Apr. 28th, 2012 01:52 pm
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I am half braindead. I was up for 37-and-a-half hours straight "yesterday". A.k.a. the past few days. BUT I got my project turned in on time AND it was mostly complete except for maybe some details? Which I possibly could have finished if there weren't a few hours I spent staring at my computer feeling completely unfocused. Which may or may not have been because I decided to skip breakfast, idk. Although I was actually waiting for my classmate to come in and take me to Starbucks like we had discussed, which she didn't, and by the time she came back it was pretty much just time for me to wait around and get lunch anyhow. However I did learn that wearing my running shoes >>> wearing chucks. There is just so little support in chucks that THAT is where most of my pulling-all-nighters pain was coming from.

So, on the other side of things, I successfully got my final moved AND I am going home next Friday. I'm simultaneously happy and stressed because it's not like I'm doing anything but working while I'm here, but what if I end up deciding not to come back? :C

Anyway, at the moment, I'm a bit too braindead to really care and there is still work to be finished. I have a 15-page paper to write and a portfolio to finish and turn in, plus my exam on Tuesday, and I need to start packing things up. AGH
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Today, I:

-Went to Best Buy to look at TVs. Unsurprisingly, did not find as good of a deal. Also looked at the popular music section to see if I can figure out who that artist is I've been trying to remember for days.
-Went to JoAnn's to see if they had any good Halloween stuff (not really) and to check out fake fur for a halloween project. Fake fur is more expensive than I thought it would be.
-Went to Pier 1 to see if they had any cute Halloween stuff or any furniture or stuff I could put in my room. I bought an adorable fuzzy bat and found some stuff that might work for my room.
-Went to Factory Card Outlet to check out their advertised OMG TONS OF HALLOWEEN STUFF! It sucked.
-Decided to take a peek in Old Navy and see if they had any Halloween stuff. They did; I got a hand-crank flashlight shaped like a cat whose eyes light up, and an orange with black cat shirt. (I am probably one of the only people to appreciate that the price for the tees was $10.31.)
-Went to Barnes and Noble to pick up Halloween craft magazines and a Make magazine.
-Ran through Gabriel Brothers to check out their $8 jumpsuits--success! Found one in khaki, I now have a successful start to a ghostbusters costume. Also found these sweeeet silver heels with tiny yet claaaaaassy heels.
-Went through Target, got some stuff I needed, found a possible new bedspread, found out the Halloween section isn't up all the way, also apparently missed the halloween pajamas.
-Ran over to AE to try on jeans from their labor day sale; found nothing because low-rise jeans should not exist, period.
-went to skyline for dinner with mom and dad =)
-met up with Alicia (and her friend Eric) for Applebee's and SWING DANCING! It was awesome. I thought it was disastrous at first until I learned a little, and then I realized two of the guys there just can't teach well. Or at all. Also got to wear the silver shoes I bought, they are awesomely perfect for dancing. WOOOOOOOOOOOO
-and then we went to waffle house.

So in case you couldn't tell, I am extremely ready for Halloween.

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No, seriously, she does.

Well, okay, it's not brand new. '67 and it needs a lot of work, but she liked it. Sometimes... she is too dramatic for me, though. Her reaction to bringing that car around was a bit much. Then again, maybe I'm an ungrateful, spoiled child. Or I've been too bitter this year (which is true). Or I just don't see that reaction as legitimate... also probably true. Considering my reaction to things I like is usually over-excited jumping-up-and-down-ness. I dunno, Grandma's just kind of a drama queen.


In addition, my new opal, YAY, so I have a replacement ring so I have one fewer finger that feels naked. Plus, in the right light, it looks red and not blue. (It is probably the most gorgeous opal I've ever worn, ffs.)

That sweet antique-postal-box bank... And some Tortugas stuff (tie-dyed shirt, sweatshirt); a calendar (magnetic poetry!); ladybug earrings; I feel like I'm missing something. Oh, Laura and I got a shared copy of Beetle the Bard, but something else is missing...

Wow, how the heck did I come away with one and a half books for Christmas? Usually I have, like... a dozen. At least. Not that I'm complaining, I just can't remember that not happening for many years back.

