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Fuck this class, seriously. It's conceptually one of the easiest classes I've ever had to take here (hurr geometry hurr) yet it takes SO MUCH FUCKING TIME out of my life that guess what. Today I had a three problem test, fucked up the first one but had no time to fix it, didn't even finish the second problem and didn't get to the third one! This is complete bullshit that I am going to fail or get a C in the class just because we only have three tests. I made a stupid error on the first one that cost me a ton of points (my brain read the word wrong--there's really no helping that in matters of prevention) and now I didn't even fucking finish.

I don't know what to do, this is bullshit. I emailed my prof but who knows what he'll do, if anything.

The material is not hard! It's not like I'm struggling to understand it or anything. It's just a lot of hand-work.

FUCK MY LIFE, fucking seriously. This week sucks balls.
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Hahaaaaaa fuck. So my MW am class changed classrooms, and NO ONE TOLD ME. So I showed up early (about five minutes, which is normal for me) and no one was there. I waited. No one continued to show up. Great. I walked out in the hall and made sure I was in the right classroom... Yes. Waited a few more minutes, texted Geoff (who's in most of my classes this semester), and walked home. The only reason I'm upset is that we were supposed to have a quiz today, AND the professor actually takes attendance, and I don't want me not getting an email to count against me twice in my grades. Fucking hell.

Other than that hour of stress, I'm in pretty much the same mood I was last night. Bah.


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