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[Error: unknown template qotd]Sorry I've been in a bit of a political mood lately, but this sort of question has always been weird to me. I mean, I understand admiring someone to the point you'd joke about it, but anyone who takes it seriously I would honestly just want to punch in the face. And sorry, I'm kind of in a face-punchy, baby-kicking mood today. ACID TRIPPY DREAM, OKAY?! That is my excuse.

By the by, "viciousism" is a word I made up in high school, or maybe even gradeschool, simply because it's fun to say. However, I think that the definition may be this sort of hyperbolic anger I take towards a lot of things. It would be appropriate. :D We'll just have to see if that definition takes on. (It's like naming a pet or something... sometimes their titles don't fit what they are. So that emotion may not be viciousism, and viciousism may not be this. I'm weird, I know.)
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You see, the strange thing is, I didn't have any caffiene yesterday. So all these weird dreams I've been having, which is usually a caffiene thing--this time, it is not the case.

Last night, I had a completely acid trippy dream. It involved a Batman who was Batman but wasn't Bruce Wayne (and not Terry what's his face either, he was honestly this Batman but imagine some random blonde guy under the mask, and think more like the bluish coloration of the cartoon style) and several other superheroes (combo Marvel and DC, in case you cared) and a gang fight (sort of Xmen movie-style) involving some people who thought superheroes were actually Harry-Potter-style witches and wizards.


There's more, but it's so far out there that I overload my brain thinking about it. See, the weird thing with my dreams are, they're not at all "fortune-teller"-y, they're just my brain processing things I experienced during the day, or random neurons firing, I don't know. But I don't usually get a case like this where ALMOST EVERYTHING is something I consciously thought about during that day, particularly, in this case, the hour before I went to bed:

1) A concrete block--I met with Mark and Kay to talk about their brick garden wall design, and we talked about doing a concrete block center with a brick/tiling facade rather than a straight up brick structure.

2) The superheroes--I was upset I had to hang out in the lab until 1 am and that I was missing Robot Chicken. The night before, Robot Chicken was the episode where the construction workers are designing the Chachapoyan temple from Raiders, and then later in the episode there is the Justice League sidekick party-thing.

3) A nutcase teenager Sarah Palin lookalike--I read an article about her (and feminism, interestingly enough) an hour or so before I went to bed.

4) The fact that one area looked like Liz Markus' house--I referred to her in discussion once during the day, but that's about it.

Batman and some of the other stuff are usual enough occurrences that I'm not exactly surprised they showed up, but it was still weird.

The part I can't figure out? The Harry-Potter obsessed gang... I just do not know.



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So the computer ate my previous entry of the coolest dream ever, which took me an hour to write. SNL is over (with pirates and Chuck Norris!), and Star Trek is on... let's see if I can write this whole thing, now.

