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Let's see, today we got up early because we're on east coast time, and we went out to Rocky Mountain National Park to see if we could hike, but we couldn't because the snow was about three feet deep, maybe more, so we built a snowman and had a snowball fight. And also made the two feet of snow on the roof of the little shelter fall off like mini-avalanches. That was fun.

Aaaaaand pretty much the only other thing we've done all day is watch the Star Wars marathon on Spike. WOO

So they want the guy who wrote Pooh's Heffalump Movie to write the Wanted sequel. First of all, it can't be that good. Second of all, HE EFFING RUINED HEFFALUMPS. THEY AREN'T SUPPOSED TO BE ANYTHING. So that guy can diaf as far as I'm concerned.

Uh, no more tuna by 2012? I'm fucked. I live on that stuff.

Al Capone's prison cell, holy crap.

A new fake name game, this time your NPR name. For the life of me I have no idea what the name of the smallest foreign town I've been to would be. Poland was TEN YEARS AGO HOLY SHIT.
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Yeah, to hell with all this snow. Even if it is melting on the ground... I have no will to go outside, and it kinda sucks because I can't even sleep in, my body is so hammered into the GET UP AT EIIIIIGGGHHHHT schedule. Dammit.

Buh, I haven't even got much done on my computer because I found a 232-page thread of stupid pictures. X| Sooo here are a bunch of links that are the result of that.

I can tell you one thing; Hitler may have had a terrible concept of what was structurally possible (seriously, man, have you heard of foundations), but he did have a fantastic concept of what is epic.

This site is hilarious; the guy depicts different emotions, from normal to incredibly specific and bizarre.

This comic is like the new Perry Bible Fellowship, except I am not exactly sure I understand this newest one so much.

How is this a real story?! It's not even recent enough to be an April Fool's joke.

A hilarious video from a third-year art student, showcasing all the awesome skills he learned in an animations art class. If you actually want a listenable loop of that, you can find one here. It's almost Popcorn.

Vader loves Christmas: a hilarious and clever edit if I do say so myself.

I was talking to one of y'all about 3d modeling or robots or some shit the other day, I know I was. And I couldn't come up with the term "uncanny valley", so there you go.

Holy shit Hawaiian yodeling. I've always wondered how close yodeling is to singing, even if only because I have no problem singing the Goatherd song from Sound of Music.

Voytek the soldier bear, fuck yeah Poland!

Also, a retro graphics archive. Mostly 50's-ish, I'd think, style-wise.
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I am watching Kill Bill right now, and it is amazing. I love that it doesn't feel like a movie, because all the different elements put together make it more alive somehow. It also has fucking RAD music. (Wait, who the fuck says "rad" anymore?) Uh, it kicks ass...

Also, they are playing Rock Band upstairs. While I do not begrudge them of the fact that it is probably an awesome game (as Guitar Hero is), they are dreadfully out of tune and WHO FUCKING DECIDED THE DRUM PART WOULD BE QUARTER NOTES, THAT IS NOT HARD. ALSO, THE PAD NEEDS TO BE MORE DENSE, I DO NOT RIDE THE FUCKING DRUM BUS FOR A FUCKING REASON. After three years of winter percussion I do not mind drumming, but they invented drum pads for a REASON! Also, you (the people playing upstairs) suck. I would be more willing to forgive you if you were not also wrestling/choreographing fight scenes/making bowling-ball-dropping noises for three hours very afternoon. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING UP THERE.

Also, the drinking problem I inherited from my mother has returned. =( It resurfaces about once ever year, for both of us...

I spilled my Mountain Dew slushie on my lap. ='( I am a sad panda. (What, you think I'm a drinker or something? I lived on the dry floor.)