Also I totally just got online because omg I did not get the #1 thing I asked for which was the Indiana Jones compeltely soundtracks! I mean honestly! D: (Lol, again, complaining facetiously.)

I finally feel all better, minus the Cough That Will Not Go Away (fuck you, sinus infection). More shopping tomorrow, paint for Laura's room and linens for me (Linens 'N' Things going out of business at the new year, fyi), also need to hit up Border's and a toy store. Two more stickers and I can get three limited edition crystal skull action figures with thrones! You think I'm kidding, but I'm not. I WANT THEM SO BADLY. I wish I could afford enough to have 13, lol. (I would need an entire German and a Russian army to get them, though. That is, of the figures they sell. WHY WON'T THEY RELEASE THE NEXT WAVES. I WANT TEMPLE AND CRUSADE FIGURES SO BADLYOHMYGODIAMSUCHANERD.)

OH. OH. I remembered what the other thing was. MOM GOT A ROOMBA! I am so geeked out, it's ridiculous. I want to make a Roomba cover. Dad saw you can hack them to sing midi songs. Some cats ride them around for fun.

I can't set up a poll, but I need your opinions; do we name it

>Rosie (dad's suggestion--you can guess why)
>Rupert (Laura's suggestion--she's been watching too much Family Guy)
>HAL 9000 (Laura's and my suggestion--I'm sorry, Dave, I can't vaccuum that)

For me, Rupert is right out. I'm leaning toward Rosie because midi isn't threatening enough for HAL and there isn't enough capability to fadingly sing Daisy as it works. (Or... shuts down. Or anything.)

SO YAY OMGROOMBA tell me your thoughts and let me know of any awesome Roomba shit you can think of. (If we had two, I'd make them joust. Possibly Roomba/Kitten joust.)
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So apparently wearing a purple polo shirt might be making me look like a TA or freshman aid or something? Because walking to my 8 am this morning I had two people ask me where buildings were. (I have no idea.) Maps, people, maps. They are your friend.

Also thanks for all the wellwishes last night, I am fine but was just in a downer mood coming home. =)

Also I'm kind of sad my new chucks (are laced and not elastic, but that's not my point) aren't worn in yet. I could only wear them to one class. =(
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Success at lunch, I finally secured the BK Indy light. However, I'm not sure the light actually works, which is the whole reason I wanted it, so I'll have to wait until it gets darker to experiment.

Also, I have no idea what just happened but I now have some tar-like substance smudged all over my shoes. There was a chunk of it smeared on a small space on one of the feet of my chair, but it's on the opposite side of where I sit?! And there's no tar on the bottom of my shoes... URGH. I am not happy, because this means I have to do one (or both) of these time-intensive things: 1) clean (scrub) them by hand and/or 2) buy new slip-on chucks, which incidentally I haven't seen anywhere recently. ARGH.
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So I was just scrolling through my last posts on the main page and noted that the big bad thing that might have been headed my way is currently on delay, hopefully until a time when it is no longer such a big bad thing. =)

You know what I find to be one of the weirdest things? I want to say "when younger people die" but that's not the weird part. When a person dies, and they leave behind their facebook or their livejournal or whathaveyou. I mean it doesn't really matter what age they are, it's just weird. Because that part of them is frozen in time, and it's like another face, but one that isn't dead, just permanently stopped. For example this kid who went to my gradeschool hanged himself last year, and it's just weird to see posts on a facebook go from "hey X! how've you been [insert inside joke] lol you're crazy" to "you were a good guy, I'm going to miss you" or the even weirder (to me) third person "X was a great guy and I wish we'd had more time with him." Because then you are adressing him, his digital online self, but you are talking about him and not to him.

Yeah... I don't know if that made any sense to you. It just reminded me of a journal someone posted a long long time ago about a LJ user they knew who they thought committed suicide. Someone they did not know at all in real life, and never heard from again. And it's weird because the journal just sits there, not updating. (Although it might be weirder if it did update, you never know, haha.) But I mean, what happens? In 200 years if humanity's still around and our life length is about the same, what are companies like facebook and livejournal going to do with all these old pages? Probably delete them, but that's weird to me because it's practically living history. It's basically history unaltered. And honestly I think it'd be pretty cool to go digging through abandoned LJs for facts from the past, you know? On a related but tangential note: friending your parents/children on facebook? Kind of weird. It's just kind of one of those "they are creepy or trying too hard to be cool" type situations. I mean rarely there are parents who actually fit in with that scene, but generally not. In this case I told my mom to set up a facebook so she could see pictures when I post them, but I would block a lot of stuff. Not because it's bad, but... I dunno. It's weird to me? Maybe I'm just too paranoid about Big Brother type situations.

