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I am half braindead. I was up for 37-and-a-half hours straight "yesterday". A.k.a. the past few days. BUT I got my project turned in on time AND it was mostly complete except for maybe some details? Which I possibly could have finished if there weren't a few hours I spent staring at my computer feeling completely unfocused. Which may or may not have been because I decided to skip breakfast, idk. Although I was actually waiting for my classmate to come in and take me to Starbucks like we had discussed, which she didn't, and by the time she came back it was pretty much just time for me to wait around and get lunch anyhow. However I did learn that wearing my running shoes >>> wearing chucks. There is just so little support in chucks that THAT is where most of my pulling-all-nighters pain was coming from.

So, on the other side of things, I successfully got my final moved AND I am going home next Friday. I'm simultaneously happy and stressed because it's not like I'm doing anything but working while I'm here, but what if I end up deciding not to come back? :C

Anyway, at the moment, I'm a bit too braindead to really care and there is still work to be finished. I have a 15-page paper to write and a portfolio to finish and turn in, plus my exam on Tuesday, and I need to start packing things up. AGH


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