OH MAN, I have weird ways with money, too. My sister is a spender. She will spend most any money she has, and I think the only reason she might have money in her bank account right now is because my mom made her start putting some in from her paycheck. (She does work, though, so that's good.) For some reason I have always been a saver. I hoard money like there's no tomorrow. Unless you got me in a bookstore, I never used to spend money. Even going (a little) crazy in a bookstore (or, actually, I could go nuts in an art store, too), I feel guilty, especially if I devour the magazine/book right away, because I could have got it from a library. But one day I want to have my own library so I like to have copies of all the magazines/books/cds/movies I like. (Yeah, I hoard a lot of things. I have a few boxes full of trashy bits for craft projects [I love recycled crafts], but don't worry, they're all clean, and I'm not saving any food garbage or anything. minus that green gummy bear from fifth grade, that thing is fucking hilarious) ANYWAY, so, I usually second- and triple-guess myself before buying anything, ESPECIALLY if it's over $20. (It's dangerous for me to go shopping now, though--since Lara got me into costuming, I'm more likely to find clothing I like! It's crazy. I saw some sweet silver shoes with NOT TOO HIGH HEELS at the mall yesterday, which I may have to go back for because you really don't see heels that low that often. And, they're silver. Shiiiinyyyyy.)

BUT! I have been considering and considering buying an iPod for a long time, because I would find it useful for roadtrips (I love roadtrips), and they keep getting cheaper. But they keep getting better, too, and since I'm not in a rush I have all the money saved ($300, roughly), and haven't bought one yet.

Since the iPod touch just came out and isn't a hard drive, but a flash drive (if I've been informed correctly), then I'm going to wait for that to go up to a huge amount of storage space and a cheaper price. I think then I'll get one.

But in the meantime, something else has been calling out to my wallet... a new fedora. When I first got into Indiana Jones, the fandom (I really hate calling it that, because it's a much more different crowd than other fandoms) was just starting off online, and I followed it really closely. IndyFan, The Indy Experience, and IndyGear were my favorite places. For some reason I didn't visit The Raider as much. Anyway, IndyGear was just getting started as a place where people went to nitpick over the costuming, and I've kind of been following the site ever since. But when I finally got up the guts to start posting on forums, they'd closed the forum to posting unless you had an ISP email, which we didn't. So... I couldn't join until I got to UD and had a student email.

But back when I was first learning it all, there really weren't many options for the gear. (Now you can get completely screen sccurate gear for pretty much any scene in the first three movies, for Indy at least. Not as much demand for other characters. I'm working on Willie's dress because it's AMAZING and no one's been able to find any fabric close enough to to the original [which was antique].) The "real deal" for the hat (a Herbert Johnson from England, who made the hats for the movies, who also made hats for the royal family so was hard to get a hold of and not too picky about details) was about $300 and considered a lot. So most people went with cheaper "close enoughs" (as they're called) and fixed them up a little themselves. Some companies started making hats that were a little closer. Over time some guys started making completely screen accurate hats, but they're definitely more expensive now, and I think they all just started within the past year or two (at least, commercially; they were sort of halfway hobby-ing it before, investigating what it took to do it as a job). In the meantime, I went with the "official" licensed hat, which I could ask for for my birthday because it was less than hundred dollars. I got it, and I loved it, and I treated it carefully because it was a hundred fucking dollars and I didn't want to ruin it. (I think I got it for my birthday before eighth grade? I can't exactly recall.) I kind of fell away from the IndyGear forums because I was only really interested in the hat, (I read the props stuff every once in a while, too, but I must admit there aren't too many I want. We'll see. I only want them if they're done right, whereas a lot of people just want pretty good ones and want anything from the series. I don't begrudge them that, but I really don't want [I can't even understand wanting] a $2000 goldplated ark. Even Marion's headpiece; they're too major for me to want. Sankara stones? Maybe, because there were a bunch of them. Idol? Definitely, it was kind of obscure and I like mesoamerican stuff. Ark/grail...? I dunno. You don't just go around having the effing Ark of the Covenant sitting in your basement with your projection screen home theatre. Though it would make a hilarious coffeetable. ohmigod I tangented in the middle of a sentence I'm so sorry) and then when I came back there had really been a jump. $250-$300 is average price hat range; what I have is now not as good because even though it's official, it's apparently a piece of junk. (Seriously, they didn't make them very similarly.) One of the guys who got into making screen accurate hats for everybody (there's a pretty damn big market) started his own business using the materials of the original hats (same sources), and they're the more expensive hats on the markets. But he's a pretty cool guy. (It's nice knowing all these pretty major players in the Indy fan world--IndyGear has a sort of family to it. They won't let you join if you're using a free email, and it's really VERY limited posting. Gear, props, stuff related to archaeology, and stuff related to the movies or fan movies. Pretty much NOTHING off topic, which I both like and don't like. It prevents people from fighting and also playing forum games [which I hate], but sometimes I want to talk other things. Eh, with this next movie the "indirectly related" section has been a bit more off-topic, but not too much. I think I like it that way. Also, they hard-core moderate, which is easier with more limited numbers, and it keeps idiots away. Also very accomodating to non-english speakers. Lots of IRL contact [summits, get-togethers, a journal that gets passed off from member to member] and lots of humor. It's quite a familial place. Also, I'm debating going to New York for a summit while my parents go down to OBX a week early. I don't know how they'd take it though. "Hey, I'm going to NY by myself to meet these people I know online who are completely different than most people online" [yeah, I can see that one falling apart real fast--my sister's trying to convince me to do it secretly but I would feel too guilty...I guess I just have to wait for the rebellious attitude to kick in {yeah, right}]) ANYWAY (sorry about all the tangets, it's how my brain works), so this guy got the contract to make the hats for Indy IV, HOW COOL IS THAT? (Also, Baron's hats is trying to say they made all the hats, when apparently they were cheap, lazy asses whose hats sucked and didn't make the cut even when given a few chances. They claimed they made Ford's hats directly, too, so I think Adventurebilt is going to sue them. GO STEVE AND MARC WE LOVE YOU [creepy... just dad's name is Mark and my uncle is Steve. LOL, I love coincidences])

