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let's talk about the little things I am enjoying seeing crop up in Prometheus discussion:

1) Crystal skull/von Daniken/etc. tie-ins

2) my association of the apparently "ampules" to canopic jars

3) my terming of the Engineers as Titans/Giants

Basically, history and art history and mythology all tied up with science fiction. SO INTERESTING.

2 & 3 particularly because everyone I'm seeing is terming them differently. Interesting associations.

Also, [ profile] dancecat89 turning to me at the end and saying "I feel like I should have seen the Alien movies before I saw this one". Recorded for eternity.

Also-also, spoilers )
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It could thusly be argued that Indiana Jones fought "aliens" in Raiders of the Lost Ark. It is also a sad thing that the freaking Lego Flying Wing costs like $70. I think I have the Micro Machine version, though, SWEET ACTION.

New favorite slang: qu'est-ce que fuck?

Inherited from my dad, I am sure, I will take any opportunity to butcher French for the greater humorous good.

GOOD FUCK THIS IS HORRIFYING. It reminds me of the Splicer episode from Batman Beyond. Fffffuuuuuccccckkkkkkkk~

Hahaha "Mathsputin". Looooove iiiiit.

You know, while I appreciate the characterizations, that logo is just... incredibly detestable. I am so sick of steampunk being OMFGGEARS! (heh heh heh, I would go for a good Disney "g-ears" pun, though.) Seriously, yo, technology, in general, has to do something. And this is more the aestheticist than the engineer in me saying this. Just... bleh. Anyway, I think this means it's Old Hat if Disney did it and is no longer Scene and maybe it will lose some of its steam no pun intended. (Okay, totally intended afterthefact.) The sooner you can boot scenesters from any scene, the better. Please move to the Next Big Thing and mind the gap as you disembark, I'd like my functioning technology in relative peace, please and thankyou.

Also, Daisy is a fucking badass, check that shit out yo, she is AMELIA FUCKING EARHART-ing it up in that shit!

So I found out that Crystal Skull has a Star Trek tribute, of all things. During the rocket-sled fight scene there is a wall dubbed "numbersnumbers-GNDNnumbers" which apparently is reference to Goes Nowhere, Does Nothing. I also started reading the imdb trivia page for the movie and discovered this gem:

Harrison Ford was adamant that he got to wield Indiana's famous whip. Paramount executives wanted the weapon to be computer generated because of new film safety rules, but the actor branded the rule "ridiculous".

Dear Harrison Ford, you are my hero, thank you for being awesome. Dear George Lucas, you're still crazy as fuck, but at least this time you had Spielberg and Ford willing to tell you sometimes that you're a little bit off your rocker.

Also, this has always goddamn bothered me:

The Akator throne room designed by Guy Dyas keeps up an Indiana Jones tradition by having C-3PO and R2-D2 etched into one of the yellow titles, and E.T. into another. According to the book "The Complete Making of Indiana Jones", the characters can be found somewhere in all four Indiana Jones pictures.

They're easy to find in Raiders but WHERE THE DAMN HELL ARE THEY IN ToD and LC?

Also, I just ~can't wait~ until the original Star Wars trilogy gets re-released and re-remastered on BluRay and George Lucas decides to digitally add these Other Dimensioners to the celebration scene at the end. I mean, ET's already there, it's bound to happen at some point.

Originally Henry Jones, Sr., Short Round, Sallah and Willie Scott were to make an appearance at Indiana's wedding.


In the "making of" on the Back to the Future (1985) DVD, one of the original ideas of the time machine was as a refrigerator that Marty would climb into. Furthermore, the way Marty was to come back from 1955 was via the power of a nuclear bomb at a test site in the desert. Back to the Future was produced by Steven Spielberg. The idea was scrapped because filmmakers were afraid children would shut themselves inside of their home refrigerators to imitate the movie.


...Anyway. Speaking of GNDN, I kind of need these in my future house, somewhere. In my super-futuristic Tony-Starkish tech lab.

(Seriously though I still want his drafting table. Rich motherfucker.)

Heh heh heh, stormtroopers.


So that's what I've been up to for the past MONTH or so. Also did I mention I downloaded the Force Unleashed Lightsaber App for my iPod touch? I totally did and it's PURPLE ALL THE WAY, baby. Now I need someone to duke it out with.

...You know, the sooner Nerf makes Nerf Lightsabers, THE BETTER.

[EDIT] ALSO-ALSO, anyone play Spore or Sims 3 online? I got a code from Taco Bell and I play neither.
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Wow! I'm seventeen now... haha. Anyway... marched the Riverside Founder's Day Parade, that was not too bad. It rained some, our show runthrough was all right. Was going to go out with some friends, but it didn't work out. Was going to go to a party, but I just felt like staying at home. I watched Chicago, which is a freakin' GOOD movie. Talk about ironies... Anyway, we headed out to the Egyptian Festival for dinner and expected booths and stuff (and w00tness culture!) but it was just... a dinner. So we went to the Lebanese festival. YUM. Oh my goodness YUM. Mmmm... pine nuts.... and just mmmmm. And cool dancing! Beside that... I came home to watch Newsies, but now the Twilight Zone (a newer version) is on, and it is awesome! ...I'll watch Newsies afterward. Heh heh. =^n.n^= See people later.
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Wow, so as soon as I finished writing the earlier entry about my day, my mom and dad asked me to help clean out our oil barn (where I park my car and we store assorted yard care tools). It was cool to take all the old tools down that I had seen up there, like the scythe. There were a couple of old signs and horseshoes, too. THen my dad asked me to climb up on the top storage floor and get down any cool stuff. It was so tight! There were some old potato chip cans (like, large bucket sized!) and army tin buckets and some old bucket with a spout. There was an old coke and a pepsi bottle, so I pulled those down. The two best finds were an old bamboo fishing pole with a wooden bobber, and a falling-apart saddle. I had to dig around under piles of potato fences and wire and fence poles and wasps nests and old papers. It reminded me of when we ripped apart our back room a few years ago, down to the foundation, and we found an old trash pile beneath... Laura and I found old shoes then, some broken china, and I have this REALLY SWEET piece of broken glass. So... I had fun. The chicken coop is getting ripped down, too, so we'll go through that later.

So, there is an Egyptian Festival this weekend, down in Miamisburg... that sounds so cool! I think I'll go. Maybe I'll go see Brothers Grimm when that comes out, that looks cool. It's another "I <3 Boots!" type movie, so Katy, want to go?! Haha.

I think I might also have a "Plunder Party" this weekend or next week... either before the buildings get ripped down or after, when we can climb around in the dumpster... I mean, we can just get junk and make a fort in the forest out of all the cool stuff.


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