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After the note from the landlady went up and all the dirty dishes disappeared, the guy who's been living here the longest (and who thus most regularly talks to the landlady since they hang out some) got us all together to "figure things out". First of all, I hope he appreciated the irony of his facade since HE WAS THE ONE WHO DIDN'T WASH HIS DISHES. Although possibly Other Girl didn't either as she told us "I couldn't wash some of them without doing all of them" because that's the type of cleaner she is (which makes sense given previous incidents). So we then, with two weeks left before three of us left, determined that everyone should just do their dishes within the day, and proceeded to start hashing out shit that DOESN'T MATTER AT ALL. Like the fact that Other Girl has been buying all the paper towels. Okay, fair enough, the guys could probably pitch in, but in the girls-only shower I've been the only one supplying toilet paper all semester, so let's call that even, shall we? Then she told me our bathroom was "dirty". Wow, no? It's water stained, and it needs to be swept, but I clean the sink and bathtub and her definition of what is clean must be unreal. That or she can see magical mystery dust with her superpower eyes, idfk. Then we sat there for another half hour and bullshitted about shit that doesn't matter! I don't care! I'm not coming back! You guys have failed to mature despite your pretentions of grandeur! I'll only be pissed at this point if I don't get my security deposit back because you failed to wash your dishes for three weeks! Also, remember how we just agreed LAST NIGHT to do our dishes within 24 hours? YOURS FROM THREE DAYS AGO ARE SITTING IN THE SINK!

Also one of you assholes in the past six hours decided TO TAKE SOME OF MY FUCKING FOOD AGAIN!

Caaaan't wait to be the fuck out of this place.

Day 3

Jan. 11th, 2012 08:06 pm
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Well, things are going markedly better, or at least I feel like I'm handling them well so I'm in a better mood. My parents keep telling me not to worry about money, and I probably don't thank them enough for all they do for me, watching it seems like everyone these days go into college debt. Which I will, by the end of this, but I am so thankful I don't absolutely have to be working part-time or even full-time to cover rent, or drop classes to minimize tuition. So I'm still going to have to hunt down scholarships, and depending on how my studio class goes I might or might not be working (~oh boy~), but I know I've got them backing me up in case of emergencies.

It's weird, too, there are six other people in my doctorate class and they all keep asking me structural questions. I mean, I did a lot of technical classes, but we have a guy in the class who was a civil engineer for a few years, in the field! And I'm no expert on the artistic side of things, either, so... it's weird. And I'm not the oldest, I'm about in the middle age-wise. We have a great class dynamic so far though, everyone is very friendly and the studio teacher is very entertaining and seems to be one of those great people who can distill a lesson from every minute situation. (The only thing that he said that bothered me was that he didn't like Frank Gehry's work, but I can understand where he's coming from on that front. He considers it more of a "merketable item" than "architecture", as in, it's there for the look and less for the function. Which at first glance I could agree, but knowing how much work they put into the performance hall of Disney Concert Hall, I doubt that's the case. It's theoretically one of the most sound-perfect chambers in existence, at least in modern construction. On the other hand, I absolutely love that Gehry's buildings don't necessarily submit to function all the time-- I've never been to WDCH myself, but I get the impression from watching Iron Man and Get Smart [such an educational resource, amirite?] that there is a sense of discovery in the non-standard. You pay attention to the environment rather than have it function in the background, and you may notice that wall is curved to intrude on the hallway, or there's a little hidden nook over here that's purposeless. It would remind me of being in a cave and discovering all the mysteries of it, but I can see where in some usages [probably not such an occasional performance and public space] that would be an intrusion on the everyday.) (I have to wonder if he thinks the same thing about Gaudi's building with no flat surfaces?)

First art history class tomorrow, I'm excited. PLUS, the scenic design teacher opened up another section so I am going to take that as well! [EDIT: Class not starting until next week? Hopefully it will still happen D: ]

And HOPEFULLY I can get my ID by Friday and I will be able to ride the bus and not just my bike. It's a huge hassle to not be able to easily carry things on my bike, but I have to say that just being outdoors for that twenty minutes in a day has me absolutely in bliss. Nature does that to me, and having that time that I'm forced to experience it rather than just sit at my computer is wonderful. (Especially not having to be overly concerned about rain!)

Back on the not-so-wonderful side of things, I think the guys living here are complete slobs... the pizza sheet and cutting board are still out (from going on four days ago, now), and we must have had another round of those meal-bugs hatch (despite me killing every one I could) because there were a bunch more flying around today (even though the cornmeal got thrown out, THANK GOD). If I am the only one killing them... what the actual fuck?

And the toaster oven... I don't even want to try to make toast. There has been... sauce... or something... splattered all over the outside since the day I moved in (looked dried-on by then, too), and no one has bothered to clean that up, and there's a spill in the fridge that's the same way, and rather than put clean dishes away, someone or multiple some-ones just seem to leave their dirty cups in the sink.


So on top of the fact that someone forgot about food they were warming in the oven long enough that something chewed through the foil and birthed babies... what? Two weeks? A month? And the other messes?

At least one person in this household is a huge slob. And so far, that's the only thing I don't know if I'm going to be able to deal with.


Dec. 14th, 2007 10:01 pm
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Earlier today I would have posted in celebration about how I now never have to take a math class ever again, and that I didn't completely fail my final.

Or maybe later in the day about how August Rush is a fantastic movie for music-oriented people like myself, and I presume Lisa Ann's friend must not be a musician, because she didn't like it.

But instead, here I am, I'm lonely. I'm packing up everything I own to take it home where most of it will sit abandoned for four or so months. There's no one else in the apartment, only a few other folks on the floor.