ANYHOW! I am so far off tangent it's not even funny. Guilty about spending. Love costuming. Love Indy. Can't justify so much money even when it's somehting I love. Hats got more expensive, found out mine was a ripoff from Lucasfilm. =(

In summary: I AM BUYING A HERBERT JOHNSON. It is $300 and even though I love that it's the "real deal," I just have some sort of innate money-spending guilt-trigger. I feel terrible about spending that much money on something so unimportant. But my mom didn't care, she knows I'm a saver and she said "whatever makes you happy," which I'm glad she did, because I went ahead and did it. (It's going to take three to four months to size it and ship it... I REALLY hope it gets there in time for the fourth movie.) In order to feel less guilty I decided I'm going to put as much or more money into starting a Roth IRA, though. Apparently if you put $2000 a year into a Roth IRA starting when you're 18, you'll have $1,000,000 by retirement. I don't think I can do $2000 a year yet, but the sooner you get started, the better. (Can't do that much now ESPECIALLY with corps. I want to spend so much on Indy stuff before it disappears again, but corps costs soooo much money...) So, even though I feel bad about money disappearing from my checking account, it's going to important things. (Also, I'm kind of sad being in a sorority costs so much. Where does all this money go? We still have to pay for lots of things and do assloads of fundraisers.)

So, in summary of my SUPER tangential TL;DR: I am getting a new, AUTHENTIC, Indiana Jones fedora! The hat geek in me is in love. Guilty Money Conscience it trying to squish it but I think when the hat arrives everything will be okay.

I also want to start planning for May 22 now, because I've run into some snags. Do I go see the midnight showing with IndyGear people? We'd all be on the same level of appreciation; whereas if I went with my friends, whom I love dearly, I'm pretty sure they'd have fun but they'd still mock it (and talk through it a little) which makes me a sad kitten. But I don't want to alienate them... and if I go with different "groups" of people at different times, are they going to be insulted because they know I didn't go with them to the midnight showing? What about parties? I'm definitely going to watch all three back to back to back before the fourth one, and jump around excitedly for about a month beforehand, but who do I invite? Do I have separate parties? When do I hold different ones? This makes me a sad panda because I am one of those people who gets along with anybody and wants to always have parties where EVERYONE I know is invited and everyone gets to know eachother and the scenes mesh a little. But other people don't always like that. =(

I mean, I'm willing to meet EVERYONE at midnight for Indy IV, but only if they promise not to say ANYTHING until it's over. And I don't think that the IndyGear folks would necessarily appreciate meeting all my friends, because we can get a little racous and I've obviously developed a foul mouth (though I can turn it off in certain company) in the past year or so.

