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Mar. 2nd, 2012 01:52 am
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I seem to have somehow done my amazing "crusing good, tank horribly" rollercoaster shit in the past 48-ish hours. Yesterday I just didn't care about anything. Not in a bad way, but in a "I feel like I'm letting go of things and maybe taking some steps forward" way. And today I'm just frustrated. I found out yesterday, after paying my rent and my credit card bill, that I am functionally broke. Whatever I had saved from working the past six-ish years is gone, so I basically have no wiggle room.

And no time to work. But we'll come back to that.

Thankfully, my parents are paying for rent and food... However, they failed to account for the fact that food is HELLA EXPENSIVE here in Hawaii where they import literally almost everything.

I'm not shitting you, even pineapples.

In Hawaii.

Where there is the Dole Plantation.


Anyway, before I left my mom had mentioned something about "well we'll see how it goes and maybe readjust after a little bit" but every time I bring it up she gets super judgmental, like I'm spending it on all on alcohol and fast food.

I can assure you, that is not the case. I haven't bought a single drink, the only eating out I've had is a couple days' lunch from the school center, and I learned yesterday after reevaluating my budget that I basically can't eat out at all! Or, you know, DO ANYTHING.

Need new shoes? Nope. Go see a movie? Nope.

For once, I don't need to buy books, because my mom keeps shipping me mine from home. Hopefully she doesn't send me too many more, I already have an entire shelf-full, and considering I'm functionally living out of two suitcases that's a bit much. The ironic part of this? I still have a Barnes and Noble gift card from Christmas.

Luckily I don't have to be spending money on a car, but at the same time, not having money on top of not having a car just exacerbates my problem of feeling trapped here. Not on the island, but by my situation.

I need a new bike seat. "Need" because the one that came with the bike is SO SHITTILY DESIGNED. It curves a ton, which is nice if you're dicking around the block like a five-year old, but god forbid you need to commute with a backpack on your back! I have the nose turned down a SHIT TON already, and the fact that the back of the seat is curved up even more pushes you forward into the dipped center-- why would you design that on a bike seat-- so now you are not sitting on your butt bones but more on your crotch area and just FUCK YOU, SEAT DESIGNERS.

But I didn't go to the bike store, you know why? Because it is five miles away, on the other side of Honolulu, and even though it's only five miles it is through the city which is just terrible on bike. It makes me feel like I'm driving through Chicago. (They really need better bike roads here.) And I don't have the money to spend on what I would like to spend it on, which is 1) a new bike seat, 2) a second water bottle cage and bottle, and 3) a Longboard Lager jersey which is DEFS not happening because they are $75. Oh and also 4) a waterproof stem mount bag so I can stick my phone in there and use it as an odometer. I'd kinda like to buy a pair of cleats and some clips for my pedals, but right now that is a far-off dream. And I didn't feel like it was worth riding a half hour through traffic on rides I don't know with terrible drivers to the nearly-industrial part of town so I can sit in a shop for an hour while they give me a check-up on my bike and I feel guilty for buying things I need or want.

Anyway. So not going anywhere just exacerbates my feeling trapped, but I don't have the money to go see anything and it's kinda hard to go anywhere around here without a car. And I don't exactly have any people to just hop on the bus with and go to Chinatown or anything, because last time we tried that... OH THAT'S RIGHT, EVERYONE CRAPPED OUT ON ME. (Okay, not technically the last time, last time only half the people crapped out on us. But statistically that is 75% failure rate.)

And on top of that! The whole time I was at home I was talking about working at the zoo (trying to get in contact with someone there, it is RIGHT DOWN THE HILL IT WOULD BE PERFECT) and such, and mom was saying "oh, you probably won't have time for a job, most grad students are expected to be working on classes like a full time job". Now here we are, I could dip into my savings but I'm trying not to because I need that to pay for school, I'm eating whatever's on sale and probably not getting enough fruits and veggies, and my mom asks me why I'm not working. AUGH. Maybe because I spend more time in the studio in the week than I likely ever spent on homework for a single engineering class for a year?! And I am exaggerating very little. In the past three weeks I spent two entire weekends in the studio.

You know what we've also found out more of this week? Using the plotter is a $5 print job per page. Using the laser cutter is $2+ $1 per minute. So on top of the fact that the school doesn't have any student software licenses, we have to buy all our own modeling materials, AND PAY FOR ALL THE PRINTERS AND SHOP TOOLS PER USE. I understand you don't want kids in there abusing the 3D printer or hogging the laser cutter. BUT FOR FUCK'S SAKE, WHAT AM I PAYING YOU $14000+ A SEMESTER FOR IF I AM ALSO BUYING ALL MY OWN MEDIA?!

Speaking of which? I have to go to the bookstore tomorrow, and the craft store over the weekend, for guess what-- you guessed it-- MORE SUPPLIES! Meanwhile my checking account reads zero.

I think the part that's killing me the most that is on top of everything else, I would just like to go on a bike ride to train for TOSRV one weekend day, or ride down to the beach and swim and sit there for a few hours. Hasn't happened yet. Don't know how I'm going to train for TOSRV this way, all I can do right now is force myself to work as hard as I can to get up the hills on the way home.

Which, today, on the longest and steepest hill, I accidentally pulled out in front of a full-length fire truck thinking it was The Bus which would turn on the route rather than go up the hill. NOPE! So that was a little terrifying having them barrelling down on me while I tried to ride as quickly as I could...

So. My goals currently. See if I can find a part-time job that I can actually travel to. This is difficult because I don't really trust riding my bike or the bus at night, and I have to be working in the studio so many hours a day. Find a cheaper grocery store? I would love to find an Aldi-equivalent. I can't seem to find any coupons for any of the things I buy, and even though I'm a "club member" and I'm supposed to be saving, I really don't see much benefit currently. And I am trying, beyond all belief, to not just go to Walmart. One, it's downtown anyway so travel would be a hassle, but two, it's Walmart. Lastly, scholarships. Gotta find some. Found out today that architecture ones are unlikely considering that, apparently, white girls are the largest percentage of architecture students. But come on, there has to be an engineering/design one out there somewhere! Female engineers are one of the lower statistical groups! FUUUCCKKK

On the plus side of things, I shot off an email to the guy in the themed design group I'm in who sends out all the newsletters and things, asking him if there was anyone (around the offices) who could help me look for internships. Right away he asked what I did, and then I didn't hear back from him for a week. I asked if he had any ideas of people to contact, thinking there might be someone who was a membership person who could point me in the right direction. Turns out he sent out emails to different people and is trying to find someone who might take an intern/co-op. And then TWO I accidentally realized today he's like one of the top group member-people, and I'm a little embarrassed. I'm also a little uneasy because it's more out of my control-- I don't ask people about internships so I don't get any of the no's along with any possible leads, so I have no idea where the situation stands. I didn't know he was going to be doing the asking for me, so I should have told him more than just "engineering and architecture", but I figured he was busy and I should keep it as short as possible and that I could set up more of a sales pitch later on down the line when I emailed companies-- so hopefully I don't end up with a strictly-ride-engineering firm co-op, although that would still be fascinating I am sure. (Just not the kind of design I'd like to go into, I think.) ON THE OTHER HAND, when you have a big gun sending out emails to companies asking for internships and co-ops?! Hopefully that plays to my advantage, that he can catch the eye of someone really good who will give me a chance.

