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You see, the strange thing is, I didn't have any caffiene yesterday. So all these weird dreams I've been having, which is usually a caffiene thing--this time, it is not the case.

Last night, I had a completely acid trippy dream. It involved a Batman who was Batman but wasn't Bruce Wayne (and not Terry what's his face either, he was honestly this Batman but imagine some random blonde guy under the mask, and think more like the bluish coloration of the cartoon style) and several other superheroes (combo Marvel and DC, in case you cared) and a gang fight (sort of Xmen movie-style) involving some people who thought superheroes were actually Harry-Potter-style witches and wizards.


There's more, but it's so far out there that I overload my brain thinking about it. See, the weird thing with my dreams are, they're not at all "fortune-teller"-y, they're just my brain processing things I experienced during the day, or random neurons firing, I don't know. But I don't usually get a case like this where ALMOST EVERYTHING is something I consciously thought about during that day, particularly, in this case, the hour before I went to bed:

1) A concrete block--I met with Mark and Kay to talk about their brick garden wall design, and we talked about doing a concrete block center with a brick/tiling facade rather than a straight up brick structure.

2) The superheroes--I was upset I had to hang out in the lab until 1 am and that I was missing Robot Chicken. The night before, Robot Chicken was the episode where the construction workers are designing the Chachapoyan temple from Raiders, and then later in the episode there is the Justice League sidekick party-thing.

3) A nutcase teenager Sarah Palin lookalike--I read an article about her (and feminism, interestingly enough) an hour or so before I went to bed.

4) The fact that one area looked like Liz Markus' house--I referred to her in discussion once during the day, but that's about it.

Batman and some of the other stuff are usual enough occurrences that I'm not exactly surprised they showed up, but it was still weird.

The part I can't figure out? The Harry-Potter obsessed gang... I just do not know.



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Yep, Happy Independence Day! Saying "happy fourth" just feels weird to me. Like the newscaster who said "It must be Fourth of July" rather than "it muse be the fourth of July." That's the date, not the name of the holiday...? Anyway.

Fairborn parade, yay! It was definitely wet, but we still had fun. Abandonded sheet music before the parade started, but the rain let up a little so we weren't totally soaked, and we even made up special rain lyrics about Fairborn for Heaven, which we sang for the grandstand and such. I saw Alex and Keith and Peter there, but no one else. I know a lot of folks were out of town, though.

Let's see, then a bunch of the standard alum crew went over to Marion's, which was fun. I dunno, I like hearing dad and Strick and those guys talk about their craziness at 46 Chambers. =P Then we came home and I crashed, took maybe a three hour nap. Then we headed off to Young's to grab dinner and watched Yellow Spring's fireworks. Alex and Keith and Travis showed up there, too, so we talked with them some and had a lot of fun. (Keith and I talked stupid engineering stuff... tried to figure out which chamicals caused which fireworks colors, and by the time I'd given up on the conversation because I decidedly did not enjoy chemistry class, I remembered that I probably, a month ago, could have figured most of them out because of my ceramics class. Since we had to know all the metals used in the glazes and what colors they gave in the end.) Although bad news, Chris and Josh got fired from their BS camp job because they were doing pot. I give up on them. I mean, I don't care that they're doing pot, that's not what bothers me. It's that they completely lost any sort of drive they had to do anything, and I mean Chris failed out of his first year of college and apparently looks like an idiot with all his piercings now, and I know Josh wants to be a journalist, but... even if he wants to be, he's not the kind of kid who works so hard for it. Like, he has dreams, but he doesn't realize they require actual work? I don't know. Talking to Chris' parents at Johnny's party, they were saying I should try to start hanging out with them again and straighten them out, and I really, really just wanted to slap Chris right across the face the next time I see him. (Which I haven't.) But you know what the problem is? They don't put forth any effort to hang out any more. Last time I tried was Christmas break, fuck, I even bought $80 worth of movie tickets as Christmas gifts so everyone could hang out, and they STILL flaked out and showed up late. They don't make any initiative themselves to hang out, so you know what? I give up. I have tried and tried to be a good friend who cared, but I'm tired of spending my time and my money and my fucking tears only to end up wasting time on people who don't have any fucking respect for anything. Not even drum corps anymore, I know that's not going to happen. So yeah, I'm sorry to the Fishers, that I can't straighten out Chris. It's not their fault, and it's not my fault, it's his, and I don't think there's a damn thing I can do about it.

Nooooowww, on a lighter note, I told Alex I was sad she couldn't give the High Brass Girls Club presidency (or even membership!) to anyone, and she told me she gave it to Caleb at bandquet OHMYGOD. He will never, ever live that down as long as I see to it. HAHAHAHAHA. Best part of my day right there.

Oh, also? In the parade today. The McDonald's car was right behind us, and as we pulled out of Fulmer's lot Ronald randomly asked my dad and I if we had a theremin, and dad and I just died, because we'd been talking about that last night or the night before. Geez. =P It's good to be a music nerd.

Incidentally, this is one of things we were talking about with theremins, and I think you need to see it. (ADORABLE)

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So, I forgot to mention it, but yesterday as I was walking to my car on campus I saw an Ecstasy tablet lying on the ground. It was just... weird. I saw it, and passed it, and then it struck me that it had an E on it. Random, but anyway.

So John Newton, the guy who wrote Amazing Grace, was a pirate first. And I'm only stretching the truth a little.

My mom and I took a four hour self defense course today from a martial arts academy, and the whole time they were talking about releasing your inner dragon. I was just like "inner PIRATE, ARRRR!" and now I can flip people as they're attacking and roll out of a fall and all sorts of cool stuff. And the girl who was our trainer was hilarious, because she was shocked I kept getting it well on the first try. I think it's because I'm fairly observant, I understand the physics of fighting pretty well, and I've always wanted to have stealth moves, you know, when I was little like I always wanted to be a detective or a spy. Haha, now I'm just paranoid, but I have SKILLZ. Lol, anyway. (And I mean, even if you're a pirate you have to have a little ninja in you, you know, the Tao balance and all that stuff, better known as Yin and Yarr. [Don't give me credit for that, I didn't make it up. Somewhere out there there is a hilarious tee shirt with it on it, and I want it. Well, I want to make one for myself.])

Oh, and at Skyline someone had written 0_o on the drivethru window. HAHA. =^n.n^=

[EDIT] haha, and last night I satyed up till 3 AM im-ing with Emma Starkey so she could teach me the Russian alphabet. YEY!


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