But back to the subject: This is the whole thing that started it (sort of). And apparently the girl who died wants everyone to wear their favorite shoes to her funeral. I can't quite explain why this sort of thing makes me feel relaxed, because death is really a big thing for me. (Look here, I almost cried in Indy IV and they only even MENTIONED that someone had died.) (By the way I plan on digging out my favorite pair of shoes to wear as well, just because. Guess sort of a Memorial Day thing. I have no idea which ones are my favorites though, maybe my LLAMA SHOOOOES) But it just reminds me of what my dad said about getting old, that he doesn't want to just sit around in a retirement home with the TV on. I remember him saying he wanted drum corps music blasted as loud as possible (because he'll be pretty deaf anyway), and I can't remember if he said it or if I made it up but that he wanted a model train running around the room. I also remember him saying he wants a HUGE crazy party when he dies, with all the family and friends, I think maybe just because it's an excuse for a party, and he doesn't want us to be sad. (When I think about things like that, it makes me wonder how religious my parents are. I mean my mom is away at a retreat but I've always got the impression from my dad that he doesn't really care as long as you're being nice to someone, except that he goes to mass every week and encourages Laura too as well. I dunno. I want to know but at the same time I can see it getting very awkward in any type family situation if they knew I was semi-agnostic. Seriously, you have no idea how big of a pressure point religion is in my family. Pretty much automatic HUGE FIGHT if it's us and my cousins and my grandparents.) ANYWAY, and then the other day we went to visit Nana and Papa's graves (and George's, and Grandma/Grandpa's parents, I forget which, the Cwioks) and we were talking about how we wanted to be buried. Laura started it like she always does, being cynical, but I can't remember exactly what she was critiquing. But I mentioned that I'd like my organs to be donated and the rest of it put to science and if I didn't die in any unusual way then to be buried in a natural way, just the pine-coffin-in-the-dirt thing. Put what you can to good use and the rest of it let it go back into the system. I really see no benefits to locking my body up with a bunch of preservatives so I can look good as a DB (lol) hundreds of years from now, whoopdefreakingdoo. I'd rather be remembered for what I did (crazy architecture? something awesome and Disney/COSI-like? something House On the Rock-ish?) and maybe have a wacked-out grave marker. Maybe.

Also, this topic always reminds me of my bequests from my senior year of Carroll when I was getting "killed" by the bass drums and all my stuff was going to band kids. ;) All I remember is like crazy socks to Alicia and my visor to Domer. Lol. Good times. (It also makes me usually think about exercising more so I can still maybe even run when I'm ooooold.)

And now for something completely different. Does anyone know how Burger King runs their toy promotions? I got the ant-box about two weeks ago (that thing actually surprised the shit out of me because I wasn't paying attention when I opened it) and then the boulder on Tuesday, and then the whip yesterday and today. After going from boulder to whip so fast I was kind of excited it was random because then there was less chance I missed the ones I wanted, but I don't know. Hopefully they will just show up at garage sales and stuff for super-cheap. ;D (The blacklight journal is my #1, and then the two temple-things. The others aren't particularly interesting.)

[EDIT]Woah, the monarchy of Nepal is now gone, it's Communist. Totally random but we had the princess of Nepal visit my first grade class. the article because yahoo deletes them )
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Went over to my friend Mike's house tonight and played Guitar Hero III (after being practically attacked by his dog Gracie for an hour). We beat it on medium in two hours though my wrists are killing me. And in all honesty the music for this one sucks... =/ Guitar Hero two is MUCH more awesome. Sadly, didn't get to watch any Firefly, but that's okay. Also, I know where his freaking house is if I ever need to get there (definitely got lost in Huber Heights this evening), as well as NEW CARLISLE. Damn.