However now I am super-nervous because I don't know how long to wait to expect to hear back from anyone and I definitely don't want to bombard him with questions as he is very, very busy.

Regardless, I will be mailing him a thank-you note, because holy shit. I did not expect him to send out notes. I just expected, like, a "here's some potential companies that are members, shoot them a line" type email.

Ffffuuuucccckkkkkk my life right now augh
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Well, Paypal's been in the news a bit today, and I, for one, am a sucker for internet battles. Especially when people are coming off pretty scummy. Regardless of one's opinions on Regretsy, SomethingAwful, or Wikileaks-- and actually, someone just linked me to an older-yet-related incident regarding George R. R. Martin-- the fact that PayPal has been less than clear on its policies and seems to repeatedly have pretty poor treatment of their users, the whole thing just rubs me the wrong way. So I am trying to collect a list of alternatives to PayPal. (Deleting facebook comments is actually one of my pet peeves as well. I do not take kindly to censoring.)

I do not personally endorse any of these and all commentary on them is what I can tell from reading their site and others' comments on their services. I am simply trying to collect suggestions into one location.

Here is one large list of alternatives with more information than I have been able to find, although a lot of what folks seemed to be suggesting as alternatives were not listed.

Here is another good post on a few alternate suggestions: 8 Ways To Not Paypal

If anyone would like to leave personal reviews, etc. in the comments (if you have used the services of any of these listed, or know of others), I will be happy to update as I can. - This was the site I saw most recommended in comments of other posts. It links directly to your bank account (with many security measures in place) rather than a credit card. You can use it on your phone, and transactions less than $10 are free. (All other transactions have a flat fee of 25 cents.) You can also hook up your account to social networks such as facebook and twitter in order to split bills between friends, etc. They also mention privacy and transparency in their main explanatory pages (here), which I personally find worth noting. - Second most recommended in comments. Seems to be 3.5% fee, 50 cent minimum. Also mentions security measures and transparency, and has an 800 number as well as other methods of communication listed on every page. They don't mind trolling PayPal, either. - Not as much information presented (to be fair, I'm not pushing around too far or registering for accounts on any of these sites), but it seems very interested in using mobile devices to easily transfer money. - Seems to have many options for sending/recieving money, and has two contact addresses posted on their About Us page. - Upcoming Visa method for transferring money. Mobile support appears to be an option. - From American Express, use your bank account, credit/debit card, or cash. Can be used online, from a mobile device, or with their American Express-based card. - A credit-card reader for vendors that plugs into your mobile device. One commenter said that you are charged $10 for the reader if you buy it in a store, but it is free directly through the website. - An online method for vendors to take credit cards. Seems to be very suppoert-friendly in terms of setting it up on a website. - UK-based online payment system, both business and personal supported. - Online payment system for setting up your own shop website through Google. Monthly sales totals less than $3000 have a per-transaction fee of 2.9% plus 30 cents. Uses credit cards for buyers to pay. - Allows you to set up a checkout system on your own website. Can also create a personal account to send or receive money. Some commenters who used this said it has been buggy, however, not alerting sellers to purchases, etc.

That's all I have for now, feel free to leave more information in the comments! If anyone has any comments on whether these are accepted only in the U.S./worldwide, etc., leave a comment and I will update.

And to lighten the mood a bit... :D
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Yeah, so, don't send me to Second Time Around to look for things. I stumbled upon the Pink Panther Complete Cartoon set (we've been struggling to figure out how many dvds they put out for the 40th anniversary) AND THEN I found the complete movies set WITH Shag's art from the 40th anniversary, which they have since discontinued.

...So that put me back $90.

Plus then I found Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Stardust, a couple other dvds, and a Foreigner cd. And I nearly got Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb for ps2 but that would have put me back an additional $28, which seems rather excessive considering how long it's been out. And the fact that it was, in a previous life, a Hollywood rental disk, which by my guesses probably means it was treated pretty shittily.

Anyway, so overall, I spent $150 which was just kind of D8 soooo yeah. I don't need to spend anything for a while.

And then I got home and tried to use up my Sideshow gift card that came with my crystal skull figurine, but I didn't know you could only use it on certain items (all the expensive ones, of course...) sooo now I have a $25 "gift card" that is basically worthless to me, because all I want is the Indyfans dvd and maybe the decks of cards (which happens to total $22... that I can't use the card on). I mean, there are a couple of different more expensive things in the store I like, but I either don't really want them, don't need them, or they can't be paid for using the card. Uggghhh. (Although I've had the Dressing a Galaxy book on my wishlist forever, I really just can't justify $200-300 on a book.)

BUT I did get my room organized a bunch today, as well as the stuff from shool, so there's not much left to do with that.

Surveying starts tomorrow (ugh) which I'm hoping gets fucked up because of all the rain and we have to spend time doing nothing or having classes cancelled or something. I do not want to spend eight hours a day outside in the rain letting my boots fill up like lakes, thankyouverymuch.

SO HAPPY SUMMER TO ME D: That was my whole break, roughly speaking.

Although I did figure out one good thing today, I can open up some space on this computer if I put all my music & video files on an SD card (which, interestingly, the new specs allow for 2 TB) and since both my laptops and the mp3 player I'm looking at (Creative Zen X-Fi) all have SD slots, I could just keep my media files in one place (and back them up on my external drive) and that way I wouldn't have to worry about syncing my iPod or not having music on my netbook or anything. So, it will take a little bit of an investment, but it sounds like a plan.

My only upset currently is that the X-Fi doesn't necessarily work with MediaMonkey, and there are no Rockbox setups for anything Creative has, and I absoltely refuse to use Windows Media Player. I hate that thing. So I just have to hope for a miracle with MediaMonkey. Hoo boy. (Except... that doesn't necessarily work with Linux? So I'll have to keep running XP.)

[EDIT] Oh, and I actually got mom to want to watch Family Guy (Blue Harvest, because of the Airplane! and Blues Brothers references). She didn't pay much attention, but I'm glad I have it on dvd now so I can just pull it out and laugh heartily.

