacher wandering around because no one was there. It's actually a really tiny classroom. But anyway, we got new groups (for biosensors? augh, what happened to bridges?! waah)--ours is Team Jingles, named after the mouse, Mr. Jingles, one of them found yesterday on Stuart Hill and who chewed out of its plastic cage and is now loose somewhere in Stuart Hall, haha... And we watched a video about IDEO, a design company. It was uber kickass.

And now, even though I have to write an essay, I'm in a good mood. My new kneehighs are totally awesome, as are my newest pair of shoes. I got them pretty much for my Indy costume, but they just kick total ass. They are high enough my pants don't get dragged through puddles, but they don't look chunky and though they are slightly uncomfortable, I think I just need to wear them in, and if that doesn't work get inserts.

So, life is good, my faith in college education is restored, hooray! =^n.n^=


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