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Well, last Sunday I rode the bus up to Defiance College for band camp, for the first time ever. For some reason, band camp bus rides are the most boring ones. We set up our rooms and ate and practiced, and then it was "Sundae Sunday." We all ate ice cream in the dorm's back room, and worked on drill dots and t-shirts.

Monday was Mystery Monday. We actually got a lot done this week practice-wise (although I think Chris came later on Monday), and the trumpet trio in movement 2 is a lot better. Anyway, our evening activity was a murder mystery, which didn't work as well as it was supposed to, probably because I should have run it since I knew what was going on, as opposed to Mrs. Minge. She did pretty well, but most people didn't like it. It started out with Kevin freaking out and leaving practice early, which was probably one of the funniest things. Apparently some people actually thought he was serious, and asked Mrs. Minge if he was going to be in trouble, to whivh she responded, "Yes. He's a dead man." Anyway, Kevin and I ran back to get ready, and we hid up on the third floor waiting for the tuba case to get put on the first floor landing. We could hear Danny and Westy screaming that they found a dead body, which had to be pretty funny. Afterward we found out they had ripped their shirts and smeared leftover strawberry topping on them to look like blood. It was pretty funny. Eventually, after everyone had come in, we went down, and Kevin noticed the tuba was at the other and of the hallway. He had to run down and get it, and drag it down there, and then we set it up and m hands and mouth got ducttaped. I noticed that there was a security camera, and said the people were probably watching us right now, laughing at us. (You could watch the security cameras from the lobby, which is where everyone was.) We were supposed to get a few minute warning to make sure I was in the tuba case and it was locked, and Kevin could run off, but all of a sudden he sees everyone marching down the hallway, and he takes off, I dive in the case. The door bursts open, and Mrs. Minge and Jess and Meaghan notice the glasses (Pat's), which was supposed to trigger the whole ending scene, but that didn't work. Mrs. Minge asked Nick that she thought he said he put his tuba away, why was it here. He actually freaked out and ran up to the front of the mass of people where I was in the case, because he had left it in the hallway and had no idea where it was. He opened it and everyone in the little room screamed. It was a good thing I had ducttape on my mouth because I was almost laughing. Anyway, Pat had been dragged away on cue, but nobody cared except the people up front who didn't know, and the whole thing played on for like 10 more minutes even though it shouldn't have. It turned out some people actually did see Kevin and I on the security camera. So much for that. Anyway, Kevin and Pat and I had dressed up like the 3 directors that day (Twin Day) and got second place. Yay!

TV Tuesday- I dressed up like Dr. Amanda Bentley from Diagnosis murder. About three people figured out who I was without any help at all. It rained a ton that day. That night was the dance, which once again was not good (it never was- they always mangage to play too many crappy songs), but I managed to get two giant tiki wall decorations out of it.

Wacky Wednesday- I wore my blue plaid shorts, a lime green top, my blue/green/gray knee sock, my red/black emily strange knee sock, a bright green ankle sock, and a bright pink ankle sock, along with my Madison Scouts gaunlets. Yay! I think those gauntlets were good luck, because we finally got to my solo in drill setting, and since everyone is facing back field until B and I am doing NOTHING...

I GET TO BE BACKFIELD DRUM MAJOR! This totally made my year. I wanted to try out for Drum Major, because I knew I could do it, and I really wanted to, but I loved marching just too much, so I didn't. But now I get to! Mattie was pissed.

That evening we were supposed to all go bowling, but the alley was shut permanently. Some of us went and saw Fantastic Four, which was a lot of fun (espeically the trip there and back- we were SO slap happy), and the rest went back to the dorms and had a toga party.

Team Thursday- We started out with our team shirts (It's not the heat, it's the stupidity) and leis, but by the end of the day we all had glowsticks and trashbag hula skirts. That night was skit night, which I really can't write about because it would take me several more hours. We also did a very retreat-like activity, where we all tied knots in a piece of yarn for people and gave them compliments. It was awesome.

Friday was red white and blue day. We practiced and ate and left, once again, a not do great bus ride. However, everyone had really bonded the night before and it wasn't at all bad (especially the first trumpets). We got back and did our show for the parents, which was pretty bad because we had no met and had never done it without one before, and we didn't play too well. Then we ate. But we had to do an after dinner activity and perform a TV show or movie theme song on kazoos by section. The brass did the Star Trek: First Contact Chorale with different harmonies (also calling us to attention and a ripple horns up with our kazoos), but the drumline (being their natural selves) tried to show us up by playing Jig on their drums and trying to convince us that ours wasn't a TV show or movie theme song either. They "tied" us, but we definitely beat them. (We were going to get called to attention and say hut and kazoo the fight song when we won, but since we "tied," we couldn't.) Then there was a pie-eating contest, which Kevin won. (Apparently they started eating with a ripple, but I missed that. That's awesome.)

Afterward, Pat told me since I was half a drum major, they were going to have to haze me too. Ha ha. Anyway, some things I learned at camp:
1) The freshmen this year are AWESOME.
2) A bodly aimed flip-flop can easily break a window.
3) The Butt had a spider (which was rapidly named Hemerrhoids) in it. Yay for The Butt!
4) A trumpet mouthpiece in a tuba has a range from pedal tones to dolphin mellophone on crack.

I am going to miss band camp. Everyone said I should come back next year, which I would, but hopefully I will be marching with Carolina Crown!

Man, I think this is the longest entry I ever wrote, which is funny because I could have written a lot more and I still have to write about yesterday.

I met Chris early at Carroll andhad to go wake up Domer, and we went to a park to go sliding down a hill, but that didn't work so well. We went thrifting for about a helf an hour, then went with Caleb and Mr. Edgar to Indy for drum corps! Awesome shows... We spent the day looking for Carroll look-alikes, because we saw Sou's twin which reminded me of Jacob's twin in Southwind, and then we saw Hannah Stout's twin and then someone else's (a band person, I forget who).

All in all, a great week. I was hoping for a great dream last night, but I definitely ended up with a weird dream about meeting the Diagnosis Murder cast and someone being angry about it and then Freddy Kreuger killing everybody. Weeeeird.
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I feel awful. I hit a little birdie (I think a robin) with my car today. He was just sitting in the road, and I swerved a little to miss him, but I nicked him, and sure enough, I killed him. *cry*

Running list of Beavercreek Beavers I have seen:
-the Van Gogh beaver
-the flower beaver
-the turtle beaver
-the log beaver
-the birdfeeder beaver
-the book beaver
-the oldstyle pilot beaver
-the Beaverditch 7 trombone pileup beaver
-the flagger beaver

...hint me on any more you've seen!

I would repost the "nice guy" thing, but it takes over my friends lists. heh heh.



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