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Yeah, I've been so bad updating LJ lately, but don't worry LJ, I'll never leave you! lol. I love you for your communities. I've been doing more... personal blogging... lately, because I need to. Plus there is not much to say here. UD is awesome but, of course, me being me, I have already got myself all nice and well in BusyWorld. Marching band (the Pride of Dayton!), New Engineer Program, POD intramural coed softball team, plus classes, and next week I'll start working, too. Hahah. Anyway, I really do love it here, but I miss everyone back at CHS and all my friends all over the US... which is why I spend so much time on Facebook now. (Highschoolers, get your asses on there. You think it sucks now-- I did-- but it picks up as soon as you get into college. Like, exponentially.) And I miss drum corps, plus I'm freaking out about which corps to register for to go to camp(s?) and stuff, and whether I would make it... so I'm actually PRACTICING on days I don't have band. OMG SHOCKER. =D

Reminder: September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day! (I created a reminder event on Facebook for it, and..yeah. It exploded. 212 to 1804 people in about 36 hours. Hahaha.)

Hmmm: Muppets+Weezer FOR THE WIN. (Also, "Ugh, drummers." I LOL'd.)

Let's see... I got replacement Llama shoes for my birthday ones (they were too small) so I am excited for when there is a good day to wear them. Liz came in last night playing the chords (ish...) for "Somewhere over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World" by Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole, which is an awesome song that just shot into popularity due to its use on those stupid Rice Krispies ads. The song is absolutely gorgeous, though. Anyway so she's learning the chords for that and I'm going to have my mom bring my uke in so we can both play. =^n.n^= And maybe I will figure out a little of that HAPA song, too. God, I love Hawaii, lol.

Here's a link to the song: I guess I should update here more. I will try, I promise! =^n.n^=


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