It's also significantly funnier if you hear the opening titles in your head as Peter saying them, since in essence he is, and it actually makes a lot more sense.


just a link

Jul. 2nd, 2008 12:50 pm
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Just posting this for info. The comm [ profile] livelongnmarry is an auction running until the 15th full of mostly fannish but ALL sorts of people's auctions, with ALL the proceeds going to support the gay marriage sitch in CA and that front in general.

I have ambigrams up for auction here, so if you'd ever wanted one, I mean, I'd make one anyway, but yay charity! Right? So yeah, just passing on the word. =)
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Well, I am a happy camper, for sure. Generally I have just been in a good mood (I think because of hanging out with people and also seeing Indy IV again, and then Serenity, and then trivia night tonight), but I am sure part of it has to do with the 3 3/4" Indiana Jones Hasbro figures. Those things are freakin' addictive! ...I think I have twelve now. I definitely did not anticipate that, and there are more I want to get. Yaaaaay! (Weirdness, though?: the ark does not open, at least as far as I can figure...)

Other news: the thing I was trying to come up with the other night about Indy IV; it was Marion's shoes. The first time I saw the movie I was all "is she wearing Aldens?! Oh hell yeah" but then upon this last viewing, I realized if you look at her major spoiler ) shoes... they are no doubt familiar? Cuteness abounds. (Or geekness. We're not sure yet. The data is inconclusive.)

What else what else what else.

Oh, so I have a comm, [ profile] mercat_inc, that I set up initially as an art journal. If you have it friended, you might want to unfriend it, because I decided that if I do end up getting my webcomic up and running, I think I'm going to have a separate comm, and also I finally have a FANTASTIC use for mercat_inc. Unfortunately it's just to annotate my collection of ideas and projects and resources, and keep them organized and systemized... So something no one else would be interested (and anyway, I'd rather keep my "ideas" sort of private for now). [EDIT: Ignore all this, nobody had the community friended anyway, lol.]

OH MAN, weird dream last night. I don't remember the whole thing, only the end, where my parents drove up next to the garage (which was double-doored and built into a hill, a.k.a. not really our house) in the light-bluish-periwinkleish Honda Civic I saw yesterday. Only it had giant matching antlers on the back. And then, as I looked at it, I realized the antlers also looked like wings, and the front and back were extended and sculpted (and painted to match) and to the sides of the front driver/passenger area was a matching statue of liberty and masthead. CRAZY. So I asked my parents if they'd bought it for me, and they said yes, and I named it the Jackalope, because of the antlers. It was very Foys-ish, but weirder and awesomer. So now I really want a blue car, especially if it's that color. Still debating whether to keep it the parrotheadmobile, or make it more Indy-themed, or buy a small set of mounted antlers for the dash and name it the jackalope. This is, of course, after I even get a new car. So yeah, awesome car dream (oh, and then in the dream we pulled the statues and antler-wings off to make it more driveable).

Things I found out today: Walmart now has two (that I've seen) Indiana Jones birthday cards, no longer the Father's Day card. They're "limited time only" so I'm debating whether that means be a dork and just buy them, or wait and see if they don't disappear before my birthday... and hope I get them. Oh geez! What is a geek to do...? I have the feeling I'll just buy them, because I'm definitely going back to that Walmart by the mall, it has the 3 3/4" scale vehicles which I haven't seen at the other Walmart! Oh geez. Our house room is going to be soooo dorky next year... =)

Ooh, ooh, tonight was trivia night again! SO FUN. Amazingly, though we usually fail on sports questions and I am the least sports-oriented of all on our team, I was still able to answer the first two for us: Don King (which I knew from the Simpsons where Homer becomes a boxer) and polo (the only sport where you are forced to play right-handed, for safety's sake). (I remember reading that on some trivia challenge, and that people also submitted then [and now] cricket and jai-alai. No real idea, but I'd think you could play cricket [Krikkit...?] left-handed, and I honestly have no clue whatsoever about jai-alai.)

Also, the final question was a song/artist: "My Ding-a-ling" which I knew as soon as I heard the crowd cheer (yep... I'm a dork.) and then proceeded to guess "I swear it's some artist like Chuck Berry", so Lara wrote down Chuck Berry and we got the points. XD This sort of stuff is why trivia night is the bomb! (Also, Dudley Do-Right was a TV show theme tonight, and Raider's March was a movie theme, though I think everyone got Raider's March. [who knows, I may have been the only person to get it in the first second, though, lol.])

Finally: there is going to be a fandom-based fundraiser which is being run over at [ profile] livelongnmarry in support of equal marriage rights. I think it's really cool. I'm wondering if I should offer up an ambigram commission? I mean, it's something I enjoy doing, and though I'm no professional, I've had two friends say they want tattoos of the work. (One of them is newer, though, and not posted. I haven't posted a lot of the newer stuff, which I think is a bit cleaner.) The only thing that makes me worry is that tattoo art gets ripped off a lot, it seems, and I think any other uses of the work might end up in some sort of crediting-copyrights-something fiasco? I dunno. Maybe I'm too paranoid. But I really do love the challenge of ambigrams, and I think it's a viable skill for me to offer up for this. Something simple that I will actually get done. I'd really appreciate any thoughts on this.
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Ah, banking. I think one day I will need to hire someone to do my money for me because I am too laid back about it. I keep rough estimates in my head and that's about it. (You should see my checkbook, it's a shame. Good thing I pretty much never use it.)

Sometimes I am too much of an engineer. Now, I know I say that a lot, and what I mean when I say "too much of an engineer" is not that I love engineering (I'm finding the math to be more and more of a chore, and I'm pretty sure any purely-desk job is going to be the death of me) but that my mind is inherently practical. I know it's too simplistic but for the sake of polar opposites (the extremes of a spectrum) there's the engineer and the artist. The artist goes around freely while the engineer is anal-retentive about everything. My issue is that I have the practical, logical side of the engineer inside the artist, but I know that I have the skills and the intelligence to handle the engineering side. (I'm just learning I don't really enjoy it so much.)

The whole main stupid point of this is that coming home from being AWAY away for school, I've noticed some social abnormalities that drive my mom insane but work for me. And I have the distinct feeling living with someone who was not a careless college student would be somewhat awkward or a social challenge. For example, I don't really clean. I mean, I keep things clean enough to work, but I don't organize my stuff because what gets used most is where I need it and I organize things by memory. Where was that little craft part I needed? Oh yeah, I last saw it organizing my closet so it's on the craft shelving in my closet on the supplies shelf in the bits box. However this drives my mom insane.

Anyway, that's just an example. This thing will be the death of me because I won't want to keep track of finances, or make elaborate meals (elaborate meaning, like... normal), or keep things as well maintenanced as they should be.

