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Today, I:

-Went to Best Buy to look at TVs. Unsurprisingly, did not find as good of a deal. Also looked at the popular music section to see if I can figure out who that artist is I've been trying to remember for days.
-Went to JoAnn's to see if they had any good Halloween stuff (not really) and to check out fake fur for a halloween project. Fake fur is more expensive than I thought it would be.
-Went to Pier 1 to see if they had any cute Halloween stuff or any furniture or stuff I could put in my room. I bought an adorable fuzzy bat and found some stuff that might work for my room.
-Went to Factory Card Outlet to check out their advertised OMG TONS OF HALLOWEEN STUFF! It sucked.
-Decided to take a peek in Old Navy and see if they had any Halloween stuff. They did; I got a hand-crank flashlight shaped like a cat whose eyes light up, and an orange with black cat shirt. (I am probably one of the only people to appreciate that the price for the tees was $10.31.)
-Went to Barnes and Noble to pick up Halloween craft magazines and a Make magazine.
-Ran through Gabriel Brothers to check out their $8 jumpsuits--success! Found one in khaki, I now have a successful start to a ghostbusters costume. Also found these sweeeet silver heels with tiny yet claaaaaassy heels.
-Went through Target, got some stuff I needed, found a possible new bedspread, found out the Halloween section isn't up all the way, also apparently missed the halloween pajamas.
-Ran over to AE to try on jeans from their labor day sale; found nothing because low-rise jeans should not exist, period.
-went to skyline for dinner with mom and dad =)
-met up with Alicia (and her friend Eric) for Applebee's and SWING DANCING! It was awesome. I thought it was disastrous at first until I learned a little, and then I realized two of the guys there just can't teach well. Or at all. Also got to wear the silver shoes I bought, they are awesomely perfect for dancing. WOOOOOOOOOOOO
-and then we went to waffle house.

So in case you couldn't tell, I am extremely ready for Halloween.

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So someone took credit for exploiting Amazon features, but the story doesn't match up. Just so we're keeping up with the story. =)

I posted about the NOM/2M4M failure earlier, right? Well, being so observant, they failed to register which is now a good site. =) You can also follow their twitter or LJ comm, if you're interested. And make sure to pass it on to anyone in NJ.

For [ profile] smwance, really bad Star Trek puns.


So the other night we went out to Casa del Waffle, it was me, Kevin, Mark, and Alicia. Not too late, but we ended up waiting around moving a desk and waiting for Alicia to show up, talking about stuff like Mark's ridiculous Blackberry+Facebook addiction. So Alicia shows up and we eat (well, more like inhale the food) and I manage to forget I didn't really eat dinner so I order eggs and toast which apparently comes with hashbrowns, which Mark claims. So she brings the eggs and toast and hashbrowns and our checks and we realize our waitress, Sierra, was the same Sierra from whom Sofa stole a nametag. So by this point we're already rather giddy and trying not to disturb the rest of Waffle House too much (why does that always happen when we go to a Waffle House? We're a funny bunch, I guess) and Mark pulls up Sofa's facebook on his phone and we ask Sierra if she remembers him, and she does, so she's having fun picking on us, too, and we're all laughing pretty hard. So we're all mostly finished and Mark goes to scrape the hashbrowns onto his plate and manages to scrape some into his lap instead. Cue more riotous laughter, of course. I think at that point the Gorman family shows up after Easter vigil mass and Tim is making fun of us saying he is pretending not to know us. So we have been hanging out for a good while now, and we ate so fast that we're just probably pising off the waitress with how long we've been sitting there (and she actually remembered Mark because he came there the night before--that probably was part of setting our mood, I'm sure), and in the midst of all our laughter Alicia manages to spill water all over the table. So we're laughing our asses off trying to clean up the water with napkins and Sierra is mocking us from behind the counter and the Gormans are behind us laughing as well and by this point we're just ridiculously goofy. We decide after a while it's time to leave before Kevin and I get our turns at being failures, though I manage to fuck up my check out because I have gift certificates (look, I didn't know they subtracted them before ringing you up!) and we search the jukebox for Mambo #5 to no avail. (Sorry Franzie-- Waffle House no longer has this song available. I'm 99% sure it's your fault.) Soooooooooo we decide to go home before we fail so hard we get kicked out, and some people were maybe going to come over to Kevin's house, and Mark calls dibs on Alicia's car so I decide to ride with Kevin so things aren't awkward. (Hey, shove it, I'm an engineer, I think that way.) So we're going back down by Frank's Fruit Farm and passing over 675 when Kevin decides that he's going to show me this awesome thing he does where he speeds up to 50 and puts the van in neutral and coasts up and down about three hills back into town. And outside Shellabarger Park... he gets pulled over by the cops. 52 in a 35 zone, $130 ticket, points on his record which might affect his CDL-job. I text Alicia and Mark, and we fucking lol'd our asses off.

HENCE my post about being the last to die, and all I did (I think) was nearly hit three deer on the way home. (I came really close but thankfully my sister's car has really good brakes.) Unless you consider me the first failure in that I forgot I didn't eat dinner and had to make two orders, maybe, I dunno.

But I don't trust Easter anymore.

(And we're lucky we didn't hang out at Kevin's until Tim showed up with beer or Westy and Domer and Fish something because I have no doubt we would have managed to pull off some amazing failure.)


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