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Heh, I just saw that Levi's ad where the guy throws rocks at the windows until he finds the cleaner lady. I really like the song in it..."I must be Love," or whatever.

So, I am 17 TODAY at 6:47 PM! I thought I should add a few songs I've been singing lately, just for laughs:

"I am 16 going on 17..." and etc. I don't really like that song except I can sing that line for now!

Then there's Newsies, which, for once, I'll post an actual entire song. I love this musical now...
"So that's what they call a family
Mother, daughter, father, son
Guess that everything you heard about is true
So you ain't got any family
Well, who said you needed one?
Ain't ya glad nobody's waitin' up for you?

When I dream
On my own
I'm alone but I ain't lonely
For a dreamer night's the only time of day
When the city's finally sleepin'
All my thoughts begin to stray
And I'm on the train that's bound for Santa Fe
And I'm free
Like the wind
Like I'm gonna live forever
It's a feeling time can never take away
All I need's a few more dollars
And I'm outta here to stay
Dreams come true
Yes, they do
In Santa Fe

Where does it say you gotta live and die here?
Where does it say a guy can't catch a break?
Why should you only take what you're given?
Why should you spend your whole life livin'
Trapped where there ain't no future
Even at seventeen
Breakin' your back for someone else's sake
If the life don't seem to suit ya
How 'bout a change of scene?
Far from the lousy headlines
And the deadlines in between

Santa Fe
Are you there?
Do you swear you won't forget me?
If I found you would you let me come and stay?
I ain't gettin' any younger
And before my dyin' day
I want space
Not just air
Let 'em laugh in my face
I don't care
Save a place
I'll be there

So that's what they call a family
Ain't ya glad you ain't that way?
Ain't ya glad you got a dream called Santa Fe?"

Yup... Lara and Katy decorated my locker... *hugs* and Lara got me a mythical beasts coloring book and a Frank Lloyd Wright coloring book, and more sharpies! *hugs more* Those were the highlights of my day, along with the H.E.I.S.

Low? Definitely all the drama that stems from homecoming and other dances... I thought maybe it's be my year, but hoo-boy. Drama level is way too high for comfort.

Anyway...we'll see how this goes. =^n.n^= Oh, man, my throat is killing me. I sang as loudly as physically possible along to Newsies as I drove home from tonight's game, which, by the way, we beat Beaverditch 34 to 14, or soemthing dismal like that. We always have, we always will.
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WAIT... I forgot some beavers. Jess asked me how many I was up to, and I counted 16, thenI realized I found some more a few weeks ago.

-the skater beaver, by the skatepark by the YMCA on Grange Hall
-the cement? beaver, same
-the other beaver, the same (I can't remember)
-the golf beaver, now next to the birdhouse beaver, on N. Fairfield near the 35 overpass.
-the doctor beaver, or something like that, off of N. Fairfield by the bank near the mall and the Speedway, it's like, in a pond. Or that might be another one. Anyway.

Also, I realized I counted the wooden beaver, which is actually some guy's handmade tribute. I don't think it's one of the 25.

So I am up to 20 official, missing 5, and 1 unofficial. *YAY*

One more thing: the beavers are getting GPS units so people don't steal them anymore.

Soon, I will get folks together for a BEAVER HUNT!
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I found four more beavers!

-Funky Beaver, in the mall
-Science Beaver, in the mall
-Flower Beaver, in front of TJ Maxx
-Shakespeare Beaver, on Grange Hall toward the mall, in front of a new housing district

I've heard there's one in the Acropolis... any word?
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Agh! Someone stole a 200+ pound beaver before I could get to it, and I didn't even know about it.
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Okay, leadership meeting today (the first important thing I did today- the internet wasn't up until after 6:00 and I've been BORED all day until the leadership meeting, which was awesome): There was volleyball, abusing people on top of the playhouse, a squirtgun fight, lots of eating, and even some actual leadership work.

Afterward I went Beaver Hunting. I have confirmed MORE BEAVERS! Tomorrow at the Car Wash, after 3:00, I'm taking one of the other people who are staying the whole time and I'm going Beaver Hunting, to get ACTUAL good pictures of the beavers. Here are some others I've confirmed:
-the Normal Beaver, at the E. 35 on-ramp and N. Fairfield intersection
-the Justice (?) Beaver, in front of the post office
-the Patriotic (?) Beaver, also in front of the post office
-the Flagger Beaver, in fron tof the mall

Any more out there? Someone thinks there's one in front of the high school, but I don't know.

OK, onto the relevance of this update. I had a revelation this morning, on another dimension. I suppose it is the fifth, because the fourth would be time, right? So, whatever this dimension is, it goes by many names. The Fifth Dimension, the Sock Dimension, or, in my case, the Swiss Cheese Dimension. Why? It's a dimension with a lot of holes. A lot of holes in and out of this dimension (or these three dimensions?). Anyway, it's where all the lost things go. There's a lot of socks there, but not many pairs. Basically, things go in that dimension, through a hole, and they get stuck on the plane. if they're lucky, they leave again, but there's more planar area than hole lack of area, so not many things go back. Things of mine currently stuck in the plane? A circle of brown yarn (yes, gammit, I lost my brass bracelet, but hopefully the hole in my room opens up again and it comes back from the Swiss Cheese Beyond), two cans of tuna (the mascots!), and probably a lot of other stuff.

=^n.n^= So watch out for those Swiss Cheese holes.
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I feel awful. I hit a little birdie (I think a robin) with my car today. He was just sitting in the road, and I swerved a little to miss him, but I nicked him, and sure enough, I killed him. *cry*

Running list of Beavercreek Beavers I have seen:
-the Van Gogh beaver
-the flower beaver
-the turtle beaver
-the log beaver
-the birdfeeder beaver
-the book beaver
-the oldstyle pilot beaver
-the Beaverditch 7 trombone pileup beaver
-the flagger beaver

...hint me on any more you've seen!

I would repost the "nice guy" thing, but it takes over my friends lists. heh heh.



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