(Except for some reason I file things on my computer to an inane degree. If they invented tag systems for storage rather than folders, I will die happy.)

DAMN YOU LAZINESS WHEN DID YOU KICK IN (Seriously when I was in gradeschool I used to be super-driven, I don't know what happened.)

all pau =(

May. 7th, 2008 10:54 am
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Seriously, rip-off. I just got $5.50 back for a hundred dollar book, and that's all they would buy. WUT
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Ah... this whole Indiana Jones thing is not good for my bank account. Damn you limited editions!

Ah, well, at least I'm working this summer and not marching.

Sooo...May 16th... BW3's Indiana Jones trivia tournament night. Oh yes. Fairfield Commons, I'm there. PWNINATION WILL COMMENCE

(and yes, I realized I missed a post yesterday, I'll make up for it. For now I'm off to dindin)


Apr. 11th, 2008 02:50 pm
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Good news: my blood pressure roughly a year ago was 98/52, or something stellar like that. I doubt a year later, when I'm more in shape (and getting more fruits and veggies), that my bp would be that bad. So I'm hoping it was just nerves, even though I was telling myself I was fine. Just goes to show you.

Bad news? Someone charged $250-something plane tickets on the charge card I'm using out here. (Not mine, my parents'.) This is a problem because I've never not had it with me, and I haven't bought my flights to Maui yet, which would be no more than $150 anyhow. Fucking hell... how did they get the card number? Makes me nervous that I did something wrong. =(


Apr. 10th, 2008 06:00 pm
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So I did end up giving blood today. Not really any problems. Getting your finger stuck for iron testing does hurt for a good few minutes, but not worse than any other cut. Plus it's cool to see them doing the iron test. One weird thing, they ask you if your blood can be used for patients, and they leave the room and you pick a "yes" or "no" barcode and stick it on your form. Anyone know as to why? I mean, they tell you that you can't be giving blood just to be tested for diseases, and I cannot think of another possibility whatsoever for a pint of blood. (Unless there's a secret hive of vampires somewhere feeding on blood rejects. They're already not-quite-dead-but-not-alive so I think AIDS and hep C is not a problem for them, as blood type probably is not. Can you imagine that, vampires subject to blood type? Like, an allergic reaction. That would be bad, I think.) ANYWAY. The needle going in wasn't really the bit that hurt, it's just that it takes a few minutes for the anticoagulant to settle, and it burns a little. My arm got warm after the burning went away and for a minute I was afraid that I was leaking blood into my muscle or something, so I mentioned it to the guy and he said "warm?" in a kind of weird look, but then I thought, oh, it's probably just the anticoagulant again, and it went away after that so I'm not too concerned. The weirdest part for me was them filling up all the sample tubes, because on the first tube of each set (seriously, two small red-capped ones and three big purple-capped ones. What are they doing with all these samples?!) you felt a little suction because there was all that space. I tend to be very sensitive to physics, so I don't know if most people notice it, but I felt it. I'm such an engineer sometimes. I sat there and worried that I was going to pump blood into my muscles and wondered what happens to your veins as you donate blood--do they just sort of deflate with lower pressure? Because I know getting air in your bloodstream is a BAD, BAD thing, and you're not getting pumped back up with anything. And when they fill the vials, where does the air go? Um, and something else, later, but I can't remember what it was, just that I am very much an engineer when I analyze things. I was afraid I would maybe faint or get dizzy so I made sure to eat two breakfasts and a big lunch and drink lots of fluids, but I didn't have any problems. I do feel kind of tired and listless now, and the arm that had blood drawn from it feels rather muscularly tired. So I'm wondering if it's just that there's lack of blood there or if the bandage was a little too tight and lessened the amount of blood going through there, but I could definitely fall asleep right now with no problem. I'm exhausted.

The package from my parents finally came, so I filled up on blondies. =) They're a little staleish already, but they're still so delicious. Plus since you're supposed to eat hardily after giving blood, I have no regrets. =)

I had to think though, I haven't been to the doctor in a while, but all the same I've never got a comment on my blood pressure. I mean, I didn't today, either, but I suddenly wondered what the numbers meant. I don't really get it but I texted the numbers to my mom hoping she'd explain the formula to me. Rather, she told me that was kind of high and that it was probably nerves but when I come home she'd test it again. Oh, and, just thought of this, I haven't been to the doctor in a while but I get shots often enough that I would probably still know if I had issues. But, uh, I was trying to keep myself pretty calm, and so I wasn't really nervous. Once they put the needle in later I started shaking because my hand was a little cold and I was nervous something would happen (I dunno, needle would get knocked, something), but it wasn't a bad shaking, more like a shivering shake, so, I dunno. But I looked up the BP values, and while my diastolic pressure is normal, my systolic blood pressure is "stage 1". Which, I dunno what that means, but looking at the chart there's normal, prehypertension, hypertension, stage 1, and stage 2. So that doesn't bode well, and considering I'm overthinking and analyzing things all the time, getting nervous over inane shit, I wonder what it all means.

At the same time, filling out the forms I was grateful that my health has been simple so far. No allergies, no diseases, no med problems, just broke my arms in 1996, you know? Anyway. Oh, the thing they took your temp with was pretty cool. It was this TINY stick with small metal dots under the plastic, and I really wanted to know how it worked. Hm, now that I think about it, my temp was 98.8 so maybe I was nervous. Anyhow. I got a blue bandage, it was pretty cool until it started feeling weird in regards to the circulation and strength in my arm.

I finished the Gaiman book, it was good. Gaiman, Adams, and Jones, being my favorite authors, make me wonder if there's something about being raised with a British sense of humor that makes you look at the world differently. I mean the Brits are, maybe stereotypically, but nonetheless truthfully, practical in the way they see things (whereas comparatively you may say Americans are stereotypically but nonetheless very prideful about things). Just the way they all address their topics, it's the same old world we all know but there's something we didn't see behind it. Not that it's some spectacular new thing that got discovered, no, it's old, it's been there ages, we just happened upon it now or just started caring. And I can't for the life of me think of an American author who has written like that, at least in the experience of the books I've read. The Giver? That's the first alternate-world book I can think of, and no, that's not it. And I think of all the fictions I can, and all of them are their own spectacular alternate universes, not this world, this real world, at all. Maybe Alice in Wonderland, but everyone says that guy was on drugs, and that makes me sad. And Narnia, maybe, but the fact that it's a Christian allegory really does kill a lot of it, though I suppose it helps to no longer believe all the things you're taught are true. Or, relatively true and now symbolically true, nonetheless, faith tenets or whathaveyou.

