Apr. 21st, 2012

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After the note from the landlady went up and all the dirty dishes disappeared, the guy who's been living here the longest (and who thus most regularly talks to the landlady since they hang out some) got us all together to "figure things out". First of all, I hope he appreciated the irony of his facade since HE WAS THE ONE WHO DIDN'T WASH HIS DISHES. Although possibly Other Girl didn't either as she told us "I couldn't wash some of them without doing all of them" because that's the type of cleaner she is (which makes sense given previous incidents). So we then, with two weeks left before three of us left, determined that everyone should just do their dishes within the day, and proceeded to start hashing out shit that DOESN'T MATTER AT ALL. Like the fact that Other Girl has been buying all the paper towels. Okay, fair enough, the guys could probably pitch in, but in the girls-only shower I've been the only one supplying toilet paper all semester, so let's call that even, shall we? Then she told me our bathroom was "dirty". Wow, no? It's water stained, and it needs to be swept, but I clean the sink and bathtub and her definition of what is clean must be unreal. That or she can see magical mystery dust with her superpower eyes, idfk. Then we sat there for another half hour and bullshitted about shit that doesn't matter! I don't care! I'm not coming back! You guys have failed to mature despite your pretentions of grandeur! I'll only be pissed at this point if I don't get my security deposit back because you failed to wash your dishes for three weeks! Also, remember how we just agreed LAST NIGHT to do our dishes within 24 hours? YOURS FROM THREE DAYS AGO ARE SITTING IN THE SINK!

Also one of you assholes in the past six hours decided TO TAKE SOME OF MY FUCKING FOOD AGAIN!

Caaaan't wait to be the fuck out of this place.


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