I already miss Goldeneye killing sprees and MarioKart races. Movie nights from Second Time Around when we were all supposed to be studying. Group tickets to Hairspray, "I'm Batman", and "your mother, Trebek." Too much candy, almost 24/7 Discovery Channel or CSI or Law and Order marathons. Seeing Enchanted and falling in love with the soundtrack. Singing along to Queen, the Beatles, Rent, and Disney and classic rock songs when it's your dish night. Teaching people what Newsies and Monty Python are. Coloring books, and never having enough decorations for the walls. The time-out chair in the closet. Homestar Runner quote-a-thons (Sid Hoffman, or Sid Frenchman?).

Maybe for any one of us this year wasn't what we wanted; I can't say it's been good. But I can say with great certainty that you, my 6F roommates, are awesome people and this apartment being so empty is making me cry. I love you guys and I'm going to miss you so much next semester. Hawaii will be fun, and it will be relaxing, but it will never be home.

And also; your mom's face.
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...Yeah, I hated Cyclops, but still, James Marsden is my new hero for Hairspray and Enchanted. Dammit, now I have to watch those movies again. Though I guess it means I can skip the third one, which is good, because I just LAAAAAAUGH my ass off. Hoo boy.

In other news, my dad bought me electric socks for the game tomorrow. I don't think I'm going to wear them, they require also wearing HUGE batteries on my feet that would pull the socks down. I'll just wear two layers of warm socks.

Um, yeah. Candice told me about this awesome video on YouTube by Niel Cicierega called No Place Like Home. I didn't finish all of them yet, but it's pretty clever and it makes me want to make a movie next summer. ;) Just reminds me of Brett's silliness, too. Also, I want to take the scarecrow's song and make it a full-length thing of some sort.

POD Banquet was tonight, it was good. Very good, the videos made me all happy. =) Spot did a really good job with them.

Also I will be back later to post about some more thoughts I had on the "audit" and stuff. I also had a really cool name for a band name or song name or something today so I'll have to see if I can remember it. Yeah, I <3 references too much.

And I was way too excited in the past month or so to remember that Kim F was a huge Monty Python fan and Melissa is a huge Marx Brothers and Charlie Chaplin and Pink Panther fan. (I <3 you two!) I'm glad I'm no longer the only person I know under 25 who would know what I'm talking about with them. =D I'm sooo going to miss everyone next semester in Hawaii (though I keep wanting to post "I GOTTA GO WHERE IT'S WAAAAARM"), because I now have all these awesome lets-hang-out-and-be-weird plans, so, I guess I will just have to talk to everyone about living together again after next year. =D

So, yeah, NaNoWriMo did not pass more than a few days, but I really don't care. Anyone want to start a writing project of some sort? Or a movie script, or a band or something? Those are things I've always wanted to do, and it would be fun. =D
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Wraaaauuuuugh. I am just having an emotion-wrecking year.

I saw Enchanted today with Kim L. and Melissa before their parents came to pick them up--it was fantastic! I love Menken's music. The animation was amazing, and honestly I was sad that more of it wasn't animated, buuut, that's life. I hear there's talk of a sequel in which Idina Menzel would sing and I AM SO IN, RIGHT NOW. It was PG, which I think made it better--Kim and Melissa and I were cracking our heads off through the whole movie, and I can guarantee most of the little kids in the theatre were not. Well, definitely not as much.

Sooooo I bought the soundtrack on the way home. I am very bad at not impulse-buying good soundtracks.

ALSO! Yesterday I spent $80 on craft supplies at WalMart! Woah. Woah. The best thing? A TINY IRON. IT IS ABOUT FOUR INCHES TALL. IT IS AS AWESOME AS MR. TUSKS, FROM QWANTZ. However, I now have (pretty much) everything to finish my first steampunk prop, an aether gun. The only thing I don't know if I have is wood stain and primer, because I assumed my dad would have some, but I don't know yet. Do you know how hard it is to find a stupid cowboy capgun? I had less luck at Halloween, and TOYS 'R' US HAD NOTHING. Screw you Toys 'R' Us, you've proven useless my whole life. Forget you. WalMart has my back.

Soooo, that's my project for later this week. Among others (like a new purse, because my Hawaiiana Jones bag is dying! Noooooo!).

So I came home and watching Pushing Daisies (yay!) and then my freaking computer crashed. GODDAMNIT. And this time it won't restart... and the PcHelp guys have said previously it might cause me to lose all my computer's memory... FUCK FUCK MCFUCKERTONS. I am PRAYING TO GOD it restarts tomorrow morning. I don't know why it would, but, you know, MIRACLES, PLZ.

So instead I put the Enchanted soundtrack on repeat and completed this project I've wanted to do for a few years, which I will not put behind a cut because I am so pround of it. =D Originally Josh mentioned he wanted to buy a pair of red and a pair of green chucks and wear them, and I told him I would, too. But he never did and I have not been able to successfully find two sets of cheap chucks in red and green. BUT! Yesterday at Target I happened to spy a cheap pair of ripoff chucks in black with pinstripes. Plus they were on clearance! $7! Heck yes. Inspiration struck like a bitchslap.

And here's the fantastic product (sans laces, b/c they were drying when I took this photo):

2007nov 012

How awesome is that?! All my roomies and I are so excited for Christmas already, it's actually pretty sad. And awesome. For once in a long time I feel excited for Christmas.

Now if I didn't suddenly have a gazillion large projects fall in my lap this month, AND a fucking broken computer... Goddamnit.

Um, also, Enchanted did not have the Indy IV trailer with it. It must be coming out with Ntl. Treasure... goddamnit!!!!

I am also excited for this break because I'm going to start taking pictures of all the hats I have in my collection. RAWK.


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