Ah! Well, Carroll was English and Lewis was Irish, so maybe that explains that. I don't know. I just wish I could lock myself away and read Gaiman and Jones and Adams all the time so I could still feel like I had stories to write. I dunno, I've always liked writing, but what I've determined is that I'm a modeler, of sorts. I'm obsessed with things. If I were a pirate I'd hunt treasure all the time, and it's pretty clear that my obsession with Indiana Jones isn't as much the character himself as what he's seen, what he's found. COSI? Adventure. And if I ever have good plot ideas, they're things. Objects that can help set the stage. I'm a stage-setter. I'm a designer. But I don't write the plays, I can't. I can't ad-lib for shit and I struggle to pay attention to my part in the dialogue anyhow. Ask me a question out of the blue, and it takes me a second to register you might be addressing me, unless you're looking at me or something. And the answers I give are never the answers I mean to give, usually. Which is why I can't stand being teased, I suppose, I don't know how to react and the puns and jokes and prods always come about ten minutes too late. Unless we start talking about how things work, and then I can expound for ages, reveling in the minutiae. But look what happened with my eighth grade play, um, let's not go there. Suffice it to say it's the reason, even though I live for singing, that I didn't put myself in the musical until senior year. And even then (and now) I'm still pissed as hell when people don't memorize their lines, don't standardize their actions so they can perfect the details. Maybe that's why I'm in my element with marching band. It's all memorized. Everything. Your voice, your movements, your focus, and when it comes down to it, my only real challenge is strength and the details I need to perfect it. Volume. Tone. Fuck, I don't even focus on tone anymore, it's instinctual.

But I (completely) digress. I can't write a plot for beans. Give me someone else's story, let me see their characters in the dimmest light, and I can fix plotholes and give them a better MacGuffin and rewrite their dialogue to be more in line with their emotion. But I can't see the characters. I could look in a mirror and see another world but I couldn't tell you the ghosts, only maybe that there were some and they had shards of dreams that kept them there, trapped. I dunno.

Hah, so, really, co-authoring's my shtick. You have characters and a good feel for the plot? Great, I'll solidify it, make it real. Maybe I'm missing something. Who knows.

I write a lot better in my head, too. When I'm driving or walking or whathaveyou. But I can't talk out loud to record it and when I sit down to write the things that need to be said have already been said and I can't say them as eloquently a second time, only grasp at straws and hope I can find the train of thought, if it's still there even.

Oh, I forgot to say, when I gave blood, I had a headache a little later, too. Hopefully I stop feeling so tired, though.

Intersting article I had to read from 2000; mild developmental autism may be linked to mercury poinsoning... found in medicine. So kids were getting mercury poisoning from their medicine, good going there on someone's part.


41 days! I'm back to being excited again, which is good news, for sure. Also found out there may be a mini-meetup in Ohio for people from my favorite Indy website, and it's in Fairborn. Woohoo! I offered to help out, since I was planning one already for Dayton-and-close-Ohio folks. That way I could meet some COW folks and not feel as guilty for probably not going to New York in June (wait, isn't there a song about that? help me, what am I thinking of). I was kind of stressing because I mean it would be the ultimate thing to go to the midnight premiere with local COW friends, but at the same time I would feel bad not taking my usual movie-going crowd with me. This is still, slightly, an issue, however, there's a chance it could be solved. One of the COW folks said he is friends with a manager (?) at a local theatre and was wondering if they could get a limited early-showing for the COW crowd. Now THAT would be fucking awesome because then I wouldn't feel it as necessary to show up at least (at least) an hour early to get top-notch seats and also I could take the usual crowd to the midnight premiere and not worry about them spoiling it with their freaking commentary.

Um, I mean, really, I love you guys (to all of you who may or may not be reading this, I'm not going to specify which), BUT, yes, I have several friends who give a bit too much commentary for something like this. I mean usually we end up seeing mediocre movies or movies I don't really care about, so a commentary is an improvement and not a huge deal. But really, this is a very important thing for me, as stupid as it may sound. The reason I love it is the completely mysterious adventure, and now I live for it. And this is really a once-in-a-lifetime thing, to see a new one, now, and I'll be damned if anyone's going to ruin it for me with commentary and snark, as harmless as it may seem. And really, it is harmless, and I mean no offense, but no matter, this is important for me, which is why I was (and am) leaning toward seeing my first viewing with people as equally obsessed. So for all those who were planning on going with me, I hope you can understand. Although I doubt you care, this movie isn't so important to you. E];D

BUT! Further than this discussion I bring more linkage. Shit is popping up everywhere and I haven't seen ANY of it! Cereal, pop-tarts, ice creams, candies... WHERE ARE YOUUUU, PACKAGING?! I think a trip to Wal-Mart may be in order. (That cereal? Looks terrible. But damned if you're going to stop me from getting it. I was going to refrain from buying ALL the stuff, because some of it is just "get the Raiders DVD with X proofs-of-purchase!" [proof-of-purchases?], and some of it wasn't anything other than a decorated box. But with poptarts you can get a canteen now and there is a... cereal bar? overseas that you can get a cool spoon with, and I am totally jealous.)

Oh god, after this year I am going to hate myself. I have always always always been a saver when it comes to money, and I used to only go overboard with books. (I still do.) I care a little more about fashion these days but nonetheless I am a cheapskate. ("Fashion" money goes more towards costumes, now, but it's still more than I used to buy.) But all this Indiana Jones stuff! It's a good thing I'm only in the market for the quality stuff (uh, all the books, though), probably the legos and maybe some action figures and maybe some cards (really all I want are the art cards, stills from the movies hold none of my interest). But, um, the Potato Head I don't care for (WAIT. Actually, I hate it, I just want the little hat so I can pose it on the cats and stuff.) and the MightyMuggs or whatever they're called look absolutely ridiculous, and I think a rather large proportion of the marketing is childish, which makes me upset. No idol models or anything? Seriously. Who wouldn't want one of those?! I guess I'll hold out for years down the line when I buy a SA nearly-perfect one (ah, which will run me around $500). But nonetheless. So far the money went into costuming (the hat, and a ring, which incidentally I'm not big on the costume so much as the character of each item), and if there's aliens in the movie I can't see myself buying much more toys-wise than the classics. I'm determined to get my hands on one of those action figures though, just so I can have the little gold idol so I can put a hole through it and wear it as a necklace.

Ah, right, I told you I had links.

Gravity-defying homes, some of which make me think the authors have never heard of cantilevering. Or seen a cylinder before in their lives. (Seriously, like, come on.) The first one is just bad design, from all the other articles on it I've read; it's all wood, a lot of it is unstable and rotting, so, it's weak engineering at best. Notably, House on the Rock's Infinity Room is not on the list, making me doubly sure that the authors don't really seem to understand their own name of "gravity-defying". Cantilevering is always amazing, to me, even if I know how it works. It's just that cool. Cylindrical buildings, or buildings with stilts? Hardly.