Other than that not much happened today... finally slept well, went shopping with mom and Laura and was oddly successful in finding dress clothes. Two pairs of (different) black pants that fit pretty damn well and were super-comfy, and a cream blouse and a gray vest, and a purplish shiny victorianish shirt that Laura and I are going to share. All from Forever 21; I love their clothes but it really makes me sad that they're being sued by at least one independent artist over design infringement, soooo... it makes me kind of sad inside that I spent so much of my clothes budget there. =/ And then mom bought these brown low-heeled dress shoes that look like they have some brown carpet-bag spat sort of thing, closed with a homemade safety pin. They are GORGEOUS. A little big for her and a little tight for me, but hooray! So with today's minimal shopping I have greatly increased the steampunk-osity of my wardrobe. I also found some GREAT black pirate boots on sale the other day, as well as some plainish chucks I can paint. They are a military-ish shade of green, no laces; any idea what I could paint on them? Color/pattern-wise?


On the fourth day of Christmas, my LJ gave to me--Chicago and some children,

Straight No Chaser singing,
God Rest Ye lights a-blinking,
and a "happy holidays" so merry.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays! I think I might just keep looking for my favorite Christmas songs on youtube. =) This one's more interesting than the God Rest Ye one I posted the other day, except that it seems sort of random. But, eh... that's just the musician in me talking, I think.
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Wraaaauuuuugh. I am just having an emotion-wrecking year.

I saw Enchanted today with Kim L. and Melissa before their parents came to pick them up--it was fantastic! I love Menken's music. The animation was amazing, and honestly I was sad that more of it wasn't animated, buuut, that's life. I hear there's talk of a sequel in which Idina Menzel would sing and I AM SO IN, RIGHT NOW. It was PG, which I think made it better--Kim and Melissa and I were cracking our heads off through the whole movie, and I can guarantee most of the little kids in the theatre were not. Well, definitely not as much.

Sooooo I bought the soundtrack on the way home. I am very bad at not impulse-buying good soundtracks.

ALSO! Yesterday I spent $80 on craft supplies at WalMart! Woah. Woah. The best thing? A TINY IRON. IT IS ABOUT FOUR INCHES TALL. IT IS AS AWESOME AS MR. TUSKS, FROM QWANTZ. However, I now have (pretty much) everything to finish my first steampunk prop, an aether gun. The only thing I don't know if I have is wood stain and primer, because I assumed my dad would have some, but I don't know yet. Do you know how hard it is to find a stupid cowboy capgun? I had less luck at Halloween, and TOYS 'R' US HAD NOTHING. Screw you Toys 'R' Us, you've proven useless my whole life. Forget you. WalMart has my back.

Soooo, that's my project for later this week. Among others (like a new purse, because my Hawaiiana Jones bag is dying! Noooooo!).

So I came home and watching Pushing Daisies (yay!) and then my freaking computer crashed. GODDAMNIT. And this time it won't restart... and the PcHelp guys have said previously it might cause me to lose all my computer's memory... FUCK FUCK MCFUCKERTONS. I am PRAYING TO GOD it restarts tomorrow morning. I don't know why it would, but, you know, MIRACLES, PLZ.

So instead I put the Enchanted soundtrack on repeat and completed this project I've wanted to do for a few years, which I will not put behind a cut because I am so pround of it. =D Originally Josh mentioned he wanted to buy a pair of red and a pair of green chucks and wear them, and I told him I would, too. But he never did and I have not been able to successfully find two sets of cheap chucks in red and green. BUT! Yesterday at Target I happened to spy a cheap pair of ripoff chucks in black with pinstripes. Plus they were on clearance! $7! Heck yes. Inspiration struck like a bitchslap.

And here's the fantastic product (sans laces, b/c they were drying when I took this photo):

2007nov 012

How awesome is that?! All my roomies and I are so excited for Christmas already, it's actually pretty sad. And awesome. For once in a long time I feel excited for Christmas.

Now if I didn't suddenly have a gazillion large projects fall in my lap this month, AND a fucking broken computer... Goddamnit.

Um, also, Enchanted did not have the Indy IV trailer with it. It must be coming out with Ntl. Treasure... goddamnit!!!!

I am also excited for this break because I'm going to start taking pictures of all the hats I have in my collection. RAWK.


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