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What's this "V-day" crap? ;D (Isn't V for Victory? I THINK SO. THIS IS RELEVANT TO MY INTERESTS.)

97 days to go until Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull! Today's trivia: The trailer is up online a! Also I will see if I can find one later to embed here for you guys.

Also to commemorate this fact I had the weirdest dream ever... I didn't know I could hate my parents. =( I hate dreams that do that. It's going to be a weird day.

Also I should TOTALLY start posting funny cat macros. Maybe another time.
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Homecoming is here... let's see if I survive... last nght was...interesting.
After homecoming game (can I say lamest homecoming ever? yeah. okay. I don't care anymore.[yeah, kind of pissed at drama and all, fantastic, after I had an otherwise great day, we beat fairborn but we had a drumoff with them... that was interesting]), went to Domer's with the HEIS crew to watch a movie. We watched The Rock, which, by the way, is a saweet movie. So, we were originally planning to drive all the way out to the Dayton Mall to see a dollar movie, so we carpooled and left my car at Carroll. Then we went to Domer's. Well, Mattie had to leave early because a) Domer's parents are out of town and couldn't give a damn, b) Fisher's parents didn't care, c) my parents are out of town and can't give a damn (yay!) and d) Mattie had a curfew. SO... Mattie leaves... Domer's sister falls asleep... we realize, after the movie ends (at about 1:10) that we have no ride back to Carroll. Oh boy. So we argued: take Domer's car, leave it there, I drive them back in mine? Take Domer's car, I drive home in mine, he drives home in his? What about curfew?
So, I drive their van to Carroll, with Domer getting freaked out by cop turning on his lights right as he passes us (we saw it on the way back, too- drug bust!), and Fisher and I try to convince Domer that, as long as he looks confident and goes the speed limit, he's okay, he's not going to get pulled over. So.We pull up to CHS, and there's a random Jeep-thing in the lot, with about 5 antennae, just sitting there, and someone is in the driver's seat. So. Simply because of that, we decided to "be responsible" in case it was a cop, and leave Domer's van there and I would drive them back. I did. RIGHT as we pull in, Chris' parents pull up to take him home, somewhat unexpected. Man, if we had decided for them to drive that van back, we would all be DEAD MEAT right now. So, at 2:00 AM, I drive into Xenia to pick of Laura from Pilar's (LOL) house. I call her cell, so she will wake up and wake up Savannah and say, hey, I am leaving. I call, several times. NO ANSWER. FANTASTIC. So I didn't take her home, but I picked her up this morning. And today is homecoming, and I'm sick of all the drama everywhere and I just want to go out west for a while. So, now, of course, I have that lovley Newsies song "Santa Fe" stuck in my head, and damnit, a few of the notes are too low for my range. I just...ugh. I'm hating it~'s October...and so far the fall sucks.

Like I said, I just want to go out west, to the wilderness.
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Well, last King's compy. Only got to see Touchdown Jeebus, the Anatomically Correct Horse(s) and the railroad fun once, cuz my dad drove us home another way. Phooey. Anyway, the show was pretty good, we won First Place in AA, but didn't get best guard or percussion. Oh well. I think there's a pretty good chance we could win MSBAs this year for our class.

Well, this morning I went to Panera with my mom... it was yummy. I got a chocolate pastry that is popular in Spain (fluffy pastry with chocolate and honey...mmm), and a HUGE cup of tea. Then we went to the Dayton Mall to look at a dress for homecoming, but they had sold it. So we went next door to the pet store and played with the lonely-looking Persian kitten they keep "outside." It was adorable. Nicest purebred I ever met. *cry* SO CUTE! Yeah, then we had practice (good runthroughs) and compy (ok show, but we won).

Brian Reagan is awesome, and now a ton of band kids know it. And so, the quote for tonight:

Sou: "Good job tonight guys."
Johnny: "YOU TOO! ...Oh wait, you didn't do anything. I'm a DOOFUS."

Yeah. Kevin's kinda pissed because he probably won't use the stage for his solo, according to the directors. Anyway. That's all I got. =^n.n^=


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