OH FUCK YES a Homestar Runner game! Sadly for Wii. I don't really like the Wii. I'm willing to give it a few more shots, I mean I've only done bowling, and yeah it's good for exercise but besides DDR and GH I'm a classic-controller kid. However, it will also be out for PC, I think, so there's always that damn-my-computer-is-too-slow route. (Speaking of which the, uh, Half-Life or Unreal-Tournament or whatever that networked game we used to play at Joe and Jen's was, I love it and I miss it. ALSO, I still need to get my hands on Ghost Recon, especially since we have a PS2 at home now. I loved that game.)

Interesting: Indiana Jones and the recession" (Do people know how to write titles anymore? Seriously? GRAMMAR) Interesting. Is it sad that I'm hoping the economy will get weak enough to cause people to start caring more about consumption of resources like food and gas and stuff? =( Our society is too wasteful.

Quite possibly the coolest cake I've ever seen. No, actually, I'm totally lying, I've seen things a million times better. But if you can imagine the skills of a real cake artist crossed with Indiana Jones, well, then, I'd probably put it in a museum instead of eating it. And for a shitty store-cake, that one's damn good (minus the boulder inaccuracy, but let's not even go there, I don't think you want to hear it). Almost as cool as my mom's homemade Little Mermaid cake and probably as cool as the Winnie the Pooh cake, from which I still have the Piglet and Pooh figures (which may have been the only ones). Or Laura has Piglet (I know she was the only one ever to have a Piglet doll), and I have Pooh. (I count it in my 2...2? I forget if I'm at 21, 22, or 23 now. FUCK. Forgot I still need a Hawaiian Pooh! Missioooooon~)

AND NOW! The links where I mock all the shitty advertisement that's going out with this movie.

*headdesk* I'm not sure this photoshopper has ever seen a whip move. I mean... EVERYTHING is wrong with that picture. I think artists just enjoy drawing the lines, like snakes, or something. I can't figure out how you put together--professionally!--something that bad.

No, that's not it either. *facepalm facepalm facepalm* You can't swing on whips. And if that's a vine, it's the most boring vine I've ever seen, and the body/face comparison is HILARIOUSLY bad. And, uh, I think his shirt's the wrong color, too.

MightyMugg idol... sadly that's the best one.

I...what? No, seriously... what? I have no words.

That... is kind of more creepy than anything.

NOW THIS IS WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT. Do want. Also reminds me I should pull out my old (OLD) yellow airplane spoon, that thing was kick-ass. And more! Except we don't get that cereal here.

What is this shit? Scratch that, I'd buy the Snickers bars. But hell no on the other stuff, unless we're getting backs like this, and, from what I understand, we're not. (We're getting DVD offers, just in case you didn't already own the set from the original DVD release, and didn't plan on buying them when they come out in a few weeks [yeah, just the three], and don't plan on buying them when a set of all four comes out [I'm calling 2011, Raiders' 30th, you'll see]. WTF)

This magazine is only sold in hobby stores. Buy me two with the limited edition cover and I'll pay you back, loooove youuuu... (Oh my god, the first thing I do when I get home will be hit up Dark Star. SO SAD)

See? Portugal. Why can't we have these nice things?

DISNEYLAND. DO WANT. Somebody get their hands on this for me. (Ohmygod, I can ask my roommate Demyla! She goes all the time! Yaaay)

What the fuck is this shit? The jist I get from the website is that it's a deck of cards for playing War... with Indiana Jones pictures. See, decks like this piss me off. Nice if it was just an Indiana Jones deck of cards, but no, when you specialize it to one game it becomes wasteful and stupid. WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE THINKING.

This canteen has the potential to be Really Cool.

This? The coolest action figure ever. I'm waiting til they release the price, but no doubt I won't get it. The bad ones are at least $90. Fuuuuuuck.
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So, I feel kind of bad I haven't been updating on schedule like I promised, but after that huge Indyspam I kind of ran out of things to show for a bit, and I haven't been in the mood to dredge up trivia.

BUT! I am trying to get myself back on schedule, and I STILL need to post my vacation photos to flickr! And I come bearing good things:

I found another good webcomic! w00t w00t! I think the best description of it would be a mashup between Cyanide and Happiness and xkcd:

45 days until Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull! I'm SOOOOOO EXCIIITEEEED. (I'm also fearful of how much money I'm going to be dropping on this hobby over the year. Good for the economy, bad for my bank account.) Anyway, I think you should check out this totally awesome background info from the guy who did a few banners for The Raider. And if that's not enough, here's some more awesome.

I'm not sure how I feel about an Indy cartoon. First of all I am like 90% opposed to fanfic as it stands, and I am afraid that the cartoon would come off the wrong way, with people changing the character a bit too much to be what they wanted to be, or misinterpreting it. =/ On the other hand, it could be totally bitchin'. I think that the main reason I'm afraid it would sort of pervert the fandom is 1) look what happened to Star Wars and 2) would Lucas AND Spielberg AND Ford be involved? Probably not, and they're pretty much key to the character, in my opinion. (Then again, after Indy 4, there's a good chance I'll come out ranting and raving about how much George Lucas ruins everything he touches. Good 50/50 chance on that one. I'm either going to love it, or I'm going to loveit-hateit.)

I keep having this fanfic discussion with people on different subjects, and it just reminded me of the ONE attempt I had at it, when I was first kind of discovering what the internet was and how much it was a fandom tool (and what fandom was). I think I've posted about this before, but it made me really happy thinking about it last night. I only had about a chapter but Marion had come back and Indy was going to the South American pyramids... hehehe.

In other news, who's ready to panic about the economy?! WOOO! I suck at following news and politics and everything like that, but the fact that we talk about it almost every history class, and I've been seeing so many people in debt for so long (just... our modern culture in general), and the fact that SKYBUS CLOSED THE OTHER DAY, RIGHT AFTER ALOHA AIRLINES AND ATA!!!PANIC!!! yes. I think I am nervous because I don't know what all that means. I mean we're not going to have a Great Depression, are we, just perhaps people being more considerate (god forbid) of their actions? THAT WOULD BE NICE.

In the meantime anyone hear about that plant they found that makes diesel? I mean yay for convenience but boo on green revolution. =(
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I am watching Kill Bill right now, and it is amazing. I love that it doesn't feel like a movie, because all the different elements put together make it more alive somehow. It also has fucking RAD music. (Wait, who the fuck says "rad" anymore?) Uh, it kicks ass...