I don't know... what are all your thoughts? I'd love advice, and I'd love to know who wants to go.

Plus, I saw Hitchhiker's three times in theatres. (Once with... Pat and Cayman? Once with my grandparents, and then again in the cheap theatres with my parents.) I'm definitely going to see Indy IV many times, which is going to be expensive, but I'm going to have a hard time not seeing it so many times. Like, at midnight and then again later in the day. And then how many times am I going to see it that week?! Auuuugh. Sooo many queeeestiooooons. Help?

ANYWHOZLE. It's been a pretty good day. I can't wait for my hat (and for my bank account to refill). What am I going to wear to Kipu Falls since I won't have my hat by Spring Break?! Damn... good thing I brought my leather jacket. (except that will be fucking TOO HOT) There's going to be a lot of cool Indy IV marketing, though a lot of it is trying to drag the kids in like they did for Star Wars and that makes me sad. A lot of it looks pretty crappy. Makes me proud to know all the good prop and costume makers though; even if it's all handmade and custom (and cease-and-desist-shut-down by Lucasfilm for the time being), it's the REAL fans. INDY MR. POTATO HEAD SUCKS A MILLION PIECES OF ASS.

Also, I hate Dr. Pepper. Anyone know anything good to mix it with to make it drinkable? (I've heard orange juice...? And I don't do alocohol.) And some shitty Indy poptarts... and crappy looking toys... goddamn you, George Lucas.

SPOILER (highlight to read, if you dare) I swear to fucking god if there are any aliens in this movie I'm going to FLIP MY SHIT. Someone will die. /SPOILER

So... yeah. Yay hat! Boo Lucasfilm marketing. Man, did you hear that they edited the American trailer? Apparently the MPAA won't allow violence or something, so they edited the fact that the guns are pointed at Indy and Ray Winstone's character. (I mean, come on, seriously? They just got roughhoused out of a car BY MEN WITH GUNS. And then afterward LOTS OF PEOPLE DIE FIERY DEATHS.) I guess it's not too bad (it's really just the MPAA being a bit ridiculous), but ADDING IN THE AMERICAN FLAG? Seriously. Whatthefuck. I don't think we're too stupid to figure out they're in the US. (omg russians in america the world is comingtoanendPANIC)

BAH. I am too paranoid that this movie will suck like SWI/II/III and that makes me sad. Sad kittens. Sad puppies. Sad pandas. SAD THINGS EVERYWHERE. CRYING. CRYING FOR YOU, GEORGE LUCAS

BUT! 94 days to Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull! Today's trivia: It's a running joke (sort of) that Indy's hat has to stay on all the time. Basically, it's part of his character so story-wise (well, when he's not being a professor), it only comes off at dramatic or important parts (ie him going off the cliff in Last Crusade). So in Last Crusade it kept coming off in the horse scenes, and as a joke he acted out stapling it to his forehead. Which he didn't, because ow...? but some people thought he did. Anyway. Just thought you might appreciate that. (I have a funny icon of him stapling the hat on that says "COMMITMENT" on it, but I can't post it anywhere because I don't have a good place to host it and I don't have enough icon space otherwise. Also, I'm lazy. So you'll just have to imagine it or hunt around for the image or wait until I have my own server space to host images or a paid account or something. When that day comes you will also get a MACRO FLOOD OF DOOM, because I have many hilarious ones.)

Hey, check out this neat html trick; hover your mouse over this text: Hover over me!

holy fuck it took way too long to do all the html for this entry, why do I do this to myself

Er... sort of poll-ish thing (lol, Polish, reprezent!), is there anyone out there who hasn't seen any of these movies? ie I will be forcing you to watch them at a party for this purpose?


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