So it started with something...a festival or something...happening in this town. We were coming back from it to go to a wedding of a friend or something. The wedding was in this tall church, and the couple was very "punk." The groom was all in black with black, longer, straight hair, and a short beard and moustache. The bride had darker hair, and also had a black, ballgown-like dress. The bodypiece had a pink plaid frontpiece, and the skirt had a purple plaid apron-like piece. They were attached with silver shank buttons and buckles, and it was pretty cool. My friends and I were sitting in the back, and only one of them was also in all black, although the colors of the whole audience were fairly muted. The bride took a few steps once the music started, then paused for about a minute, then ran out of the church. She ran back to her hotel, crying. It turned out that she was upset that not everyone wore straight black like she had requested in her invitation. For a part of the dream which I don't remember, I might have been her, or I might have been looking for her, the hotel room used voice commands and also keys that were a little piece of metal attached to thin pencils, and the doors made a noise when you unlocked them. There was a second door to the right which I thought was another room but it always beeped when the other was unlocked, but that's not important. Anyway...something happened, and we ended up outside on this cement platform with large, dark, iron girders. It was on a hillside, and I think it was the wedding reception. Anyway, we were watching the northern lights, which turned into sharp lasers. Then, up the hill we could see another platform and structure, under which was housed a large cruise-ship with an escape submarine attached. I wondered if the whole thing was filled with people in a private party, but then I remembered it was a model of a larger ship, and it was a store I had seen in a dream, and been in in the daylight. (yes, in my dream I remembered I had seen it in a dream, so I assume I saw it in a previous dream, but for the life of me I can't remember if it was perhaps just a lot earlier in this one.) This is the point of the dream where it gets more interesting, I promise. So the next day rolls around and I had to get to musical practice. The stage was a large outdoor building with a smei-open roof and an open stage. Seating was on chairs on the ground, and the whole thing was on the side of a mountain. I had to ski down to practice, and the snow was pretty patchy everywhere. (My skiing was much more successful than reality.) So I get back down the stage and the seniors who didn't get a role are getting speaking lines. Then someone decided that they would stretch the lines out to several scenes for more lines. I end up getting an Indiana Jones role, which the whole costume I've got for myself, except the whip. The costume room didn't have a whip either, so they gave me a long piece of leather-ish stuff. We were running over my scene, then, and I was supposed to swing from one side of the stage to the other using the "whip," which I was supposed to whip around a mounted jackalope head on the back of the frontpiece of the stage. I had to practice for a few minutes to get it to wrap and unwrap easily. I tried it, and the strap didn't hold me, and I slipped onto the back. I decided to go out and see if I could find an actual whip for the stunt. I went up over the back of the mountain, where there was a great view past a small plain where some sports finalists were getting their medals in the Olympics. There were only a few people on a small wooden stage, dressed in traditional Hawaiian outfits, and the audience wasn't much bigger. The stage was barely even a few wooden planks. We watched from the side, and I noticed that the mealists were getting leis instead of medals. I remembered that the Olympic hosts had decided to give traditional medal replacements from cultures all over the world in the name of diversity or something. The women wore grass skirts and leis, and handed leis to the winners that were cheaper than the ones we got in Hawaii. The guys had orange-red feather robes and had wooden diamond-shaped double tridents that were actually trimmed bushes or seomthing. I obviously wasn't going to find a whip, so I left. Going back over the mountain, I saw this plasticy, slimy, gray, worm-looking thing on the ground which I noticied the other two times I went over. I took a closer look to see it was a rubber stretchy toy cat (or bunny maybe, I can't remember). I asked whoever I was with when I first saw it or something. Up the hillcut from the stage was Phillip's (Kreutzfeld) house, and I decided he might have one, so I went there next. His house looked remarkably like a storefront. I went in, and his mom was in there, so I asked if he was home. She said she didn't know, so I asked if she knew if he had a whip I could borrow. She didn't know, so I asked if I could search his room. She said I could, so I walked in to find his room. The house was very small, and donut-shaped. There was the hallway where she was (and i walked) and the kitchen. In the center there were lots of white slat doors, all of which looked like closets, too small to be rooms. Suddenly there were lots of people chasing me, so I picked the one opposite the entrance to hide in. It turned out to be a staircase, so I ran down to the next floor, which was underground. There were just lots more doors, so I picked another, hoping it was the bedroom. It was another underground room (with large windows?!) with a family room and another kitchen. There was a boarded up slat door, which I decided would be best to hide in. It turned out to be a duct-like thing, which was also the bedrooms? and there were soul-like things of the people coming out of them, including a dog and kids with toys. (I managed to find Phillip and Kevin.) Phillip gave me a whip, and I decided to look in the shaft. I suppose it was a portal to underground bedrooms of sorts, since it was behind another slat-door, which never reall struck me during the dream. I looked in the kitchen from behind the door, and I thought they should write "Beware of the Alligator" on the boards to keep out folks like the people chasing me. I thought it wasn't totally far-fecthed, sine it was a portal and their kitchen had lots of Alligator stuff, like two different foam sink faucet covers. I pretty much went back to the stage then, to do run throughs of the added scene. I was playing opposite a guy (played by a girl?) whose character was a guide. In the scene, I jumped accross the stage on the whip (which took several minutes to adjust the height, I apparently had to climb very high up on it for some strange reason, and it was still around the jackalope). I then asked the guide if he had seen the enemy take the artifact, and he said no. I noticed he had a gold statuette hidden in his cloak, and I grabbed it and asked what it was. He said he didn't know, and then there was a fight scene or maybe he ran off or the director called cut, I don't know. I walked through the exit (on the left) and it was through a store of sorts (with more slat-doors and windows). I remember thinking "what does this have to do with Cinderella, or is that even in the musical?" and that i should suggest we split all the added scenes between two acts just to add some semblance of continiuty. Then i think I woke up.

Yeah, that took me an entire hour (episode of Star Trek, which wasn't bad! I'm just wondeirng what's with the Vulcan emotions all of a sudden) to rewrite. So I'm going to copy it before I hit "Update" and LJ eats it again.

If LJ eats it again, Chuck Norris will have to roundhouse kick it.

Speaking of... our WP runthrough at Miamisburg was disastrous today. The pit got separated in movement one, Sean fell, Danny almost fell, the drumline got off and then separated from the pit in movement two...I heard Sou even walked out on us! Ah well... I talked to Danny and Pat afterward, and I said, "Well, we screwed up everything today, so we won't do it tomorrow," and they said, "No! Let it be known that we did not screw up the tenor lick." (The one they couldn't get AT ALL in warmups; a first.) So...hoping tomorrow's a lot better.

Man, my phone has been going nuts today, I think it's a record. A lot of people called me, and several times. =^n.n^= I love my ringtone!


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