Also, they are playing Rock Band upstairs. While I do not begrudge them of the fact that it is probably an awesome game (as Guitar Hero is), they are dreadfully out of tune and WHO FUCKING DECIDED THE DRUM PART WOULD BE QUARTER NOTES, THAT IS NOT HARD. ALSO, THE PAD NEEDS TO BE MORE DENSE, I DO NOT RIDE THE FUCKING DRUM BUS FOR A FUCKING REASON. After three years of winter percussion I do not mind drumming, but they invented drum pads for a REASON! Also, you (the people playing upstairs) suck. I would be more willing to forgive you if you were not also wrestling/choreographing fight scenes/making bowling-ball-dropping noises for three hours very afternoon. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING UP THERE.

Also, the drinking problem I inherited from my mother has returned. =( It resurfaces about once ever year, for both of us...

I spilled my Mountain Dew slushie on my lap. ='( I am a sad panda. (What, you think I'm a drinker or something? I lived on the dry floor.)

OH MAN, I have weird ways with money, too. My sister is a spender. She will spend most any money she has, and I think the only reason she might have money in her bank account right now is because my mom made her start putting some in from her paycheck. (She does work, though, so that's good.) For some reason I have always been a saver. I hoard money like there's no tomorrow. Unless you got me in a bookstore, I never used to spend money. Even going (a little) crazy in a bookstore (or, actually, I could go nuts in an art store, too), I feel guilty, especially if I devour the magazine/book right away, because I could have got it from a library. But one day I want to have my own library so I like to have copies of all the magazines/books/cds/movies I like. (Yeah, I hoard a lot of things. I have a few boxes full of trashy bits for craft projects [I love recycled crafts], but don't worry, they're all clean, and I'm not saving any food garbage or anything. minus that green gummy bear from fifth grade, that thing is fucking hilarious) ANYWAY, so, I usually second- and triple-guess myself before buying anything, ESPECIALLY if it's over $20. (It's dangerous for me to go shopping now, though--since Lara got me into costuming, I'm more likely to find clothing I like! It's crazy. I saw some sweet silver shoes with NOT TOO HIGH HEELS at the mall yesterday, which I may have to go back for because you really don't see heels that low that often. And, they're silver. Shiiiinyyyyy.)

BUT! I have been considering and considering buying an iPod for a long time, because I would find it useful for roadtrips (I love roadtrips), and they keep getting cheaper. But they keep getting better, too, and since I'm not in a rush I have all the money saved ($300, roughly), and haven't bought one yet.

Since the iPod touch just came out and isn't a hard drive, but a flash drive (if I've been informed correctly), then I'm going to wait for that to go up to a huge amount of storage space and a cheaper price. I think then I'll get one.

But in the meantime, something else has been calling out to my wallet... a new fedora. When I first got into Indiana Jones, the fandom (I really hate calling it that, because it's a much more different crowd than other fandoms) was just starting off online, and I followed it really closely. IndyFan, The Indy Experience, and IndyGear were my favorite places. For some reason I didn't visit The Raider as much. Anyway, IndyGear was just getting started as a place where people went to nitpick over the costuming, and I've kind of been following the site ever since. But when I finally got up the guts to start posting on forums, they'd closed the forum to posting unless you had an ISP email, which we didn't. So... I couldn't join until I got to UD and had a student email.

But back when I was first learning it all, there really weren't many options for the gear. (Now you can get completely screen sccurate gear for pretty much any scene in the first three movies, for Indy at least. Not as much demand for other characters. I'm working on Willie's dress because it's AMAZING and no one's been able to find any fabric close enough to to the original [which was antique].) The "real deal" for the hat (a Herbert Johnson from England, who made the hats for the movies, who also made hats for the royal family so was hard to get a hold of and not too picky about details) was about $300 and considered a lot. So most people went with cheaper "close enoughs" (as they're called) and fixed them up a little themselves. Some companies started making hats that were a little closer. Over time some guys started making completely screen accurate hats, but they're definitely more expensive now, and I think they all just started within the past year or two (at least, commercially; they were sort of halfway hobby-ing it before, investigating what it took to do it as a job). In the meantime, I went with the "official" licensed hat, which I could ask for for my birthday because it was less than hundred dollars. I got it, and I loved it, and I treated it carefully because it was a hundred fucking dollars and I didn't want to ruin it. (I think I got it for my birthday before eighth grade? I can't exactly recall.) I kind of fell away from the IndyGear forums because I was only really interested in the hat, (I read the props stuff every once in a while, too, but I must admit there aren't too many I want. We'll see. I only want them if they're done right, whereas a lot of people just want pretty good ones and want anything from the series. I don't begrudge them that, but I really don't want [I can't even understand wanting] a $2000 goldplated ark. Even Marion's headpiece; they're too major for me to want. Sankara stones? Maybe, because there were a bunch of them. Idol? Definitely, it was kind of obscure and I like mesoamerican stuff. Ark/grail...? I dunno. You don't just go around having the effing Ark of the Covenant sitting in your basement with your projection screen home theatre. Though it would make a hilarious coffeetable. ohmigod I tangented in the middle of a sentence I'm so sorry) and then when I came back there had really been a jump. $250-$300 is average price hat range; what I have is now not as good because even though it's official, it's apparently a piece of junk. (Seriously, they didn't make them very similarly.) One of the guys who got into making screen accurate hats for everybody (there's a pretty damn big market) started his own business using the materials of the original hats (same sources), and they're the more expensive hats on the markets. But he's a pretty cool guy. (It's nice knowing all these pretty major players in the Indy fan world--IndyGear has a sort of family to it. They won't let you join if you're using a free email, and it's really VERY limited posting. Gear, props, stuff related to archaeology, and stuff related to the movies or fan movies. Pretty much NOTHING off topic, which I both like and don't like. It prevents people from fighting and also playing forum games [which I hate], but sometimes I want to talk other things. Eh, with this next movie the "indirectly related" section has been a bit more off-topic, but not too much. I think I like it that way. Also, they hard-core moderate, which is easier with more limited numbers, and it keeps idiots away. Also very accomodating to non-english speakers. Lots of IRL contact [summits, get-togethers, a journal that gets passed off from member to member] and lots of humor. It's quite a familial place. Also, I'm debating going to New York for a summit while my parents go down to OBX a week early. I don't know how they'd take it though. "Hey, I'm going to NY by myself to meet these people I know online who are completely different than most people online" [yeah, I can see that one falling apart real fast--my sister's trying to convince me to do it secretly but I would feel too guilty...I guess I just have to wait for the rebellious attitude to kick in {yeah, right}]) ANYWAY (sorry about all the tangets, it's how my brain works), so this guy got the contract to make the hats for Indy IV, HOW COOL IS THAT? (Also, Baron's hats is trying to say they made all the hats, when apparently they were cheap, lazy asses whose hats sucked and didn't make the cut even when given a few chances. They claimed they made Ford's hats directly, too, so I think Adventurebilt is going to sue them. GO STEVE AND MARC WE LOVE YOU [creepy... just dad's name is Mark and my uncle is Steve. LOL, I love coincidences])

ANYHOW! I am so far off tangent it's not even funny. Guilty about spending. Love costuming. Love Indy. Can't justify so much money even when it's somehting I love. Hats got more expensive, found out mine was a ripoff from Lucasfilm. =(

In summary: I AM BUYING A HERBERT JOHNSON. It is $300 and even though I love that it's the "real deal," I just have some sort of innate money-spending guilt-trigger. I feel terrible about spending that much money on something so unimportant. But my mom didn't care, she knows I'm a saver and she said "whatever makes you happy," which I'm glad she did, because I went ahead and did it. (It's going to take three to four months to size it and ship it... I REALLY hope it gets there in time for the fourth movie.) In order to feel less guilty I decided I'm going to put as much or more money into starting a Roth IRA, though. Apparently if you put $2000 a year into a Roth IRA starting when you're 18, you'll have $1,000,000 by retirement. I don't think I can do $2000 a year yet, but the sooner you get started, the better. (Can't do that much now ESPECIALLY with corps. I want to spend so much on Indy stuff before it disappears again, but corps costs soooo much money...) So, even though I feel bad about money disappearing from my checking account, it's going to important things. (Also, I'm kind of sad being in a sorority costs so much. Where does all this money go? We still have to pay for lots of things and do assloads of fundraisers.)

So, in summary of my SUPER tangential TL;DR: I am getting a new, AUTHENTIC, Indiana Jones fedora! The hat geek in me is in love. Guilty Money Conscience it trying to squish it but I think when the hat arrives everything will be okay.

I also want to start planning for May 22 now, because I've run into some snags. Do I go see the midnight showing with IndyGear people? We'd all be on the same level of appreciation; whereas if I went with my friends, whom I love dearly, I'm pretty sure they'd have fun but they'd still mock it (and talk through it a little) which makes me a sad kitten. But I don't want to alienate them... and if I go with different "groups" of people at different times, are they going to be insulted because they know I didn't go with them to the midnight showing? What about parties? I'm definitely going to watch all three back to back to back before the fourth one, and jump around excitedly for about a month beforehand, but who do I invite? Do I have separate parties? When do I hold different ones? This makes me a sad panda because I am one of those people who gets along with anybody and wants to always have parties where EVERYONE I know is invited and everyone gets to know eachother and the scenes mesh a little. But other people don't always like that. =(

I mean, I'm willing to meet EVERYONE at midnight for Indy IV, but only if they promise not to say ANYTHING until it's over. And I don't think that the IndyGear folks would necessarily appreciate meeting all my friends, because we can get a little racous and I've obviously developed a foul mouth (though I can turn it off in certain company) in the past year or so.

I don't know... what are all your thoughts? I'd love advice, and I'd love to know who wants to go.

Plus, I saw Hitchhiker's three times in theatres. (Once with... Pat and Cayman? Once with my grandparents, and then again in the cheap theatres with my parents.) I'm definitely going to see Indy IV many times, which is going to be expensive, but I'm going to have a hard time not seeing it so many times. Like, at midnight and then again later in the day. And then how many times am I going to see it that week?! Auuuugh. Sooo many queeeestiooooons. Help?

ANYWHOZLE. It's been a pretty good day. I can't wait for my hat (and for my bank account to refill). What am I going to wear to Kipu Falls since I won't have my hat by Spring Break?! Damn... good thing I brought my leather jacket. (except that will be fucking TOO HOT) There's going to be a lot of cool Indy IV marketing, though a lot of it is trying to drag the kids in like they did for Star Wars and that makes me sad. A lot of it looks pretty crappy. Makes me proud to know all the good prop and costume makers though; even if it's all handmade and custom (and cease-and-desist-shut-down by Lucasfilm for the time being), it's the REAL fans. INDY MR. POTATO HEAD SUCKS A MILLION PIECES OF ASS.

Also, I hate Dr. Pepper. Anyone know anything good to mix it with to make it drinkable? (I've heard orange juice...? And I don't do alocohol.) And some shitty Indy poptarts... and crappy looking toys... goddamn you, George Lucas.

SPOILER (highlight to read, if you dare) I swear to fucking god if there are any aliens in this movie I'm going to FLIP MY SHIT. Someone will die. /SPOILER

So... yeah. Yay hat! Boo Lucasfilm marketing. Man, did you hear that they edited the American trailer? Apparently the MPAA won't allow violence or something, so they edited the fact that the guns are pointed at Indy and Ray Winstone's character. (I mean, come on, seriously? They just got roughhoused out of a car BY MEN WITH GUNS. And then afterward LOTS OF PEOPLE DIE FIERY DEATHS.) I guess it's not too bad (it's really just the MPAA being a bit ridiculous), but ADDING IN THE AMERICAN FLAG? Seriously. Whatthefuck. I don't think we're too stupid to figure out they're in the US. (omg russians in america the world is comingtoanendPANIC)

BAH. I am too paranoid that this movie will suck like SWI/II/III and that makes me sad. Sad kittens. Sad puppies. Sad pandas. SAD THINGS EVERYWHERE. CRYING. CRYING FOR YOU, GEORGE LUCAS

BUT! 94 days to Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull! Today's trivia: It's a running joke (sort of) that Indy's hat has to stay on all the time. Basically, it's part of his character so story-wise (well, when he's not being a professor), it only comes off at dramatic or important parts (ie him going off the cliff in Last Crusade). So in Last Crusade it kept coming off in the horse scenes, and as a joke he acted out stapling it to his forehead. Which he didn't, because ow...? but some people thought he did. Anyway. Just thought you might appreciate that. (I have a funny icon of him stapling the hat on that says "COMMITMENT" on it, but I can't post it anywhere because I don't have a good place to host it and I don't have enough icon space otherwise. Also, I'm lazy. So you'll just have to imagine it or hunt around for the image or wait until I have my own server space to host images or a paid account or something. When that day comes you will also get a MACRO FLOOD OF DOOM, because I have many hilarious ones.)

Hey, check out this neat html trick; hover your mouse over this text: Hover over me!

holy fuck it took way too long to do all the html for this entry, why do I do this to myself

Er... sort of poll-ish thing (lol, Polish, reprezent!), is there anyone out there who hasn't seen any of these movies? ie I will be forcing you to watch them at a party for this purpose?


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